Why no one needs to apologize to Drew Peterson

Stacy Peterson

Recently, Drew Peterson’s lawyer sent out a press release demanding that the Illinois State Police apologize for stating that they think his missing wife, Stacy Peterson, is dead. His attorney cited a recent case in which a woman long thought missing resurfaced after seeing a playing card with her missing person’s profile on it. Eighteen years after having voluntarily left her family, she called authorities to clear the air and solve the mystery of her whereabouts. Apparently, Peterson’s defense believes that this astonishing and rare case provides absolute proof that Stacy Peterson is also alive and safe and all we need to do is wait 14 more years for her to phone home.

Peterson’s defense overlooked the fact that the same deck of Missing Persons playing cards has also led to the identification of suspects in three more missing persons cases. One man has been arrested and charged with murder, while another awaits his trial for rape.

Naturally, Peterson’s attorneys wish that the evidence that points to Drew having murdered Stacy Peterson would be ignored in favor of the idea that miracles do happen and that the wandering Stacy Peterson will simply one day come home. But it’s pretty hard to erase the testimony of a man who says that he was paid to help remove a large tub from the Peterson residence on the night that Stacy disappeared. Hard to put out of our minds that he says Drew Peterson told him he needed to deal with the Stacy “problem” and was driven to a storage facility where he attempted to rent a locker in his name for Peterson’s use. It’s also difficult to makes ourselves forget the many people who were told by Stacy Peterson that she was afraid of her husband and that if she were to disappear that he had killed her and to please look for her. Also pretty hard to push aside the fact that Stacy, shortly before she went missing, confided in three people that her husband had killed his third wife, Kathleen, and returned home to tell her he had committed “the perfect crime”.

Say that you can brush all of that aside and you still believe that Stacy Peterson just took a walk one day and has never come back, leaving behind her small children, family and friends. The case of her disappearance has been in the news now for four years. There is constant media attention brought to the case, not only by its own merits but through the direct and incessant actions of Peterson, his attorney and their press agent. Hardly a week goes by that there isn’t some item planted in the news by them about the case. There is a large reward still in place for the information leading to her whereabouts ($30,000 offered by her family as well as $25,000 offered by Peterson himself). Stacy Peterson is a face and story that has continually been part of public consciousness since October 2007. Should we just suffer from the delusion that she is alive and yet no one in all this time has laid eyes on her or should we believe that no one wants the money? Both are ridiculous ideas.

Drew Peterson’s defense likes to trot out the fact that Stacy Peterson’s own mother went missing as evidence that Stacy Peterson left her family willingly. Christie Cales did leave the house one day and was never seen again. But, where are the facts to show that she abandoned her family and was not a victim of foul play, herself? We’ve never seen a shred of evidence that Cales is on prolonged and voluntary vacation.

Peterson’s attorneys would have us believe that random and strange news stories are a good basis for drawing parallels and making conclusions about the case of Stacy Peterson. Well, OK. I found one and if you follow the logic of Joel Brodky’s argument here is proof that Drew Peterson murdered Stacy Peterson.

DNA confirms body in freezer is that of woman missing for 28 years
The Associated Press

LEWISTON – Human remains that were found in a freezer in a storage unit this fall were those of a former girlfriend of the man who rented the unit for nearly 20 years, law enforcement officials said Friday.

Because of decomposition, tissue samples from the body had to be sent to a Pennsylvania laboratory, which used DNA from the remains and a relative’s DNA sample to confirm the identity of Kitty Wardwell, said Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

The state Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Wardwell’s death was a homicide, but the cause of her death was being withheld Friday.

“We’re in the initial stages of this investigation. At this point, withholding the cause of death is appropriate as we try to get further answers,” McCausland said.

The storage unit was rented by Wardwell’s former boyfriend Frank Julian, who died Oct. 1 at the age of 80. Wardwell had been missing for 28 years.

Dwight Collins, Wardwell’s older brother, said the family believed from the beginning that Julian had something to do with her disappearance.

“We’re relieved that we finally have closure on it,” Collins said from his home in Bucksport. “We know it’s her. We can put her to rest now.”

I demand an apology!

