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Lately we’ve noticed a lot of people finding their way to the blog with questions about the basics of the Peterson cases. We’re guessing that the upcoming Lifetime movie with Rob Lowe has probably reawakened interest in Drew Peterson and his wives and people who are new to the story are curious about the facts.

Since Stacy Peterson went missing more than four years ago, there’s been a lot of information put out there about her case and subsequently about the arrest of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. But with four years of updates, the main facts of the case can get buried in the details.

Realizing that, we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers. We hope that this addition to the blog is helpful to newcomers and to anyone who wants to brush up on the facts.

  1. Did Drew Peterson kill all of his wives?
  2. Was Drew Peterson ever arrested?
  3. How many wives has Drew Peterson had?
  4. Where is Drew Peterson now?
  5. When is Drew Peterson’s trial for murder?
  6. Why is Drew Peterson being held in jail?
  7. How long has Drew Peterson been in jail?
  8. Where is Stacy Peterson?
  9. How old was Stacy when Drew started dating her?
  10. Did Drew Peterson divorce Stacy Peterson?
  11. How many children does Drew Peterson have?
  12. Who is taking care of Stacy and Kathleen’s children?
  13. Does Drew Peterson have a girlfriend?
  14. What is the deal with hearsay evidence?
  15. Why don’t we see Drew Peterson on TV anymore?
  16. Will Drew Peterson get money for the Lifetime movie ‘Drew Peterson: Untouchable’?
  17. How many autopsies were performed on Kathleen Savio?
  18. Why was Stephen Peterson fired from the Oak Brook Police Force?
  19. Did Drew Peterson kill Laci Peterson?

Visit the FAQ.

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34 thoughts on “New! Drew Peterson FAQ

  1. Good list of FAQ’s, facs. A couple more questions that I can think of:
    – How many times has Drew Peterson been married? (Names, dates of marriages & divorces)
    – What are the ages of his children?

    Also, I love the new look for the website. GREAT job!

  2. Lifetime added some more pages to their “Untouchable” page, including an excerpt from Fatal Vows and an “about” description:

    Charming Chicago-area officer Drew Peterson (Lowe) seemed virtually “untouchable” in more ways than one when it came to his womanizing ways, having been married three times before landing the eye and affection of Stacy Cales (Cuoco), a woman half his age. As Peterson’s relationship with Stacy blossoms, his relationship with third wife Kathleen Savio (Cara Buono, “Mad Men”) unravels in a bitter divorce — until Kathleen is inexplicably found dead in an empty bathtub. Soon after Peterson makes Stacy his fourth wife and they have their first child, his jealousy and controlling ways begin to strain their marriage. Suddenly Stacy disappears, leaving her two children and Peterson’s older children behind. Peterson insists that Stacy left him for another man, but in the wake of her disappearance, new questions are raised about Kathleen’s death and her case is reopened, drawing national media attention to Peterson and the strange cases of Kathleen and Stacy. Peterson seems to bask in the media attention, professing his innocence and announcing his engagement to yet another younger woman. But when authorities take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding both cases, a different kind of spotlight is placed on him as more questions arise. Are Kathleen’s death and Stacy’s still-unknown whereabouts just a tragic coincidence? Or is there more there than meets the eye?

  3. Great idea! This case drags on and it’s difficult to remember all of the details.
    I hope the media takes the time to also bring attention to women in abusive relationships. We’re being reminded far too often just how serious and life threatening these situations can become.

  4. Me too, DD. As I see more of the trailers/ads for ‘untouchable’ I am getting to the point where I can overlook the weird casting and am being more struck by how scary the scenes of abuse are.

    If we are going to have a Hollywood-ized account presented to us, I’d rather it be more about the nightmare Drew’s wives endured rather than the idiotic version of the facts that Peterson and Brodsky tried to present and all the “goofy” hi-jinks that did nothing but cause more pain for the families.

  5. Snippet…

    Rob Lowe: My Wife Is ‘Glad’ I’m Done Filming Drew Peterson TV Movie

    First Published: January 6, 2012 12:46 PM EST

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. Rob Lowe spent hours in the makeup chair being transformed into accused wife-killer Drew Peterson for the upcoming Lifetime TV movie, “Drew Peterson: Untouchable,” and while the physical likeness was removed at the end of the day, the actor says the emotional baggage and demeanor remained – a fact his wife was less than pleased with.

    “I’m going to be honest — my wife is glad I’m done with this,” Rob told Access Hollywood at the “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” junket in New York City on Wednesday. “She didn’t like the way I looked and she definitely did not like my mental outlook.”

