Strapped for news, media resorts to writing Drew Peterson letters in jail

Not really the letter sent from WGN news to Drew Peterson

Here at Justice Café it’s drought season when it comes to news about the Kathleen Savio murder case and the case of missing Stacy Peterson. Since the televised arguments over Judge Stephen White’s hearsay decision back in February Drew Peterson has remained jailed and awaiting an opinion from the appellate justices…and with Drew on hold, the news is on hold.

In place of any news related to the case, gossipy items have taken its place. From time to time we hear about what is going on with some member of Peterson’s family or an ex-girlfriend. More recently we’ve been treated to private letters made public by way of the tabloids, or the occasional letter written by Drew to the media, just to make sure no one has forgotten him. (You know how he loves the media!) Since he was barred from giving phone interviews while in jail, letters have become Drew’s only option for reaching out to the public.

So what is a news outlet to do if they can’t talk to Drew? Why, join the ranks of the “wacky” and “sincere” ladies (to quote Joel Brodsky) who have become Drew Peterson’s pen pals, of course!

Today, WGN ran a story about a letter that their producer, Aline Wessel, wrote to Peterson in jail, and his reply. Foregoing the customary introductory questions that a first time correspondent might ask such as, “What is your favorite color?”, “Who is your favorite group?” or even “Do you like me?”, Ms. Wessel eased into things by establishing a connection between herself and Drew Peterson by letting him know that she had attended the sister high school of his high school. Small world!

Then she got down and dirty with questions like, “How is the food in jail?”, “How are you treated in jail?” and “Do you ever watch the WGN morning news?” I think my favorite question though was, “Are you dating anyone?” Could she really be oblivious to the fact that people detained in solitary confinement are not allowed visit people face-to-face much less go out for dinner and a movie?

OK, not all the questions were quite so insipid although a good 90% of them have been answered before in Drew’s own letters to the media and in his lawyers’ frequent press releases and sound bites. She did ask him if he felt responsible for his cop son, Stephen, losing his job (after accepting guns from his father after the disappearance of Stacy Peterson). Peterson replied that he did not feel responsible.

Peterson as usual, took the opportunity to criticize the State’s Attorneys office, the Illinois State Police and the former head of the Oak Brook police force, while bemoaning the sad state of affairs that keeps him behind bars awaiting trial (not his own actions, of course – he’s being railroaded!). One can’t help but wonder how a Q & A by letter is any different than an interview by phone and is in any way more permissible.

If I were to write a letter to Drew, I’d tell him to thank his lucky stars that he has a six-person defense team of experienced lawyers making sure that he benefits from the full measure of the law. How many other accused murderers could say the same?

The letter from WGN producer, Aline Wessel to Drew Peterson.

Drew Peterson’s reply.

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61 thoughts on “Strapped for news, media resorts to writing Drew Peterson letters in jail

  1. Hmm. I wonder if the defense is shifting. State Police harassing witnesses, unlawful searches and seizures of Peterson’s property, lying under oath, altering evidence. Pretty powerful accusations, not to be taken lightly.

    Last I heard coming from Attorney Lopez, he said Kathleen’s death was an accident, no two ways about it. There was no crime. These two are sure eons apart.

  2. …I have been recently advised by Miss Raines that she has moved on. Again. I think she moved on two weeks after I came here. She would come and see me from time to time then move on again. How do you deal with such dedication?…

    I don’t know. Try to hire someone to murder her?

    On a serious note, can you believe this complaint and sarcasm coming from the King of the Cheaters? Lawdy Miss Maudy. At least she had the decency to tell him that she had found someone new instead of lying.

  3. Drew “tries” to call his children twice a week, but “phone calls are expensive”.

    I don’t care how expensive the calls are, I would think calling the family would be top priority.
    I wonder if Joel charges Drew for those “lifeline phone calls”?

  4. I just noticed that the Publicity Agency removed the embarrassing press release that Joel Brodsky sent out about Tom’s being chosen valedictorian. Remember? Not embarrassing due to anything related to Tom – heaven’s no! Embarrassing in that it plastered Joel’s name and contact info all over it as if he had anything to do with Tom’s accomplishments. The one that included a completely subjective description of the hearsay statue. Yeah that one. They even removed a link to it from their facebook page.

