Does conviction clear way for Stacy Peterson charges?

Stacy Peterson, missing since 2007

Yesterday, after a lengthy legal battle and a three-year detainment, the jury in Drew Peterson’s trial for murder handed down the verdict of “guilty”.

After more than 13 hours of deliberations a hold out juror finally changed his mind. He said the deciding factor was the hearsay testimony of fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, that eventually convinced him that Peterson had killed his third wife Kathleen Savio.

It was the sudden disappearance of Stacy Peterson that re-ignited interest in the strange death of Savio, which had been deemed an accident after a botched investigation and a brief coroner’s inquest. Stacy went missing only days after telling several people that her husband had killed Kathleen, something that Savio’s friends and family had long believed to be true.

While an acquittal of the murder charges might have had dire consequences for any hope of charging Peterson with Stacy’s death–her body has never been found despite extensive organized and volunteer searches–a conviction can only strengthen the case against Peterson. After all, her voice was heard at trial because a judge was convinced to a sufficient degree that inability to testify in person was due to the fact that Drew Peterson had made her unavailable to testify. It was only his “forfeiture by wrongdoing” that allowed Stacy to essentially speak for the first time since the morning October 28, 2007, when she last told a friend over the phone that she was feeling too lazy to help out with some house painting and was going to stay in bed a bit longer.

Drew Peterson claims that he heard from her once more, when she called him that night to tell him she had “found someone” and was leaving him. Peterson’s stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, would tell a friend that he was the one holding Drew’s cell phone when that call came in, while he stood alone in a Bolingbrook Park that Drew had dropped him off at, after asking him if he loved him enough to kill for him.

No doubt we’ll be revisiting all the details of that night in the weeks ahead as the State’s Attorney’s office has said, “We are going to aggressively review that case with an eye towards potentially charging it”.

Yesterday we finally saw justice done for Kathleen Savio. Will Stacy Peterson have her day?

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63 thoughts on “Does conviction clear way for Stacy Peterson charges?

  1. One of Peterson’s attorneys, Joseph Lopez, even spoke after the verdict was read of taking the appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    But Peterson’s chances, several lawyers said, are not good. While many appeals are filed in criminal cases — thousands every year in Illinois’ appellate courts — only a small percentage lead to new trials.

    Indeed, not all errors lead to new trials. Most, according to attorneys, are deemed harmless by the appellate courts.

    “It’s hard to get a conviction reversed,” said attorney Kathleen Zellner, who has handled a number of wrongful conviction cases and who went to the Will County Courthouse to watch several days of Peterson’s trial. “This case is solid. I don’t think there’s reversible error there.”,/blockquote>,0,4196697.story

  2. I think Stacy will have her day. I just hope it doesn’t take as many years as it did for Kathleen, although that mile marker is just three years away. Wondering if Brodsky will be defending him on that charge also

  3. Morning all…wonderful sunny day here in the Pacific NW…and i bet the sun is also shining in Bolingbroke this a.m.

    @ LA – I doubt the DA will move quickly on Stacy. His resources are going to tied up with the Kathy appeals for the foreseeable future. In any case imo, he’s better off waiting for either new developments or simply the passage of time allowing for a death declaration, I know its frustrating…but at least we now know DP will be incarcerated while Stacy’s family waits for him to be held accountable for her disappearance.

  4. My ferverent prayer is that between now and the day of sentencing, Glasgow gives Peterson and his “team” enough solid evidence that their case against him for the death of Stacy is even stronger than the one for Kathy.

    Then, after a good “Come to Jesus” meeting, Glasgow lays out a plan that would require Drew to show them where Stacy’s body is in exchange for a reduced sentence for the death of Kathy. No body? Go for the full 60 years.

  5. and who knows, now that he is incarcerated for a long time, maybe someone will come forward that has knowledge about Stacy, for that reward money. I am going to continue to hope.

  6. Insession, interviewed this morning GLASCO , yes they will persue stacy , sharon was on and neil will be on they said today 2pm easterntime 11my time, shori is married, has 3daughters his wife was scared if it did not go like this was said this morning ,,, so lots they are talking about today on insession

  7. Lawdy, Lopez doesn’t understand why people were so openly derisive of the defense team yesterday:

    People called us losers as we exited the courthouse and other names. It was like “Occupy Joliet” showed up. The hatred and scorn we received was unprecedented in my experience. I have tried many high-profile cases and have never seen such scorn toward attorneys doing their jobs. It’s amazing to see the level of hatred for us. In reality they are hypocrites, because as soon as they need us, they call us and then we are on the same side. We accept this proposition as defense lawyers, and we proudly defend the constitutional principles of reasonable doubt and presumption of innocence.

