Join Team Missing Stacy Peterson and walk against abuse

Stacy Peterson

UPDATE 9/30/11: There are new developments in Stephen Peterson’s appeal of his firing from Oak Brook Police Department. His attorney now claims that witness testimony was hidden and that Peterson’s dismissal was due to a personal vendetta on the part of ex-Chief Thomas Sheahan.
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On Saturday, the first of October, people will gather all over the country for the beginning of National Domestic Awareness Month. For the third year the Guardian Angels Community Service agency’s domestic violence program, Groundwork, has organized a 5k walk to honor the victims of violence, bring awareness to the community, and to raise funds for their programs.

Team Missing Stacy Peterson will be walking again this year to remind the Chicago area and the nation that the lives of those in violent situations matter. The team hopes to be the voice for a woman who has been silenced, and to show their commitment to all victims by helping the Groundwork program keep their services available. One of the goals of Team Missing Stacy Peterson is to refocus attention onto the victims of intimate partner violence and missing persons and away from the perpetrators who garner the majority of media attention.

Stacy Peterson is the missing fourth wife of former Bolingbrook Sergeant, Drew Peterson, who is currently charged with the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. According to Stacy’s sister, Cassandra Cales, “Every time we turn around there’s Drew’s picture in the news again. The media has given him enough attention. Let’s bring it back where it belongs. Let’s get Stacy’s picture back out in the press, after all, she is still missing!”

Stacy Peterson disappeared from her home October 28, 2007, under suspicious circumstances.

The walk teams will meet at 8 am at Hammel Woods, Crumby Recreation Area, Black Road, Shorewood, IL. Opening remarks will be given by Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow and The Honorable Judge Marilee Viola. The walk will begin at 9:15 am.

For information on how to join Team Missing Stacy Peterson or to donate, please vist the Guardian Angel’s Groundwork Events page.

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Drew Peterson attorney asked to “step aside” from team

Attorney Walter Maksym (second from left) has been kicked off the Peterson legal team.

One of Drew Peterson’s attorneys, Walter Maksym, was asked to step down as Peterson’s legal representative after being reprimanded by a federal appeals court.

Yesterday in a scathing ruling Maksym was called out after repeatedly submitting unintelligble appeals that “flagrantly disobeyed” court instructions, leaving defendants unaware of what charges were being leveled against them.

In short, Maksym’s entire approach to this case was alarmingly deficient. For all the foregoing reasons, we hold that the district court was well within its discretion to deny leave to file the second amended complaint and to dismiss the case with prejudice. We also order Maksym to show cause within 21 days why he should not be removed or suspended from the bar of this court or otherwise disciplined under Rule 46(b) or (c) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. We also direct the clerk of this court to send a copy of this opinion to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois for any action it deems appropriate.

Quick to attempt some damage control, Joel Brodsky sent out a press release announcing that Maksym had been asked to “step aside” from Peterson’s legal team, making sure to point out that Maksym was not representing Peterson in the case of Kathleen Savio’s murder, but only in civil matters, like his failed suit against JPMorgan Chase Bank, the attempt to rent out Peterson’s house to the highest bidder, or the cease and desist letter sent to the makers of a Lifetime movie, in an attempt to halt its progress.

Maybe now Walter Maksym can devote more time to his other pursuits, like producing movies starring retired porn stars. He might even consider writing a sequal to the sex manual he co-authored and advise us all on how to have a two-hour orgasm!

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Illinois Supreme Court decides Drew Peterson is better off in jail

I apologize if everyone is tired of this graphic, but what can I say? Once more, it’s been decided that Drew Peterson is better off staying in jail while the prosecution appeals a decision about evidence in the case of Kathleen Savio’s murder.

Peterson’s defense team has tried repeatedly to spring his release during the appeals process because Illinois law states,”a defendant shall not be held in jail or to bail during the pendency of an appeal by the state–unless there are compelling reasons for his continued detention or being held to bail.”

It’s most likely that the compelling reason is the evidence and testimony presented at the historic hearsay hearings that took place in the winter of 2009. One could suppose that Judge Stephen White, the appellate justices and now the Illinois supreme court justices have seen and heard enough to make them believe that Peterson killed one or more of his wives. Of course, the decisions have been sealed in order to protect Peterson’s right to a fair trial.

We still wait to see if the Illinois Supreme Court will hear the prosecution’s latest appeal. That decision should come by the end of the month.

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Joel Brodsky’s motion that failed to convince the justices.

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