Drew Peterson Guilty of Murder in the First Degree

Today the jury in the Drew Peterson trial deliberated for 13 hours and 52 minutes, sent a note to Judge Burmila asking him to confirm exactly what “unanimous” meant, and then returned a verdict of guilty in the trial of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

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338 thoughts on “Drew Peterson Guilty of Murder in the First Degree

  1. Re that Brodsky is being accompanied by an off duty cop below is according to Joe Hosey:

    In a show of optimism, Brodsky apparently assumed Peterson was going to walk free Wednesday. A courthouse source said he hired a Chicago police officer with a shaved head to wait in the hallway outside the courtroom all day.

    In the event Peterson was freed, the police officer, who was wearing body armor and packing a pistol on his hip, was supposed to guard Peterson from the public, the source said.

    Instead, Peterson was guarded Wednesday night by the correctional officers at the Will County jail.

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem immoral to be able to hire serving POs for private security?

    I find it amusing that there’s a lot of attention paid to the jurors’ not playing games with their clothes while in the midst of their most sober duties. Note to journalists and defense attorneys: it’s called respect; for the victim, for the defendant, for the laws and the Court’s authority, for society/our brothers and sisters and ourselves. :rolls eyes:

  3. I agree, I would think that is not the message to feed the public is supports the professional courtesy that was afforded DP. If it wasn’t Chicago I would think a Police Chief would have something to say about this off duty cop , as in fact PO are truly never off duty , they are responsible for guarding the peace 24 -7 , why cops carrying guns when they are not in uniform.

  4. Assuming DP is found guilty, it will be very interesting to see how the life insurance company handles this. Drew very clever to make sure the policy beneficiaries are the sons and he is not the executor (although in control of the money because his uncle is the named executor). When the Savio’s win their wrongful death civil suit the money will be safe. The guy is a cunning rat…but still left some tracks to get caught.

  5. Also from the Joe Hosey article:
    “On the way out, Peterson’s attorneys declined to speak to the media. It was the first time since the trial started that they refrained from commenting .
    “For once we got nothing to say,” said Peterson lawyer Joseph “Shark” Lopez.”
    Thank goodness for small favors. Guess Brodsky wasn’t quite as optimistic on the way out as he was on the way in. Couldn’t happen to a nicer lawyer.

  6. Hi, Ellie. I think sometimes we all need a reality check. Ha ha ha ha.

    We’re almost neighbours. I’m near Cardiff, at the seaside, but originally from California, both north and south.

  7. Good morning everyone!

    Cheryl, I’m just not sure what to think. While I think it is good they were asking to review stuff, I can’t help but think there are a few that just don’t get it. I’d like to think the worst scenario is a hung jury. Who knows?

    The waiting blows!

    P.S. nice to see another Texan! 🙂

  8. Who want to hear more lies from DP if he is acquitted there needs to be a grass root movement to block media from setting up interviews with him or the DF team . The people need to speak out to the injustice of Domestic Violence in this case, why Kathy’s pleas were ignored.

  9. CherylJones, I am beginning to have second thoughts or worries or whatever you want to call them. I’m beginning to fear that he will be acquitted. If he is, then I’ll be worrying about future “girlfriends” that he may want to use, abuse or whatever word that fits. Yesterday, I knew virtually nothing about this case, but I researched it a little more, and after doing that, the worry started to set in deeper. There are quite a few young girls that love and gravitate to men with a “bad boy” image. It already has caused the deaths of two women already and I’m sure that that number is sure to grow if he’s acquitted. DP is really a pompous, arrogant Jack_____! I really feel sorry for the relatives of his victims, I really do.

  10. I agree Ellie! I’m so sick of their jackassery! Matt Lauer and NBC need to know that nobody is interested! As well as anyone else who thinks an “Exclusive” is a good idea. Look at CA, nobody will touch her with a ten foot pole! IF he is found “not guilty”, hopefully they will find the same!

  11. oh geesh on the DP part and nbc thingy , yikes . me thinks they will convict him. and good that the DEFENSE is shutting up finally haha great … they should of in the begining.. oh and didn’t they say that if he gets tried again that they wont represent him again cause it cost money or somthing like that .?

  12. Chitown, the Savios already won their petition to reopen Kathleen’s estate and to remove the executor, James Caroll and to replace him as co-executors. That was back in 2009.

    Kathleen was the one who made sure her sons were the co-beneficiaries of her life insurance policy. Peterson had no say in that. It was already in place at the time of the division of assets (after Kathleen’s death) and is the reason why he was not ordered to pay for their college education.

    Drew has never been in control of the life insurance payout to the boys, which I don’t think paid out until they were each 18. However, they have been receiving social security payments since their mom’s death and he most likely was ‘managing’ those for them.

    And good morning everyone!

  13. Someone should investigate how DP got his money, Cops don’t make the kind of money that produces the assets that he has or had? He has supported 6 kids, had 4 wives etc. Obviously has a few toys , a private plane ( very expensive hobby) nice Bike, etc. Sociopaths do not have a filter between legal and crime, so bribes, extortion etc is OK. Undercover is a good way to do it. Also intimidation, & murder, if one is looking for motive.

  14. Wonder how many jurors have a similar tub then the one Kathleen was found in, and tried it out once home for the evenings

  15. So many people protested about any interviews with the murderer in the FL case that the media got the message loud and clear. The network that paid so much for the pictures was dragged through the mud, so to speak. No one wanted to see the murderer get money to tell more lies. Some tried to interview the parents, but don’t think it worked out the way they had hoped.

    I would not watch what Drew had to say because we all know it would be more lies and disrespect for the victims. However, with Stacy’s missing status, I don’t think he would do anything but take their money and laugh at them.

  16. When my ex died, I had to go to court and get legal guardianship of my sons estate (their dad’s life insurance money). I also had to get bonded. We went back to court each time one aged out and the money was turned over to them. Since DP produced the questionable will, his uncle would have been a figurehead, but I doubt he would have given DP much grief.

    Social Security is to be spent as received on the children. You can not save it (legally). I had to fill out a monthly report and send in to SOC SEC showing how the money was distributed for household bills and the childrens needs. When the last child aged out, I had to sign an affidavit that no SS money was left in savings.

    That is not to say that DP would be honest about it, but that is the way it was in my case.

