Pastor Neil Schori weighs in on Drew Peterson: Untouchable

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Pastor Neil Schori talks about Drew Peterson: Untouchable and how it does or doesn’t tell the stories of the victims.

Lots of great articles coming out tonight. Numerous reviews of the movie, comments from Stacy’s sister and State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow, a Drew Peterson coloring contest, and the possibility that Drew Peterson may be watching the film on Saturday night.

As usual attention-hungry lawyer, Joel Brodsky, is feeding the minutia of Drew’s now banal life to Michael Sneed–this time to alert the world that Drew has three (count’em 3!) male pen-pals who send him money for Skittles!

No matter what your stance may be on the film, there should be something to interest you in the comments section.

Also, we added a few photo galleries to the site.

Read the comments and add your own.

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38 thoughts on “Pastor Neil Schori weighs in on Drew Peterson: Untouchable

  1. Some Already Panning Drew Peterson Movie, Which Debuts This Weekend
    January 19, 2012 4:32 PM
    Mike Puccinelli

    CHICAGO (CBS) – The new Drew Peterson movie debuting this weekend is being called poison, and the criticism has nothing to do with leading man Rob Lowe’s acting skills.

    One person who will be watching “Untouchable” is the only surviving sister of Stacy Peterson, Cassandra Cales, who believes the former Bolingbrook cop murdered her sibling.

    “I live it every day,” Cales tells CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli. “And just to see it played on TV to entertain everybody, that’s going to hurt. And to see people profit from it is disgusting.”

    Cales wants her sister to be portrayed accurately. She’s at least hopeful that the movie will generate new interest and possibly new leads more than four years after Stacy disappeared.

    She says she’ll never stop looking.

    “I won’t stop, and she will be found,” Cales says.

    Drew Peterson’s defense attorney, Drew Brodsky, has already seen “Untouchable,” which airs Saturday evening on the Lifetime network.

    “It’s a fairy tale,” Brodsky says.

    Brodsky says even the name of the movie is wrong, considering Drew Peterson has been in the Will County Jail for nearly 1,000 days…

  2. The people who have a stake in this case do seem to agree on one thing. Even though it might be distasteful to see a loved one’s tragedy fictionalized, it still is good to see some attention back on the case of a missing person.

    Pastor Schori’s main concern seems to be to raise awareness about domestic abuse and since Lifetime is a “women’s network” hopefully the movie will help some in that regards.

    Undoubtedly there will be some who consider the movie pure entertainment and even campy entertainment, but for those whose lives were and are still entangled with that of Drew Peterson, a movie like this could never be seen as a ‘good time’.

  3. …CBS 2 legal analyst Irv Miller says typically media companies wait for a conviction before releasing a book or movie based on real life events.

    And he says the release of the film will poison the jury pool and possibly give the defense attorneys grounds to ask that the trial be moved.

    “I think it is more likely that he will be convicted of murder because the jurors will be biased. They will be prejudiced because of this movie,” Miller says.

    Brodsky says if Peterson is eventually acquitted of murder charges, the movie company will almost immediately be sued for portraying him as a double murderer….

    As far as I know the movie does not portray Peterson as a murderer. Lifetime and its lawyers wouldn’t be that stupid.

    Besides, the jury selection process will easily exclude anyone who saw the film (moving the venue is a riculous notion given that the movie is being shown on a national cable channel). Where did they get this ‘legal analyst’?

    Nice to see that Boobsky is still out there blustering and threatening as only he can do…without a legal foot to stand on. 🙂

  4. …And he (Brodsky) had this message for anyone interested in sitting in judgment of his client: “If you want to be on the jury that hears this case, don’t watch the movie. Don’t talk to anybody who’s watched the movie.”

    OMG, this shows just how deluded the man is. Does he know how many people would watch a movie, any movie, if it meant they could get out of jury duty? Does he really think that people are lining up somewhere hoping for the chance to serve on the jury? Wow, that is rich!

