Drew Peterson is **Hopefully** Not #Untouchable

Thought we’d share this blog post from Neil Schori who was pastor to both Drew and Stacy Peterson.

After watching the movie that is about the exploits of Drew Peterson, I’m ready for people to step up and change this system that rewards the actions of people who do wrong and minimizes the pain of victims.  The Lifetime TV network is supposedly “FOR women.”  If that is true, then I want to see them do something that will be beneficial for real women who are abused.

The only way this will happen is if we rise up and tell them that we want that to happen.  Stop being silent.  Silence is passive acceptance.  We can no longer do that.  It is not acceptable.

I was Stacy Peterson’s pastor.  And today, I’m a domestic violence activist because of her.  Please, join me in making a difference today.  Speak up about this!  Tell everyone you know about this site: documenttheabuse.com.  It is groundbreaking and will help give voices back…

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