Drew Peterson’s stars & stripes bandana up for auction on eBay

Drew Peterson's bandana is signed to " Ellie" Brodsky

Drew Peterson’s bandana is signed to ” Ellie” Brodsky, wife of his former attorney.

The last time it was his a motorcycle. Now convicted murderer Drew Peterson’s famous American flag bandana is being auctioned on eBay.

In a listing by new seller “relax-2000”, a plethora of Drew Peterson-related items is up for auction with a starting bid of 99 cents and no bids as of 10 o’clock Saturday night. The items are described as:

  • Drew Peterson Exposed book by Derek Armstrong. Inside cover signed by Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky
  • Original, signed letter by Joel A. Brodsky on his attorney’s office letterhead
  • American flag bandana signed by Drew Peterson. “To Ellie Love Drew”
  • Picture of Drew Peterson wearing the bandana filmed by numerous News Networks. Picture printed from one of the News internet websites.
  • Joel A. Brodsky’s business card

Although the item location is given as Bolingbrook, Illinois, it’s evident that the items were at one time all owned by Peterson’s former attorney, Joel Brodsky and his wife Elizabeth “Ellie” Brodsky.

Mrs. Brodsky tweeted earlier this evening that she believes in Drew Peterson’s guilt and hopes he does not get a new trial saying, he “creeped me out”.


According to the listing, 20% of the sale will go to the nonprofit Mutual Ground Inc. in Aurora, Illinois, which provides services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Is Mutual Ground even aware that they have been named as a recipient for this auction?


The letter, dated October 23, 2012, reads:

This letter certifies that the signature on the American Flag scarf is that of Drew Peterson, and he signed it in front of me. The signature is on the American flag scarf that Drew Peterson wore when he was video taped in late October, 2007.

Very truly yours,
Joel. A Brodsky

Could it be that Joel Brodsky is still interested in profiting from his relationship with Drew Peterson? If he really wants to do some good, why not donate 100% of the proceeds or better yet, just burn the bandana and make a donation?

Will this auction be allowed to run its course, or will it be pulled from eBay as the auction for Peterson’s motorcycle was?

UPDATE 1/27/2013: According to Elizabeth Brodsky, Drew Peterson signed his bandana and gave it to her thinking it was “cute”. Years ago she gave the bandana to an employee of the University Club because she didn’t want it in her house. According to her the man said that he lived near Drew Peterson so she replied, “Good, here, you can have souvenir” and bestowed it upon him. She hasn’t seen the man lately and wonders if he is now unemployed.

No explanation though as to how Joel Brodsky came to write a letter of authenticity for the item three months ago (right after he stopped representing Peterson), nor how the man also came to have the book signed by both Drew and Joel, and one of Joel’s business cards.

Budenz's bandana signed to "Uncle Dan"

Budenz’s bandana signed to “Uncle Dan”

Old friend of Drew Peterson’s, Dr. Dan Budenz, has chimed in to claim that he is also an owner of a Peterson-signed bandana, which was signed and given to him when Drew took his kids to spend Christmas of 2007 in Florida as his house guests. Budenz later went on to self-publish a bizarre book about the Peterson case. The bandana bears a personalized autograph to “Uncle Dan”. Budenz claims that his is the bandana Drew wore on camera in October 2007.

Budenz says that his bandana is not for sale.

UPDATE 1/31/13: The auction has ended with only one bid of 99 cents. The reserve was not met so the item went unsold.

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75 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s stars & stripes bandana up for auction on eBay

  1. I wonder if Mutual Ground even knows that they are a part of this auction.

    Would they really go along with benefiting from the sale of something that belonged to a murderer?

  2. They don’t handle rejection well do they?
    I thought Joel was an attorney? Uh, isn’t DP new defense accusing Joel of using this case for publicity & a cash cow, doesn’t Joel know better? I think this just proves that Joel was trying to cash in, how else would Joel have gotten this bandanna etc. I know it says to Ellie, but maybe she … U know what I’m saying. Why not burn it? What fools these two are.

  3. The whole thing shows just how clueless these people are. They live in their own fantasy world where they still see themselves, and Drew, as celebrities.

    Narcissistic people only see themselves in a positive light. They have no clue how they come across to others.


  4. Ellie GAVE that bandana away??? Since when does she give anything away when she is selling her shoes and everything that isn’t nailed down?

  5. And at the same time Joel gave away his signed copy of “Exposed” and then in October he wrote a letter of authenticity for the guy and got it to him along with a business card and then the guy waited a couple months and decided to sell it all on eBay, while giving a little bit to charity? Hmmm. OK.