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39 thoughts on “Why no one needs to apologize to Drew Peterson

  1. Hahaha, is this demand for an apology coming at the same time that the demand made to Lifetime is coming? The demand to cease and desist making their movie based on Joe Hosey’s book? Or the demand that they pay Drew Peterson lots of moolah because, after all, this is HIS story?

    Just askin’……

  2. Maybe I just can’t find it but when did the ISP say that Stacy Peterson is dead? The closest I can get to that is when Cass Cales said that the ISP had told her that Stacy did not leave willingly.

    Anyone else see a quoted statement, press release or anything in a video?

  3. According to the release, Peterson “has always believed that Stacy is still very much alive” and that, because her mother disappeared once when Stacy was young, Joel A. Brodsky, Peterson’s lead attorney, stated that “in Stacy’s mind disappearing may be ‘normal.'”

    Oh great, now Brodsky is a psychologist. He gotten in Stacy’s head and is here to tell us all that to her, disappearing is “normal.” Only thing is, all anyone knows is that her mom left one day and never returned. Where’s Brodsky’s proof that she ran off, but wasn’t abducted and murdered? He’s got a crystal ball too?

    What an embarrassment this guy must be to the Peterson family. They’re hoping for Peterson to be released and cleared of the mess he’s in, and his lawyer is searching the web for stories about women reappearing as proof that his client’s young wife took off. On his word. His client is sitting in jail for the murder of his ex-wife, and hasn’t been charged with a crime against Stacy, so WTH? Murder defendants lie. I recall a very recent one, AAMOF, who insisted Zanie the Nanny stole her child. Hmmm.

    Or feeding stories to Sneed that compromise the privacy of Peterson’s sons by reporting their intimate moments visiting their father. That was a mind blower. Peterson’s son can’t even return home on Thanksgiving break without having his personal business fed to the newspaper to satisfy the lead attorney’s quest for attention.

    If absurd PR releases and media coverage of missing people being located is going to get Drew a get-out-of-jail-card, then maybe Brodsky is on to something, heh? Or he’s seriously regressing into the Twilight Zone.

    Yep, okay.

  4. Today in “Drew Peterson keeps himself in the news:” Bolingbrook’s favorite ex-cop with the unique kavorka is using a case of a woman who went missing 18 years ago and was recently discovered to be alive as a foundation demand an apology from the Illinois State Police for publicly stating they believe Peterson’s fourth wife Stacey is “missing and presumed dead.”

    I applaud the use of the word “dickishness” in this story.


  5. Couldn’t agree more!

    …Now, when will Stacy's remains be recovered from where the clever like a fox serial offender hid her is the million dollar question. Four children without their loving mother(s) is a tragic fact!

    I do realize by posting this that I am fueling the matter. But, in this case, it is important when you have a sworn officer of the court using the tragedies of one mother who was murdered, and another missing and waiting to be found, to drum up new business.

    It is Drew Peterson who owes the world an apology!


  6. Peterson’s lead attorney insists that Stacy Peterson is alive, and that the State Police owe his client an apology for casting a dark cloud over him by attributing a quote to them saying she is “presumed dead.” I’ve searched high and low for that quote, and have yet to find it.

    Whatever I have been able to find basically covers their position–Stacy is missing and they continue to pursue leads. Peterson is their main suspect in her disappearance. Media coverage, in the early months of Stacy’s disappearance, referred to Stacy’s disappearance as a “possible homicide,” but that is not a DIRECT quote from the ISP.

    What quote is directly attributable to the State Police saying she is dead or presumed dead? Should be easy enough for Brodsky to post that, maybe on his facebook page.

    Sure would clear this all up.

    Investigation of Stacy Peterson's disappearance continues at full speed, police say
    January 10, 2008|By Matthew Walberg, Tribune staff reporter

    Though the intensity of news coverage has lessened, state police said Wednesday that the team of agents probing the disappearance of Stacy Peterson remains at full strength — an encouraging sign to the missing woman's family.

    At any given time, between 70 and 80 agents are still assigned to the investigation, said Trooper Mark Dorencz of the Illinois State Police. To date, nearly 1,300 tips have been received, from which about 500 leads have been generated, he said.