  8. I am sure there were worried people. I do believe DP would have retaliated if he had been set free. I don’t think he would have slunk home and lived a quiet life raising his young kids. Far from it

  9. I’m so proud of you girls who have kept this site going for all this time. I see so much crap on other sites, which it looks like they took your information and made their own. Some sites exaggerated evidence as well, for the purpose of getting readers.
    If something were ever to happen to me or someone in my family, we would be lucky to have someone like you guys on our side, you are literally their voice rather you see it or not. You have been documenting the evidence well. The defense has a case o sour grapes, but it is what it is.
    I don’t know if you are friends of any of the victims or what your purpose is, but I am sure the families appreciate you either way.
    God bless you!
    What happens from here with this wonderful site? I suspect you will report on the sentencing. Will you continue until there is Justice for Stacy? If the State Charges Stacy and the POS gets convicted, do you still keep going here? I think you have done a great job with this site.
    I am so emotional right now, I am so happy for the Savio Family.

  10. It must have been such a relief for the barred witnesses to be able to have their say yesterday – even if it was just to the cameras.

    And people like Neil Schori had to just sit quiet all these years knowing that saying anything in public might jeopardize their testimony.

    I’ll never forget when that rat faux-journalist, Derek Armstrong, called the Pastor on the phone for a few minutes and then wrote a story without any authorization.

  11. LA, probably why the bail was so high. If the judge believed that he killed two women to keep them from talking and that he had taken steps to hire a hitman, and asked Tom Morphey if he loved him enough to kill for him, then how could he set him loose on the streets to possibly kill again?

  12. The jurors in the Drew Peterson murder trial are scheduled to hold a press conference at 1 p.m. this afternoon, officials said.

    Will County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said it was unclear whether all 12 jurors would attend but said it was tentatively slated to be held at the Will County administration building at 302 N. Chicago St. in Joliet.,0,1282456.story

  13. Someone asked yesterday about why so long until sentencing. I am assuming it is the same there as it is in my home state. Here you have 60 days (working days) to file an appeal. Sentencing is not held before the appeal process is complete, so it is likely that he still won’t be sentenced in November, that date is set in case there is no appeal. Depending on what grounds they appeal, the appeal could be denied. As we have seen the Appeals court is not rapid.

    As for attorney Lopez, there are many defense attorneys who are respected. It is his tweeting, behavior, attacking of the victims, media tactics, association with Joel Brodsky and his previous behavior that make people hate him. He is not hated because he is a defence attorney, he is hated because he lacks class. There are ways to defend a client and still be respectable.

    My heart goes out to the children and the families. It must be very hard for the children to accept this reality and not have a little misplaced anger. As for the Savio’s and the Cale’s families, while it is a win it does not bring back Kathy or Stacy.

  14. Charmed: very well said. This case is a tragedy all around. My heart goes out to those poor children, who have been deprived of a mother. No doubt, they have been told some negative things about their mothers. Can you imagine being a child and being told your mommy didn’t love you, and ran off and left you? I hope those little ones got some counseling. Drew, obviously thought he was so good he could replace their mom’s. He certainly wasn’t thinking about his children when he drown one mom and made the other disappear.

    The older boys will probably never believe their dad would hurt their mother. Even children of abuse will stand by their abusive parents because they desparately need the love of that parent. JMO

  15. An attorney on In Session just said that she thought the defense was being completely hypocritical because up until the verdict they claimed that they loved the jury and trusted them to deliver a fair verdict. Now they think the jurors didn’t do their job. 🙄

    Also, Lopez showed her some of the tweets he was getting and she said they were no worse than those she had gotten when she had said some things about Tim Tebow.

    Personally, I’ve noticed that Joe has a habit of engaging in bouts of insult slinging via Twitter, including personal insults about people’s appearance based on their avatars, etc. If that’s the level that he sinks to, then I’m not surprised he’s receiving a lot of invective.

  16. Thanks for the nice words, Crimereader!

    There’s no reason for the blog to go away as long as their is interest in the case, and people are looking for information and wanting to discuss.