  6. The real Peterson Bandana is owned by the author of “Analyzing Monsters” as confirmed in the photo section of the most comprehensive and true book about the Drew Peterson case. Peterson gave signed it in Florida when the author opened his safe house for use by the four youngest of Peterson’s six children and Drew Peterson in order to help the family escape the media madness over the remainder of the holiday season.The signed quote in the book photo is much different and is a fake as is most likely the Brodsky assurance and signature. The bandana is not for sale.

  7. P.U.

    Nevermind. The listing should be coming down in 3….2…..1, the bandana makes it a banned item, just like the motorcycle. Something about items relating to a violent felon, ie. murderabilia….

    Elizabeth doesn’t rhyme with “smellie”. 😦

    Love JB’s terms and conditions. Thanx, fax. ha ha ha. I think I should raise my prices according to how many people I’m not working for, too. Lawyers. :rolls eyes:

  8. What makes this all so amusing to me is….

    1. Brodsky must be desperate for money.
    2. He must have had a gag order placed on him and now his wife is taking up the cause of trashing Peterson.
    3. His wife is no smarter than he is.

  9. Re Dr. Dan’s claims above: Looks like Drew must have been handing out signed bandanas like Joel Brodsky hands out pens.

    So is Budenz calling Mrs. Brodsky a liar when she says that Drew signed the bandana for her, thinking it would be cute?

  10. I’ll give Mrs. Brodsky credit for

    a.) unblocking me on Twitter
    b.) answering my question
    c.) Being more civil in her answers than her husband

    Naturally she doesn’t like the negative attention that she’s getting from an item of murderabilia with her name on it being up for auction on eBay.

    But the fact remains that it’s there, and it’s for sale.

  11. Looks like they’ve all been punked. Apparently DP made many originals. He’s such a nice guy! Just never thought anyone would ever find out!

  12. The Bandana Caper is just as twisted as all the other details of Drew Peterson’s life and anything he touches… Anything associated with him seems to take on a disgusting stench. This sounds to me like someone using Ebay for a bit of publicity. I just have to wonder “who gains anything from this latest little twist??” The money from these items is paltry. I can picture Brodsky on TV now, claiming he’s the victim of dirty tricks perpetrated to bolster the “ineffective counsel” charge, and threatening to sue “somebody”. Of course this is just a thought – maybe completely off base 😉

  13. No kidding, Winsome!

    BTW, if those items in the eBay auction are all fraudulent (even though Mrs. Brodsky says the bandana is legit) then Joel should really go after the perpetrators of that fraud! The nerve of them to forge his signature on his letterhead and that book and swipe one of his business cards and try to sell it all on eBay!


  14. Lmao. Glad “Elizabeth” reads Justice Cafe. We are not dealing with two honest people here. Yes Facesmiley, timing LOL
    Lol Why would anyone want a business card of Joel? Look how them idiots act when a client goes for another atty. I dont know who is worse. drew or Joel.
    One more thing: the item ships from Bollingbrook not, Florida where the safe house is.
    Wonder how the author of “Analyzing Monsters” found the eBay listing? Then this site?
    Will the Dr./Author be a good person and report the listing since its a fraud listing?
    Lol now inhiheels is threatening Facs saying her pics are copyright protected. Not on twitter they are not. Do u know how many people tried that number before. She tweeted it with an open profile.
    Facs just be sure to credit the place where photos are from.
    Also Facs, since she is tweeting u with an open profile, u have a right to share ur Twitter conversations.

  15. Commenters: Please be careful of your word choices in your comments.

    No one here is suggesting that the Brodsky’s are part of any kind of fraudulent activity.

    Dr. Budenz suggested that the signatures on the current eBay listing are fraudulent. If that were the case then it would make Joel the victim of fraud. Myself, I think Dr. Dan has a screw loose so I don’t take anything he might say at face value.

    Personally, I think the eBay auction items are probably legit, and none of us (except the seller) knows who created the auction.

    Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions!

  16. Hi! A friend of mine is having a hard time with comment system, I am leaving a comment for her.
    I am going to add my two cents in first.

    Elizabeth, in order to sue someone you had to of suffered and the person who you claim has not ever purposely try to hurt you . Stop trying to intimidate people !


    First I would like to thank the owner of this blog for covering the cases of Kathy Savio and Stacey. I only wish that if I fell victim (dead) as Kathy and Stacey; that a strong woman like the owner of this site would of took the time that she did me like she does for Kathy and Stacey.

