Two years since Drew Peterson’s arrest for murder. What has changed?

Two years ago, Drew Peterson was arrested and charged with the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Since that day he has resided at the the Will County Adult Detention Facility in Joliet awaiting his trial which is on hold indefinately, while we await a decision by the appellate court on whether or not they will overturn Judge White’s decision on what hearsay testimony can be admitted. We’ve continued to follow the case this last year. So, what has changed since May 7, 2009?

Legal Representation

Two years ago: Brodsky & Odeh, Abood Law, and John Paul Carroll represented Drew Peterson. George D. Lenard joined the case in December of 2009.
One year ago: Andrew Abood and George Lenard withdrew from the case in April of this year, citing irreconcilable differences with Joel Brodsky. John Paul Carroll had a complaint filed against him in September and appears to have left the case. Presently, attorneys from Brodsky & Odeh, Steven A. Greenberg and Associates, Law Offices of Meczyk Goldberg, Joseph R. Lopez, P.C., and Walter P. Maksym Jr. made up the “Seven Samurai” representing Peterson in court.
Today: After months of rumors of arguing and even a physical incident at the law offices of Brodsky & Odeh, Reem Odeh left the partnership and withdrew from the Peterson defense team in September. In February of this year, Lisa Lopez, wife of Joe Lopez, assisted with the oral arguments regarding the hearsay decision before the Appellate court, which were presented by Steven Greenberg.

Media Exposure

Two years ago: Drew’s last interview was given over the phone to a WLS radio show host, Eric Mancow Muller, from jail on May 27, 2009. He also gave one other in-jail phone interview on May 15, to Matt Lauer of the Today show.
One year ago: Drew was prohibited from giving interviews to the press.
Today: Despite the gag order prohibiting interviews, Peterson has spent the year writing letters and statements that have been provided to the media, in particular to gossip columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, Michael Sneed.


Two years ago: Judge Richard Schoenstedt was first assigned to the case; then Judge Carla Alessio-Policandriotes and finally Judge Stephen White. Will County Chief Judge Gerald Kinney made the new appointments. Judge Daniel J. Rozak set Peterson’s bond.
One year ago: Judge Stephen White presided over the case.
Today: Judge Stephen White retired in October 2010. There is presently no judge assigned to the Kathleen Savio murder case.

Hearsay Evidence

Two years ago: The Hearsay Statue was passed into legislation November, 2008
One year ago: In October 2009, Peterson’s defense lost a motion to declare the act unconstitutional. Hearsay evidence and witnesses were heard during hearings in January 2010.
Today: The judge’s decision regarding the hearsay statements was leaked in July 2010, revealing that possibly fewer than five of the 15 statements being considered were to be allowed. This decision was appealed by the prosecution. During February oral arguments before the appellate justices, States Attorney Jim Glasgow was asked what he now wanted to “hang” his argument on. Glasgow said that he chose “804 (b)” or, in other words the common law doctrine that is part of the Illinois Rules of Evidence (rather than the so-called “Hearsay Law”). We are presently waiting on the opinion of the appellate justices.

Peterson family

Two years ago: Drew’s four youngest children were left in the care of their step-brother, Oak Brook Police Officer, Stephen Peterson.
Today : In August 2009, Stephen Peterson was suspended for accepting and hiding weapons for his father, shortly after the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. In February 2010, Peterson was fired from Oak Brook Police Force. He is presently appealing his dismissal. Son, Thomas, wrote a letter and made a filing asking to be removed from the Savio family’s civil suit against Drew Peterson. This has not been granted yet. Tom Peterson was chosen as valedictorian of his graduating class.

Drew’s Love Life

Two years ago: Christina Raines was at the house that Drew and Stacy Peterson shared at the time or his arrest and was also taken into custody. She removed her belongings from his home shortly afterwards. Raines is on the list to visit Drew in jail.
One year ago: In January Raines posted a status update on her Facebook page stating, “I met someone who i fell in love with and very happy with. I think i just about gave up on drew with all his lies i dont even really visit him anymore.” and then, “But his kids i love dearly and still visit with them they are good kids”
Today: In August 2010 we heard that Christina Raines was engaged to a new man. In February 2011 we obtained a photo of Chrissy with her fiancé. In April, an old acquaintance of Drew’s, Diana Grandel, released some letters from Drew in which he made sexual comments to her and offered Stacy’s clothing to her.

Illegal weapons charge

Today: After numerous appeals from both prosecution and the defense, weapons charges against Drew Peterson were dismissed in October 2010.