  17. Lostacres: I chuckled when the judge said to go home and not to think or ponder about the case. That would be like asking a bride not to worry about her wedding in the morning! LOL

  18. Ellie: I have also wondered how he has so much. Illinois is a very expensive state to live in period. When you have to wine dine and impress the vulnuable babes too, he should’nt have anywhere near what he has. Please God GUILTY! Also DP an Brodsky seem to be in love don’t ya think?

  19. as for SS for the kids,, when youturn 18 you do not get that anylonger , that is a federal law … it is done for the oldest kid .. so what do you guys think thus far ,,, anything for anyone on what is going on so far on the verdict watch

  20. Ellie, Peterson’s assets were a big feature of his suit against Chase Bank, when they denied him the $200k loan on his home equity.

    Back in 2009, while that was going on Peterson asserted that he made about “$108,909 a year — including $2,758 in monthly Social Security benefits and his $6,000-a-month police pension — up from the $74,000 he made when he opened the credit line.”

    So that’s his official income. He obviously spent a lot on toys (bike and plane), trips, cosmetic surgeries, etc. Add that to the support of his own family plus that of whoever he brings into the household from time to time (like Chrissy Raines and her two kids) and that’s a lot of expenditure, IMO.

    It’s true that Drew always had side businesses and jobs going on: the pub, a printing business, wedding photography, the job at the cable company, etc.

  21. Good morning to fellow TENSEville residents.

    As for the idea of stopping the media interviewing a god-forbid acquitted Drew Peterson, imo that’s a bad idea.

    The more the con-man serial killer talks publicly, the more chance eventually he’ll say something really dumb …especially with the euphoria of an acquittal…and that’s exactly what may be needed to build an even stronger case against him for the murder of Stacy.

    Anyway, gals (and guys?) please stop thinking negative thoughts…and please focus your energies on the conveying the truth to this jury…I still have faith in them!

  22. Facs
    Can he collect SSI for Stacy’s kids or is he just getting for Kathy’s boys? I would think since Stacy has not been declared dead that her kids do not get SSI ? So his income has been reduced because Tom is now 19 and will be reduced even further when Chris turns 18 and would lose his pension if convicted?

  23. Kara Oko tweets that Will County is charging each media outlet $35 for sod repair to the county courthouse. She says that they were MOVED to the lawn by courthouse staff. LOL

  24. This is my final listing of indications of Drew’s guilt based on evidence submitted to the jury and not meaningfully rebutted by the defense.

    Interestingly the list increased from 22 at the end of the Prosecutions case-in-chief to 28 at the end of the Defense…way to go Joel Brodsky!

    28 Indications of Drew Peterson’s Guilt
    There is no question that Kathy Savio is dead.

    Sadly, dueling pathologists have failed to show how a healthy 40 year-old woman died.

    In the absence of science, reasonable jurors can use their common sense to confirm not only was Kathy murdered but also that Drew Peterson killed her.

    Indications of Kathy’s Murder
    1) Both Kathy’s boyfriend and sisters testified that in recent years Kathy’s put her long hair up before she took a bath….she was discovered dead with her hair down.

    2) Kathy changed her normal grooming habits and took a bath with wearing jewelry

    3) Kathy removed the bath rug from the bathroom before she took a bath

    4) Someone with motive to stage the crime scene placed a blue towel on the side of the bath in the first 60 minutes after the first crime scene photo was taken.

    5) Kathy’s doctor reported that there were no medical reasons as to why Kathy should fall in the bath and healthy middle-aged women are rarely victims of bath drowning.

    6) Why did a 24 year Police Veteran, Sgt Drew Peterson fail to draw his weapon when he entered her home after hearing screams coming from Mary Pontarelli after she discovered the body.

    7) Why would Drew Peterson first words on discovering Kathy’s body be “They’re going to think I did it” if the crime scene in his view supported an accident.

    8) Harry Smith testified that Stacy referred to the FACT that Drew had killed Kathy.

    9) Harry Smith testified that he warned Stacy she could be in trouble for “concealing a homocide”

    Drew’s Behavior on the Night of her Murder
    10) Drew disappeared out of bed without telling Stacy

    11) Drew did not respond to his phone despite several attempts by Stacy to reach him

    12) Drew returned home in the middle of a non-work night dressed in a black SWAT uniform that he had previously used to break into Kathy’s house and scare her with a knife

    13) Drew returned home in the middle of the night with a bag full of women’s clothing that did not belong to Stacy

    14) Drew spent a long time in his laundry room washing the bag of women’s clothes and his own clothing.

    15) Drew sat down with Stacy and told her the police would soon be at their home to interview her.

    16) Drew spent several hours with Stacy telling what to say to the police about Drew’s being home all night.

    17) According to the investigating Officer … Drew Peterson was jovial when they interviewed him at 6am less than 8 hours after finding his ex-wife dead

    18) Drew insisted on sitting in on the police interview of Stacy, knowing this was breach of police protocol

    Drew Peterson’s Means to Kill her on that night.
    19) Drew Peterson lived less than 5 minutes from her home. He had access to transport and having lived in the house would know to avoid being seen

    20) Drew Peterson had previously broken into Kathy’s home and threatened to kill her

    21) As a police sergeant with many of years experience, Peterson knew how prepare a crime scene to reduce risk of detection.

    22) Drew had previously been physically abusive towards Kathy according to Kathy’s tenant Mary Parks which goes to demonstrate his ability to be physically violent towards her

    23) Kathy told several people that Drew Peterson planned to kill her and make it look like an accident

    24) Kathy sent a letter to the Police informing them that Drew planned to kill her.

    Drew Peterson’s Motive to Kill Kathy Savio
    25) Drew Peterson had motive to kill her to protect his financial interests in his pension on the couple’s ongoing divorce struggle

    26) Drew Peterson had solicited someone to hire a hitman to kill Kathy for $25000 around 8 months before her murder.

    27) Lt James Coughlin testified that a few weeks before Kathy’s death, Peterson told him that “my life would be easier if she were dead”

    28) Lt James Coughlin testified that on seeing two divorce attorneys attorneys laughing during a trip to the courts, Peterson complained that the two men looked happy “because they’re getting all of my money

    Taking these 28 indications of guilt together, in my opinion the State has demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that Drew Peterson is guilty of the premeditated murder of Kathy Savio.