    Peterson, 23, has been missing since Oct. 28. In November, police labeled her disappearance a possible homicide and named her husband, former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, 53, a suspect. He has not been charged and has denied any involvement in her disappearance.

    State police officials made the case their agency's top investigative priority, and stories on her disappearance dominated news headlines for weeks as police and volunteers searched woods and combed rivers and lakes throughout the area. Over time, however, the searches dwindled and the investigation faded from view as police concentrated on poring over tips.

    Friends and relatives of Stacy Peterson said they were happy to know police had not scaled back their efforts.

    "It's encouraging," said her aunt Suzan Robison. "I just hope they're searching in the right places. At least they're still working on it, and that gives us hope."

    Police also continue their investigation into the 2004 death of Drew Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in her bathtub. At the time, a coroner's jury ruled the death was accidental, but in November, Will County State's Atty. James Glasgow called the death suspicious and had her body exhumed.

    Dorencz said police have received from Drew Peterson's attorney a copy of an anonymous letter sent to Peterson in which the writer claimed to have spotted Stacy Peterson in Florence, Ky., on Nov. 18: "We're treating it as any other lead, so we're investigating."

  7. In the weeks leading up to Stacy’s disappearance she consulted numerous people, including a lawyer, because she wanted to safely divorce Drew, but wanted to make sure that she would be able to have custody of the kids and money to support them and herself.

    So, now Drew has been in jail for more than two years. If Stacy had left out of fear of him and a desire to get safely away there is nothing stopping her from coming back. If she were to return she would have sole custody of the children, access to all the joint accounts, she could reside safely in the home that she shared with Drew and start divorce proceedings while he is detained. If she wanted to make sure Drew was out of her life for good, she could testify against him in court (rather than let Neil Schori relate hearsay evidence). And yet…not a peep.

    It’s as if Brodsky wants the public to toss out all common sense and ignore the indications that there is foul play (and there are plenty) and instead entertain a fantasy Incredible Journey type story. If he wants to present things that way, it’s his choice but to expect the ISP to buy into the nonsense is either delusional or (which is more likely) just another bid for attention while the legal news isn’t great for him and a Lifetime movie is taking the attention away from him. In either case, I don’t think it has anything to do with Drew Peterson and everything to do with Joel Brodsky.

  8. Well, I’m afraid (NOT) that many tweets are beginning to take off linking to the Untouchable movie. It’s the Peterson news of the day.

    Guess the apology that the ISP is preparing might get lost in the shuffle…..

  9. The scene in the trailer for “Untouchable” looks like it’s based on the incident when Drew had Sharon B’s garage door opener and kept opening and closing it. I don’t know if he uttered the dramatic line, “I’m untouchable, bitch”, but if he had it would have been in that obnoxious Chicago burb accent and he would have looked a lot uglier. I’m not trying to be nasty, just calling it like it is.

    GRACE: Explain to me, Kathy Chaney — Kathy joining us from “The Chicago Defender.” I`m very concerned about the neighbor, Sharon Bychowski, who claims she`s in fear of her life and some type of antic Peterson allegedly pulled with Bychowski`s garage door opener.

    CHANEY: Yes. Her garage door opener was given to Stacy at some point in time. During maybe, like, a garage sale, Stacy was allowed to go into Sharon`s garage to get some things. The garage door opener was never returned. It, in fact, was left in Drew`s SUV that was seized, along with some other garage door openers. And Drew just got those back. He had them in his hands. He was testing them out in the garage door, in his garage, seeing which one worked for his. He pushed that one. Nothing happened. So he just went in the house. But it opened up Sharon`s door.

    GRACE: Interesting. Joining me right now is Sharon Bychowski, the best friend of Stacy Peterson. I wonder often what Stacy may have told Sharon Bychowski. She claims Peterson is harassing her and has tried desperately to get a restraining order. Ms. Bychowski, thank you for being with us. Is it that simple? Did he simply try to open his own garage door and yours opened instead?

    SHARON BYCHOWSKI, FRIEND AND NEIGHBOR OF STACY PETERSON: Hi, Nancy. Thanks for having me on. I don`t think it`s quite that simple. He walked on the sidewalk, looked at my house, smiled, and then he hit the garage door. Then he hit it a second time, as to say, I`ve got your garage door opening, ha, ha, ha.

