Lifetime releases trailer for “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”

No doubt you’ve already seen this preview of the Lifetime movie, Drew Peterson: Untouchable, which is based on Joe Hosey’s book, Fatal Vows.

Intercut between scenes of a violent domestic struggle, Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson would appear to be re-enacting the episode in which Sharon Bychowski was terrorized by her next-door neighbor using a remote garage door opener. According to Bychowski, she had lent the opener to Stacy Peterson who left it in the family’s Denali. After her disappearance the SUV was impounded by the state police and then returned to Sgt. Peterson who discovered the opener while going through the car’s contents. He then used the opener to open and close Bychowski’s garage door in an attempt to intimidate and frighten her. According to Drew’s lawyer, Drew found a number of garage door openers and was simply testing them all to see what they would do.

As for the catch phrase “I’m untouchable, Bitch”, it’s a nice cheesy touch but probably didn’t happen. This is how Bychowski related the story to Nancy Grace back in March 2008. “He walked on the sidewalk, looked at my house, smiled, and then he hit the garage door. Then he hit it a second time, as if to say, I’ve got your garage door opener. Ha, ha, ha.” The incident caused Bychowski to call police and seek a restraining order.

If you’ve been following the case, you’ll recall that this wasn’t the first incident with Drew Peterson and a garage door opener not his own. Prior to Kathleen Savio being found dead in her bathtub, Peterson used a pilfered garage door opener to gain access to the house he had once shared with her. According to letters and a police report, Peterson cornered Savio inside her house where he threatened and berated her for an extended period of time. This is the incident that prompted Savio to write, “He knows how to manipulate the system and his next step is to take my children away from me or kill me instead.”

Yesterday, Joel Brodsky told the press that he had played the trailer for Peterson over the phone and that Drew found it to be “hilarious”.

It would seem that Peterson’s lawsuit to block production of the movie was completely unsuccessful, and he will not be seeing a dime of the proceeds.

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35 thoughts on “Lifetime releases trailer for “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”

  1. I think what made this short trailer confusing is the description that local station CBS gave it. It wasn’t elaborated upon by the Lifetime site. It would make sense that this scene depicts the garage door opener incident that Peterson’s next-door neighbor described, which is public information.

    Guide to New York

    Rob Lowe’s Drew Peterson is ‘Untouchable’, Drew Peterson Finds it “Hilarious”

    By Nick Greene December 16, 2011

    Creating a thirty-second promo for a movie is a tough job. It needs to entice and reveal without spoiling, and it has to be memorable despite the time constraint. There probably is a science to crafting the perfect teaser, but you can throw that out the window; whoever made the promo for Lifetime’s Drew Peterson: Untouchable starring Rob Lowe has transcended the medium and turned it into an art. Even Drew Peterson himself is entertained by it. Take a look below, while enjoying a glass of Belvedere.

    Why didn’t anyone else think of this? By having the main character briskly announce the title followed by the word, “bitch,” the promo makes the movie absolutely irresistible to prospective viewers.

    I’m The Godfather, bitch.

    I’m Batman, bitch.

    I’m Mr. Magorium and this is my Wonder Emporium, Bitch

    The trailer is so effective it has even elicited a response from Drew Peterson. The Chicago Tribune reports that Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, played the promo over the phone for his client, who is in jail awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. “He laughed and said, ‘That’s hilarious,'” Brodsky said.

    Regarding the line, “I’m untouchable, bitch,” Brodsky said, “That’s the first time he or I have heard him being accused of using that term.”

    But that’s not the first time you’ve heard of him being accused of murder. You know, because that’s what he’s in jail awaiting trial for.

  3. Joel needs to relax. No one’s accusing Drew of having used that term. It’s a Lifetime movie – not a documentary.

    Maybe the “untouchable” bit comes from this old news story (which turned out to be false) about the two truckers who said they were asked by Drew Peterson to help transport a package.

    “It strikes me that he should know better,” Bychowski said. “But I guess he is so arrogant, I shouldn’t be surprised that he thinks he’s untouchable.”

  4. Gotta admit that Drew’s reaction is no surprise to me…There has to be some contraversy otherwise it would not be a “Drewism”…Can’t wait for this show to get on the road….so to speak regarding his trial…

  5. It’s always a possibility, LA. It’s clear that there isn’t a whole lot of physical evidence at the scene. However, to me these are two very different crimes. (I’ve posted this list before so forgive me).

    Casey Anthony vs Drew Peterson

    1. A body decomposed to the point of skeletonization (no way to determine manner of death) vs. a body only a few days old with visible injuries and manner of death determined to be drowning.

    2. Vague motive that can only be guessed at (wants the Bella Vita?) vs. Big Motive (50% of shared assets, a million dollar life-insurance policy, control of the children, etc.)

    3. No testimony that she considered hurting the victim vs. people who can testify that Drew tried to pay them to kill Kathleen

    4. Can’t place Casey at the murder scene vs. Drew is the first one in the house, shoos people away and rearranges death scene.