  25. 13) Drew returned home in the middle of the night with a bag full of women’s clothing that did not belong to Stacy

    14) Drew spent a long time in his laundry room washing the bag of women’s clothes and his own clothing.

    ON the 2 you listen oxy , I want to know where are those cloths that stacy said were in the washer,, did the police ever collect them .. i bet the jury would of wanted to see those , and if they took those cloths they should of did testing on them ….

  26. 10 hours —minus all the time consumed with requesting testimony; waiting for the read back; attending the read-back; wondering about sequestration arrangements; debating whether to request dinner or go home; choosing from the dinner menu; appointing a foreperson; giggling about Joel’s objections during the read-back; taking a couple of votes maybe; bathroom breaks;
    — so i’m guessing 5 hours tops of serious debate so far.

  27. @ Lug…no the police id not take the clothes…becos this info only came into evidence after The Pastor spilled the beans…ie 5 years after the night of Kathy’s murder…by which time they were presumably long gone

  28. OXY,
    thank you , but I would think he would still have the cloths still 5yrs later , oh but wait he proubly took them and put with stacy somewhere ,,

  29. I get your point about letting Peterson talk, Oxy, however I could accept it more readily if I hadn’t already been tortured by two years of Peterson interviews and radio/tv appearances which I forced myself to read/watch/listen to and even transcribed often. I used to comfort myself while listening to the awful BS that he and Joel Brodsky would spew, by thinking that it could all be used against him when he went to trial. Imagine my disappointment when transcripts from only 2 interviews were actually admitted!

    Considering how much time and energy those two devoted to media stunts in the past I have no reason to believe anything would change. If Drew is acquitted I totally envision a Mr. Mom reality show, or maybe even a kind of “Odd Couple” thing with Drew and Joel Brodsky trying to find Drew the perfect woman. Or maybe even a documentary along the lines of “Sherman’s March”, but instead of Drew taking a road trip to interview his old loves, he hunts down all the besotted little idiots who wrote him love letters while he was in jail.

    I think I may have to go join a holistic, technology-free commune in Costa Rica or something…

  30. I hear you Facs…and can sympathize with your position.

    God-forbid a million times this sociopath escapes justice for his murder of Kathy, I honestly believe he will receive the post -acquittal OJ treatment. Assuming the States case to bring him to justice for Stacy is not yet deemed solid he’ll still be in deep doodoo.

    First of all his assets will be tied up in fresh civil litigation…and I’m sure there will be no shortage of plaintiffs attorney’s to take on that case.

    Second. he will be shunned by the media after the initial rush for the first interview etc. There will be such a groundswell of public opinion against DP, that any publisher or broadcaster that goes near him will be vilified…(not saying someone wont publish a “If i had killed her” type book a la OJ)

    Thirdly, the overwhelming majority of decent cops will be watching his every move and they’ll throw the book at him if he even jaywalks…and lets face it how long can Mr Untouchable go without breaking some law after all Drew “knows” he’s above the law.

    So Fac’s while you may indeed want to go off the grid for a few months to let it all blow-over…i’m not sure why you’d need to go Costa Rica…why not come to the Pacific Northwest…between Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho we’ve got enough communes to last a lifetime.

  31. I believe a reasonable person, looking at the evidence and applying common sense, can deduce that Kathleen’s death was a homicide. I believe that some of jurors (hopefully not most of the jurors) are trying to determine whether there is enough evidence to support the Pros contention that Drew Peterson committed the murder. Difficult situation for a juror to be in since you would be sending someone to jail for realistically the rest of their life. They (jurors) probably all agree that Drew is a manipulative, controlling, “above the law”, bad person but I think they feel they have a responsibility to get it right. Hopefully they’ll get it right as we see it.

  32. I voted 4 hours in yesterday’s poll. I clearly was not a winner! 😕

    I don’t see anything happening before they have lunch, so I voted again for 13 hrs.
    Love your optimism Oxy!

    I can’t imagine how hard this waiting is for the family!

    PC doing ok Cheryl! Thanks for asking! 😉

  33. Facs, you are so good! I’m a “lurker” as others have admitted. Try to stay behind scenes and just enjoy everyone’s comments. Thanks so much to all for the BEST coverage of trial and great info!

  34. Harley, I voted “5 or less” yesterday. Today voted “13 or less”.

    I snuck off to take a shower and then rushed down the stairs calling out, “Was there a verdict? Was there a verdict?” Son, who had switched off In Session to play a video game, looks at me as if beholding a mad woman.

  35. @ Ellie…I doubt there will any talk about hung juries until late Friday when the weekend looms.

    Right now, disagreement is to expected and the jury is doing exactly what it is supposed to do to resolve it.

    Given the nature of the charges and the national publicity, I believe that hopes for a quick verdict were off-base…and i’d expect the verdict to come in late Thursday, or Friday as often seems to the case in these high profile trials. If there’s no verdict by Friday, i’d have to agree we could be looking at a hung jury.

  36. To me, a hung jury isn’t a total bust. DP can sit in jail for another couple of years while the defense argues tainted jury pool, change of venue, hearsay restrictions etc. In the meantime maybe additional evidence could come to light affecting this case and Stacey’s disappearance. An acquittal would be a total disappointment.

  37. Well I know you were all wondering…so here’s breaking news from Chicago Trib

    11:50 a.m. Lunch is served

    Lunch has arrived for jurors, who have been deliberating for more than 11 hours total so far.

  38. I also think that in the case of a hung jury Drew would remain in jail awaiting a new trial. And by the time his next trial came along, the public would be thoroughly bored by it and the media would not pay much attention, which would mean no interest from pro-bono attorneys out for fame.

    And meanwhile, someone might take up Jeff Ruby on his offer of $100,000 for information about Stacy.

  39. Nice of them to ask during lunch, maybe answer will come by time they finish and we can keep moving along.

    VH, I don’t know of a site doing that but maybe In Session?

  40. I’m here, anxiously awaiting the verdict with all of you.

    I’m sure that this waiting is very stressful for both Kathleen’s and Stacy’s families.