  10. Things are getting rough in the Peterson camp. He’s regurgitating letters/grievances. Didn’t we hear this already, from the same source, many, many months ago? Whoa boy……

    Drew Peterson in letter to friend: ‘Help! Being held hostage’

    By MICHAEL SNEED msneed@suntimes.com December 14, 2011 5:42PM
    Updated: December 14, 2011 5:42PM

    The Peterson File …

    Leave it to accused wife murderer Drew Peterson, who has been in prison awaiting trial for nearly three years, to send a recent letter to a friend using gallows humor.

    “Help. I’m being held hostage against my will!” penned Peterson.

    In a copy of a letter sent to Sneed, Peterson — who is charged with the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy — lists his grievances.

    Quoth Peterson, a former Bolingbrook cop:

    ◆“My cell size is 17 by 19.”

    ◆“I sleep on a concrete bed with a lawn share [chair] mattress.”

    ◆“I’m cold always. I wear two thermal shirts and have four blankets to keep warm. I get clean clothes once a week.”

    ◆“I’m kept in solitary confinement and have only moments a day to talk to others when my meals or clean clothes are delivered or when the guards sometimes check on me.”

    ◆“My meals come three times a day, 6 – 11 and 5. Meals are high in fat and carbs. A lot of food. I’m never hungry. I watch TV all day depending on who the guards are. My only form of entertainment.”

    ◆“I’m allergic to the laundry soap. I itch all of the time and always have a rash on my ankles. I’ve been given a second pair of socks to wash myself and ointment for my rash.”

    ◆“I’m only allowed to telephone one lawyer, Joel Brodsky, and my family during ‘time out’ in an attached dayroom approx 12 by 12. Timeouts 8-10 am, 1-3 pm, 3-4 pm then at 7-11 pm. Time outs are given when not on lockdown. During time outs I can get soap and toilet paper. Razors are only given out in the AM along with nail and hair clippers. I get meds twice a day, 5 am and 730 pm. I’m given cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine along with vitamins.”

    ◆“My eyeglasses are over 15 years old and I don’t get new ones. I have skin issues which require CO2 freezing or burning off which the medical section does not or won’t provide.”

    ◆“It’s been said to me the guards aren’t allowed to talk to me due to my charismatic personality and they fear I will manipulate them. LOL. My mom is having legal, financial and health issues I can’t help her with. I can’t even call her.
    “Help, I’m being held hostage against my will.”

    The Peterson file II …

    The Flip side: Pamela Bosco, spokesman for Stacy Peterson’s family, tells Sneed:

    “Oh my God…you can see how it’s very hard to be sympathetic to this man, don’t you? It’s hard to make a comment to something like that. I would say this man is in jail for a reason and he should stay in jail. We have two lovely women, one’s dead and one’s disappeared, and he’s the primary suspect. As far as we are concerned, he deserves the treatment he’s getting right now. Let’s just say that at this point in time.”


  11. It looks like Drew’s lawyer can’t remember providing this identical information to Sneed many months ago. He’s lost it. He’s so in a tizzy over this movie, apparently, he’s freaking out.

  12. Oh Lordy! It’s Pathetic Letter from Drew redux. So what’s new?

    If Drew doesn’t like his protective custody while he’s in detention he should just ask to be placed in the general population. Lots of people to talk to and much more enriching.

  13. I have skin issues which require CO2 freezing or burning off which the medical section does not or won’t provide.

    Sorry to hear that he has skin growths that need to be frozen or burned off, but let’s look at the bright side. He doesn’t have to worry about dates with 20-year-olds who might find them repulsive.

  14. Here’s the original letter/date:

    August 16, 2010

    Drew Peterson writes detailed letter about life in jail
    The 10-page handwritten letter was delivered to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed last

    By Michael Sneed
    The Chicago Sun-Times

    WILL COUNTY, Ill. — He says he sleeps on a lawn-chair mattress in a cold cell, where he is being housed in isolation and is frequently strip searched.