    5. No one to testify (even second hand) that she killed Caylee vs. Pastor Schori’s testimony that Stacy told him Drew had killed Kathleen, which is admissible and will be heard.

    6. Caylee never told anyone that she was afraid of her mother vs. numerous letters and statements from Kathleen stating that Drew was going to kill her and make it look like an accident.

    So, I’m not feeling hopeless at all. Even if Drew does walk away from this one…maybe there’s a sealed indictment for Stacy. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  6. wishing all of you a happy hiliday and prosperous new year. I still plan to dance a jig down Weber Road the day “it” is finally convicted. sincerely, WOW

  7. Good heavens. I am so sorry, saddened, in fact, for Sue Savio Doman, who is such a kind, sincere, woman. Garrison took care of Garrison first. Reading the whole Atlantic article made me cringe.

    Media Middleman Has Drew Peterson In-Law’s Book Money Locked Up: Atlantic

    A story on the Atlantic’s website details the dealings of go-between Larry Garrison, including a deal he struck with the sister of slain Drew Peterson wife Kathleen Savio that has him getting all of her up-front money if he can sell a book for her.

    By Joseph Hosey

    A media middleman stands to take the entire advance if he can sell a book about Kathleen Savio, the slain third wife of accused wife killer Drew Peterson, Savio’s sister told the Atlantic. Credit From “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Drew Peterson”

    The Atlantic profiled Hollywood consultant Larry Garrison, including his deal with the sister of Kathleen Savio, the slain wife of former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson.

    “One of Garrison’s clients, Sue Doman, expressed relief that she had Garrison standing between her and the reporters who were banging down her door,” says the story on the Atlantic’s website. “Doman’s sister was married to an Illinois police sergeant named Drew Peterson, who was charged with murdering her after he was named as a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. Garrison has locked up Doman’s film, television, literary, and ‘life story’ rights. If he successfully sells a book based on her story, he will take the entire advance, according to Doman. After the advance is paid back through book sales, she will receive one-third of the royalties, which she plans to donate to a domestic-violence shelter. ‘I trusted him to be able to control the media for me, so that’s why I did it,’ she says. ‘I couldn’t ask for a better person.'”

    It looks like Garrison couldn’t ask for a better deal.

    During a hearing in early 2010 to determine what hearsay evidence would be allowed at Peterson’s murder trial, defense attorney George Lenard revealed that Doman’s contract called for the right to fictionalize Savio’s story, so long as it cast her and Doman in a favorable light.

  8. [SNIPS]

    Sometimes Garrison is involved in these kinds of negotiations, and sometimes he isn’t. But no matter what the networks might argue, he says, “they all pay.”

    Garrison moves in quickly on people who may still be reeling from a traumatic event. “I love the chase,” he writes: “finding the people, contacting them, and convincing them that I am the one they should entrust their information and rights to.”

    At the moment, a group of talking heads on Fox News is analyzing the story of a 19-year-old boy named Colton Harris-Moore who went on a crime spree in Washington state and then disappeared into the woods. Garrison says that he isn’t going to pursue the story—“it would influence kids”—but if he did, he might call the kid’s mother: “I’d like to do a movie and a book entitled In the Middle of Nowhere,” he would tell her. “Or something glamorous. I’d lock up his rights, and when he’s caught, I’d own his rights and have his exclusive interview.”

    I guess there is always someone ready to make money off a tragedy but it makes me uncomfortable that Garrison has gotten so close to the family. I hope that what he is offering the Savios is worth it.

  9. From May 2009

    “…Now Doman’s spokesman tells us he’s working on a book and movie about her struggle to lock up Savio’s killer. Garrison says proceeds will fund a foundation Doman hopes to start to help other abused women….”

    Yikes. He glossed over the fact that he gets all the proceeds until the advance figure is met and then he continues to get two thirds of any royalties. This is quite a discrepancy.

    “If he successfully sells a book based on her story, he will take the entire advance, according to Doman. After the advance is paid back through book sales, she will receive one-third of the royalties, which she plans to donate to a domestic-violence shelter.”

  10. I saw a recent story saying that Robe Lowe made up to look like Peterson actually ends up resembling James Glasgow more. Well, duh, Glasgow is a much more attractive man than Drew. You put Glasgow, Peterson and Rob Lowe side-by-side in long gray hair and mustaches and which two are going to look the most alike? The good-looking ones, obviously.

  11. Mr. Garrison, who is based in Ventura County, Calif., specializes in packaging high-profile cases. In TV parlance, he is a “story broker.” When something bad happens, story brokers are the people who help criminals and victims monetize their villainy or grief. They place themselves as middlemen between the supply of human drama and the demand for it—so news organizations have to do business with them.

    And Mr. Garrison is the “king” of that business, according to multiple sources at ABC…

    …Mr. Garrison has handled media deals for two Michael Jackson jurors, the relatives of Robert Blake’s dead wife, the family of vanished-in-Aruba teen Natalee Holloway and Joran van der Sloot, the chief suspect in Ms. Holloway’s disappearance. He relies, he says, on a collection of “over 80 people out in the field that just bring me stories.”