  5. Oh taint, schmaint the jury pool. How come Mr. Miller isn’t whining about how Brodsky and Peterson spoiled potential jurors with their good ‘ol boy routines, a website set-up for donations, and clown acts to keep the murder defendant and his mouthpiece in the media spotlight, including Larry King, Nancy Grace, Shepherd Smith…..

    And Brodsky with his sue b.s. is full of hot air. There was a hot shot lawyer on the team with an array of babble and lawsuits, and he turned out to be a major embarrassment to the team and had to be unloaded. Get over yourself, Brodsky.

  6. Why was the public consistently subjected to poor-Drew-in-jaill-letters to Sneed, the picture of the kids published in the paper for sympathy, the Tom Peterson valedictorian story, the kids on GMA with their father, professing their belief in him and Tom Peterson giving his alibi? Why isn’t that tainting a jury pool? If this all wasn’t done for the benefit of Drew Peterson via his lawyer, then he better be requesting a refund, pronto!

    Give me a break with this tainting the jury pool b.s. Move the trial. Peterson made himself known as a national spectacle days after Stacy went missing. Move the trial to Nevada, where the bunnies in the whore house are, since they seem to know him there. That was BEFORE the movie. Nonsense crap!

  7. Rescue, I wish they would let us “like” comments on WordPress because I would definitely like yours.

    Oh – and if I could add to your list the book that Peterson and Brodsky shopped out to be self-published by that hack, Derek Armstrong, painting Drew in a positive light. Too bad for them no one bought the rights to that piece of crap.

    Did they wake up that analyst out of a coma for his comments or has he just had his head in the sand for the last four years?

  8. Joe Hosey spoke to Irv Miller about his comment, and he did say that his comment was cut short; they can’t really move it because Lifetime is all over the country.

    My point is, regardless, alluding to having a tainted jury pool, or having to move the trial, should not be blamed on the messengers telling this course of events. Brodsky and Peterson spent the first two years before Peterson’s detainment getting their mugs before any news source that would have them.

    Since detention, there’s been letters flying out of that PR machine like crazy. His kids can barely take a pee without Brodsky running to Sneed with an update! If this movie portrays Peterson as a shady, creepy guy, too bad, so sad.

  9. No popcorn party, but will Drew Peterson watch Lifetime movie about him?

    BY JON SEIDEL Sun-Times Media January 19, 2012 5:44PM

    No, there won’t be a popcorn party this weekend at the Will County Jail.

    And yes, some Will County officials will be watching when Lifetime airs its “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” movie at 7 p.m. Saturday about the former Bolingbrook cop accused of killing this third wife. They apparently won’t include Sheriff Paul Kaupas or Bolingbrook Police Chief Kevin McCarthy, though.

    Kaupas is going out of town for a wedding, spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said. It’s not clear whether he’ll set the DVR.

    And McCarthy’s secretary, Linda Simpson, eagerly reported her boss’s plans to ignore it.

    “I’m not watching it either,” Simpson said.

    State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow, the man trying to prosecute the real-life Peterson for the murder of Kathleen Savio, said he’ll be tuning in, but not by choice.

    “Obviously I have to watch it,” Glasgow said.

    He said his office has to be aware of any publicity in the case — “for obvious reasons.” Glasgow said Lifetime’s movie won’t hurt his case, but he didn’t want to talk about the footage he’s seen so far. The case is on hold pending appeals.

    “Untouchable” is based on the book “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson” by former Joliet Herald-News reporter Joe Hosey. It stars Kaley Cuoco as Peterson’s missing fourth wife Stacy Peterson, Cara Buono as Savio and Rob Lowe as Peterson.

    And, in case Lowe’s wondering, there’s a chance Peterson could spend Saturday night watching his performance. Hoffmeyer said Peterson’s jail pod has six TV sets. They must all be tuned to the same channel, she said, and it’s up to the guards to pick it. But she said Peterson could make a request.

    “So there is a possibility that Drew could watch,” Hoffmeyer said.