    I went through the feeds of Elizabeth Brodsky and this was the last straw for me. I would like to exercise my First Amendment Right: Freedom Speech! By me doing this; I do not know Kathy, Stacey, Drew Peterson, Elizabeth or Joel Brodskey or anyone who is connected to the case. I am basing my opinion and Freedom of Speech of off of Joel, Elizabeth and Drew’s actions. Actions Cause Reactions!

    I have followed this case since Kathleen Savior was murdered. I knew from day one Drew did it. The case hit close to home because the only difference between Mrs Savio and myself is; I am alive! I was married to a Drew “law enforcement officer” who felt he was invincible; he beat the hell out of me if our bed sheets weren’t ironed.

    When Drew went on the Today Show and practically begged for an attorney; Elizabeth; your husband Joel had called before Drew got to the Green Room. I can’t tell you how sick I felt that an attorney who never tried a murder case would take Drew on.

    Months to come, we saw you Elizabeth, a “woman” standing there with them was a smack in the face to all women. All women: who died from domestic violence; all women who who are survivors of D.V.; all women period. Your husband who was lead council during the trial, accused anyone who stood up for Kathy or Stacey for either being: a drunk or coke head or someone who was seeking publicity. When in fact neither were true. They were mothers, sisters, cousins, sisters or friends of Kathy and Stacey.

    The only ones who were seeking publicity was your husband and Drew. Judge White had to order them to stop! Everything that your husband and you ramble and accus others is; something you are doing!

    I am not on Twitter, however, I do know how to look up a twiiter timeline. By reading your tweets, Elizabeth, the past few years when when you decide to unlock, all I can say is wow. It went from everyone who stood up to Drew to now only because you and Joel are praying to win pulic support back; now Drew is a liar, always creeped you out etc. But my personal favorite is:” Haters” How do you sleep at night Elizabeth?

    Now you are trying to intimidate and flex your (Joel’s) attorney muscles by threatening to sue a blogger who has been voices to two woman WHO ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF YOUR EX CLIENT KILLED THEM! By your own admission; you NOW believe he commited one or at least one of the crimes. I dare you to try to take such action; I personally will make sure the owner of this site has the best defense attorney money can buy. It won’t be an attorney who is looking for publicity or an attorney who puts childish pictures up on their social media walls like Joel does. Certainly not an attorney who has a loud mouthed husband or wife like yourself.

    I see you’re sucking up to Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives. If I am not mistaking, one of her cast mates just lived through a domestic abuse situation. So I ask, does Kyle even know who you (really) are?

    How dare you Elizabeth! On behalf of every woman in this country; Go to hell!

  17. Thanks for your comment and support, DVHE.

    It’s the usual Brodsky bluster. We’ve heard it all before, but they know that they can’t sue people for voicing their opinions in a comment thread.

  18. DVHE, you just drove home the horror that these women lived through. We need to be reminded of that from time to time.

    Thank you,

  19. All I have to say about this is that they are truly disgusting, immoral people. All of them grown adults, professionals to some degree parading around like scum! Trying to profit off of two women that were murdered. This man is a murderer! Drew is not a celebrity! Trying to sell a convicted murderers belongings to donate SOME of the profits to a domestic violence shelter? If that isn’t a slap in the face to the families and the victims I don’t know what is! Somebody, all of us, should demand that it is taken down! I would also notify Ground works I believe it is in Crest Hill if I’m not mistaken /Mutual Ground Inc. in Aurora, Illinois/, and tell them they are being mentioned in an ad selling a convicted murderers belongings. Seriously this just is sickening that none of them have one ounce of respect for Kathleen, Stacy, their family, and children. All over money! The whole thing from the beginning all over money! Eventually Karma’s gonna come and I hope it’s sooner than later so these idiots won’t be able to hurt these families or anybody else anymore.

    MOD: We’ve attempted to contact Mutual Ground via Facebook, Twitter and email. They have not responded.

  20. Seeing as we now know of at least two Peterson-autographed bandanas, and that both are touted as being the one that Drew wore in front of cameras in October 2007, anyone who does bid on that eBay auction would have to question the “letter of authenticity”.

    Also, it looks as if Drew Peterson was in the habit of writing personalized autographs, which are worth quite a bit less than his signature alone (that is if you are on board with a murderer’s signature being worth anything).

    So given that Peterson was handing out signed bandanas like they were sticks of gum, and rendering their value even lower by personalizing his autographs, no wonder there are no bids on the auction.

    Also. murderer.