    Besides his lawyers, the only human contacts for Drew Peterson — who is awaiting trial in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio — are prison guards and an inmate who brings him meals, clean clothes and linen “passed through a chuckhole,” Peterson says in

    In the 10-page letter received by Sneed last week, the 56-year-old Peterson describes in detail his life in the Will County Jail since his May 2009 arrest. Peterson — a former Bolingbrook cop who has also been named a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy — is facing even more time in prison while prosecutors appeal a ruling that blocked them from using hearsay evidence in his upcoming trial.

    “It almost took an act of god to get a second blanket and a thermal shirt,” he writes. “I haven’t figured out yet if I’m being protected from the other inmates or are they being protective from me.”

    The letter from Peterson was given to Sneed by a confidential source, who removed parts of the missive. The Sun-Times also edited the letter for space, but Peterson’s words were left largely verbatim.

    While Peterson writes about the restrictions of prison life — and at times jokes about what he has gone through — the Sun-Times is aware of the pain the Savio family has endured while waiting for justice in the murder of their loved one.

    In the second installment of the letter to Sneed, to be published in Monday’s Sun-Times, Peterson writes about what he misses on the outside, the letters he has received from sympathizers and his trademark jail humor.

    The arrest
    I find myself with a lot of time these days where I have looked back on my life and many trials and tribulations.

    I recall the day I was arrested 5-7-9. It was a beautiful sunny spring day and as I moved about during my daily chores caring for my family I noticed a buildup of press in front of my house. I’ve been harassed by the press for the past 19 months but this day was different. They parked down the street leaving the front of my home clear for something. Something’s up. It was late afternoon all my anti-Drew neighbors were outside as if they were waiting for something to happen.

    I needed to run to the bank so I told my children I would be right back. As I traveled to the bank I was stopped for a traffic light with a marked ISP [Illinois State Police] vehicle pulled right behind me. I was cut off and blocked in by an unmarked pickup truck and was then surrounded by plain clothes ISP patrolmen with guns drawn. I remember looking out my car passenger window and a senior ISP officer standing there looking confused finally drawing his weapon. I gave him the middle finger salute and yell to him, “shoot me asshole.”

    As I exited my car I was met by an ISP officer who resembled Pee Wee Herman to me. He put his firearm in his left hand and picked me off the ground with his right arm & Hip. I laughed and said to him, “I’m not fighting you.” He looked confused and I repeated, “I’m not fighting you,” “put me down.” I was set down, I put my hands on my car where I was pat down and handcuffed. In an insulting manner my sunglasses were torn from my face and tossed into the backseat of my car.

    I was put in the backseat of an unmarked SUV and transported to the ISP dist 5 Headquarters between two very large sweaty plainclothes officers. One called the Chief of Police of Bolingbrook and boasted, “WE GOT DREW.” I laughed at the officers and their sloppy felony traffic stop thinking of how unsafe it was. I also commented how rattled they were and thought how I was the one who should have been shaken up.

    I told the ISP and the Will Co. States attorney’s office on many occasions all they had to do was call me and I would turn myself in if it ever came to that point. I guess with all their efforts and obsession they needed their show. I asked why I was being arrested and what was my bond. They responded “For the murder of Kathleen Savio” and bond was 20 million dollars.

    As I joked with them they asked why I didn’t ever try to become an Illinois State Policeman. I think I angered them when I responded I couldn’t because my parents weren’t brother and sister.

    The warrant was signed and bond set by Judge Rosak [Will County Judge Daniel Rozak] whom I have known for many years and viewed as a cop in robes. He had signed many of the search warrants for my home with about the same amount of probable cause as you would need to get a free car wash.

    At ISP HQ they again tried to question me but were met with me simply stating “I want my lawyer.” I learned later my home was again searched by the souvenir-hunting ISP picking through my belongings for about the 6th time. They did get another shot at terrorizing my children removing them from my home under a blanket hiding them from the press. Our hero’s. My girlfriends kids also got to experience the terror.

    Life in jail
    I was taken to the Will County Jail where I was processed, strip searched and given a spiffy jail uniform. I was told that I was in “protective custody” and I was taken to a POD and placed in a small cell alone. I realized what was happening to me and I remember this feeling of anger coming over me being mad that the people responsible to putting me there were getting away with it knowing that I have done nothing wrong.

