Steven Greenberg may stay on Drew Peterson team after all

During a post-verdict court date this morning, convicted murderer, Drew Peterson, and Attorney Steven Greenberg had a friendly 30-minute tête-à-tête.

At the end of their talk, Greenberg asked the court to continue his motion to withdraw until November 16th at Peterson’s request.

Asked about the postponement attorney Greenberg quipped, “I love Drew, Drew loves me“. But Attorney Joel Brodsky, who had filed the motion to terminate Greenberg claiming that the veteran attorney of over 100 murder trials had not done his job, stated to reporters that Peterson is postponing Greenberg’s firing merely to ensure that his attorney/client privilege is intact while he confronts Greenberg (ostensibly over his poor performance).

Considering the very public feud that took place last month between Brodsky and Greenberg, one can only guess that the truth of the matter lies somewhere in the middle. One might also wonder if Greenberg is considering returning to the fold only on certain terms.

Peterson’s sentencing date is still set for November 26th and a court date for hearings is scheduled for October 18.

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36 thoughts on “Steven Greenberg may stay on Drew Peterson team after all

  1. I should know better by now than to stay away from here for very long! I appreciate so much knowing where to come to catch up.
    Instant and heartfelt thank you to Sue for being our voice against domestic violence.
    Do we know for sure that was actually Joe Lopez’ post on the previous thread?
    Thank goodness Illinois has decided to allow prior information on physical abuse! What took them so long? Too many attorneys and judges involved in domestic abuse?
    Greenberg’s a better man than I am…I’m afraid I would have laughed in his face and sung the “Bye-Bye” song as I undarkened his doorway.

  2. Hi Cheryl. Yes, that was Joe Lopez.
    As for Greenberg, I don’t give him any karma points for wanting to stay on the team. Now if he gives Drew a “me or him” ultimatum, that will be interesting!

  3. Thank you, Facs. What a despicable comment. I was hoping it was a feeble and unappreciated attempt at sarcasm. Sigh. Too much to hope for. I’ve got to just consider the source.

  4. My guess is that he thinks the law is redundant (just a guess tho). I told him via twitter that people here took his comment as a “hit and run”. He might come back to explain what he meant.

  5. Something doesn’t feel kosher with these latest developments. Something is up, or is DP playing with the lawyers?

  6. Anna, I don’t think there’s a chance of successful appeal from all that we’ve been told by Judge White and many knowledgeable lawyers, but when Drew and his defenders do strange things, it makes me suspicious and nervous! 😦

  7. I think Drew is doing what Drew does best. Pitting one lawyer against the other one, just like he did Kathleen and Stacy. Had them fighting each other, while he sat back and pulled the strings, and pushed their buttons, to get them to do exactly as he wanted them to do. While he sat back and acted sooo innocent!!! He will always be in Control.., and do whatever it takes to whoever, to get the best for him……… Brodsky should have expected this to happen, he knows Drew, better than anyone, maybe he did know, that is why he did the facebook letter against Greenberg. (who knows, maybe Drew encouraged that, also). Last ditch effort to stop this from happening. Since Brodsky always does the wrong thing, it back fired and sent Greenberg into a rage against him, instead of a rage against Drew, for firing him. Just what Drew wanted. And this is the result of it,
    Not that I feel sorry for any of them. They all deserve whatever they get out of this. I hope they all loose….Big Time. Just like everyone else has, that has been involved with Drew. Nothing good has ever came out of being around him. So Good Luck Stevie Boy, You are going to need it…Your day will come, when you wished you had never seen Drew Peterson, just like everyone else’s has………He will turn on you, too, just like he does everyone, when he has no more use for them.
    Drew is weighing his best chances for an appeal, with which lawyer. Maybe getting Greenberg to agree to stay on, pro bono, as his attorney, in Stacy’s case. In trade for throwing Brodsky under bus now, and letting him be lead attorney on this case. I have felt for a while, that is why Greenberg wrote that letter and sent it to Drew, and the media; since he cannot legally solicit Drew to be his attorney. Looks like it just may have worked for him. IMO

  8. Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to be so long. I just get so mad, at all of this BS. going on, and Drew getting to stay in jail, instead of going to prison, where he belongs.
    LA you are right….He needs to be in Prison !!!

  9. Jeannie, You said it better then I could have. I do believe DP is still pulling the strings. He is not smart, but he is streetwise and having been a cop, he knows the system. Sometimes that is all it takes to survive. IF DP fires JB, watch a major meltdown happen. Something is just so basically wrong with what is going on, I cannot put my finger on it. But I do believe DP is still pulling the puppet strings. He is very dangerous, and I hope he never sees freedom again

  10. LA,
    You are so right about Brodsky, not too bright. That is why it is so easy for DP to Control him. Brodsky is stupid enough to believe that DP actually likes him enough to stick with him. DP is an Abuser, and Murderer. He has no feelings for anyone, except himself. He will throw anyone under the bus. He is not above murder, to get his way, and what he wants. That has been Proven in Court !!! You are right, DP is a very dangerous man, and belongs in prison for the rest of his life !!!!

  11. What really ticks me off at Stevie, Boy Wonder, is that he laid out his whole case against Brodsky in that letter, for DP to read, and let him have plenty of time, after reading it, to think about it, before they met in Court this morning. That does not seem right to me, somehow. Then they go into Court, and get plenty of time to talk to each other, Before Court starts. Then DP gets more time to make final decision about Stevie Boy.
    Which means another month delay in sentencing. That way, he can make a deal with Stevie Boy, and have more time to decide what to do about Brodsky. All the while, delaying his sentencing date.

