Sisters of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio to speak at domestic violence event

Sue Doman

Peterson in-laws to speak at domestic violence event
Tom Collins, Staff Writer, LaSalle News Tribune

Each year Zonta International holds a luminary to support the often silent victims of domestic violence. This year, the group welcomes two speakers who can testify to the pain of abuse.

Sue Doman and Cassandra Cales will speak at the program scheduled at 6:45 p.m. Thursday at First Congregational Church in Ottawa, following an awareness walk beginning at 6:30 p.m. across the street in Washington Square.

Doman and Cales are the respective the sisters of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, both of whom were married to convicted murderer Drew Peterson. Savio was drowned in a bathtub — Drew recently was convicted of her murder — while Stacy Peterson disappeared and has never been found.

Cassandra Cales

Diane Martin, a Zonta member and assistant La Salle County circuit clerk, approached both women and found them eager to speak about their experiences at Thursday’s event.

“They are extremely excited about spreading the word about domestic violence,” Martin said. “Cassandra also hopes the more exposure they get then perhaps someone will find Stacy and bring her home.”

The event is sponsored by the Zonta Clubs of Ottawa, La Salle-Peru and Streator.

Anyone who’s been victimized by domestic violence is encouraged to contact ADV/SAS toll-free at (800) 892-3375.

For more information, contact Susan Bursztynsky at

Source: LaSalle News Tribune

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20 thoughts on “Sisters of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio to speak at domestic violence event

  1. 10/23/2012 Impounded Document-Order For Contact Visit

    This means a face-to-face visit with Drew (no window in between them, no video conference). I don’t know who is visiting him though, or why they needed to see him face to face.

  2. I know they say that “all press is good” but surely, posing next to a washed-up ex-shock jock wielding a bloody pig’s head and a meat cleaver isn’t exactly the kind of exposure Joel Brodsky needs?

  3. Facs,
    On that face to face meeting with Drew. Wonder if he has gotten another attorney to look into firing Brodsky, and filing for new trial? Doesn’t he have to make a decision about that pretty soon?

    I believe he may be getting pretty serious, about firing Joel, and keeping Greenberg and Lopez.

  4. And for this, they all fight to represent Drew, pro bono ??????

    That picture just shows what caliber of attorney that Joel truly is. All that is missing in that photo, is Drew.
    Lucky for Drew, he is locked up, or Joel would have him in that picture with them.

  5. Facs,
    Just read your tweets, should have read them first. Yeah, a Doctor would have to see him face to face.
    Didn’t think of that. I thought that if you were sick in jail, they automatically took you to the Dr. Isn’t that where his cell is?

  6. Well, Joe Lopez said that it isn’t for a doctor visit, and it’s true that Drew has filed motions in the past for face-to-face meetings with attorneys so this could just be one more.

  7. I believe only attorneys are allowed to have face to face visits with him. Visitors have to see him thru a glass window. There is a phone there where you can talk to him on the phone and look at him thru the glass window. He is not allowed contact visits other than with legal representation. If he needed a doctor and they couldn’t treat him there , they would take him to the nearest hospital.

  8. I’ve seen motions for contact visits with psychologists, in order to conduct an evaluation either before trial or during sentencing, but Joe Lopez has indicated that is not the case with this motion. I imagine this motion is for a face-to-face visit with an attorney, but the question would be which attorney?

  9. how does one person get so many free attorneys…I guess that’s why they charge other people so much…I also agree that this being a high profile trial…the media attention…but it’s all been negative…Glasgow even said everytime DP did an interview it was a nail in his coffin…for brodsky to have his picture taken like that..well…I guess he’s a desperate man..yea..DP needs a new attorney…but brodsky will keep him in jail…

  10. From Facebook:

    Sue Savio
    I truly was honored last night to get an award for my dedication in spreading the awareness,advocating and assisting survivors of domestic violence. The award was giving by zonta club of lasalle-peru area,member of zonta international. I never wanted or expected this. I also was able to meet a lot of wonderful people last night. The lord has made this happen for me. Please support me as I do this in honor of my sister kathleen savio. She is the one with the lord to get me where I am. Thanks so much to all the supporters that came to see me,and esp to the zonta club. sue.diane etc god bless you all !!! Also please pray for susan miliano she is my hero !!

  11. Sue Doman could only stand to say his name once — his name being “Drew Peterson.”

    Doman, sister of Kathleen Savio, who was murdered by Peterson, spoke Thursday night at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Ottawa during an event against domestic violence. The function, attended by about 100 people, was sponsored by the Zonta Clubs of Ottawa, Streator and La Salle-Peru. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

    In saying she was only going to mention Peterson once, Doman said she was tired of hearing about him. Doman testified at the recent trial in Will County in which Peterson was convicted of slaying Savio, his third wife, in 2004.

    Doman applauded the efforts of groups such as Zonta and the 13th Judicial Circuit Family Violence Prevention Council — the circuit takes in the counties of La Salle, Grundy and Bureau — to head off for other women the fate suffered by her sister.

    “If someone had been there to take her (Savio’s) hand and take her out of there, she’d be alive,” Doman observed.

    After Doman finished speaking, the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

    Cassandra Cales, sister of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who vanished five years ago this month, also was to speak Thursday at the church but could not make the event. One of Stacy’s sisters has lived in Ottawa, and another one lived in Marseilles until dying of natural causes in 2006.