    IMO, it shouldn’t disappear so conveniently so, for the record:

    Drew Peterson’s son named valedictorian at Bolingbrook High School
    Monday March 07, 2011 – 08:37 AM EST

    CHICAGO / Thomas Drew Peterson, the son of former Bolingbrook police officer and accused murderer Drew Peterson, will graduate at the top of his class from Bolingbrook (Ill.) High School this June.

    Thomas “Tommy” Peterson, 18, has been named valedictorian of the 2011 graduating class.
    As such Tommy Peterson will deliver the valedictory address during graduation ceremonies on June 5th.

    “Drew couldnt be happier. When he shared this incredible news with me his chest swelled with pride,” says Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson’s lead defense attorney. “I have never seen him look better. He clearly is incredibly proud of his son.”

    Brodsky visits Peterson regularly in jail and is keeping the public updated on the case via his website (updates are posted are at the bottom of the homepage).

    Drew Peterson, the former police sergeant from Bolingbrook, is accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and implicated in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

    An appellate court is currently deciding whether prosecutors can use hearsay statements allegedly made by the wives against him in his upcoming murder trial.

    The hearsay evidence would not normally be allowed, but Illinois passed a special hearsay exception known as “Drew’s Law” to allow for hearsay evidence to be admitted in this case and others where it can be proven witnesses were made unavailable so they couldn’t testify.
    Peterson is in jail awaiting trial on a $20-million bond. He denies any wrongdoing.

    On the Web:

    CONTACTS: Joel Brodsky Phone: (312) 541-XXXX
    Glen Selig PR Firm: The Publicity Agency (813) 708-1220 XXXX Email:
    This press release was distributed by PR NewsChannel (

  5. Heh. Probably the last person that has any say about his accomplishments and how they are disseminated into the public is Thomas Peterson. What a shame that his father’s lawyer found a way to use him for his own selfishness. Boob that he is.

    Gag order? What gag order?

  6. Thank you all so much for the updates and keeping us in the know. I doubt this will be the last letter receieved from the media, now that this is out. Interesting that it was from a woman, hm?
    And sounds like he didn’t have a clue about his high school’s ‘sister school.’ LOL! Duh, Drewpy! Not YOUR sister!
    Attempt to establish connection:FAILED!
    Wonder how this was written…computer? Typewriter? Word processor? (Do those still exist?)
    Far too ludicrous to think he would/could spend his time being sincerely remorseful, I guess.
    On the other hand, why are they giving him publicity? “Oh, no! “Don’t publish my personal letters! Don’t throw me in the briar patch!”

  7. Sorry. Due to the typo (and my scanning instead of poring over the reply,) I thought Drew had named another school instead of the same one. I apologize for creating a problem where there wasn’t one. Lord knows he has enough of his own.

  8. I think it’s interesting that we haven’t heard a peep from Joel Brodsky about this latest letter from Drew.

    Could it be that Joel’s friend, Michael Sneed, and the Sun-Times are in a snit because Drew wrote to someone at the Tribune? Guess they mistakenly thought (like so many others) that they were the sole recipient of Drew’s attentions.

    C’mon Sun-Times…when has Drew ever been faithful!?

  9. Doggies, I’ve heard that Peterson has access to some sort of word processor at times, and maybe that is how the letter was typed?

    I’m not sure, though. Most of his letters are hand written, but some of the ones that are sent to the media are typed.

  10. LOL @ Facs/11:19. He tires and moves on. The last comment by Sneed about him wasn’t flattering, if you’ll recall. She called him “dumber than a box of rocks.” He’s not used to a woman saying it like it is when it comes to him. When they do, bad things happen…..

  11. Thanks DD. I thought this was a particularly good part of the sun-times story:

    James Mitchem, who will become superintendent of Valley View School District in June, said Tom’s tremendous resilience impressed him the most.

    “Given all that has happened in Tom’s life, as a result of factors beyond his control, his ability to stay grounded is amazing. Tom has an innate capacity to compartmentalize his emotions and prioritize his goals,” James Mitchem said. “Tom is unique in the fact that the more he is surrounded by adversity, the more he focuses on his goals. Thomas is determined to make a great life for himself, and he obviously has the determination to make it happen.