Two years ago:When Drew was arrested, he was preparing to fly out to the Bunny Ranch Brothel in Reno, Nevada, to see if he would be a good fit as head of security there.
One year ago: Soon after Drew’s arrest he attempted to have his motorcycle auctioned off on eBay. He was asking for $50,000 and offered to apply a decal with his signature on the bike. eBay removed the auction for violation of its “murderabilia” rules.
Today: While Drew’s bids for attention have been mostly curtailed due to his detention, his lawyer and PR people continue to pepper the news with updates and letters from him detailing everything from his life in jail to his opinions about the legal decisions regarding his children. More recently Kathleen’s oldest son, Tom, has been the subject of news stories and has written his own letters to the press in support of his father.

Stacy Peterson

Two years ago: Missing. No communication from her since October 28, 2007. Searches were ongoing.
One year ago: Still missing with no sightings or communication from her.
Today: In August 2010, based on a tip, searches for Stacy’s remains took place near Peoria. No evidence was found.

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31 thoughts on “Two years since Drew Peterson’s arrest for murder. What has changed?

  1. My mom is in heaven, Wow, its been 2 yrs since the Skunk of Bolingbrook went to jail. I remember that day well. I was there along with a few other searchers, what a glorious day it was. I remember putting back up the ribbons that Drew and his son took down, seeing the helicopters flying overhead, all the ISP as well as Bolingbrook’s finest out there, the crime tape, the children being hoisted out of there, the joy and the pain in Cassandra’s eyes. That is stuck in my mind forever. And than when all was over, a few of us went to Tailgaters to watch the news coverage and toast ISP…. A job well done….. and to Fac’s and Rescue, Happy Mother’s Day to you both along with all the other mothers out there, we have our familes to be with, unlike Kathleen and Stacy, to them I say……HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY KITTY AND STACY….I LOVE YOU ……


    WHAT: Senator Linda Holmes (D-42), Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow and Rebecca Mercado, a Joliet woman who was beaten repeatedly by her husband for two days in 2009, will discuss bipartisan legislation (HB233) to raise the penalties for domestic abusers and other criminals who inflict torture on others. House Bill sponsors, Reps. Tom Cross (R-84), Dennis Reboletti (R-46) and Jim Watson (R-97) also have been invited to attend.

    WHEN: Senator Holmes will present the legislation to the Senate Criminal Law Committee during its 8 a.m. meeting on Wednesday, May 11. Rebecca Mercado and State’s Attorney Glasgow are scheduled to testify before the committee. They will be available to discuss the bill and its impact after their testimony.

    WHERE: Room 212, Capitol Building
    Springfield, IL 62704

    DETAILS: Rebecca Mercado suffered two days of torture at the hands of her enraged husband in July 2009 when he held her captive in their Joliet house and beat her repeatedly with his hands, a piece of wood trim and a metal broom handle. Rebecca Mercado, State’s Attorney Glasgow and Senator Holmes will discuss this case and how Rebecca’s Law will protect domestic violence victims and others who are the victims of torture.

  3. We realize that a comment from Sue Savio’s in a recent story on the Shorewood Patch site caused a bit of controversy. The quote was:

    “Somebody needs to go in there and shake them up or something, because this is ridiculous,” Savio’s sister Susan Doman said of the long wait for the appellate judges to make up their minds. “It just makes you want to go in there and knock on their door and hold a gun to their head.”

    Some people found her comment to be too harsh and maybe even threatening, so we asked Sue if she would like to clarify the comment. This was her response:

    It was taking all out of context, I said this as a joke, but Joe Hosey put it in as a comment. If i knew that he was going to put that in there I would not have said this. Yes it is very frustating as how long that the Appellate Court is taking to make there decision. But i do understand that there are other cases that they have to look at. And I know its going to take time. But at least I know that peterson is still in jail.

    We think that it should be obvious that Sue spoke out of her frustration. Hope this clears up any doubts.

  4. Not the best choice of words, but when dealing with a reporter, words have to be chosen carefully. A lesson learned. Personally, I did not read anything of ill intent into the phrase. I’ve heard that phrase before, and understood what Sue was trying to say.

    How very frustrating the wait for the Apellate Court must feel for Kathleen Savio’s family. We all are anxious to move forward with the case. Let’s hope no news, is good news.

  5. In all honesty, I will say this. The some people that made it an issue is one, in particular, that interjected herself into the life of murder defendant Drew Peterson, someone she never knew until he was the person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, and questionable death of his ex-wife.

