Nothing found in five-day search for Stacy Peterson’s remains at Shorewood park

Law Enforcement Officials also Utilize Investigative Resources for Training Purposes

Will County – Illinois State Police (ISP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed today that an ongoing investigation into the Stacy Peterson case has concluded after a weeklong search of the Hammel Woods Forest Preserve in Shorewood, Illinois.

State Police investigators and FBI agents have been at the scene since Monday, November 5. The 400 acre preserve is a vast area and search efforts were underway utilizing FBI investigative resources, including canines. Officials declined to confirm details of the investigation for security reasons.

“The Illinois State Police’s top priority is to preserve the integrity of an investigation and any comments or details released during the investigative process could potentially compromise our efforts,” said ISP Zone 3 Commander Michael Cooke.

Law enforcement officials confirmed no “tip” was provided and search efforts were part of the ongoing investigation of the Peterson case. Law enforcement officials also pointed to the unique opportunity to utilize FBI resources and for agency cross training at the scene.

“Anytime we have the ability to work with other law enforcement and public safety agencies on specialized investigations, we take full advantage of the available resources and expertise to strengthen our techniques and strategies,” Cooke added.

The Plainfield Fire Department was also on the scene and assisted with the search efforts.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that this search has concluded and nothing was found. The Peterson investigation remains on-going.

Illinois State Police press release

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24 thoughts on “Nothing found in five-day search for Stacy Peterson’s remains at Shorewood park

  1. C’mon folks don’t lose hope. The investigation is still ongoing, and I don’t think Glasgow or the ISP will give up on it. Just keep up the hopes and prayers, and don’t let Stacy be forgotten.

    oh, and Anna thanks for asking about the 403 motions – had I been on the computer I’d probably have asked hee hee – you saved me 😀 !

  2. I just wish they would find her body so that Drew scumbag Peterson would never have a chance of getting out of jail. They were searching there because Stacey had a male. Friend that lived around there and it was stated Drew was going to try to frame this guy. I believe that is what triggered the search. I thought that after Steve Greenberg was fired I might have some respect for him but now that he is back on the Drew bandwagon no way lost all respect for him.

  3. I’m not losing hope …I was just hoping this was the place…have we given up on a storage unit..I went back today and did some research…drew was so evil..when he went on that motorcycle trip …was he on it the whole time…maybe he met up with someone..

  4. I agree. Typically the FBI is going to stay quiet.

    Think about it. If they revealed that they found something, the press would be all over them. If they say nothing was found, everything dies down quickly.

  5. Me too – unanimous so far :-). We won’t be told what may have been found, if anything. But I’m sure looking forward to hearing it all at Drew’s trial for Stacy! At the very least this was another thorough search, using the specialized dogs this time which is encouraging. Glad they are still working on it!

  6. I keep coming back to what Thomas Morphey said.

    I can’t remember whether it was he was originally going to put her (according to TM) – either at Shorewood or in the storage locker he wanted TM to rent – but it was said He said Drew told him he was going to put Stacy’s remains there and go back in six months when the heat of the investigation had cooled and move them to somewhere they would never, ever be found.

    I’m starting to think that is what happened.

  7. Morphey also said Peterson confided that Stacy was cheating on him with two possible lovers, one of whom he wanted to frame for Stacy’s murder. Peterson asked him to drive Stacy’s car to Shorewood, where one of Stacy’s men lived, and leave the car there with the keys in the ashtray in an attempt to lead the cops there, Morphey said. He also said Peterson tried to get him to rent a storage locker in Romeoville. “He said he wanted it in my name, that he would pay me $200 up front to rent it and when that ran out, he (would give) me more money. Concerned about a decomposing body beginning stink, Morphey said he asked, “What about the smell?” but Peterson reassured him. “He said a sealed container, he said it would be air-tight,” Morphey said. “He said I should check it from time to time to make sure there was no odor.” “He’d leave the container there for six months until the smoke cleared and then he’d dispose of it,” Morphey said, and “If something happened to him, if he had a heart attack, to dump it in the canal.”


    Morphey has immunity so if he did know anything about the actual rental of a unit I think he would have said something by now. I’m not sure how it works as far as his testimony though. I mean, he swore to tell the truth and the whole truth and he says that he helped load the container and then Drew dropped him at home.

    That doesn’t mean that Drew didn’t store the container in a unit, but if he did, he got someone else to rent it, or rented it himself. And if he did it during the first 24 hours, he did it without being detected.

  8. Don’t forget the witness that the National Enquirer was touting a little while ago. That witness was not new and is known to the defense team (at least that’s what they say), so the tip actually could be an old one.

  9. Looking forward to the hearing this Fri. Maybe that will add some grist for the mill, but am afraid it will just be a request for more time for the “new” lawyer to organize his motion for ineffective assistance, or whatever…

  10. that’s probably true win….but he has 2 new and 4 old and that argument may be a little on the stale side..he had his day in court with all the beenies…it was unanimous with the jury and the people in the court yard….I was thinking over the weekend that drew may try to deal if and when he goes to trial for Stacy….her body for a lighter sentence…he’s 58..even 30 yrs. would make him 88…plus time for Stacy…at least the family would have closure…

  11. Human remains found near Cal-Sag Channel in Riverdale
    Updated: Nov 12, 2012 11:48 AM CST
    CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) –
    Human remains were discovered near the Cal-Sag Channel in the Far South Side Riverdale neighborhood, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office said Sunday.
    At least one human bone belonging to a male was recently found in an area near 13050 S. State St., according to the medical examiner.
    It is unclear how many bones were found or how long they are believed to have been in the park.
    It was initially believed the area was located in south suburban Riverdale, but police there said the address was in Chicago.
    Chicago Police had no information on the discovery.

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