    “It has been said that my support of Thomas has had an impact on his ability to cope, when in fact my relationship with this young man has probably been of more benefit to me than to him. As I have witnessed this young man become of age, especially through all he has been through, it serves as an inspiration to me. Thomas has helped me to understand that despite any challenge in front of you, with perseverance, anything is possible. He truly is a role model for any person — both young and old — who is dealing with difficulty.”

    James Mitchem said Tom has an important life lesson to share.

    “He is an example that you always have a choice. You can allow circumstances around you to consume you, or you can allow circumstances around you to teach you what not to do,” he said. “Thomas has chosen to confront the issues he faces, learn from them and apply what he has learned in a way that will only result in his success. Thomas has humbled me, and I am proud to call him one of my sons. He will always be a part of the Mitchem family.”

  12. The Mitchem family have been an important support system to Tom since day one. A friendship that will no doubt last a lifetime.


    This past Mother’s Day, Tom spent it out on the sidewalk with his sister, Lacy, 6
    “What kind of help me get through it, I taught my little sister how to ride a bike today. It was fun,” he said. “I made sure she did not fall. My oldest brothers tried and failed miserably.

    “And, I got her to do it in about an hour. I was patient that’s how I did it. I was patient and I encouraged her,” he said adding his older brothers do get some credit for starting the process and his best friend, Kevin Mitchem, did give a her pep talk.”

    It’s so nice to see that Tom focused on his little sister on Mother’s Day. I have a feeling the little ones are going to miss him deeply when he goes to college in the fall.

  14. Tom is finally mentioning Stacy. (or is it because a certain attorney is not part of the interview?) Two losses in such a short time for a kid.

    Quote 1

    “At first, Tom thought Stacy would come back.

    “I thought it was kind of a phase for her. She’d kind of run off and she will back in a little awhile — but she never came back,” he said.

    “After my mother died, it was the worst thing. After that, I pushed all of that aside. With Stacy being gone, it was just like I didn’t have a mother again. … It’s like a procedure, I guess. I’ve been through this before,” he said.”

    Quote 2

    As Tom searches for baby photos for the senior slide show — a tradition in the school’s music program — he feels the absence of his three parents.

    No one is there to reminisce about a photo of him pretending to shave as a toddler or to hand in embarrassing baby pictures as parents often do.

    “Right now, I’m not sure if Stacy would let me do this much to myself, like take all these crazy classes and run marathons. I think she would have gotten way too worried about me and worried that I would freak out on myself,” he said.

    “I think my birth mom would be extremely, extremely proud of me, beaming with pride just like my dad,” he said. “It’s too bad that neither of them can see my graduation.”

  15. Wow, for an 18 year old, IMO, after reading his thoughts on how twisted his life has been and how he copes, he is a complex, complicated young man.

    I couldn’t help but think I had to remember I was reading the words of an 18 year old. Still a child in so many ways. Yet, he’s had to deal with seven years of life issues that would overwhelm someone twice his age.

    This is, IMO, just very hard to digest.

  16. I think it’s a little concerning that these days Drew’s kids are in the news almost as much as Drew used to be.

    I’m afraid all this media adulation and public attention may just make the pressure even more intense for Tom.

    Remember the whole “Harvard” situation, with Joel Brodsky oversharing every detail of Tom’s application to the school. Well, Tom isn’t going to Harvard. He’s going to a different and also very prestigious ivy league school, but because of all the press I’m sure there are people asking, “What happened to Harvard?” Why should that be anyone’s business?

    Just my opinion, but I think the kid might be better off left to the private support of his family and community. It sounds as if they have served him well!

    This is the third month running that Tom’s being chosen as valedictorian is “news”. Is the media hoping for another story to top that, or is he being built up so that the public, as it so often does, can gloat when he falls? One thing that the public really loves, after a hero, is a fallen hero.

    And for all the great press about Tom, Drew Peterson still sits in jail awaiting trial for the murder of Tom’s mother…and all the filial achievements in the world are not going to change that.

