Drew Peterson pre-trial hearing: The videos

Recently, I spent an afternoon looking back at all the posts and threads from January 19-February 19th, 2010. You’ll remember that this is when Drew Peterson’s pre-trial hearings took place. The prosecution called over 60 witnesses to testify about not only the Kathleen Savio murder case, but Stacy Peterson‘s disappearance. Judge Stephen White used the evidence presented during these hearings to decide which if any hearsay evidence could be admitted in Peterson’s murder trial (the judge’s decision barring some testimony was overturned in April).

Specifically, I watched all the youtube video clips from the news during the hearings. One thing that struck me was that the formula for most clips is pretty much the same. A reporter gives a run-down of the day’s events and then Joel Brodsky gets some face time to refute the testimony and/or attack the witnesses’ credibility. Although Brodsky starts sounding like a broken record (especially after watching a few clips in succession) it certainly clears away any question of “media bias”. As far as the news goes, the coverage was undeniably fair.

A lot of the evidence presented had to do with the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. It’s highly likely that none of that testimony will be heard in the trial for Kathleen Savio’s murder. But it was presented at the pre-trial hearing in order to convince the judge that Drew made Stacy unavailable to testify, and so forfeited his right to confront, which cleared the way for her hearsay evidence (what she told her pastor, a friend and attorney Harry Smith about Drew killing Kathleen) to be admitted.

I don’t think any of us can predict exactly what will end up being presented in the upcoming trial–the defense is filing motions to bar as much as they can–but the videos are an excellent refresher on the State’s witnesses (at least those available in the Winter of 2010), and the evidence against Drew Peterson. I decided to embed all the videos in one post for easy viewing.  They are in chronological order.

There are a LOT of them so pace yourself!

Drew Peterson hearsay testimony begins

Stacy Peterson’s Uncle, former boss testify at hearsay hearing

Drew Peterson’s stepbrother testifies in hearsay hearing

Cop admits mistakes in Kathleen Savio’s death investigation

Sergeant Admits Mistakes in Savio Investigation

Stacy said Drew was ‘going to kill me,’ neighbor testifies

Neil Schori testifies in Drew Peterson hearsay hearing

Pastor Neil Schori allowed to testify to Stacy’s counseling

Testimony from Drew Peterson’s ex-lover and ex-coworker in hearsay hearing

Attorney: Savio Said If She Died, Drew Did It

Lawyer: Stacy Peterson talked about leveraging what she knew to get more money from Drew

Would-be Hitman Testifies in Drew Peterson Hearsay Hearing

Ex-pastor says Stacy discussed Drew’s strange behavior

Minister: Drew Coached Stacy to Lie

Neighbor testifies at Drew Peterson hearsay hearings

Kathleen’s boyfriend says Peterson denied killing Savio

BBPD Officer: Scene of Kathleen Savio’s Death Fishy

Karen Conti discusses the role of hearsay in the Drew Peterson murder case

Psychic, ISP criminal investigator testify at Drew Peterson Hearsay Hearing

Pathologist: Peterson’s ex-wife’s death was homicide

Peterson’s second wife: Drew threatened to kill me

Videotapes shown in court of Drew Peterson contradicting himself, changing his story

Final Witness Testifies in Peterson Hearsay Hearings

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6 thoughts on “Drew Peterson pre-trial hearing: The videos

  1. JOLIET (WLS) – Producers didn’t bother waiting until after Drew Peterson’s much-anticipated trial to turn the tale of his dead and missing wives into a made-for-TV movie.

    But as Illinois continues its experiment with cameras in its criminal courtrooms, crime buffs shouldn’t expect to watch the real thing from the comfort of their own living rooms. Will County’s top judge said cameras likely won’t be allowed into the former Bolingbrook police officer’s trial, Sun-Times Media is reporting.

    Chief Judge Gerald Kinney has said he’s exploring the idea of letting cameras into Will County courtrooms. But he also said it’d be logistically difficult to clear the way for the cameras in time for a Peterson murder trial that attorneys said could begin as soon as this summer.

    He also said he thinks Illinois’ Supreme Court is aiming for smaller media markets as it lets cameras in.

    “I think they want to see this program begin slowly,” Kinney said.

    Will County Judge Edward Burmila would also have a say in whether to let photographers into his courtroom, Kinney said. Burmila inherited the Peterson case Friday when it finally emerged from a long appeals process. The previous judge retired from the bench while the appeals were pending.

    Peterson is expected back in Burmila’s courtroom May 17, when lawyers could begin to sketch out a trial schedule. Peterson, 58, is charged with the drowning death of his third wife, 40-year-old Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in a dry bathtub in 2004.

    His fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, vanished in 2007. Peterson is a suspect in her disappearance.

    Both cases became the subject of a Lifetime original movie when the cable channel aired “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” in January with actor Rob Lowe as Peterson.
    About the same time, the Illinois Supreme Court announced it would begin a pilot project allowing cameras in trial courts on an experimental basis. So far the court has announced it will allow cameras in 13 Illinois counties, including Kankakee.


  2. Tomorrow Stephen Peterson has a court date:


  3. Will County Circuit Court Schedule

    BRODSKY JOEL A 5 17 12 930 403 PETERSON DREW W 09CF001048 EB
    PETERSON DREW W 5 17 12 403 930 09CF001048 MURDER/INTENT TO 2 Status
    PETERSON DREW W 5 17 12 403 930 09CF001048 MURDER/INTENT TO 1 Status

    PETERSON DREW 6 18 12 WCCA 900
    09L 000326 Case
    SAVIO HENRY J 6 18 12 WCCA 900
    09L 000326 Case

  4. No idea what happened at Stephen Peterson’s hearing yesterday but he has a new court date:


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