  10. The Wall Street Journal Television

    A Story of Two Wives

    By the time cable and most other news outlets had ceased reporting on the sensational case of Drew Peterson, the Illinois police officer whose fourth wife had mysteriously disappeared, while his third had suffered a mysterious death in the bathtub, it would have been hard to imagine wanting to know much more. But life provides its small miracles. In this case, a film that so deepens the dimensions of the known—all thanks to a masterful performance by Rob Lowe—it has the force and mystery of a new story. Not that the old one didn’t grab the imagination in its own grim way.

    Relentlessly upbeat, Officer Peterson became—once fingers of suspicion were pointed at him—an object of fevered news coverage that would intensify all the more as he made his way through the glare of camera lights and hordes of persistent reporters, with unshakable aplomb. Through it all the gray-haired Peterson maintained an easy man-about-town jokiness. In his mid-50s, he also flaunted his new decades-younger girlfriend, while maintaining he had no idea where wife number four, Stacy Cales (age 23), had gone. Infuriated neighbors, still searching for her, were not amused when Officer Peterson, with help from the media, set up a celebrity dating game of sorts. The theme: finding a date for Drew.

    He had, in fact, become a celebrity, with appearances on “Today” with Matt Lauer, on the Greta Van Susteren show, the cover of People, and lots more of the kind. All that ended with his arrest in May 2009, on the charge that he had murdered his third wife, Kathleen Savio, found dead in her bathtub five years earlier. It had taken the Bolingbrook, Ill., police some time, apparently, to deduce that the bruises and other signs on her body pointed to something other than “accidental death”—their original conclusion.

    Mr. Lowe’s Drew Peterson is an undeniable improvement on the original both in appearance and charm. He looks far younger and, even with grizzle around the mouth, is incomparably better looking than the paunchy Officer Peterson of the puffy eyelids. It’s a lot clearer why his Peterson can lure beautiful 20-somethings into throwing their lives away on him than was the case with the actual one. All this may not go down well with history purists, but this is, after all, a movie—one that homes in on undeniable realities. For this and a lot else we can forgive Mr. Lowe his good looks and, also, his off-key rendering of the local accent.

    His portrait of the accused in “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” reflects, marvelously, a profound grasp of the coldness beneath the geniality on display in all those real-life, jolly media sessions starring Officer Peterson. The picture of this menacing authority figure is all the more ominous for that sustained amiability, more ominous still as the film shows his shell of cool assurance cracking in private. He’s obsessed by suspicions, all baseless, that beautiful young wife number four is carrying on with other men.

    The Peterson trial, subject to delays, won’t begin until the spring of this year. That may raise some objections to the film’s timing. It will do nothing to diminish the power of this portrait.

  11. OK this coloring book approach to the TV event seems tasteless BUT at least Liars Club is collecting donations for local family services. Way to go!

    “In addition to indulging in a drinking game, we want to inspire your artistic sides, too, at Saturday’s Drew Peterson: Untouchable Lifetime movie viewing party. That’s why Jeremy Scheuch of Do312 created this “Draw Peterson” template.
    Bring crayons, markers, colored pencils, lipstick and anything else you want. Add devil horns or zombie eyes, whatever it takes to show your feelings toward Chicagoland’s worst human being.’

    Also bring a few extra bucks on Saturday because while the event is free, we will be collecting donations for Metropolitan Family Services, an organization that provides services for families including violence intervention. You can also bring art supplies, toys, baby items, household items and other things to help the organization. See the full list on the Metro Family website. Remember why we know who Drew Peterson is.

    Once again, we’ll be at Liar’s Club, 1665 W. Fullerton, on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. for the Drew Peterson: Untouchable viewing party. RSVP with Do312. There’s a Facebook event page, too.”

    Plus, I can’t hate Liar’s Club. It’s where I shared a first kiss with my man of 13 years.

  12. Brodsky says if Peterson is eventually acquitted of murder charges, the movie company will almost immediately be sued for portraying him as a double murderer….

    It’s hard to put much stock into what he says, if you judge him by his accomplishments in the legal aspects of the case. The antics outside the courtroom leave something to be desired too. The one constant from Brodsky is the word “sue.” He is a master of that word.