  17. Facs@1:31 – well put. All of Tom Peterson’s achievements aren’t going to change a thing. On the other hand, what if Kathleen Savio’s other son doesn’t cope as well mentally as Tom does? Is he going to be banished to the corner and forgotten? I don’t know one way or another what his personal accomplishments or achievements are, but putting all of this focus on one of the sons of the murder defendant, as though he’s a sight to behold that’s never been seen before, is beyond words. I think we all get it now. Tom Peterson is this year’s valedictorian in spite of his father being charged with his mother’s death. What happens next if his brother isn’t so worldly and accomplished? What does that mean? Is he sub-par because of it? Geesh.

    IMO, it means that everyone copes with life’s adversities in ways they can only do. Sometimes we have control over it and sometimes we don’t.

    Aren’t all valedictorians special, intelligent, highly accomplished? I don’t need to be reminded that Tom Peterson is the son of Drew Peterson, and he’s to be praised and acknowledged for that.

    Congratulations to all of this year’s valedictorians. All of the high achievers and go-getters. Life’s challenges are many, and I’m sure there are others that have had to endure adversities. They’re all special.

  18. Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law
    Drew Peterson’s 3rd son, Thomas Peterson, isn’t just smart, he is a good kid. He wants a career where he can help others succeed in life. To me he is “Exhibit A” proof of Drew Peterson’s innocense. A father who loves his son so much, who raised him, and is still raising him, to be loving, successful, hard working, thoughtful, and moral, would rather kill himself then hurt his son by taking his mother from him.

    This lawyer, first of all, being that “innocence” is an important word in his profession, needs to spend an evening with his spelling sheet and study for the next time he uses that word. He’s misspelled it a couple of times now. Shame on him. Guess not everyone graduates at the top of their class.

    I beg to differ with his analysis of how being innocent of a murder relates to a young man achieving academic honors. If only it were that easy. That line is laughable.

    How does a murder defendant claim to be raising a “thoughtful” and “moral” son, when he wasn’t even close to being thoughtful or moral himself? I mean, how does one do that without the characteristics this mope claims he’s passing on to his son?

    Peterson’s first wife was tossed aside merely because Peterson was tired of her and moved on. He was neither thoughtful nor moral about his marriage to her. From there, he went onto wives #2, 3 and 4, and threw in a few 23 year olds for good measure afterwards. It was his son who was recently quoted in the newspaper as wanting to have a talk with his father about staying home and taking care of his family. You know, maybe being thoughtful and moral. It’s the son that has the wisdom of what a decent, respectful person is, certainly not this lawyer’s client. Leave it to him to find a way to spin Tom’s moment into the old man’s. What a joke.

    Where has this dope been? Hanging out with Budenz at the Dam Wisconsin Bar, looking for UFO’s?

  19. Even Tom has said that he does not consider his father a role model.

    Joel needs to pay more attention to a number of details…not just spelling.

  20. This is a repost but I still think it’s a good read:

    ABC news is carrying a story about Tom as well today. Some snippets:

    “We do see resilience like this,” said Christine Courtois, a counseling psychologist from Washington, D.C., who specializes in children who have survived trauma. “I have seen in my case load, people who compensated for terrible things that happened to them and even have drawn inspiration.”


    Tom Peterson is likely doing well because he has support from family and friends. “That makes a difference,” said Courtois. “This young man has a lot of intelligence and is able to make his own sense out of things and find meaning.”


    One high-profile survivor is Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron, who was only 15 when her mother killed her father in self-defense in their native South Africa.

    Uxoricide, or parental homicide, affects an estimated 3,000 annually in the United States, according to a study at University of Virginia School of Nursing.

    “These kids are caught in the middle,” said Richard H. Steeves, who with co-researchers Barbara Parker and Kathryn Laughon, began a study on the lasting effects of domestic homocide in 2002. “It’s hard for them to think the person supposed to be the protector of the family — usually it’s the man who does the killing — did it.”

    “That means, ‘I am the son of a killer,’ they say,” said Steeves.


    Tom’s endurance is “very common,” according to Charles Figley, professor and director of the Psychological Stress Research Program at Florida State University.