  12. Ooops should have said “ineffective assistance of counsel” in my earlier remark :-)… showing my ignorance! LA, Jeannie, I agree – it will be such a relief when Drew finally goes to prison where he belongs, with no chance to ever harm anyone again. He’s caused so much pain for so many.

  13. reading all the comments IMO DP is definitely doing the same things with his lawyers as he did with his wives….he is playing them…and his game is to stay out of the big house as long as possible…play the system….he knows it well…they have a case against him with Staci….he knows brodsky messed up….he will want Greenberg there…this is not over ….but it’s in the final mile..he will be in prison the rest of his life….

  14. Get ready for another delay of sentencing, because Stevie boy, will ask for an extension on Nov. 16, because he will say he didn’t have time to prepare his motion, after DP decided to keep him on. Giving DP another postponement, for his trip to the Big House.

  15. They’re just putting off the inevitable … temporarily! How’s that for being in control? It’s only a matter of time before DP’s sinking ship hits another iceberg!

  16. I agree with you judgin, and don’t get me wrong. I am certainly glad that Brodsky is getting his due, but I just don’t like the way Greenberg went about it. Of course, guess he didn’t have a choice, since DP had fired him, and he seems like he is determined to defend DP, if for no other reason, to get back at JB.
    Just seems like DP always gets extra stuff, that no other person in that position would get. Like getting to read that letter from Greenberg, and having time to think about it, and time to talk to him in Court, and even going into another room, for privacy, Before Court that morning. Why does he get the special treatment? Who else gets to do that? Most convicted murderers go into Court, and it goes into Session. Not make everyone sit there, and wait on a convicted murderer to talk to an attorney that he had made the choice to fire; while he makes up his mind, if he wants to keep him on or really let him go. That is what made me mad. Just seems like they bend over backwards to give DP whatever he wants.
    But, the good thing is, he did get convicted, and will end up in prison, no matter how many things he pulls, before he gets there. His Day is Coming.

  17. I hate to be put in the position of defending Peterson, but everyone has the right to effective counsel, even after conviction.

    I’m glad he had the long sit down talk with Greenberg so that in the future it can be shown that he thoroughly understood his options when it comes to his representation.

    If he decides to stick with Joel Brodsky and boot Greenberg then he does so after Greenberg has explained his version of events and defended his counsel. It will be hard for Drew to try to claim later that he was in the dark or misled by counsel into thinking that Joel was his best option.

    That said, I’m not sure why this took place during a court date. Greenberg could have made arrangements to visit and talk to him earlier.

    To me, all this stuff is like the earlier appeals and motions. By making sure Drew has the full benefit of his legal rights, it will ultimately mean a slimmer chance of appealing the conviction and springing him from jail down the line.

  18. October is domestic violence awareness month and Kathleen Savio’s sisters hope that her death at the hands of Drew Peterson and his conviction last month for that murder will give other victims hope.

    “I want other women to know that, other families to know that you’re not alone,” said Kathleen Savio’s sister Sue.

    “Eight long years we pushed, just keep pushing,” explained Savio’s other sister, Anna Doman. “I mean eight years is a long time and just keep pushing don’t stop, but maybe they won’t have to push, maybe people will start to listen now.”

    Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow told the hundreds of people at the rally the convictions of Peterson and Vaughn were major victories against domestic violence in general.

    “We’ve got to deal with this beast called domestic violence but in think this year we drove a stake through the heart of that beast,” Glasgow commented.

  19. Thanks Facs for putting things in perspective for us. We tend to get upset with the wheels of justice turning so slowly, but how much worse must it be for all the close friends and families of these victims! They’ve suffered so much more for so long.

  20. Facs,
    I’m sorry, didn’t mean to put you into a position of feeling like you had to defend DP. I agree, everyone deserves effective counsel. Even D.P. I was just questioning the way it came about, that’s all.
    I was more concerned with DP keeping Greenberg. But you explained it all very well.
    Thanks. Better to get it straight now, than later.

  21. It’s amazing to me how the system works..all the time consuming rituals of our courts…DP was found guilty…so if the attorneys fire back and forth at each other…he gets more time in the local jail..I want everything done by the book..the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted…but I see where the treatment of DP is different…the publicity was over the top…the attorneys worked not for money but to see their faces on TV…we know who they are now…it was a circus from the day Staci went missing…DP has gotten everything and more than he deserves…

  22. It is not time consuming rituals, it is due process. DP was found guilty, but he also has the right to appeal. He is not special, this is how every convict is treated. Sentencing does not happen until the appeal process is complete. This saves time and money transporting the person back and forth for court proceedings. The procedure is different for someone who enters a plea, where they accept guilt but usually to a lesser charge or less time serves or taking the death penalty off the table. The only thing that I have seen that is not normal is the public display DP’s attorney have made. It is theatrics to get publicity? could be….quite honestly I would never hire anyone who acted like that in public.

  23. I can’t help but feel that all the drama between Greenburg and Brodsky during and after the trial was staged to provide a stronger appeal foundation. If Drew can show his attorneys were at war and not acting in his best interest, he may get himself a new trial. If you look at the performance of all his attorneys, it leaves me considerably unimpressed. Greenburg and Lopez certainly did not live up to their reputations.

  24. Authorities: New attorney for Drew Peterson seeks to overturn conviction

    By Stacy St. Clair Tribune reporter
    5:45 p.m. CDT, October 9, 2012

    As Drew Peterson awaits sentencing for murder, a new attorney is seeking to overturn his conviction based upon possible mistakes made by his defense team leader, court records show.
    Naperville attorney John Paul Carroll


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