    Then again, I suppose an attorney can sue at will if it suits him. It’s winning that counts. So far, the score card isn’t looking so good….

  13. An Interview with Joe Hosey
    by Rachel Cohen

    The Journalist and Author of “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson” Provides an Insider’s View of This Story, and the Latest Update

    Can you talk a little about your first interaction with Drew?
    The first time I went up to Drew’s house was right after Stacy disappeared. I’m sure I was the first person to get there. He only opened his door about a half inch, just wide enough to look out with one eye. I pulled a camera out quickly to snap a picture, but he slammed the door in my face.

    What happened on your next encounter?
    The next day he started warming up to all the attention from the press and was inviting us in to talk. He’s not a big or imposing guy, and with his gray hair he looks pretty old. He’s not intimidating or particularly charismatic. He’s just an ordinary guy who happened to be a suburban cop and was married four times.

    How much time did you spend with Drew covering the case, and how would you define your relationship?
    I spent untold hours hanging out with Drew in his house. I told him I was working on a book from the moment that publishers showed interest, and he was fine with it. He talked about the two of us trying to get a show together on CNN or Fox — something about how to handle media scrutiny when you are wrongly accused of a crime. He seemed pretty serious about it, which should tell you something. But I don’t think Drew ever considered me a friend.

    How would you describe Drew’s interactions with the media?
    Drew was very wary of the media … for about a day. Then he couldn’t get enough of the attention. But by the end, I think Drew was getting really tired of it …

    How did Drew respond to the coverage of his story by Geraldo Rivera?
    He really felt Geraldo did him dirty.

    Was Drew engaged to another much younger woman after his fourth wife?
    It’s funny. As a matter of fact, she went on a national morning show and called it a “stunt,” but then moved in with Drew a few weeks later. So, I guess we may never know.

    Have you reported at all about Drew sending love letters to women from jail?
    No. I had a guy who was going to give me some love letters he obtained from a woman, but he apparently sold them to a tabloid instead.

    Do you know if there are still searches for Stacy Peterson?
    If there’s a tip, I imagine the police will check it out to some extent. But the intensity, frequency and visibility of the investigation and searches certainly seem to have waned over the years.

    Do you know when Drew’s case will go to trial? Any updates?
    The case is back with the appellate court. The appellate court has to make a decision on what hearsay evidence can be used against Drew at his murder trial. The earliest the trial will start is some time in March, and that’s a very optimistic projection.

    Do you think in your coverage of this case you became part of the story at all? Was this experience different from your coverage of other cases?
    I think this case was different than anybody’s experience with any case or story. I did become part of the story at times, I guess, because of the book.

    Drew was recently in the media demanding an apology from the police [for presuming his fourth wife, Stacy, is dead]. Can you comment on that?
    The only charges the state police have going against Drew right now are for the alleged murder of Kathleen Savio. You have to wonder how it benefits Drew to keep reminding everyone that Stacy’s missing.

  14. What a tribute to the lead attorney, hahahahahahah. His peanut gallery is shrinking.


    Drew Peterson movie is must-see for some
    By Stacy St. Clair and Steve Schmadeke, Chicago Tribune reporters

    …Brodsky, who has viewed an advance copy, calls the movie a “fairy tale” and has a list of all its inaccuracies, including a jumbled timeline and fabricated conversations. Even Lowe’s Grabowski-esque impression of Peterson misses the mark, he said.

    Added together, Brodsky said, the Lifetime movie could force Peterson’s murder case to be moved out of Will County.

    “We’re going to have to look at the ratings, but I am not sure how he could get a fair trial after this airs,” Brodsky said. “I’m certain we’re going to ask for a change of venue.”

    The law — and some members of the defense team — may not be on his side. It’s extremely difficult to get a trial moved because of pretrial publicity in Illinois. Peterson, among other things, would have to convince the court that his own publicity stunts didn’t hurt his case as much as Lowe’s latest venture.