    “He has a good dose of trait resilience to enable him to deal with any adversity,” said Figley. “They are able to more effectively calm themselves and to have a clarity of purpose. He will have set backs but often he is underestimated because of these early challenges.”


    Though Tom said his father has not been someone he looks up to, he called him, “definitely a large presence.” The memory of his mother still lingers as a role model.

    But psychologists say that Tom Peterson’s focus on hard work might prevent him from processing this emotions, which can later “catch up” with him.

    “Workoholism is still an ‘ism’ like alcoholism,” said Courtois. “Work can get you a lot of things, but it can keep you from processing your emotions.”

    His role as “hero in the family” could also complicate how Tom ultimately processes his grief.

    As for Drew Peterson, attorneys from both sides of the case area waiting for an appeals court ruling before a trial date can be set. If he is found guilty of two murders, that could be an even bigger blow for his son, Tom.

    “If the evidence is stacked against him in a convincing way, this young man will have a real shock,” she said. “He’ll have to deal with this and get his mind around not one, but two deaths.”

    If Drew Peterson turns out to be a serial killer and his son “maintains his attachment…that would be remarkable,” she said. “If he is found guilty, it will be devastating, I am sure.”

  21. The ABC article has a lot of information like I had mentioned elsewhere about my own experiences of focusing on school to escape my own family’s dysfunction. How can Brodsky say that shows he is innocent though?? There are many very good students and very good kids whose parents are criminals, murderers, and abusers. All that Thomas’ accomplishments prive is that Thomas is quite a smart kid who did this himself through natural abilities and I am sure a ton of hard work.

    So my question to Thomas would be that if Stacy would be too worried to let him freak out from taking really hard classes and entering a marathon – why would he think she would take off on all of them to let them freak out about her missing and Drew being in jail??

    All I do is keep thinking about the kids and wishing that somehow Stacy is found soon and her family (including all 4 kids) have answers to exactly what happened.

  22. Snippet from a PR on Drew Peterson defense attorney, Joe Lopez:
    Members of Drew Peterson’s defense team score not guilty verdict in pizza manager murder case
    May 24, 2011 – Drew Peterson defense team

    CHICAGO / Attorney Joseph “Shark” Lopez and his attorney/wife Lisa Lopez, both members of Drew Peterson’s criminal defense team, scored a victory in a first degree murder case against what some believe were incredible odds.

    Lopez represented reputed gang member Anthony Collazo, who was accused of murdering pizzeria manager Jason Muller in a case of mistaken identity……

    Lopez is expected to give the closing argument when the Drew Peterson murder case goes to trial.

    “Mr. Callazo is extremely happy to have been cleared of this charge of murder,” says Lopez. “I am sure that Drew Peterson is also pleased because there was more evidence against Mr. Callazo then there is against Drew Peterson, and the jury found him not guilty. This just shows how very weak the case against Drew Peterson is.”

    Drew Peterson is charged with killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He has been in jail two years awaiting trial.

    His fourth wife, Stacy, is missing. Peterson has not been charged.

    Peterson has vehemently denied wrongdoing in either case.

  23. “I am sure that Drew Peterson is also pleased because there was more evidence against Mr. Callazo then there is against Drew Peterson, and the jury found him not guilty. This just shows how very weak the case against Drew Peterson is.”

    Oh really ?

    Mr Calllazo’s bond was set at $ 1.000.000 and Mr Petersons Bond is $ 20.000.000.

    Why is Mr. Petersons bond 20 times more then ?

  24. Does anyone, other than myself, find it odd that the appellate court is sitting on their thumbs? Just what in hades is taking rhem so long? Maybe Drew and Joel have some buddies stalling on this….Maybe they are taking a card from Jose Baez’ deck called stall and forget…Maybe even ask for mistrial or have charges dropped since this is taking so long…I grow weary waiting for this justice to occur…

  25. From what I understand, it’s just a matter of a large backlog of appeals in front of Drew Peterson’s.

    To prove that’s the case we would need to see how long all the other appeals were pending before the decisions, though…

  26. Interesting. Steph Watts has been added to the Casey Anthony trial witness list:

    Watts was mentioned in testimony by Cindy Anthony on Tuesday. Anthony said she gave Watts and Mark Furhman a tour of her backyard at one point. Furhman was an investigator on the O.J. Simpson case but has since written books and provided radio commentary.