    The next day I was allowed to contact my family and found out my kids were OK and with my older son. I was ready for anything. I was then taken to the Medical Part of the jail where I have been housed ever since.

    My cell is larger than most and it has a reverse air flow system designed to hold someone with an airborne contagious disease. It’s new and I keep it clean and I have my own shower. Its always very cold.

    It almost took an act of god to get a second blanket and a thermal shirt.

    I sleep on a lawnchair mattress on a cement slab. I’m kept in solitary confinement on the reflective side of two way glass. My only human contact is with the guards who view me regularly and the inmate pod worker who bring me my meals, clean clothes and linen passed through a chuckhole.

    I haven’t figured out yet if I’m being protected from the other inmates or are they being protective from me. My telephone privileges have been limited to only my lawyers and my family after my 30 minute calls to both NBC TODAY SHOW MATT LAUYER which was broadcast live and to MANCOW broadcast live to chicagoland where I gave my standup comedy jailhouse routine. Someone is afraid of what I have to say. With few exceptions I have been treated professionally by the staff here sometimes even with kindness.

    By the way the food in here really isn’t that bad. A step down from Army food. I thank Cecil for his efforts.

    Cell search
    My cell is searched regularly. Very special times in here is when my cell is raided in the middle of the night by ten or so very large men dressed in black swat type uniforms (ERTs). The first time I was handcuffed as my cell was searched.

    I was then strip searched, as in each raid, while all ten watched. I hummed the stripper song as I tossed them my clothes one piece at a time. When I got down to my underpants I told them if they tried to put dollars in my pants we were gonna fight. I was later told that they were trying to humiliate me but I don’t think they got the response they were looking for as I left them laughing.

    I’m here to tell you I have been looked at naked here more than I care to remember. If you are modest at all this is the place to avoid.

    It would really bother me if I ever learned that while they were making love to their women that they were thinking of me naked.

    My only source of entertainment is television and all the televisions work off the same cable box so every dayroom T.V. has the same thing on. The officers normally ask me what I want to watch and I try to select something everyone will enjoy like movies or sitcoms. I don’t like to read but I have read about different religions.

    I’m in the medical section so my health is being cared for by a very professional staff. I’ve been treated for everything from heartburn to high blood pressure.



  15. Keep up the chatter, Joel, you are making people more curious about the movie. Drew, my apology is this…I am sorry that you are so comfortable. Personally I think you should be living like a homeless person out under a bridge. Sounds to me like you have it pretty good.

  16. This is the way we recall the garage door incident. Since I am not familiar with the actress who plays Kathleen Savio, I don’t know if this trailer is accurately described, or if this actress is actually one that is portraying the Petersons’ next door neighbor.

    03/19/2008 (suburbanchicagonews) “Peterson neighbor: ‘I fear for my life'”

    “Tensions on Pheasant Chase Court escalated as a second police report was filed in the past five days, and one resident says her life is in jeopardy. “I fear for my life,” said Sharon Bychowski, the best friend and next-door neighbor of missing mom Stacy Peterson.” – “In the event that anything happens to me, I want the public to know I fear for my life,” Bychowski said. “I feel closer to Stacy and Kathleen than ever.” Bychowski’s recent trepidation was induced by Peterson’s newfound and brief ability to open and close her garage door at will.” -“Peterson reclaimed his two cars from the state police Tuesday morning. Inside the cars he found three garage door openers. One was programmed to open Bychowski’s garage. Drew said he was unaware of this until he hit the button and Bychowski’s garage opened. Bychowski said she gave Stacy the opener so she could store items there for a garage sale. She says she told the state police of the opener and that she believed it was in Peterson’s home. Somehow, they failed to find it. “They said they searched the car,” she said. “They looked in the car. It was not in there. They looked in the house, it was not in there.”