    Yes, the movie paints Peterson as a loutish misogynist who cares about only himself. But he encouraged a Win-a-Date-with-Drew radio contest in the wake of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

    “I’m more concerned about the things he did before the movie possibly tainting the jury,” said Peterson attorney Joseph Lopez. “(Peterson and Brodsky) created their own monster.”

    Even if the movie did taint the Will County jury pool, Peterson defense attorney Steven Greenberg questions where the court could find jurors who haven’t been exposed to pretrial publicity.

    “I’m pretty sure you can get Lifetime in every Illinois county,” he said. “No one is going to learn anything from this movie that they didn’t already hear about during the prior circus.

    “I’m going to watch the movie with a big martini in my hand — that’s how unconcerned I am about it.”,0,6491596.story

  15. Heh, his partners don’t even mince words when it comes to his past antics, and they’re certainly not patting him on the back for his legal abilities.

    Isn’t this what we’ve been saying here all along? Don’t worry about the movie; worry about the poison pills already out there!

  16. Bradley Olsen missing from DeKalb, Il, five years ago today:

    ,,,Today marks five years since 26-year-old Bradley Olsen of Maple Park disappeared. He was last seen in the early morning hours of Jan. 20, 2007, outside of a DeKalb bar. A private balloon release and vigil are planned today for family and close friends.

    Susan Olsen remains driven to find her son. At her Maple Park home a week ago, she wore a white-hooded sweatshirt with Bradley’s “missing” ad printed on the back and a business card-sized “missing” ad pinned to the front.

    She never imagined seeing five years pass since his disappearance, but the goal remains to find her son.

    “There’s definitely people out there that know …” she said. “Sometimes you just feel like saying, ‘OK, I know you know something.’ ”…

  17. As awful as the end result is by finding a missing person’s remains, it would seem that it’s possible to be able to move on, knowing that there’s finality to the mystery. After so many years of a person not being seen or heard from, one can only assume the worst, although always hoping they may be alive somewhere. Not knowing, though, has to be so painful…..

  18. Facebook: Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law
    Stacy Peterson is alive and well. Anyone who doubts this could be true needs to read this newspaper article. December 2, 2011 at 2:03pm ·

    When it comes to this man’s nonsense, I wonder why none of the newspaper or media reporters ask him how he can make these kinds of statements and get away with it. Is this kind of baloney why his co-counsel make public comments in the media that are totally opposite of what he does? Judge White ruled that DP most likely killed Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson after the hearsay proceedings. Isn’t this a jab at Judge White? Is he TRYING to piss off the Judge? Oh, yeah, he’s retired. Never mind.

    So, what about DP’s attempt to rent locker space right before Stacy’s disappearance, which he admitted to (he said he needed space in the garage for tires taking up usable space). What about his constant monitoring of his wife, showing up at places she was, but can’t say who the man is she supposedly ran off with and where. Even after knowing who she called, when she called, and why she called anyone and everyone. What about Stacy’s admission to Pastor Schori about what she knew about her husband? What about admitting on Dr. Phil that he was driving around the S&S Canal the night Stacy went missing, looking for her? Even though his story is she took off to an exotic place. What about a cadaver dog’s howl on a hit at the family home? What about Stacy and DP arguing just before her disappearance, when things when silent, according to Kris, I believe. What about testimony from Morphey about the blue barrel, and the elaborate cell-phone ploy in a local park the night Stacy went missing.

    Good job, Brodsky. I’m sure the next trial judge will enjoy seeing and reading this enlightening missing persons story and get convinced Stacy is alive after all. Judges must enjoy getting a heads up like this from defense counsel. Or not.

  19. …why does not some reporter ask Brodsky, or his co-counsel for that matter, why they are not on the same page when it comes to comments and defense strategy these days.

    I mean, you have him saying that this movie is poisoning the potential jury pool, and you have another saying he’s more worried what Brodsky and Peterson pulled prior to this movie with their mugging for the cameras.

    You have another one saying he’s so unconcerned about the implications of the movie, he’s going to be swilling a martini as he watches it.