    Remember, Watts was present when Michael Baden did his autopsy of Kathleen Savio’s remains. Watts and Furhman were also on the scene in Bolingbrook doing coverage for Fox during the early days of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. Watt’s was also approached by Peterson’s defense with an offer of a video package of Drew and Chrissy Raines (for big $).

  27. We hear that if you make a purchase from the Jewel at 1200 West Boughton Rd. in Bolingbrook, your receipt will include a missing persons notice for Stacy Peterson. 🙂

  28. Shorewood Patch and WBBM 780 radio are reporting:

    Drew Peterson Tired of Waiting On Appellate Judges and Wants Out of Jail

    Drew Peterson’s attorneys plan to file papers Monday morning to have their client sprung from jail while the appellate court figures out what it’s doing.

    By Joseph Hosey

    Drew Peterson was all set to stand trial on charges he murdered his third wife when State’s Attorney James Glasgow filed a last minute appeal of what hearsay evidence could be used against the disgraced former Bolingbrook cop.

    That was almost a year ago. The judges from the Third District Appellate Court still haven’t made up their minds about the appeal and Peterson was been locked up all the while. And now he wants out.

    Peterson’s legal team plans to file papers with the appellate court in Ottawa asking for the accused wife-killer to be freed while three judges mull over what to do with the prosecution appeal.

    “They’re FedExing it to Ottawa is what I understand,” said Charles B. Pelkie, the spokesman for the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office.

    “Our understanding is (Peterson’s lawyers) contacted the media to inform them that they plan to file this motion directly with the appellate court,” Pelkie said.

    Steven Greenberg, the attorney who argued against the prosecution appeal during an appellate court hearing in February, said he only saw the motion requesting Peterson’s release on Friday afternoon. Greenberg said the motion was crafted by Joel Brodsky, who has insisted he is Peterson’s “lead attorney” despite his increasingly diminished role in the case.

    Greenberg found no fault with the appellate court, but maintained that Peterson should be free during the appeal process.

    “I don’t think the appeal is taking an inordinate amount of time (but) he should be out,” Greenberg said.

    Greenberg also did not put much faith in Brodsky’s motion, as Greenberg himself already appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court.

    “They denied it,” Greenberg said.

    Peterson has been jailed since May 2009 on charges he murdered third wife Kathleen Savio. The state police also suspect Peterson may have killed his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who vanished in October 2007 and remains missing.

    Peterson is being held on a $20 million bond. His attorneys have appealed without success to have the bond lowered.


    Drew Peterson Attorneys Make Latest Argument For His Pre-Trial Release

    CHICAGO (WBBM) – Attorneys for Drew Peterson are asking that the former Bolingbrook police sergeant be released from jail pending trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    Peterson has been held in lieu of $20 million bond in the Savio case since May 2009.

    The day before the trial was to begin, 11 months ago, prosecutors filed an appeal with the 3rd District Appellate Court over the evidence to be allowed at trial. That continues to delay it.

    Defense attorney Joel Brodsky said he was ready for trial last July 8 and remains so, Newsradio 780′s Bob Roberts reports.

    “There’s no danger to anyone if he’s released,” Brodsky said. ”There are other ways to do this, too. He could be put on home monitoring. They could put him on a curfew. They could put him under house arrest.”

    The motion notes that while he was still free to travel, but knew he was under suspicion in the Savio case, he traveled to California, Florida and New York but never attempted to leave the United States and always returned home to Bolingbrook, where he has lived in 1977.

    Peterson is a lifelong Chicago-area resident, except for his years in the military. The motion also notes that Peterson’s entire extended family lives in northeastern Illinois.

    “He has no place to go,” Brodsky said.

    Brodsky called Peterson’s continued incarceration pending trial “outrageous.”

    Peterson is in solitary confinement at the Will County Jail. Brodsky said Peterson has a physical regimen of 500 push-ups a day, watches television, reads “a lot” of magazines and speaks with attorneys several times a week. But he has little contact with others except for those who bring him food several times a day.

    The motion will be filed with the Third District appellate court in Ottawa, Ill., on Monday. The state has a week to reply, in writing.

