Drew Peterson tries to not look so much like Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson appears in court July 24, 2012. Illustration by Cheryl A. Cook

Drew Peterson appeared with close-cropped hair and completely clean-shaven in court on Monday and Tuesday–the first time he’s been seen without the signature moustache in at least five years.

During a break in jury selection Monday, a Tribune reporter asked Peterson’s lead defense attorney, Joel Brodsky, if the sartorial change was so the defendant looks a little less like the Drew Peterson who has been in the news the last five years.

“Why would I do that?” Brodsky said with a smile. “Somebody would have to be thinking, on the ball to do something like that.”

With all that careful attention to Peterson’s appearance, I’m wondering why no one on his team could get their story straight on what was up with the pants yesterday. One lawyer said that Drew had just gotten fatter and his pants were too tight, another said that the pants were mislabeled and were four inches smaller in the waist than indicated, and yet another said they were four inches too short in the leg. Does the public really need the “white noise” treatment over a pair of pants?

By the way, Kathleen Savio is dead. Remember her?

Jury selection was completed yesterday. Opening statements are expected to be presented on Tuesday.

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10 thoughts on “Drew Peterson tries to not look so much like Drew Peterson

  1. I just though, maybe he drowned her in the toilet, then put her in the tub. That would explain all of the bruises and injuries. hmmmmm

  2. I, personally, could care less about the length of his pants…The fact that he wears them baffles me…Facial hair or no facial hair he is still “Drew Peterson” and I don’t think it matters one bit to the jury.

  3. BTW, anyone notice that the date for opening statements has changed from the 30th to the 31st?

    Will County Court Schedule says the next court date is the 31st, and I’m assuming they know so that’s what I’m saying unless I hear otherwise.

  4. Joseph R. Lopez ‏@josharrk
    Justice Cafe is friends with Andrew Abood who was fired by Drew Peterson. Yesterday he was in court talking to Facsmiley.

    I think Joe Lopez has a crush on me.

  5. Any time I hear about a case, I always keep an open mind and tend to not just believe it because Nancy Grace said so. If you get what my drift, in other words, I (and everyone) else usually hear about the story through the media.
    This is one case where I do have an open mind as well, but with that said, I’m not wondering if this slime ball is innocent.

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