    Three defense attorneys have left the case because their strategies and thoughts were not the same as the guy driving the bus (didn’t Brodsky himself say he was driving the bus).


  20. Cassandra says:

    Happy Birthday to you Stacy!!! Still searching for the answers you deserve, never will I give up hope, not a day goes by without me cherishing the memories we once had. I love and miss you dearly……

  21. Eee gads.

    Pen pals aid Drew Peterson as he nears 1,000th day in jail

    By MICHAEL SNEED January 20, 2012 7:34PM The Peterson case …

    Sneed is told ex-cop Drew Peterson, who will mark his 1,000th day of imprisonment on January 31st as he awaits trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, has three sympathetic male pen pals — who are helping him out.

    ◆ Translation: “Not only are they writing him letters, but they are putting money into his prison spending account so he can buy extra food for himself in the prison commissary like Skittles and popcorn,” said a source close to Peterson, who is also the prime suspect in the death of his fourth wife, Stacy.

    ◆ Merry missives? “The male pen pals are not writing romantic letters or anything like that,” said the source. “They feel it’s unfair for him to be in prison this long awaiting trial. Two of the men are from the western suburbs and one of them is from Texas.”

    ◆ Laptop op: Meanwhile, Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, planned to bring his laptop computer to Will County Jail Saturday night, where Peterson has been incarcerated, so Peterson can watch the TV movie: “Drew Peterson: Untouchable,” which airs Saturday night on the Lifetime Entertainment Network — starring a plumped up and dyed hair Rob Lowe.

    ◆ Movie pulp: “I want to emphasize the network airing the show has the word ‘Entertainment’ in its title,” said Brodsky, who has seen the movie. “Drew is not just watching the movie for entertainment purposes. It could be grounds for certain motions in his case and he needed to see it. The movie is so divorced from the facts.”

  22. I think their money would be better spent sending it to a domestic violence shelter. Or, to a charity that helps children. Give me a break with giving this moron money for his convenience and comfort. How sick is that?

    Someone should tell his sympathetic male pen pals that Drew’s own son, “Tommy,” gave the Tribune a statement that says his father isn’t exactly a role model. He says of his father that he is “really kind of lost in his ego… I want to say. I’m not going to lie,” Peterson said. “‘Dad, you do not need to talk to these people right now. You need to stay home and take care of your family.'”

    So, fellas, when the creep you are so supportive of was able to spend time with his little people and enjoy them, he was too busy parading his ass around the media networks with his lawyer, looking for the next opportunity to make the news.

    He has another son who is a witness for the prosecution. As a young boy, he watched his father drag Kathleen by the hair through the door as she was screaming for help.

    Wow, what a deserving and worthy man he is, huh? Sounds like the three buffoons who are supporting him aren’t any better.

    Heaven above, wth is wrong with people?

  23. I can think of a few reasons why someone would want to personally inject themselves into a case like this and reach out to someone like Drew Peterson. None of them are good though.

    I do remember that there was some nice guy who was very concerned for Drew’s soul and used to write him letters begging for him to confess. I can kind of see his motivation, although I wouldn’t bother.

    Sadly, there are some guys who simply hate and fear women and to them Drew Peterson is a kind of hero. For those guys it’s not so much about whether or not Drew is getting a fair shake as it is the thought that he could get away with killing a couple of wives and then laugh at the cops who come to arrest him. That appeals to them.

    From what I’ve seen, the people who are perturbed by Peterson’s long detainment are simply misinformed about the facts. Those people I’ll forgive for their ignorance. It’s been a very long and convoluted road to trial and it’s understandable that not everyone gets why Peterson is still sitting in jail and awaiting trial. It doesn’t help that some on his defense team have gone to the media with false and/or erroneous statements about the facts of the case. That said, I hope some of those people are moved to seek out answers on our blog and elsewhere. They are out there for anyone who really cares to learn about the case and how it is that Drew has gotten to where he is now.