    Last night the thought crossed my mind that there’s others who are anxiously waiting for this verdict. I’m thinking of all the neighbors on Pheasant Chase Drive……………they all have to worry about the outcome of this trial too. Sharon Bychowski, the next door neighbor of Drew and Stacy Peterson, who spoke out against Drew. And there are other neighbors who weren’t mentioned by name, but one witnessed Drew and “another man” putting a container in Drew’s vehicle the evening of October 28, 2007, the day Stacy disappeared.

    I imagine this trial is very stressful for them too. If acquitted, this monster could be moving back into their neighborhood within a matter of hours!

  41. Stacy St. Clair @StacyStClair
    #drewpeterson atty @josharrk on courthouse hallway literally dancing and singing with a giant smile on his face. “I can’t say anything.”

  42. i bet they’re confused about the two counts…still may not be bad for prosecution…but it does indicate some disagreement.

    All is not lost, despite the Sharks public display of dancing

  43. I think in this case it can be split across both charges right? 6 agree guilty to first charge, and the other 6 think guilty to 2nd charge, correct?

  44. Oxy, I think you could be right about that. We had some confusion about that ourselves here yesterday –“unanimous” vs “consesnsus”.

    In this case, the jury only needs to reach a consensus across the two counts to render a verdict. But the decision has to be “guilty” or “not guilty” in all cases.

  45. In Session

    Judge Burmila has taken the bench. “The court’s in receipt of a note from the jury I received approximately 12:35: ‘Just to be clear, Judge, what does unanimous mean?’ The answer I propose to give to the jurors is: ‘The word unanimous indicates the agreement of all on the matter at hand. The verdict must be unanimous, and signed by all.’”

    The defense asks that the judge change the phrase ‘the verdict’ to ‘any verdict.’ The State asks that the judge simply refer the jurors back to the jury instructions. Judge: “I think the State is correct; the instruction certainly does say that the verdict must be unanimous and signed by all . . . however, if the jurors ask for the definition of a word, the court is to apply that definition, and they have done so here . . . I will strike the word ‘a’ [verdict] and insert the word ‘your’ . . .I’m going to draft that answer, and send it back to the jury. We’ll be in recess.”

  46. Rummana Hussain ‏@rummanahussain
    But #DrewPeterson’s other lawyer @josharrk said he’s heard that question before & always knows the outcome

    Well i must confess before someone mentioned this idea of 6 and 6 on insession…I had always assumed that all 12 must agree on either count.

    I cant believe the jury literally didn’t know what “unanimous” means. Instead I bet they’re struggling on the two count (one verdict) issue…and i don’t think the judge’s response just helped them resolve it.

  47. Hearing that it was Greenberg who told reporters it was the “strangest question” he has ever heard from a jury. Joe Lopez said that he had heard that question before and that it usually means a certain outcome.

    He didn’t say which outcome, but then he was dancing around and grinning.

  48. FACSMILEY , so so lopez thinks not guilty hmm , he does not knwo that ,,, it does not mean anythng so hope it goes guilty

  49. This is all very troubling………….the jury’s question, which certainly indicates there’s disagreement among them and the verdict will be mixed, and Lopez grinning and acting optimistic (for acquittal).

    It sounds like a verdict is coming very soon, in the next hour or so……certainly before the afternoon is over.

    Hoping and praying for that guilty verdict!

  50. agree molly,

    dont want a hung jury as the issession is saying people on twitter are saying,, they better give a guilty verdict

  51. For those wondering…..Judge White has confirmed that if it is a hung jury, Drew does not go free. He will still be in custody. They can ask to reduce his bond, but that probably won’t happen.

    No kidding Oxy!

  52. I would say the jury is indicating that are not all in agreement at this time and may be getting frustrated since some jurors must be steadfast in their vote. I believe they will become “hung” before they become unanimous. To early for judge to call it. He will invoke the “dynamite” rule which will require them to continue deliberating until they have adequately exhausted every opportunity to be in complete agreement. Looks like it could become a hung jury.

  53. In Session

    An update to the charges against Drew Peterson:
    When the judge instructed the jury, he combined the two first-degree murder charges into one.

    Original counts were:

    Count 1: 1st degree murder: intentional killing by drowning

    Count 2: 1st degree murder: engaging in risky behavior that “created a strong possibility of death or great bodily harm”

    Now, when the verdict is read it will be simply be “guilty” or “not guilty” to first-degree murder.

    Jurors are still considering both theories that were listed in the original two counts (intentional killing by drowning and engaging in risky behavior that “created a strong possibility of death or great bodily harm”). But they must be only be unanimous on whether they believe he murdered Kathleen Savio, they do not have to be unanimous on whether it was intentional or happened because he engaged in risky behavior.

  54. I don’t think the Judge’s answer to the jury is going to be all that helpful. If they are confused about 2 murder counts, consensus and the unanimous verdict — I don’t think a dictionary definition of the word “unanimous” will cut it. *sigh*

  55. If this jury is that confused over what “unanimous” means then I skeptical about whether they can evaluate the evidence properly as a group. Criminal trials, unlike civil trials, are straight forward. All members must be in agreement to either “guilty” or “not guilty”. How hard is that to understand?

  56. I wonder if the defense will be able to use this as a appellant issue if the jury does eventually come back as guilty. Could they appeal on the grounds that the jurors intimidated one another?

  57. If you have ever served on a jury in a criminal matter, intimidation does sometime play. There are some jurors that will absolutely not budge on their vote even if it defies logic and common sense. Hence intimidation tactics may play into affect. That is why the losing side will always poll the jury after the verdict to determine if each juror is completely on board with his or her decision.

  58. I could see them being confused about the instructions for the 2 charges. I understood that they all had to agree that he was guilty or not guilty of either one of the charges. But I haven’t been locked up arguing over all the evidence for hours. Maybe they need the dessert lady!

  59. Sadly, some people can not get past their own experiences, or lack thereof. The idea that a decorated police officer would or could murder the mother of his children is unimaginable to them, but we all know it happens.

  60. I believe the jury is deadlocked right now with a majority vote and they asked the judge to clarify “unanimous” vote maybe to help others understand that their work is not over until they are all in agreement with their verdict. Very troubling that this group of individuals are confused about something that is this important. Maybe if they worried less about coordinating the daily attire they would understand the seriousness of this trial. Very frustrating!