    While the veteran actor has learned how to leave his characters at work at the end of the day through his decades of onscreen experiences, he admits elements of the mustached and controversial cop bled over to his home life.

    “You try to shut it down and I do — I’m not one of those actors that needs to keep it going all the time. After so many years, that muscle [that] I’ve built up, I can use it and shut it down,” he told Access. “That said, you can’t help but kind of begin to see things through the character’s eye because you need to see things through the character’s eyes so you can ad lib, so you can react, so you can do the things you need to do as an actor.

    “So inevitably, that rubs off a little bit and it’s funny — it was not my most cuddly, user-friendly time as a husband,” he added.

    In order to realistically resemble the Illinois police officer-turned-murder suspect, Rob had to gain weight – a requirement that allowed him to have a bit of fun in the name of work.

    “Man, if I’m going to gain weight, I’m going down the way I want to go down — you know what I’m saying?” he said, laughing, when asked how he packed on the pounds. “Pizza, cheeseburgers, milkshakes and eating late at night. Yes!”

  6. But what made this role different is that there are real people who’ve been affected by this story. “I’ve always been cognizant of [the] really unfortunate tragedy that’s unfolding and continuing for those two families in Chicago,” Lowe says. “It’s a real tragedy for them. So, there’s a human cost. And I’m aware of that, while at the same time playing a guy that’s very over the top and larger than life. I think that those two things together are interesting drama.”

    Of course, we don’t know how the story will actually end.

    That means “it’s up to the viewer [to] kind of speculate, as we all do, as to where this road will eventually lead, because nobody knows. And so what you’re left with really is a character study of the man. And that’s the only fact we know of, at the moment: We know who he is and what he’s about. But what’s going to happen to him? We don’t know.”

  7. A blog post from Neil Schori:

    Drew Peterson: Untouchable?

    On January 21, Lifetime will be releasing a movie about Drew Peterson. Now, I “get” why they are doing a movie that centers on him, but ultimately, it won’t be helpful to all of the women out there that are still suffering at the hands of their husbands or boyfriends.

    The problem is that we focus on the abuser. We focus on serial killers. We focus on professional athletes who behave poorly. Those make for the most “interesting” stories, I guess. But the victim is not the focus, and I’m afraid will never be. So what will it take to change this?

    It will take people stepping up to be a part of the solution. I’m doing that, and I’d love it if you’d join me. Tell your pastor, your community leaders, fellow church-goers, people at the gym, and the grocery store, that YOU want to make a difference in the lives of women who are being abused. Tell them that 1/4 of all women in church today are being abused. Tell them that if THEY don’t do something, that no one will. Tell them that WE cannot be silent about this anymore.

    I need you to step up to bat with me and help me to save lives. Will you tell everyone you know about this site: It is a step-by-step guide for abused women to begin to take back their voice from their abusers. More importantly, it will give them hope and courage to plan to get away from their abusers because they’ll know that others care personally about them.

    With your help, we’ll show abusers that they are NOT untouchable.



  8. Susan Murphy Milano has an excellent guide for women who feel they are in an abusive situtation, as well, Often these men psychologically manipulate these women so they either keep taking them back, or are afraid to go through the court process in oder to have them officially charged. Kathleen must have struggled with trying to protect herself and the boys with Drew reminding her that if she caused him to lose his job there would be no child support. I’ve heard women tell stories of how their spouses would break down sobbing, while proclaiming how much the individual loved the woman, after an instance of mental or physical abuse. It’s not easy for women in these situations, and can sometimes be frustrating for those on the outside trying to help. This high profile trial is an excellent opportunity to reach out, educate, and empower women in these toxic situations before history repeats itself.

  9. facs, thanks for posting the entry from pastor Neil Schori’s blog. It’s good to know he’s committed to helping victims of domestic abuse. I just wish the Lifetime movie hadn’t portrayed him as an older gentleman in the movie.

    DD, good call bringing up Susan Murphy Milano. If I’m not mistaken, Susan’s police-officer father killed her mother and the ensuing “code of silence” from the “Men in Blue” is what caused her to spend her life shining a light on the problem of domestic violence and particularly the violence that can happen at the hands of the men sworn to uphold the law. Her website is a wealth of information for those abused:

  10. A few years back I was able to help a young woman and her two sons get out of an abusive relationship with her husband…He was manipulative, jealous, physical and verbally abusive towards her…Just wanted to keep her barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen…I babysat the youngest child and the other child was friends with my son…I found out all the info she needed to get out and away from this creep and I gave her the courage and faith to know that she would and could survive without him…In the long run it was her decision to leave him, but I armed her with what she needed…I also prayed a lot for the Lord to help her decide what to do…

  11. I was just thinking how interesting it is that after Casey Anthony was acquitted in July she changed her hair and went into hiding. Yet, a month later she was photographed on the streets of Ohio and six months later we’ve got video of her.