    Brodsky is hoping for a ruling within two weeks.

    Savio was found dead in the drained bathtub of her Bolingbrook home. Initially, the death was ruled an accidental drowning, but a second autopsy, performed in 2008, found that the death was a homicide.

    Peterson has never been charged in connection with the October 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy. Members of Stacy Peterson’s family have suspected the retired police officer from the beginning.

    Airdate: 6/3/2011

    “I love Drew. I think he’s a wonderful person,” says Diana Grandel.

    She’s the love letter pen pal of Drew Peterson. Even as he sits in jail awaiting trail for murdering his ex-wife, former Illinois cop Drew Peterson is looking for love.

    “He writes, ‘I hope you’re not a smoker. I want to spend a lot of time with my lips on yours when I get out of here.’ That certainly sounds like he has romantic intentions,” says INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent.

    “Yeah. It does,” says Grandel.

    Grandel says she met Peterson when she was just 14 years old. She says he was one of the cops who came to her house on a domestic abuse call.

    “I looked at him like, as my savior, my dad,” she tells Trent.

    Trent says, “He says: ‘I wish you would have hunted me down when you turned 17 or 18. I’m sure we would have been together since.’ That seems a little creepy that a guy would say that he wishes you could have gotten together when you were 17. Did you not think that was a little strange?”

    “I probably didn’t pay very much attention to it,” Grandel explains.

    She says she reached out to Peterson when he became front-page news, after he was charged with murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. His fourth wife Stacy is still missing and presumed dead. Peterson was acting strange, and he was so cocky as to tape the reporters waiting outside his home.

    Grandel says, “I reached out to him. Because I couldn’t believe that he could have killed his wife.”

    She showed INSIDE EDITION a dozen jailhouse love letters Peterson wrote to her, many of them sexually charged. He begged her to send him a picture of her in a bikini, which she did, wanted to know if she has any sexually transmitted diseases, and described in graphic detail what he wants to do with her in bed.

    “There’s a lot of mail from him where he’s looking for something from you other than just a friendship. He wants something sexy, he wants a little romance,” observes Trent.

    Grandel says, “He’s a guy in jail. What do you expect?”

    She happily exchanged letters with the accused killer for a full year. Then one day she lost all her things in an apartment fire. That’s when she says Peterson wrote her something that finally freaked her out.

    ” ‘Hi sweetie, I have an idea. Don’t ask questions, just answer mine, ok? Tell me your sizes. Height, weight, body measurements, bra size.’ Why did he want to know that?” Trent asks.

    “He was going to offer me Stacy’s clothes, purses, [and] personal items,” says Grandel.

    Peterson, who claimed his missing wife Stacy walked out on him for another man, tells Grandel that she can have all of his missing wife’s clothes!

    Trent asks, “What did you think about the idea of him offering the clothes of his missing wife?”

    “Well at first, I was jumping up and down for joy because I thought I would have something, because I had absolutely nothing…until I made the analogy that you can’t just leave all your stuff behind without yearning for it, needing it, and wanting it. How could you leave your pictures, your things, let alone your kids,” Grandel says.

    “Do you think that Drew Peterson had something to do with the disappearance of his wife?” asks Trent.
    “Yes,” Grandel says.
    “Do you think he killed her?”
    “Yes I do,” she says.

    Grandel has stopped any correspondence with Peterson, who denies any wrongdoing in either of his wives’ cases.

    On Inside Edition. It aired earlier today but if you missed it, look for late night reruns on CBS and set your DVR!



  32. Thanks for your response, Diana.

    I wish I could share your opinion that he is a good man who made a bad mistake, but I believe that if he killed Stacy Peterson that most likely it was premeditated and a selfish act done in an attempt to keep her from going to the cops about Kathleen, as well as to hold on to all the joint assets. If that’s the case I can’t see anything wonderful about intentionally murdering his wife and the mother of two little children.

    I respect your feelings, though and I think it’s really interesting that Drew’s offer of Stacy’s belongings made you believe that he had killed her. You aren’t the only woman to come around to that belief after being offered Stacy’s things.