  61. Lopez was harping on that same issue.” Why is Pam Bosco at the microphone when she isn’t a lawyer?” As if we all want to hear from the lawyers? If I had my choice, we’d never hear from the lawyers in this case. They’ve got a clear agenda, which is fine, but what they say is related directly to their wallets.

    Anyone who can’t see that Pam Bosco is operating out of love, concern, loss and anger over the “disappearance” of her loved one needs to be re-educated in what it means to be a human being.

    I wouldn’t want to live in a world where lawyers have the last word on reality.

  62. Is Judge White correct or is it a guess based on the process that is taking place? The makeup of the jury is part of the problem , appears that there are less deep thinkers than not based on the profiles . But then the DF had a strong hand in the juror selection and the Judge did not do the State or the families any favor with many of his rulings

  63. The utter disregard, on the part of members of the defense team, for a person who is dead now and the other who hasn’t been heard from for five years is astounding. I sure wish those wankers would remember why we are all here.

  64. Okay, it’s obvious that everyone knows what the meaning of “unanimous” is.There’s something going on here that has nothing to do with the meaning of the word. My guess is that there is one, maybe two person, on the jury who is using this as an excuse to disagree with the rest of the group. It’s likely that this person is saying they think he’s guilty but actually does not and is using a minor argument to disagree with the rest.

    For example, this person may be saying that the bruises were due to Kathleen bruising easily rather than being from a struggle and using that premise to disagree with signing the verdict form even though they may agree in principle, and in word, that Peterson killed his wife.I have seen this kind of thing on the internet very often when someone knows he or she has lost an argument but continues to disagree on some minor, largely irrelevant, point. Oftentimes, I have had to provide a definition of some word that you know the person already knows but pretends he or she does not know.

    This indicates that there is at least one holdout. I believe that person does not want to convict Peterson, and is just making excuses to the group why he or she will not sign the verdict form saying he’s guilty.

  65. WLS radio is mocking the lack of IQ this jury must possess if they can’t comprehend the meaning of “unanimous”. Perhaps the defense did their due diligence with jury selection. Dull bulbs much better than bright bulbs.

  66. Chitown, I have been thinking the same thing! Worry more about your job as a juror! Pay more attention to the trial, And less to your outfits!

    Now, I’m just getting mad! 😡

  67. Headline news saying that if acquitted, he would go back to detention facility and be processed out, back into the community. This is something I don’t want to even think about!

  68. I am curious: Does anyone on this forum believe this jury could acquit DP on these charges? I know we possess some bias but it seems clear to me that a guilty verdict is warranted. Am I missing something here?

  69. They are not hung! The judge’s instructions were: if you agree with both propositions in the charge, you must find him guilty. Their “unanimous” question meant: Do we unanimously have to agree that both propositions are true? IS legal pundits immediately said his instructions meant that they could be split in any way between the two, but the judge never made that clear to the jurors!!! Of course they know what unanimous means. His new clarification/answer didn’t help at all.
    At this point the jury must be unanimous about him being guilty; but not all of them go so far as to agree unanimously about the 1st proposition in the charge.
    The danger is they will let Drew walk because 11 agree to both props and 1 only agreed to the 2nd one.
    Thank you for this website. All the others have now resorted to smearing the jury. They have conducted themselves brilliantly, IMO.
    (I live on the border of Bolingbrook.)

  70. chittown: there’s always a change that they bought in to the “bitter divorce and Kathy was trying to harrass Drew” argument along with Stacy wanting to get more money!

  71. Ick! Facs. Not holdin your hand! :).

    I’m feeling better about a guilty! I was thinking hung, but now, I feel pretty good about guilty! :).

    Hope I am right!

  72. Facs,
    Same to you, and everyone else who has been here since the First Day of Stacy’s disappearance.
    I am shaking all over. Thank God they did the Right Thing.

  73. A huge salute to the Prosecution team for this guilty verdict despite the judge and the defense throwing every obstacle they could at them!

  74. I’m sitting here crying with joy! How wonderful for the Savio and Cales families! Now DP has a felony murder, they can go after him for Stacy, even without her body! YIPPEE!

  75. Thank you jury. I have ffollowed this since the very early days of Stacy’s disappearance. So, so very happy Kathy finally got justice. May she now finally rest in peace.

  76. Me too Facs! Brought tears to my eyes. The relief they must be feeling. Bittersweet for sure.

    I always have and still feel bad for the kids! Innocent victims in this ugly mess. 😕

  77. that guy on abc 7 is a jerk saying that hearsay law should of never been used and that will be an appelet issue, the JURY IS GOING TO SPEAK soon

  78. If I were Lopez I would slink back in my hole, especially after that sorry excuse for a closing he did. Big egos sink ships and I’m glad Drew and his crew had egos big enough to sink an army. The prosecution got their act together and Stacy and Kathy were sitting on their shoulders.

    I wonder if the state will go ahead with charges for Stacy now.

    Rest in Peace, ladies. Youi have been vindicated.

  79. Much thanks to Stacy also. She was young and naive but actually quite brave. She stood up to Drew before she died by threatening to take his kids and leave. She made mistakes but when it counted…she came through, even though she had to pay the ultimate price for her mistakes. Her testimony was the most powerful!

  80. That should wipe those damn smug looks off of Drew’s and Brodskey’s faces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Guess there won’t be an interview with Matt Lauer now….

  81. They just actually showed a couple of short clips of DP being led out of court. It has to have been today, since he was beardless

  82. WOW!
    I am overjoyed to have been wrong. I honestly never thought they’d do it.
    Ya’ll have been a fantastic bunch of peeps to go through this with…couldn’t have asked for more.. Thank you, and to Facs, my undying gratitude for sticking it out through thick and thin, good and bad, lots of news and no news.
    Trial by fire. O.M. Geeeeee!

  83. Wouldn’t hire Brodskey to represent me in traffic court. Brod addressing media right now saying that “there are a bunch of world class appellate lawyers chomping at the bit to take this case”.

  84. OMG…. Give me a break. All of the evidence is manufactured or made up. Gimme a freaking break.

    Get over yourself Joel. As Cassandra said, “Game Over”!