    Sue Savio Doman pressed and begged for someone to listen to her and her family about Kathleen’s untimely death, long before anyone ever heard of the name, Drew Peterson.

    Sue Savio Doman is as frustrated now as she was in 2004 when her sister suddenly died, only after which she was involved in a contentious divorce proceeding with her ex-husband, and who personally told anyone who would listen to her that she was afraid of dying at the hands of Drew Peterson. If nothing else, Kathleen Savio’s family wants her death investigated as fully and thoroughly as possible NOW, as it should have been seven years ago. Whatever the outcome may be, at least they’ll know that someone in authority finally paid attention to the family and the circumstances of her death. Drew Peterson is not the victim of anything but his own convoluted life.

    Too bad that some people want to turn this into something other than a death victim’s frustrated sister making a comment that doesn’t sit well with them. Maybe some people can spend some of their idle time looking around for the real threats to any or all of us, rather than trying to make a victim’s family member appear to be a threat.


  6. Not exactly on topic but Glenn Selig has a new client. This time a child predator with a reality show to sell. You can’t make this stuff up!

    Shortly on the heels of the news of two East Lake View nightspots withdrawing from his proposed Jersey Shore-esque, LGBT-centric reality television show due at least in part to their new knowledge of his criminal record, Boystown producer and Chitown Entertainment, LLC, CEO David Schlessinger released a statement May 5 indicating that the show will proceed….

    …As Windy City Times reported last week, Schlessinger pled guilty to and was convicted of three separate sexual-assault charges—one predatory, two aggravated—concerning the assaults of three underage boys between June 1995 and January 1997. According to court records, Schlessinger met the boys while cruising through Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. He was sentenced to three years prison time in each case—sentences he served concurrently—and remains listed on the state’s sex offender registry….

    Schlessinger, who did not comment on record for the original May 4 story, has hired publicist Glenn Selig, the Tampa, Fla.-based founder of the Publicity Agency. Selig, whose most well-known clients have included former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and former suburban Chicago police officer Drew Peterson, specializes in “crisis management public relations,” according to his company’s website.

  7. Waiting For Drew Peterson
    Sisters Pam and Sue are in love (from afar) with Drew Peterson, whom they believe to be wrongly jailed for allegedly murdering his third and fourth wives. To show their support for Drew, they wait patiently in their house until he is released from prison. Stuck in self-confinement, Pam and Sue use the “Secret” to get their hearts’ desire, post on Facebook declaring his innocence, sell clutter on Ebay to fund his defense and do Yoga. Ultimately, though, Drew can only love one of them. The polite facade is dropped as Pam and Sue go to war for Drew’s love. “Waiting for Drew Peterson” is an absurd look at our fascination with murderers, celebrity culture and the Internet.

    LMAO! Sounds too close to some people we know!!

  8. What is taking them sooo long??? Maybe they’re gonna wait for the Casey Anthony case to rap up in Florida so the Media hype can start up there…

  9. “Waiting for Drew Peterson” sounds like it was written by someone who has been keeping up with a certain someone on another forum. A writer could simply change the names and have no problem producing a humerous script. IMO Life imitates comedy.

    However, there is nothing funny about a man who allegedly took the lives of two women.

  10. DP’s next scheduled court date

    PETERSON DREW 5 19 11 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case
    SAVIO HENRY J 5 19 11 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case

  11. Anyone up for field trip?

    Curtains for Drew Peterson? Case is subject of Chicago play
    By BRIAN STANLEY May 16, 2011 9:32PM

    CHICAGO — Perhaps Godot was in jail too?

    Unless the former Bolingbrook cop can post $2 million bail by Thursday, the first performance of “Waiting For Drew Peterson” will also be missing the title character.

    The Annoyance Theatre and Bar begins previewing its new show this week. Performances are scheduled to run through July 7.

    The theater company, known for the long-running “Coed Prison Sluts” and “The Real Live Brady Bunch” will now present “an absurd look at our fascination with murderers, celebrity culture and the Internet.”

    Peterson has spent the last two years in the county jail while awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. Savio was found dead in a dry bathtub in 2004, while she and Peterson were in the midst of a divorce, and her death was ruled accidental.

    But after fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappeared in October 2007, Savio’s death was ruled a homicide. Police have said Peterson is a suspect in Stacy’s disappearance, but no charges have been filed.

    The show centers around sisters Pam and Sue who believe Peterson was wrongly accused and fall in love with him from afar. Portrayed by co-writers Nancy Friedrich and Amy Speckien, the sisters decide to their show support by waiting in their house until Peterson is released.