    I’m not related to or friends with anyone in Stacy or Kathleen’s family, although I’ve talked to some because of my involvement with the blog.

  17. I’m having post-verdict letdown. You know, like the day after a wonderful Christmas, when all of a sudden it’s all over? That’s how I feel.
    InSession is going to carry the press conference?

  18. ~ For Immediate Release ~

    Peterson Jury Press Conference

    Friday September 7th, 2012 – 1:00 p.m.

    There will be a press conference held by 6 to 10 of the Drew Peterson Trial Jurors today, Friday September 7th, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. The press conference will be held on the second floor, outside of the county board room, of the Will County Office Building located at 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet IL 60432 (Google Map Link)…

  19. @ Cheryl..i feel exactly the same…its always that way…a guilty verdict doesn’t bring back the victim and as was said by many people yesterday there are really no winners and losers…just a lot of heartbreak for so many families, especially the kids.

    OTOH…I take satisfaction in seeing our criminal justice work….after recent high profile cases so many people were starting to wonder.

    Cant wait to read reports of the Juror Press Conference to which we non-locals are not privy…(j/k with the “privy” bit Facs)

  20. So they knew Stacy was missing, but didn’t consider that during deliberation. Wonder how human nature can not consider that

  21. As for Kathleen’s sons, I couldn’t agree more with SA Glasgow, that Drew Peterson is a despicable person for trotting them out to speak for him and defend him, when those kids were in no position to know whether or not he was involved in their mom’s death.

    IMO, he should sit in prison just as much for what he did to them after their mom’s death as for killing her.

  22. Some key Jury Feedback
    Juror said…when Harry Smith warned Stacy about “Concealing a Homicide” he knew he was speaking the truth!

    Impressed by Schiro testimony but needed Smith testimony to provide confirmation

    Also said that the hitman was credible as he had nothing to gain by testifying

    Thought Drew’s statement that “they’re going to think i did it” confirmed the accusations about spousal abuse

    Thought there was too many bruises to be anything but a homicide.

    Thought that Peterson cleaning the blood was akin maybe to a murderer returning to the seen of a crime

  23. Other Comments from Jurors
    Coordinated clothes was all about relieving boredom

    Thought both sides had good laywers

    Claims were not annoyed by frequent need to leave courtroom

    Not impressed by Tom Peterson’s testimony

    Demeaned by Cheshire Cat image

    Feet and position of body not consistent with fall

  24. Sounds to me like this jury really paid attention and was able to piece the constantly interrupted testimonies. Good on them!!

  25. Juror says he was initially concerned about lack of physical evidence but when heard about Drew telling Stacy what to say for an alibi that overcame the lack of physical…ie Schori’s testimony was key

    Thought ISP investigation was “wrong”

    All 12 immediately agreed it was a homicide, but 5 jurors at first undecided about Drew’s guilt (4 voted not guilty initially)

    Jurors realized that Smith a defense screw-up as soon as Brodsky referred to a hostile witness

    Jurors saw nothing in attacks on Schori about an affair with Stacy

    Jurors had no problem with idea of hearsay evidence being admitted

    Jurors no plan to go to sentencing

    Alternate juror 1 says she would convicted

    Its all over …with a request for juror privacy

    about 35 mins in total

  26. My overall impression based on listening to those four jurors was they took their job seriously and followed the guidance of the judge to the letter.

    The media tried to goad them into making comments about the change on hearsay law and they refused to be drawn into what is clearly a political rather than legal question…(its now easy to see how a reporter probably put words into Ron Supalo’s mouth last night…especially as the poor guy admitted to being exhausted not having slept much the night before.

    The jurors were diplomatic about the tactics of the Defense attorney but did explicitly say they found the Cheshire cat and other pop culture refs, naming specifically castaway, to be demeaning.

    As for the defense constant interruptions thee jurors stoically accepted it as simply part of their job.

    IMO, all 15 jurors should be proud of themselves…they did good!

  27. Joel Brodsky gave an interview to WLS radio last night and said calling Harry Smith was the right thing to do and his fellow attorneys supported it. Thank God he did since it helped the State to tip in the winning basket.

  28. BTW i always feel sorry for the alternates. The group of 15 develop deep deep bonds over 6 weeks and then with the top of the mountain in sight they are dispatched into a separate room and told to not talk about the case even to themselves.

    To use a Lopez style analogy its like being the person on Apollo 11 mission who unlike Armstrong and Buzz didn’t get to walk on the moon.