  85. Blah, blah, blah, the jury instructions, no evidence, blah, blah, blah. So sick of them! Go away!

    LOL – the crowd started chanting “losers, losers, losers”. 🙂

  86. they wont get cases for a while i think cause of how cocky they are , oh boy i would not use them no way they would give ya a bad name

  87. I hope this jury will agree to being interviewed. I’d love to know from them what witness or testimony was persuasive to them. I remember the Scott Peterson jury doing an interview as a group, and it was very enlightening.

    Has there been any mention of an interview?

  88. Lopez just made a few comments – he blames a “stacked deck” going in. Said that whenever the Illinois Supreme Count makes a law specific to a case, you know it’s a stacked deck going in.

  89. LOL, Glasgow was on FIRE!

    Now here’s Sue Savio. “a big relief. We finally did it after all these years. We got justice. We got Drew.”

    “I love you Kitty. We did it and we’re going to keep fighting for you!”

  90. Hey chitown, ya think Brodsky is on Greenberg’s Christmas card list? 🙂

    Mr. Glasgow kept it very classy! Congrats again!

  91. Lopez just gave a interview on WLS radio stating if “we allow hearsay evidence to convict then everyone is at risk”. So just kill those witnesses that can testify against you and everything will be alright, huh Joe? Putz. I can’t believe he really believes the manure he’s shoveling!

  92. I’m thrilled for the Savio family

    Well done y’all…those positive thoughts and prayers paid off

    Team hugs all round!

    Congrats to Joel and The Shark …we certainly couldn’t have done it without you guys.

  93. Oh sheesh! Greenberg just told Beth Kara’s that he truly believes Drew is innocent!

    Come on Steve! (I need an emoticon to slap someone in the head!). I’m thinking he isn’t being truthful! 😕

  94. I am still in shock. I was so worried watching that trial, knowing what we all did having followed everything from the beginning. And seeing how much stuff was not allowed in. Glasgow summed it up with DP being a lazy bully with a badge and a gun, intimidating everyone. He actually trained but a few miles down the road from me in Virginia when he was young. Now what am I going to do with my extra time LOL

  95. I guess everything that def is going by what Drew told them. Maybe he brainwashed them also into believing he was the victim in all this.

  96. “Turns out that the team of publicity-seeking Pro Bono lawyers were worth exactly what Drew paid for them.”

    That’s right, you get what you pay for – LOL !

  97. DP going away for a long time now. Wouldn’t it be great if he repented during his sentencing and admitted to this crime and explained what happened to Stacy. Wishful thinking…psychopaths never admit guilt…

  98. Lopez
    “whenever the Illinois Supreme Count makes a law specific to a case, you know it’s a stacked deck going in”.

    Its funny how Lopez, the man who only 48 hours ago was singing the praises of the America, its constitution and our system of jury trials is suddenly claiming the deck was stacked by the Illinois Supreme court,

  99. @ LA…via smart phone during my biz lunch…luckily my client was from Chicago so he didn’t mind me googling the news. Of course i had to show restrained satisfaction…when i was desperate to scream YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  100. The Lopez type of guys are never going to admit defeat. Just blame blame and puff up the chest and strut around like a rooster. Except he doesn’t have the length of neck a rooster has.

  101. Let’s never forget that the final testimony the jury heard read back before they made their decision was a defense witness – Harry Smith called by Joel Brodsky.

    Lets never forget that the face that Joey Lopez asked the jury to keep in mind while they deliberated was the aforementioned Harry Smith

    Yes, the deck was indeed stacked against Drew Peterson…but not by the Illinois Supreme Court …the stackers were his own hubris-filled defense team.

  102. I saw glasco on tv, i had to rewind the channel it was on lol , the dish lets ya rewind what ya watch so saw it but Hln cut parts of it off, btu he said he talked to the pastor on the phone and they prayed , I thought that was great 🙂

  103. Last thought…flash ahead 5 – 10 years when the dust settles and rational minds prevail. Drew’s children (Kathy’s and Stacey’s) trying to cope with the fact that their father killed their mothers. The Savio’s and Cales hopefully successfully moving on with their lives with positive memories. Let’s wish them luck.

    It was a victory for Kathy today…Stacey soon, but a mess that a bully, coward, and cruel individual made that affected so many lives. Good riddens Drew and God bless the innocent victims of his actions.

  104. Facesmiley ,
    YES i will be watching HLN tonight ya know nancy, um what is her name LOL … but fox news wont show it . cause the dem convention ya know ,.,. so will have to watch the HLN one instead ,, to see what going on am glad he got convicted

  105. Yes, the havoc he created will remain within the families he created, including his married ones. Bad Man he is. and he is going where he deserves to be. Insecurity is a bad thing hiding behind ego, a badge and a gun

  106. Lostacres…I can’t even imagine how anyone can reconcile his actions. I am proud to see that the families, friends and outside observers never gave up in the pursuit of justice including all of those on this forum. Kathy and Stacey’s voices were heard because of the persistence of many. This is a win for all of those who are abused by bullying thugs and a warning to those who act similarly.

  107. FYI…the other murdering Peterson, ie Scott is currently appealing his verdict in the California Supreme Court. My guess is he will succeed in overturning the death penalty punishment (due to the State’s errors in jury selection,) but will not have his guilty verdict overturned. That was a 2004 murder…so still arguing 8 years later with many months of legal wrangling at the State level and then the Federal level still to go.

    On the surface, there appear to be many more appelate issues in this Drew Peterson case, but although we hated it at the time, I believe Judge Burmilla did an excellent job of following procedure. That said, it wont stop Drew Peterson appealing for many years to come…could be 2025 ish before this verdict is made permanent. Of course, all the time he will be incarcerated and its far from clear who will pony up to pay his appellate lawyers. That’s especially true if the Savio family succeed in taking him to the cleaners in civil litigation.

  108. Wonderful night for the Savios and I’m sure renewed hope for the Cales tonight. It’s weird to say that I’m happy but I guess that’s what it is, coupled with tremendous relief.

    I feel like I could hug the world!

  109. Because he committed murder while he was a policeman, who will be responsible for taking that pension away? The police dept or county?