  24. Pastor Schori is correct..He’s one of a handful who has the courage to tell it like it is for victims of intimate partner violence and the misguided focus of crime based movies. As a homicide survivor and advocate for 30+ years, I’m telling you we must change the focus from fascination with “the bad guys” to “the good guys”. Drew Petersen has disrespected his badge, the police force, all women and the human race! He deserves no special consideration! His former wives deserve all of our respect and praise! This movie is entertainment… It has nothing to do with real justice that needs to happen in the courtroom!
    Donna R. Gore,M. A.
    Homicide Survivor

  25. Facs, you talk about the defense team having gone to the media with false and/or erroneous statements about the case.

    In the recent past, I saw a very rambling, almost incoherent comment on one of the Sun Times pieces by Dan Budenz, the supposed psychologist who counseled Drew and is the one who said to tell the children Stacy went away on vacation. Turns out, the guy’s medical degree is quite elusive, and it’s very hard to find the actual school program he claims to be his education. He calls himself Dr. Dan, but a fact check would show he is not a licensed psychiatrist, or even psychologist. He’s a doctor of bullshit.

    He has turned into such a green-eyed monster for the jealousy he’s experiencing, he posts incorrect, searing, ugly lies whenever he can about the people that are in direct contrast to Peterson. His latest target is Joe Hosey. All the while he is slamming some of the witnesses and now JHosey, he’s promoting his self-serving book as though it’s the story of Peterson, when it’s nothing more than a compilation of his weird ideas. He briefly mentions Peterson in it, yet, uses his name recognition to get attention to his book.

    In defense of Joe Hosey, he covered Kathleen’s death from the very beginning, as a reporter. He knew then there was something more than meets the eye, and he continued to follow the events as they unfolded, which, of course, became national news once Stacy disappeared. The jealousy and criticism of him for reporting this gripping case as it happened doesn’t and shouldn’t make him the fall guy for this murder defendant. When are these goofballs going to admit that Peterson, and then his mouthpiece, should take responsibility for the situation he finds himself in. Not blame the ones who report it, write about it, film it, or make movies about it. Brodsky was more than willing to file a lawsuit to get money for Drew, as this is, after all, “his story.” What does that tell you????

  26. *Note to Budenz*

    You posted a ridiculous comment piece on Amazon, using Joe Hosey’s book as your forum.

    In it, you claim that Drew had to cancel a job appointment he set up for Mr. Morphey, due to his state of non-sobriety.

    See, you are a perfect example of spreading lies and non-facts. Had you been at, or read, the transcript of testimony at the hearsay hearing, you would have been knowledgeable enough to make a comment about this. The manager of Mejers, Nick Gatto, was a friend of Peterson. However, he testified that he NEVER set up a meeting to interview Mr. Morphey for a job. That was a lie, made-up by Peterson, and you continue to spread that lie, like you do other misinformation.

    I think you need to sit down, STFU, and find another, honorable, professional way to promote yourself and your own book, rather than slandering and posting lies about witnesses and book authors.

  27. Keep reading here, Budenz.

    In fact, Budenz, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a disgrace to your “profession,” although I haven’t figured out what that profession is.

    I think you claim to be a therapist, one that helps people that are alcohol and/or drug dependent. Yet, and I refuse to repeat your ugly comments here, you use horrible names and comments to criticize Mr. Morphey. Aren’t you supposed to be a “professional,” one who treats those that have become addicted and need guidance?

    Hypocrite. I wish they would have found an actor to play your part in that movie. Who was that actor that played Otis, the town drunk in the Andy Griffith Show? He’d be a good fit.

  28. Not to nitpick but I’ve seen Budenz erroneously state a few times, (including in his book) that Tom Morphey is Drew’s brother-in-law by marriage to a Savio sister.

    Wrong. Weirdly and completely wrong.

  29. Yeah, not to nitpick, but….

    Okay, all seriousness aside, I guess it’s safe to say Budenz has been hanging around that famous rock of his at the Dam Bar in Wisconsin too much. Those aliens – they’ve messed with the mechanisms of the inner workings of his head.

    Just kiddin……. 😆

    (P.S. I’m not making this stuff up. He really does have a favorite rock and reports seeing aliens.)

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