    Courtesy: acandyrose.com

  17. 03/19/2008 (suburbanchicagonews) “Peterson neighbor: ‘I fear for my life'”
    “The officers asked Peterson to surrender the opener, and even offered to replace it, said police Lt. Ken Teppel, but he refused, claiming it belonged to him. The matter was recorded in a police report, the second since Friday, when Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, said [Roy] Taylor was harassing and threatening Peterson via the Internet. Police spoke to Bychowski and Taylor, but took no action. Taylor denies Brodsky’s allegations. Taylor said he reprogrammed his mother’s garage door opener Tuesday to keep Peterson from fiddling with it, but Bychowski said she wanted a restraining order against Peterson. “Then I’ll get one on her and Roy,” said Peterson, who also spoke of his wish to leave the bad blood in his subdivision behind, if only he could.”


  18. Drew Peterson finds Rob Lowe Lifetime movie trailer hilarious
    Lawyer plays recording for jailed client held in wife’s death

    By Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune reporter
    December 16, 2011

    Drew Peterson’s criminal defense lawyer, Joel Brodsky, said he spoke to his jailed client on the phone Thursday morning and played him the just-released online trailer of the upcoming Lifetime movie “Drew Peterson: Untouchable.”

    “He laughed and said, ‘That’s hilarious,'” Brodsky said.

    But the movie’s legal implications aren’t so funny to Brodsky and Peterson, the former Bolingbrook police sergeant awaiting trial in Will County in the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, while under suspicion in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

    “Untouchable” — based on Joseph Hosey’s 2008 book “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson” and scheduled to air Jan. 21 on the cable network — stars a gray-mustached Rob Lowe as Peterson. The trailer is full of horror-film sound effects and flash cuts to seemingly violent images as a woman looks terrified by a garage door going up and down, before Lowe’s Peterson is shown on the other side and utters his sole line: “I’m untouchable, bitch.”

    “That’s the first time he or I have heard him being accused of using that term,” Brodsky said. “Which just goes to show you this movie is not reality; it’s entertainment.”

    Nonetheless, attorney Walter Maksym sent a cease-and-desist letter on Peterson’s behalf to Lifetime over the summer, giving a July 22 deadline for the network to abandon its plans to air the film or else face legal action. Maksym no longer represents Peterson, and no suit was filed.

    “We are certainly doing legal research into our legal options to stop the movie from being shown so close to the beginning of a trial,” Brodsky said. “But I can’t tell you that the legal precedents are strongly in our favor. They’re certainly not.”

    Peterson, whose trial is on hold pending a prosecution appeal, never sued Hosey over the book.

    As the Pentagon Papers case demonstrated in the 1970s, Brodsky said, the First Amendment tends to be the trump card.

    “It’s a pretty stiff burden to try to stop something from being published or shown,” Brodsky said. “The case law is strongly in favor of the freedom of speech. … My hope is that people understand that a Lifetime entertainment movie is not a substitute for facts presented in a court of law.”

    At the same time, he said he’ll be on the lookout for libelous material. Peterson has denied wrongdoing in the Savio and Peterson cases.

    “When Drew Peterson is acquitted, there are a number of people who are going to have to be concerned about libel suits because a lot of people have wrongfully said that Drew Peterson is a murderer,” Brodsky said, citing Geraldo Rivera’s accusations on Fox News as one example.

    Chicago entertainment lawyer E. Leonard Rubin, who is not involved in the case, said Peterson’s team could have valid legal arguments depending on what the film depicts.

    “This could be an invasion of privacy if they intimate that he is guilty before he is judged to be guilty,” Rubin said, noting that with public figures, filmmakers and biographers have the right to use whatever is a matter of public record but must tread more carefully where private lives are involved.

    The gray area, Rubin added, comes when a film or book is presenting matters as speculation rather than fact. “If they want in this (TV) special to give an opinion, and it’s clear that it’s an opinion that Drew Peterson is guilty, they could be protected by the First Amendment,” he said.

    Then again, he added, outright accusations must be proven wrong anyway for libel to apply.

    Lifetime may have revealed its own sense of caution as the movie’s title has changed from the summer’s more provocative “Ladykiller: The Drew Peterson Story” to “Drew Peterson: Untouchable.” Network representatives declined to comment Thursday.

    Brodsky said he assumes he won’t have a chance to see “Untouchable” before it airs, “though I’d love to.” Meanwhile, he said he’s not putting much stock in the promotional materials. “A lot of times the movie is nothing like the trailer, so I’m not going to prejudge the movie.”