    Stacy went missing over four years ago and in all that time, no sightings, no photos, no video…nothing. Almost makes you think that something really bad happened to her on October 28, 2007, doesn’t it?

  12. Yes, Facs, I believe something really bad happened to Stacy. She did not have the resources to take off and never be found or heard from again. That takes some planning, connections and money. There’s no way on this earth that she even had a second to pull off the scheme her husband is accusing her of, because, if nothing else, he practically kept a log of her daily comings and goings. She went from a doting mother, even caring for Drew’s two young sons with Kathleen, to a wild vamp who ran off to lay on a beach with another man, casting off her babies as though they weren’t worth her time? Of course, I shouldn’t use the term “another man” so loosely, as she wasn’t with a “man” to begin with.

  13. Generous Governor Pardons Men Who Murdered Their Wives

    Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is leaving office today, and he’s done something to ensure that a certain group will never forget him. People whose family members were murdered now have to live with the knowledge that their loved one’s killer is on the loose because Barbour decided to pardon several inmates, including many who killed their wives and girlfriends…

    In 2008 Barbour released five murderers, four of whom had killed the women in their lives. Barbour’s office hasn’t responded to protests from the victim’s families, or requests for comment. Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps explained that murderers are often allowed to take the positions in the Governor’s Mansion because they’ve been around longer than other inmates and have earned the trust of prison officials. “I have sympathy and empathy for the victims,” Epps added. “I’ve been a crime victim, but the point of the matter is this is just something that happens.” It’s not like Mississippians have any control over this. Your family member might be brutally murdered, and sometimes the governor just decides to let them free for no good reason…

  14. …you can’t judge a movie by its promo shots — so when I watched a screener of “Untouchable,” premiering January 21 on Lifetime, I was hoping against hope the movie would do justice to the memories of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, and achieve something beyond high camp.

    That hope died within 10 minutes.

    Lowe’s Drew Peterson is nothing like the blustery, beefy, occasionally charming and often chillingly creepy character currently awaiting trial. With his over-the-top Bolingbrook accent, his relatively trim physique (though Lowe says he gained weight for the part) and that distracting hair and mustache get-up, this guy seems about as menacing as a kid playing dress-up on Halloween.

    Even with the foreboding music, even with the talented actresses playing Kathleen and Stacy (Carla Buono and Kaley Cuoco, respectively) doing their best to seem terrified when feeling threatened by Drew, there’s not a single moment in the movie that conveys any real sense of the terror allegedly brought down by Peterson. When a next-door neighbor finds Peterson on her driveway, working her garage door opener and hissing, “I’m untouchable, bitch,” it’s an instant classic of unintentional humor.

    SPOILER ALERT! The makers of “Untouchable” leave little doubt about Peterson’s guilt, up to and including a scene in which Peterson’s brother helps him dispose of a blue barrel. When Kathleen Savio’s body is discovered by a neighbor, Drew is outside with an evil smirk on his face. After Stacy disappears, even Drew doesn’t seem to buy his own story that she’s on a beach with some new guy. After Drew is arrested and taken into custody and told he must succumb to a strip search, he dances a striptease for police while claiming they just want to get a look at his “package.” Scenes in which Peterson is supposedly becoming unhinged, as when he covers half his face with an American flag bandana while confronting the media circus outside his home, are just ridiculous.

    We never get a sense of why one young woman after another would fall for Peterson. We never get a feel for why he’s so jealous, so prone to fits of rage and alleged deadly violence.

    Something tells me when Rob Lowe’s 75 and some organization is giving him a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Lifetime movie will be conveniently forgotten.

  15. Well then. I guess it’s safe to say Richard Roeper wasn’t impressed with the actor or the movie.

    Hopefully, when he writes a book this decade about a high profile thug, he’ll enjoy the screenplay, cast and acting much more than he did with Untouchable.

    Can’t win ’em all……

  16. C’mon, the casting is weird and it’s a Lifetime movie. I’m anticipating it will play out the same as “Snakes on a Plane”. The camp factor and the anticipation from the unintentionally great trailer will be better than the actual film, but there it is.