  12. Sue,
    I am so glad to see some good, finally coming out of all of this. Sue, you deserve an award, and recognition for your work in domestic violence. You and your family have been through so many horrible things. It is your time to be an example for other families, and to help them, Before a family member looses their life. Just as if Kathleen had had the right kind of guidance, maybe she would be alive today.
    I know you feel her spirit walking with you,

    May God Bless you and your family as you journey forward in your new work, of helping others.

  13. Exactly five years ago, Stacy disappeared from her Bolingbrook home, hours after sending her sister a late-night text that read, “I’ll call you if I can’t sleep, but I’m gonna try now.” Her disappearance three years after the mysterious bathtub death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, triggered a media firestorm fueled by Peterson’s mocking appearances on national TV.

    The criminal investigation that followed was perhaps the most expensive in Will County history, costing more than $1 million, involving numerous searches for Stacy’s body across the state and generating more than 40,000 pages of police files, authorities say.

    Prosecutors have said they believe Peterson murdered Stacy, likely by strangling her in their bedroom, to prevent her from divorcing him. The question now is whether Peterson, who said Stacy left him for another man, will ever be charged.

    Peterson, who will be 59 when he is sentenced next year, already faces 60 years in prison for Savio’s 2004 bathtub drowning. After Peterson’s September conviction — due, in part, to Stacy’s revelations to a pastor and attorney, jurors said — prosecutors talked of taking a new look at Stacy’s case. But her family said nothing has happened.

    “It’s kind of upsetting to me,” Stacy’s sister Cassandra Cales said. “I thought after the conviction that the focus would turn to Stacy. But that’s not what happened. I know she played an important role in Kathleen’s trial, but I don’t think she has had her day. I don’t feel like there has been justice for Stacy yet.”

    Cales, 27, continues to search for her sister Stacy, though she no longer leads large groups on expeditions. Instead, she tries to follow tips that she receives from her website — — and scours only the local area.

    After five long years, Cales said she needs to find her sister’s body for more than just peace of mind. She wants to locate it to clear Stacy’s name, to disprove Peterson’s assertions that Stacy left him for another man and is romping on a beach somewhere in a bikini.

    “It’s time-consuming and exhausting,” she said. “But I feel like it’s something I have to do for my sister’s memory. There is no way she would leave her children. She wanted to leave Drew, not the kids.”,0,287340.story

  14. If Peterson is prosecuted for Stacy’s disappearance, the defense most likely would paint her as a young mother who cheated on her older husband and resented the responsibility of raising four children. Peterson’s attorneys likely would also tell the jury that Stacy is much like her mother, who vanished in 1998 and has not been heard from since.

    The defense also contends that there’s no physical evidence suggesting that Peterson caused Stacy’s disappearance or that she was killed inside the family’s Bolingbrook home.

    The Savio trial, however, was entirely circumstantial, and jurors still found the state’s case compelling enough to convict.

    “It’s an entirely different case,” defense lawyer Lopez said of the comparison between the two investigations. “There won’t be any hearsay. There won’t be anyone testifying that she was murdered because no one can even prove that she’s dead.”

    Cales plans to spend Sunday quietly with family, perhaps cooking a large meal and sharing stories about Stacy. She wishes she could be with Stacy’s children, Anthony and Lacy, but she has been barred from seeing them since their mother disappeared. They are living with one of Drew Peterson’s adult sons.

    She hopes someday they’ll reach out to her, and, when they do, she’ll be able to show them everything she has done in their mother’s memory.

    “It’s been a living hell for the past five years,” Cales said. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Stacy and her kids. And that’s why I’m not giving up.”

  15. can’t something be done legally that she can at least have visitation with her niece and nephew….he was found guilty of murder…cassandra is only guilty of loving her sister and family…what part of that is difficult to understand…the son who is taking care of them was fired from his job for doing something that was possibly illegal….dp lost his fathering rights…he will die in jail….the kids have the right to be with their family…Kathleen’s boys are of age to make their own decisions but Stacy’s are not …

  16. The problem is that aunts and uncles don’t have any legal right to access with their nieces and nephews.

    Think of it this way. Suppose you had a falling out with your sister over…whatever and you decided you didn’t want your kids spending time with her. Wouldn’t you be irate if someone said you HAD to let her visit with them? As long as you are their parent, it’s your right to decide who they see and who they don’t.

    Just on the level of decency and in light of Drew’s conviction for murder, it seems like the right thing to do would be to let the children visit with all of Stacy’s family, but legally he’s not obligated to do so. Drew Peterson has not lost his fathering rights, even though he’s incarcerated so as long as Stephen is willing to carry out Drew’s wishes, he can still dictate who they are allowed to see.

    I know Cassandra has legally pursued visitation and these are the obstacles she has faced. Maybe if Drew is convicted of murdering Stacy she will have better luck.

  17. That is such a sad situation for Cassandra, and Stacy’s kids. I feel so bad for all of them.
    Drew will never agree to her seeing them, because he knows she would tell them the truth, and they just might believe her. He is just trying to use the kids, to force everyone to not say anything against him. If they want to see the kids, they have to play by his rules, and the families just can’t do that. I have to agree with the families. How can you pretend he didn’t kill your sister, when you know he did, so you can see the kids. That is the choice Drew is giving them. Since Cassandra spoke out about him, to the authorities, he has refused to let her see the kids. No wonder so many people hate that man. He is the very essence of Evil. He doesn’t care about Anybody, but himself.
    He did the same thing to Kathleen’s family. They spoke out against him, so they were not allowed to see the kids. Then he tells the kids that no one cared about them, no one ever came to see them.
    I am so glad that evil, evil man is locked up, for life, I hope..

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