    Still, he said the trailer’s use of that “untouchable” phrase indicates the “poetic license” being taken.

    “It’s nothing to do with the actual truth,” he said. “The problem is what people see in the movies tends to become in their minds reality, like Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ movie. That’s the real fear we have.

    “You can guess when we pick a jury, one of the first questions we’re going to ask is, ‘Did you see the movie ‘Untouchable’ and did anyone in your family or your friends?’ I would say if you want to be on the jury, you probably shouldn’t watch the movie.”



  19. Nice to know that Drew could control his shivering long enough to attempt to view the video through his 15-year-old eyeglasses. Unfortunately he probably used up his entire monthly video-viewing allotment. Jail is hell!

  20. Let’s see. A movie is coming out that, on one hand, the lead attorney claims causes him concern because it may paint a very unflattering portrait of his client, yet, he wishes to share with everyone that Drew Peterson thinks a sound blip he heard played for him is hilarious? What the hell is hilarious about a dead mother of two, who Drew Peterson is accused of murdering? What is hilarious about being in the fight of his life for his freedom?

    I’ll never be able to figure out the brains behind this outfit.

  21. “It’s nothing to do with the actual truth,” he said. “The problem is what people see in the movies tends to become in their minds reality, like Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ movie. That’s the real fear we have.

    Is that like when a murder defendant’s attorney demands an apology from a law enforcement agency through a PR and in the media, on behalf of his client, because he and his client want people to see in their minds the reality that Stacy ran away with another of her own free will? Could that have nothing to do with the actual truth also? That’s the real fear we have too.

  22. As usual Joel is always threatening with Libel suits AFTER the trial. Yep according to him when Drew gets acquitted everyone that said he was GUILTY is going to get sued! Hey Joel where is that Freedom of speech at, you say you are always protecting? What nobody has the right to their opinion on whether they think he is guilty or innocent? I guess it can be turned around right back for all the things said about the witnesses, and people involved in the case that were trashed and called drunks, drug addicts, mental issues, losers, street rats, among other things. Not to mention certain people looking up information to threaten and intimidate people so they be quiet about your client. We have a letter where he was thanking a certain someone for information on someone 🙂 I guess it is alright to try and ruin, and tarnish their reputation but not you, or your clients right? Hypocrisy at its finest!

  23. “I would say if you want to be on the jury, you probably shouldn’t watch the movie.”

    Since 90% of the public will do or say anything just about anything to get out of jury duty, here ya go. It may not be the most enjoyable or enriching hour and half, but it just might do the trick (If you don’t live in Northern Illinois, you don’t need to worry about this one way or another).

  24. I just got sent a Questionnaire for jury duty. Wonder what case I’m gonna get stuck listening to 😦 As for the movie I am somewhat interested in watching it. Just to see if Rob Lowe can pull it off. I just don’t think he can get as evil, and devious as Drew though.

  25. Oh wait. What a brilliant move to bring up Drew Peterson’s missing fourth wife, who hasn’t been in the media spotlight for a year and a half, and remind everyone that she’s missing, but ran off with another man. Brilliant move because it takes the focus off the upcoming trial of a dead Kathleen. Right? Is that the logic behind this idea? I know I might be missing the logic of this all, but there must be a master plan at work, spearheaded by none other than the lead attorney. Why else would he throw this all out in the media, because I’m sure it’s not to get face time for himself. Maybe he wants someone to put Stacy’s picture on a milk carton, so she’ll be located, and his client will be off the hook and won’t need him to be a card playing partner, let alone the lead attorney on his defense team. Because if Stacy is alive and found, Peterson won’t need much in the way of a defense, let alone a defense team.

    On the other hand, he’ll need someone to sue everyone for calling him a murderer, and negotiating book deals. Yeah, that must be it.

  26. I think it’s time for a Drew Peterson in detainment quote:

    “What about this bling? Look at this bling. Three squares a day in this spiffy outfit. How can you beat that? Look at this bling! “

  27. My hope is that people understand that a Lifetime entertainment movie is not a substitute for facts presented in a court of law.”

    Oh, so now he hopes that people understand that what is presented via a windbag full of hot air in the media is not a substitute for facts presented in a court of law? Well, good then. Just so we all have that straight.

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