  110. Tom is disappointed, blames his relatives, Pastor Schori and Harry Smith for not coming forward earlier (and I am still a bully):

    Tom Peterson
    15 minutes ago near Philadelphia, PA
    To say the least…I’m extremely disappointed. During the past 5 years…I got to see full grown adults act like children, and now they are parading around my front door. Who do I have left? Who do my siblings have left? Oh yeah…the pastor, the lawyer, my aunts, and all of my mom’s friends who LISTENED to my mother’s pleas and DIDN’T do anything about it. Now she is dead, and you went forth to break the Constitution to blame my dad. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t seem very believable to me…but since the rest of the world thinks otherwise, this is your fault, you should have come forward earlier. Now, I have a broken family without a salary, and some woman who sees it important to bully me over the internet because of my Dad. I hope you are all happy.

  111. I am soooooooooooo thankful that this day has finally come!! I was beginning to lose faith in the justice system after the Anthony trial last summer!!! FANTASTIC JOB TO THE ILLINOIS DREW PETERSON JURY!!! Drewpy, I hope you have a miserable life in prison!

  112. Looks like Peterson’s gang of colorful wiscracking attorneys are getting the national publicity they craved…(it will look great on their web sites)

    … bystanders gathered outside the courthouse began chanting, “Loser. Loser. Loser,” as reporters interviewed his attorneys. Before his 2009 arrest, the glib, cocky Peterson seemed to taunt authorities, joking on talk shows and even suggesting a “Win a Date With Drew” contest. His notoriety inspired a TV movie starring Rob Lowe……

    Peterson’s lawyers endeavored to cast doubt on the reliability of key witnesses. They accused Savio’s sister of jazzing up her testimony to profit from a movie and book deal.

    Peterson’s band of colorful, wisecracking defense attorneys — who joked outside court that Stacy Peterson could show up any day to take the stand — committed their own share of errors. As they sought to blunt the credibility of hearsay, for instance, they ended up prompting their own witness to repeatedly emphasize that Stacy Peterson was convinced her husband killed Savio


  113. I guess poor Tom Petersons whole world just came crashing down. I just hope one day he matures enough to understand what truly happened here.

  114. Ya know Facs, he is just a kid. I think we all know that you of all people are no bully. Clearly he is upset. Clearly this has to be devastating. Clearly he is mad at the world.

    I just can’t say anything negative about any of those poor kids. (not that anyone here would)

    It’s just sad.

    As happy as I was for this verdict, there are no winners.

    Maybe one day he will be able to see all of this in a different light.

  115. chitownobserver
    September 6, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    DP going away for a long time now. Wouldn’t it be great if he repented during his sentencing and admitted to this crime and explained what happened to Stacy. Wishful thinking…psychopaths never admit guilt…

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe someday we’ll hear a death-bed confession by Drew telling what happened to Stacy.

    Over the years, I’ve developed a theory about what happened.

    Remember that during the hearsay hearing we heard from two people who live on streets near Pheasant Chase Drive where the Peterson home is? One saw a man in a dark hooded sweatshirt in the evening hours on their street. Another saw a car parked in their neighborhood and a man in a dark sweatshirt around that car. Apple Valley Road comes to mind, but I’m not sure this is the street.

    When Drew said Stacy’s car was at Clow Airport, I think he hid Stacy’s car on a nearby street….someplace he could walk to quickly, and some street that none of Stacy’s family would likely use to get to and from the Peterson home. I think he put Stacy’s car on that street sometime between 10:30am and 12:00pm on Oct. 28, 2007.

    I go back and forth between whether or not Drew removed Stacy from the house along with her car at the same time – in the morning hours, or if she was in that blue container that Tom Morphey helped Drew carry out later that night.

    Just my own speculation…………………..

  116. I wish stacy’s sister would get to see the little ones, but that is not fair to her, she should take them to court to get to see the kids,, the aunt gets to see them by not the sister ya know .. what a shame , but they go court on this …

  117. LA, me too. I don’t expect him to be happy today. How could he be, but maybe one day he’ll gain more understanding and come to blame the person who is really at fault.

    As for a confession from Drew, IMO the only that would make him talk is money.

  118. Lopez really should stop tweeting. All those people watching them now, his tweets can not be good for his business. He sounds pathetic on them

  119. Fac’s IMO, DP will never confess to anything. Not even if money was involved. He will try to fight this through the system, and even if he dies in prison, he will never admit to any wrong doing. He is not wired the way other people are

  120. For the Love of God! Amen! I knew it! I just knew it! This is one happy amazing wonderful day for the Savio’s! I am so happy for them and their family! I just got home from work. I heard about it at work while on break and dropped down to the sidewalk raising my arms to the Lord, in tears! Justice finally! I bet Kathleen is smiling really big right now up in Heaven! Way to go Glasgow, and all of us, including the media who helped keep the heat on him and never let anyone forget the real victims in all of this!

  121. Hell will freeze over the day Drew Peterson confesses…so don’t hold your breath! I bet he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to overturn this verdict…I’m sure Joel is telling Drew how Drew was the victim of a “media lynching” and Government conspiracy, and not to worry because “justice” will prevail. Well good luck…the legal system is not as easy to manipulate now he’s lost the presumption of innocence. In fact, its downright inflexible…the odds of reversing this jury verdict are very small indeed.

  122. I have a question don’t know if it has been asked yet, but now that he has been convicted won’t he lose his pension? He committed the act while still a police officer so won’t he lose his benefits? Also, I wonder what will happen with the life Insurance money?I am just asking because no matter what Drew did, I would hate to see these children suffer because of it. I wonder if any of the media might be able to touch base about it with their panel of lawyers?

  123. Yeah, it was haunting to hear both Pam and Cass talk about how emotionless he was in court today. Cass said he substitutes that “joker” persona for any real reaction.

    And naturally he didn’t want any family members in the courtroom. He has to have control at all times. Couldn’t risk showing any emotion during the verdict, and would never expose his kids to hearing anything bad said about him.

  124. @ Lorie

    According to the FAQ’s on this site Q23

    Is Drew Peterson receiving a pension?
    Yes. Peterson resigned from the Bolingbrook Police Department in November 2007 and is currently receiving his full pension of about $6k a month. The only thing that would keep him from receiving the pension would be if he was convicted of a felony that involved his work as a police officer.