  29. Being from Bolingbrook, I’ve been following this from the start. I haven’t looked for this forum for a few years, but I was around back in the days when Lenny (I think) hoaxed DP into sending out romantic emails, and we all had a good laugh over it. I recall someone from the neighborhood relating a story about DP having an affair with a teen, whose brother threatened to tell, but conveniently “hung” himself in his garage. Of course, DP was the officer who found him. Anyone think it’s worth dredging up, and sending off to MSM, so that BBPD can look into it? IF he’s guilty of one crime, it’s possible they will take this seriously.

  30. Joseph R. Lopez ‏@josharrk

    It appears they concluded it was a homicide rather quickly despite the experts they did say we were good lawyers
    Well of course Lopez, that is because they have class and are not going to stoop down to your level on TV and News. Good Grief! You think he needs some reassurance that he is a good lawyer after this case?? LOL

  31. zbunny, I have always wondered about that story. How convenient, he was the first officer at the scene of the brother of a teen he was screwing around with. Seems to be a pattern of his

  32. On the contrary Chitown! Joel is a really good defense/prosecuting attorney and should plan to represent Drew again, when he is charged with Stacy’s murder. 😉


  33. @ Chi…even the Sunglass Hut has its standards…and i doubt they would tolerate his record of inappropriate conduct…remember for he was suspended from the Bar for three months depositing client money is his own safe and accidentally forgetting to mention it to his client. He was also accused of forging a client signature.

    BTW he appealed those charges all the way to the Ill. Supreme Court, before serving his three month suspension in 2004.

    Birds of a Feather and all that!

  34. Interesting interview with Neil Schori. I had not heard the story about what happened during the counseling session at Stacy and Drew’s house.

    According to Neil, Stacy began to share some “graphic” details about things that Drew was doing – not physically abusive – but more psychological, and Drew got quieter and quieter and eventually said he had had enough. He got up from the table and left the room. After a bit, Neil went to look for him and found Drew in his study. Drew was standing behind his desk with both hands behind his back.

    Neil asked him if he was OK and approached him slowly, with his hand extended towards Drew for a handshake and Drew shook his hand, but kept the other hand behind his back, which Neil interpreted as a sort of veiled threat.

    I don’t know if I had heard this before and just forgotten it or if this is new public info, but pretty gripping stuff.

  35. It was Ric Mims who related the story about the friend who was found hung in the garage, but other people who knew the deceased said that although Mims and Drew sometimes hung out with them (Drew just wanted to smoke pot with them, IIRC) that they all thought Mims was a bit of a doofus and that the guy was not found in the garage but in his closet and that he’d left a suicide note.

    That story is one where I just toss up my hands. I have no clue who, if anyone, was telling the truth on that one!

  36. Oxy, don’t you wonder? Neil said there are more details to what Stacy told him at that meeting that he wouldn’t go into right now. I hope he does get a chance to talk about them…at Drew’s trial for Stacy’s murder!

  37. The jurors were diplomatic about the tactics of the Defense attorney but did explicitly say they found the Cheshire cat and other pop culture refs, naming specifically castaway, to be demeaning.

    I was glad to hear them say that because we all thought it was ludicrous that he made so many pop-culture references. The look on the foreman’s face as he answered that question was priceless. It was clear that they felt insulted by the flippant and cartoonish treatment this serious subject received during defense closings.

  38. @ LA …In theory no. In practice no …if they hold the trial in the Fiji Isles. Just kidding …in practice though its hard to believe, there are millions of people who have never heard of Drew Peterson or will have forgotten by the time of the next trial.

    During the trial as long as the defense do not attempt to show Drew’s “good” character, then the State can not inform the jury about his criminal record…(unless he testifies…which he wont)

    OTOH, if there is a way for Joel to screw it up, he will….so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the first conviction end up becoming known to the jury

  39. zbunny: I was around in the beginning and remember that now that you mentioned it. There was also something about a young girl found dead in field, with possible ties to DP. Does anyone remember that?

  40. I hope he gets an attorney and gives an affidavit that can be used JIC-Just In Case-something makes it unable for him to testify for Stacy as he did for Kathleen!
    Don’t like to think where we’d be on this case if he had not testified as he did!