    “(They) post on Facebook declaring his innocence, sell clutter on eBay to fund his defense and do yoga,” according to publicity materials. “Ultimately, though, Drew can only love one of them. The polite facade is dropped as Pam and Sue go to war for Drew’s love.”

    Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, said Peterson is amused by the play.

    “It’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard,” Brodsky said after talking to his client Monday. “He said (seeing the play) is one of the first things he’s going to do when he gets out.”

    Brodsky said he thought the play’s concept was entertaining, but not that far-fetched.

    “There are a few ‘waiting for Drew’ women out there, some that are sincere and some that are wacky,” he said of the women who write to Peterson in jail.

    Brodsky said he plans to see the play.

    “It sounds like an entertaining way to spend an evening,” he said. “You can’t lose your sense of humor.”

    Reporter Cindy Wojdyla Cain
    contributed to this story.

  12. Joel would know about the “wacky” women who think they are in love with his client, since he regularly texts with one of them and takes her to lunch.

    I guess Brodsky didn’t have the heart to tell Drew that the play only runs through the first week of July and odds are Drew will still be incarcerated, still awaiting trial for murder. All people who haven’t been charged with murder will be free to attend!

    Also, Tom’s graduation ceremony is June 4th. You think Drew would have more to say about the fact that he won’t be in attendance when his son gives his valedictorian speech.

    Too bad the tragic part of the whole situation doesn’t resonate with Joel. Maybe one day he’ll get it.

  13. ““There are a few ‘waiting for Drew’ women out there, some that are sincere and some that are wacky,” he said of the women who write to Peterson in jail.

    Brodsky said he plans to see the play.”


    How does a women “sincerely” write to someone accused of murder?
    Hmmmm…how might that sound?

    Dear Drew,
    I “sincerely” hope they find you guilty.
    (I’m being kind. I “sincerely” can’t write what I “sincerely” think.) LOL

  14. “Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, said Peterson is amused by the play.

    “It’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard,” Brodsky said after talking to his client Monday. “He said (seeing the play) is one of the first things he’s going to do when he gets out.”


    If this is now the “funniest thing” Drew has ever heard, then we know for certain that sitting in Will County is getting to the old man.

    If the comedy play/act is about “Waiting for Drew” to get out of jail, then why would it still be playing when /if Drew was released? Kind of loses its purpose and appeal. Doesn’t everyone run to go see a play after spending time in jail? I hear it’s all the rage.

  15. Diana Grandel was waiting for Drew “sincerely” for quite a while until something he said creeped her out so badly that she came to the conclusion that he had killed his fourth wife Stacy Peterson.

    Christina Raines “sincerely” thought she might marry Drew Peterson until she looked around his house and saw all the pictures of Stacy Peterson and realized that there was no way in hell that woman would have voluntarily left her little children.

    (Note that Drew offered Stacy’s belongings to both of these women and even rummaged through Stacy’s costume jewelry for a ring to give Christina.)

    Meanwhile the relatives of Kathleen Savio have waited for 7 years for Drew Peterson…to admit that he killed her.

  16. facsmiley says:
    May 16, 2011 at 10:26 pm (Edit)

    Joel would know about the “wacky” women who think they are in love with his client, since he regularly texts with one of them and takes her to lunch.

    Yeah, well, neither he nor his particular “wacky” woman friend have anything to be proud of. Obviously, this kind of behavior looks as insane to others as it has to the rest of us. Maybe next will be a play about the wackos that spend their waking moments tracking down people behind keyboards for their own sick purposes. I can submit a few ideas for that.

  17. I guess I don’t understand a prohibition against giving interviews from jail, yet he’s allowed to do a Q & A by letter. Not sure I see a big difference.

    Wonder who typed it up for him. Actually, no I don’t.

    More whining about his ‘rights’ being violated. He says people don’t visit him in jail like they used to and blames it on harassment from police and the press. Meh, more likely they just realized they don’t care that much about him and have moved on. He has chosen not to have his kids visit him while he’s in jail. That was his decision.

    If he feels that his detention is unlawful, why doesn’t he just have his crack legal team get to work on getting him out? The guy has a six-person defense team of experienced lawyers. Should be a piece of cake!

  18. And if you are really hard up for reading material, here’s the letter that the WGN producer wrote to Drew. Not to be rude, but hasn’t he answered each and every one of these questions in previous missives and interviews?


  19. Not sure I understand the difference between not being able to give jail house interviews or make phone calls like he did to Matt Lauer, and this latest jail house written interview.

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