  125. Sociopaths never admit wrong doing or guilt because they in their sick mind never do anything that is not justified and someone else caused it to happen, so Drew does not believe he did anything wrong and I am beginning to wonder about JB & JL that they may be the same.
    I am sorry for Tom Peterson and all the kids , unfortunately he is right , I am sure no one knows what will happen to his family. Will Stephen stay there once the pension is canceled. Will that cause him to step out of school and take care of his family. All his feelings are real and maybe why , again as I said earlier the reasons for his testimony. The only real truth that he is not dealing with is that the deaths of his two moms has been caused by his Dad, which is the true tragedy that the kids will face many times over the years , each day, each holiday , each important milestone in their lives.

  126. Well Tom Peterson mentioned no income. I am going to assume he was talking about Stephen taking care of the young ones and being without a job, receiving DP’s pension. You cannot kill, be convicted, and get benefits. That is the gift his father is giving to his offspring for his misdeeds and I do not care what anyone says, I do not think that DP is all that concerned about his children. They are just a way to his means, or were

  127. there’s going to be a lot of very long and somber faces among the loser defense team. this pleases me.

    I promise that I would dance a jig down Weber Rd. when drewpy was finally convicted.

    Anyone care to join in ? I am free this weekend 🙂 🙂 celebration time !!!

    Now about those who enabled him…

  128. Wow I am just in awe! We all have all waited for so long for this! I just can’t believe it is finally here! Facs, Rescue thank you so much for all you have done covering all of this! You guys are amazing and without you guys who knows what we all would have done! Thank you also Harley Joe, and everyone else who helped keep up with this trial! I am just so happy for the Savio’s right now.!! I am hoping something happens soon for Stacy, and her family too! They need to make sure he never walks the streets again to be able to hurt another woman, or anyone for that matter again! As for the stooges along with the Drew they can all rot where they belong! They have no respect for women at all, they have no morals, and are pathetic! The things they have said on national tv about the victims, and their families is just down right disgusting and pathetic. I hope it gets them in their pockets! Anybody that hires these goons will get the same outcome as this! They are nothing more than a circus act!

  129. he is young and his father is his hero. Can you imagine believing anyone of our fathers was capable of that. Pure denial, and I cannot blame him. Hopefully he will grow up and learn the ways of what is wrong here. At least to come to peace himself

  130. Facsmiley…………we all know you’re not a bully, not in any way. Tom is just lashing out at everyone because his life has just been turned upside down.

    Tom is young and everything he knows comes from his father. Tom’s opinion has been shaped by his father’s insistence to his children that he’s innocent. Children believe what their parents tell them, especially young children.

    Hopefully someday when Tom is more mature and has had some time pass between now and then, he’ll come to realize what really happened.

    I feel very sorry for all those children…………….

  131. I am sick of the defense’s ridiculous proposition that Kathleen’s family made all this up just so they could make money. It should be offensive to all. They tried to paint these good people as whale crap so low that they would do this to someone just so they could profit off it rather than because they wanted justice. If Tom Peterson buys this proposition, it’s clear that he has been brainwashed.

  132. There was a reason his father was convicted, and its not because the world was out to get the family, although that is the way he sees it now. Its not about Proc lawyers, its not def lawyers trying to win a case, its his father. And I am sure in his world he cannot even fathom it. I would have a hard time with that also. I feel very very sorry for all the children. Damn you DP for what you have done

  133. I am so glad I dont have a twitter account!

    I say let Joe tweet away! Making himself look dumber than he already has! 🙂

  134. IIRC, Drew would need to have committed a crime while on the job in order to lose his pension, but the way I look at it, he may not have been in uniform when he killed her, but he was on duty when he corralled the neighbors and let them into Kathleen’s house to find the body of the woman he killed…which has got to breaking some law, right?

  135. His statement led me to believe that if someone would have come forward and “listen” to his mother she maybe alive.. so sounds like he thinks this is more than a “household” accident….I agree.. If someone “had” listen to her pleas for help like the letter she wrote..I believe because of Tom’s “mothers” Drew was convicted. Tom is a smart kid. If he really thinks back….and remembers he may accept the truth. and it wasn’t because of the “media”.. If Stacy hadn’t disappeared, Drew could have very well gotten away with murder. Justice for the Savio’s and hopefully Stacy.. My prayers for Drew’s children…they didn’t deserve to lose their mom.

  136. Regarding Tom’s tweet, he sounds just like his father did in tv interviews, stating that everyone has “problems,” and that everyone is to blame except the one person who had the means, motive, and opportunity to set in motion the chain of events that culminated in the result we got today. He has been totally brainwashed, and really hope that he seeks out professional counseling to help himself come to terms with reality.

    And no, facs, you are NOT a cyberbully. I still don’t even get how he has that impression. It’s just plain weird.

  137. Tom should stay quiet on facebook and twitter. He has school and a career he is pursuing.. He needs to get above this social media and concentrate on what he needs to, no matter what is pain about this verdict

  138. IIRC, he was about to be fired when Stacy went missing. IIRC, the chief at the time had a bunch of stuff on him, but he retired before they could fire him.

    Perhaps now that he is convicted, they can go after him for some wrongdoing that night while on duty at Kathleen’s?

    Kind of has a ring to it!… The convict! 🙂

  139. DMI, I still think he is the twinkle of his fathers eye. I hope I am wrong. But I always thought that he had the potential to be just like DP. He has been brainwashed, just like those young chicks his father picked up. DP ‘s legacy leaves nothing but sadness behind

  140. I still believe Peterson intended to blame Kathy’s murder on her boyfriend by making the death scene look like an “amateurs” attempt to make it look like an accident …and changed his plan to make it look like a genuine accident (when he realized how easy it was to fool the ISP.)

    The only reason I mention that now is because I suspect he would have used the same MO when making Stacy disappear…in other words leave her remains in a location which would implicate one of the men that he claimed she had a physical relationship with.

    Does this make sense?

  141. Oxy, as far as Stacy is concerned, that is why I was kind of surprised they have not found her. I know he was trying to implicate someone early on. I still think to this day they will never find Stacy. Something of his doing, I think he needed to be very sure, since this was his second one

  142. As usual, ox, you make a lot of sense. I believe he has already laid the groundwork for that. He made one statement to someone that Stacy had run away and went on a cruise with some guy. He also told someone that Stacy “fell of a boat.”

    My guess is that she is in a large body of water near Bollingbrook that offers cruises. That way, when she is found, he can say that she told him she was going on a cruise with some guy, so he must be the one who did it.

    I often wonder if they have checked such bodies of water to try and find her.

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