  41. Via Facebook:

    This statement was read today during the news conference held be jurors in the Drew Peterson case:

    Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow and his trial team would like to thank the jurors for their dedication and hard work throughout the course of this long and complicated trial. We have the utmost respect for their service and their commitment to serving the interests of justice. We also wish to respect the privacy of their deliberations in reaching this important verdict. We wish them all the best in their lives.

  42. SA Glasgow just gave a compelling and informative interview on WLS radio. They will likely post it on their podcast section soon. You can go there to listen to yesterdays interviews with Judge Jeanine, Dr Baden, Lopez and Brodsky about the trial verdict. Entertaining stuff. Worth the visit. Click on LISTEN tab, Podcasts, Roe & Roper

  43. Thanks, Chitown.

    Glasgow has another statement on FB:

    Will County State’s Attorney

    I would like to thank everyone who offered their congratulations online and on our streets regarding this critically important conviction. This case has always been about bringing justice on behalf of Kathleen Savio and her family. Stacy Peterson’s voice played an important role in the prosecution of this case. We hope one day soon to deliver justice in her name also. Thank you also to my trial team, John Connor, Kathy Patton, Chris Koch, Colleen Griffin and Marie Czech for their dedication and hard work. Finally, I realize there are other cases that cry out for justice. We have not forgotten – not for one moment – about Lisa Stebic or the victims of the Lane-Bryant shootings. We will continue to work tirelessly with our local police to bring justice and closure in these important investigations as well.

    – State’s Attorney James Glasgow

  44. @ charmed4sr

    As I understand it in Illinois and most states the time for appeal is 30 days after the conviction.

    That appeal will take many months…sometimes be heard. There is no way that Illinois will delay the sentencing hearing until after the outcome.

    I recognize every state has different rules, but usually the appellate process in the major states is over-worked hence the lengthy delay.

    BTW, after the sentencing Peterson can file another appeal about what ever sentence he receives.

    And after that he can appeal for all sorts of post-conviction relief is new evidence not available at time of trial suddenly show up…but it better be real good …a video of someone else killing Stacy …to get a hearing.

    In any case Peterson will likely appeal beyond the State system into the Federal system.meaning the final confirmation may not be know for 10 -15 years. Only in America!

  45. I’m sorry I missed the jurors being interviewed. I’m not in the habit of watching television during the day so didn’t turn it on this morning. I’m two hours behind here too, being on the west coast, and just catching up.

    I’m glad to see that the jurors were astute and saw the crucial testimony from Neil Schori and Harry Smith, and that the forensic testimony from Dr. Blum and Dr. Case made an impression.

    Even though I’m not in the habit of watching television during the day, I had a small television here in my “office” yesterday tuned into Headline News from the moment I learned that a verdict had been reached.

    Two things I saw on television yesterday have peaked my interest. Beth Karas interviewed a number of key people in this case. When she interviewed Stacy’s sister, Cassandra, Cassandra let it slip that Drew will definitely be prosecuted for Stacy’s disappearance. Beth mentioned this saying something to the effect that Cassandra had slipped up and Cassandra smiled and acknowledged that.

    Later, Beth said she had something to tell that had never been revealed before. She said that Neil Schori met with Stacy at a Starbucks on August 31, 2007. During their meeting a police cruiser circled Starbucks several times. They presumed it was Drew checking up on Stacy. A while later Drew called Schori and said he noticed that Schori met with Stacy and asked if Schori wanted to meet with him. He told Schori that he had an airplane and asked if Schori would like to go up for a plane ride. Beth stated her opinion that if Schori had accepted that invitation, he might have ended up being pushed out of the plane.

    I got to thinking…………in his interview with Greta Van Susteran back in 2007, Neil Schori said several times that “he wasn’t comfortable saying any more about that” or that he couldn’t discuss that further.

    I have the feeling that there’s probably a lot more that Neil Schori might know, perhaps additional information Stacy told him, that’s being withheld pending a trial for Stacy’s disappearance.

    Another thing I’ve though of………now that Drew Peterson has been convicted of first degree murder and looking at a lengthy prison sentence that amounts to life in prison……….maybe someone who knows something about Stacy’s disappearance and whom has been afraid to come forward in fear of Drew, now will come forward knowing that Drew is going to prison.

    Another thought……….we now know that Drew didn’t pull of the perfect murder. He was sloppy and left behind a lot of clues. Maybe he didn’t pull off the perfect murder with Stacy either. Maybe it’s now just a matter of finding the clues that will lead to what happened to her.

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