    I see your point, Diana. You seem to be justifying why you, at first, believed Drew Peterson was a decent person, but now are unable to stand by him.

    You saw the Drew Peterson he’d like us all to see–the kind, helpful, caring Drew Peterson. Unfortunately, it appears he had another side you didn’t see, or didn’t want to see. IMO, therefore, it is hard for me to believe that Drew Peterson is good people who made a horrible mistake, just because he moved through life performing what some might see as positive acts, when, in other circumstances, he was abusive, manipulating, controlling and conniving.

    According to you, he saved you from an abusive father. On the other hand, on at least one occasion, his then wife, Kathleen Savio, was taken by her sister to a hospital emergency room after being physically abused by Peterson beating her. His own son testified to witnessing him drag her by her hair through a doorway. That, IMO, is not a good person. Then or now. It doesn’t matter who is beating the crap out of someone in a rage of anger. It’s not acceptable behavior. It’s abusive. Whether or not you believe he killed her is, of course, your absolute right to consider.

    I don’t think you should be judged by what you may have thought of him at one point. Relationships and friendships are based on, in large part, trust and integrity. If that falls apart, it’s perfectly okay to see that person in a different light, and that seems to be what happened in your case.

    Good luck to you.

  34. I recorded the Inside Edition show and watched it this morning. There really was not anything more than what is contained in the story above. I got a shot off the TV of the swimsuit pic that Diana sent to Drew in jail. Sorry it’s rather blurry!

  35. Diana- Thanks for sharing your POV. I’m still a bit confused. Are you asking people to forgive and understand “why” you wrote to Drew in the first place for two years? …but now you realize he’s guilty?

    Do you think InSession treated your point-of-view fairly?

  36. Joel needs to stop worrying about the media and focus instead on tracking down legal precedence to get his client out of jail while awaiting the Appellate decision. As I have said – it took 18 months for the Appellate Court to rule on an interlocutory (pre-trial) decision. Drew and Joel must have thought the Appellate Court would put his case ahead of others. They have a long backlog.

  37. Diana – All I can say is that Drew must be a very complicated person. However, seeing Drew’s own actions and interviews he has done since being arrested really could indicate that he had changed sometime after he originally helped you. I don’t know him nor anyone who really knew him, but he sure doesn’t have many people out there standing up for him and saying what a great guy he is. I hope that you somehow have landed in a life where you are no longer in need of anyone to rescue you.

  38. Peterson has been jailed since May 2009, and defense attorney Joel Brodsky said his client has spent most of that time in solitary confinement. Brodsky said it is taking a toll.

    I wish Joel Brodsky could make up his mind. Most of the time he reports that Drew is in “good spirits” and last I heard he was doing 500 pushups a day, eating healthy and getting lots of reading done.

  39. The motion being filed today claims that Drew is being denied his right to a speedy trial. Maybe the appellate justices will remind his defense that Drew waived that right almost two years ago:

    Drew Peterson’s murder trial won’t be going ahead next month as planned, after he waived his right to a speedy trial today.

    During a hearing at the Joliet courthouse, Peterson attorney Joel Brodsky told Judge Stephen White that the defense team needs more time to review some 40,000 pages of evidence.

    Peterson was scheduled to stand trial Aug. 24 on charges that he murdered his ex-wife Kathleen Savio in 2004. But White canceled that trial date today, after asking Peterson whether he understood that he was giving up his right to a speedy trial.

    Peterson, wearing blue jail scrubs, stared down at his lap and replied “Yes, your honor.

  40. If you were the appellate justices, wouldn’t this repeat of last year’s motion just annoy you? Nothing has changed since Judge White denied the same thing a year ago:

    White said the “court finds compelling reason to keep Mr. Peterson detained,” but did not elaborate. He said the reasoning behind his decision would be clear to the state appellate court when it reviews the case.


    …In the motion for Peterson’s release, his attorneys informed the appellate judges that they don’t “wish to hurry the court in making its decision” but that Peterson should be a free man while they are figuring out what to do.

    The motion also mentions that Peterson was a military policeman in the Army and that he “provided security for President Gerald Ford” 45 years ago….


  42. I’ve been told that if you are in the armed services, you might also be required to guard a garbage can

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