    So when a celebrity trial is convened or a cheerleader vanishes, Mr. Garrison is often the first person at the principals’ side, offering comfort and media coaching. He shops their book proposals and produces their movies.

    I wonder if it would be hard to get out of a contract with this guy if you could show that he approached you during a time of duress.

  12. But remember that all happened a year or two ago, And the contract was only good for two years and was expired late this year.

  13. Hurrah. Threat removed.Thanks, badmann.
    Great work, Facs. 🙂
    Hi all. Long time no see. Season’s Greetings to all. 😀

  14. Just noticed that Atty Greenberg has this notice up in red on his website:


    He might want to consider removing or at least rewording that ‘breaking” news (from last July) since the appellate justices decision was to simply not reconsider Judge White’s decision because of the State’s late filing. Not exactly proof of the strength of his argument.

    In any event, the Illinois Supreme Court ended up telling the appellate court that they do have to take it under consideration…so technically they haven’t ruled at all yet.

    Plus the apostrophe in the word “author’s” makes no sense in that context. It’s not a possessive and there’s no missing letter.

    So basically that announcement makes him look deceptive and the typo makes him look stupid. That’s always been more Joel’s style.

  15. Good news. Sue Savio Doman’s contract with Garrison has expired, and she has chosen not to renew it.

    It’s the Christmas season, so I’ll be nice and refrain from posting what I think of Garrison’s business deal in this matter. I am very happy that he’s been sent on his merry way, though! 🙂

  16. Hi. I’ve just checked again and the trailer isn’t viewable from here on either youtube or lifetime’s own site. 🙂 Rob Lowe looks very funny to me. His hair looks like one of those flexible plasticy-rubbery “wigs” kids used to have for dressup.

    I want to send my best wishes to Cass. The interview at the last sad anniversary moved me so I broke my heart all over again for Cass and Sue Savio and each of all the other victims of the POS and all his enablers and accomplices. Heartfelt hugs and best wishes for a peaceful, regenerating holiday. Merry Christmas!

    Things must be hotting up for you all as they are here at chez bucket, so I want to wish Facs, Rescue, and all my fiends here a special time along the next 9 days or so :D.

    My Christmas always begins when I listen to the service of 9 carols and lessons live on the radio from the chapel of King’s College Cambridge.(it might even be on BBC US? and/or World Service radio? 17:45 UTC Christmas Eve) It always starts with a solo unaccompanied child’s voice singing the beginning of “Once in Royal David’s City”. I will be toasting you all. Merry Christmas. XX

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    Merry Christmas to you, Bucket, and to everyone!!!! Joys of the Season to All.

  18. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! May you all be blessed with good health, happiness, love, peace, money, your family, and friends! Be safe out there to anyone traveling!

  19. Will County Circuit Court schedule:
    09L 000326 Kathleen Savio, Deceased wrongful death suit

    PETERSON DREW 1 17 12 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case
    SAVIO HENRY J 1 17 12 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case

  20. Aww. The Peterson children. Their lives are an open book. Thank you, Joel, for your ongoing updates to keep the world informed of their loving relationship. How adorable that “Dad” is up on the latest gadget/toys/clothes trends to be able to do this. 🙂

    The Peterson file …

    Drew Peterson, who has been awaiting trial for nearly three years for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio — and is the prime suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson — talked to most of his kids via jail phone on Christmas.

    ◆ Gift ’em: His son, Stephen, a former Oak Brook police officer, bought Christmas gifts labeled “from Dad” for Peterson’s two children with Stacy, Anthony and Lacy Ann.

    (P.S. You can also read there that Blago is a serious drunk, per a “source.” No kidding.)

  21. Not sure if we ever linked to the official report from the IL supreme Court on the hearsay decision (tossing it back to the appellate court), so here it is:

    The bulk of it is identical to the opinion (which is also available on our Scribd page) but the first part is a good summation of things put together by the court reporter. Nice reference if you need or want a concise explanation of what went down.

  22. Well fokes just seen some new clips of Faital Vows! Don’t look athing ike Kathleen or Stacy not even the hair color. Lifetime needed a better casting director or film conculant!!!!!!!

  23. Badmann – It’s not Fatal Vows; the movie is Untouchable, based on Fatal Vows. I’m sure they’ve taken some liberties with the story line that don’t necessarily follow along with the book. That’s Hollywood. The actors/actresses may be changed around too.

    Peterson spent months and months dancing on the grave of Kathleen, and disrespecting Stacy as though she were nothing more than his play thing, irregardless that these two women were the mothers of his children. So, if this movie shows him in a bad light, that’s his problem. He’s the one that couldn’t keep his trap shut, his mug out of the cameras, and thought this was all one big joke.

    He’s the bad guy, not the people that tell his story.

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