  17. Totally agree, Facs. Years ago, there was a local murder of a beautiful woman named Dianne Masters, who wound up in the Sanitary and Ship Canal (the same waterway that LE searched for Stacy). She was married to a high profile attorney, Alan Masters, who was mob-connected and protected by police and judges. He was an overweight, toupee-wearing man, who later was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison by a judge for conspiring to murder his wife. He was “yucky.”

    Anyway, a movie was made that was based on a book about the death of Dianne Masters (Deadly Matrimony). The man who played her husband, totally unlike what he looked like, was Treat Williams, who, at the time of that movie, was a very handsome man! I remember thinking, as long ago as that was, why in the world did they cast that great looking man in the role they did.

    FYI: a website with movies made that were based on true stories:

  18. Bad or not, we’ll probably end up live-blogging the movie here on January 21. We’ll make a post and a thread when it’s closer to the date.

    I know that there are mixed feelings when it comes to this movie even being made, but you can’t deny that it has brought attention back to the cases. Stacy Peterson is still missing and the problem of domestic abuse is still present in thousands of homes. Boosting awareness is a good thing, IMO. 🙂

    BTW, US magazine gives it 2 1/2 stars.–drew-peterson-untouchable-201291

  19. You know, IMO, whatever anyone’s opinion of the movie is, whether they think it’s cheezy, wrongly casted, whatever, all must admit one thing. That is, Drew Peterson was one of the most unconventional murder suspects there ever was. Joe Hosey’s book was based on the circumstances relating to the death of Kathleen Savio and the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. He did not insert into his book radio talk show date schemes for Peterson, clowning around for the media, promoting chicken wings for his lawyer’s failed bar, schmoozing with young women in bars, an engagement to a 23 year old, dreaming up a scheme with a patsy book author to get more attention by “researching the real facts of his life,” while pictured hooked up to a lie detector machine, trying to sell a Harley on Ebay for $50,000+, trying to rent out his house to the media as a headquarters for his upcoming trial, describing his jail life as a joke while he did a strip tease, or while raising his handcuff “bling,” and on and on….

    Nope, Peterson and his lawyer did all that, and it’s ALL true. Bizarre as it is. Cheezy. Crazy. Frankly, whatever is in the reel version can’t even come close to what is the real version. That’s a fact!!!

    This was all while the mothers of his four children were gone from their lives, as though it was just an ongoing joke that the creepy monster couldn’t get enough of.

  20. When all is said and done, Joe’s book and now the Lifetime movie is based on a man who carried on as though the mothers of his four children did not matter; they were his launching pad for fame and celebrity, which he and his lawyer used to the max. That is indisputable.

    And, let us not forget that leading up to the hours of Peterson’s arrest for the murder of Kathleen Savio, he had himself set up to interview for a position in a whore house. That position was to provide safety and security for women who screw for a living. Never mind that he had four minor children to care for, nurture and raise.

    And they call this movie cheezy?

  21. Just noticing that we haven’t heard a peep from blabbermouth, fame-whore attorney, Joel Brodsky, since he issued the demand for an apology from the ISP in mid-December. That day his PR people tweeted that he was going to be appearing that night on Nancy Grace…but he did not. Since then it’s been crickets.

    Maybe his co-counsel got sick of his media antics and issued an ultimatum. It would be interesting to know…

  22. Yeah, he got the word out that Peterson demanded an apology from ISP for portraying him as a suspect in Stacy’s disappearance.

    How smart for him to bring up Stacy and remind everyone she’s missing, by using a comparison to another missing person as proof she’s alive and out there some where.

    Never mind that she may have not been on people’s minds because of a lull in news coverage, so fix that by bringing it up in a FB post and then sending out a PR asking for an apology. Brilliant legal move. Just brilliant. Not!

  23. …not to mention that the personal, private comings and goings of Peterson’s teens regarding visitation of their father just has to be given to Sneed of the Sun Times for reporting, and he must have forgotten that the victim letter from Peterson was merely a repeat of one that was published months and months ago.

    Maybe he’s resting. It’s been a rough go.

  24. Looks like Stephen Peterson has another court date scheduled in February:

    Case Number: 2011MR000291
    Next Court Date: 02-09-2012
    File Date: 03-04-2011
    Next Court Location: COURTROOM 2005
    Next Court Time: 09:00 AM

  25. I know these are not the best but here are a few new clips from the new movie that is coming out. If anyone would like to see them, like i said they arent the best but there are some new clips.

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