  21. Well, hmm, if someone came to Joel in October 2012 to authenticate a bandana given to Ellie – of which Ellie now says she gave away a long time ago – then Joel didn’t check with Ellie if this was indeed her bandana, especially considering Ellie also stated she knows nothing about this E-Bay auction – it’s all news to her …….

    Why is everything these people do always have to involve inconsistencies and confusion ??

  22. OMG – LMAO – I just read there’s two original bandanas now !

    This is getting as weird as the paternity of Anna Nicole Smits baby……..

  23. I guess one can hope that everything just caves in around them all, and there will be no way out and its all over and done?

  24. These parasites thrive on any attention…positive or negative….if DP is the most hated man…Elizabeth and Brodsky come in second….let’s just put DP away forever….find Stacy and hopefully the Brodskys will disappear….and they can take their bandanas with them….

  25. Eventually the Brodsky/Peterson media crud will dry up and blow away. On Friday we’ll have the hearing to decide whether or not Joel has to turn over his financial records, then the hearings on the 19/20 and if we’re lucky – the sentencing.

  26. The Norm on Ebay is people bid on those things the last couple days of the auction. Rarely you see them bidding like crazy when there is more than 3 days to go. The last two days is when the battle begins. I highly doubt there will be one though. Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t want to even touch anything that man has touched with his hands or his body! IMO as far as I’m concerned whoever is selling these things is cursed. You don’t try and make money off two women who were murdered by selling things from the one who caused it. Bad things, and karma come from that! Again, IMO if they were smart they would take that stuff down off the auction and burn it!

  27. Awwww, Facs, I don’t think we should try to have the item yanked. Then the Brodsky’s can continue to say that the darn thing would have fetched them a pretty sum if it hadn’t been yanked off eBay.

    Far, far better for any items to stay up there and let them see that nobody wants the disgusting things which are attached to Drew Peterson….or them.

  28. Personally, I question this ebay listing. I don’t even think Brodsky is that dumb and the timing is suspicious, not to mention that it is by priviate seller. I can think of few people who would benefit.

  29. I think I know what you’re saying Charmed.

    If the defense was interested in making Joel look like he used Drew for profit, they could do him a dirty turn by creating this auction of Brodsky/Peterson signed items, seeing as he is under the microscope at the moment and this would strengthen their claim that he had a conflict of interest in representing Drew Peterson.

    However, if that was the case it couldn’t work for long because it would be easy for Joel to prove that he didn’t make the listing and if the trail led back to some member of Peterson’s defense it would be devastating to their motion, not to mention their career.

    If the items are legit (as Mrs. Brodsky claims they are) though, and just being sold by some acquaintance of the Brodskys then you would think they would be asking the seller (this great guy from the University Club who lives in Bolingbrook or whoever…) to take it down seeing as people are thinking it’s them doing it. Even if it’s not their auction, the letter of authenticity makes it look as if Brodsky is on board with it.

    And if the items are not legit, then why would Mrs. Brodsky say that they are?

    If the items are legit and it is the Brodsky’s selling the items, it just boggles the mind to think they could be so stupid as to be doing the auction at this point in time. Unless they actually thought that the 20% to charity might make it all seem acceptable.

    I have a LOT of questions about the whole thing…

  30. I was also thinking of certain family members, 1.) they could think that they were being helpful to Drew; and 2.) if someone did happen to think Drew’s bandana was worth paying for, it would be income.

  31. I’ve always read that people try to make hay while the sun shines….in darkness it doesn’t grow..when DP is sentenced this too shall pass…giving 20% to charity makes it appear a good act…why not give it all to charity…that would take a bad thing and make it a good thing…IMO…having something DP owned most people would find in bad taste…so that being said….the Brodskys have bad taste….

  32. My money’s on Dr Dan having the original.EB said that DP thought it cute to sign the bandana for her. I think he thought it cute enough to buy a new one for her as a joke. MOO.

    I wonder if Dr Dan has got a photo to share?

  33. Bucket, I added a photo of Dr. Dan’s bandana up top in the post. It’s not a very good photo but you can see that the bandana is signed to “Uncle Dan”, apparently because it was given to him while Drew and the kids were spending time at his place around Christmas 2007. In his book there are pics of the kids sitting on his horses.

  34. It has occurred to me as well that a Peterson family member could be selling the items (to be helpful to Drew). Maybe a family member like the one who talked to lawyers Carroll and Gonzalez about filing a claim of ineffective assistance against Joel Brodsky.

    But how this family member would have gotten a hold of these signed items and letter of authenticity is a mystery and makes that scenario seem less plausible. Especially when you consider that the letter was written on October 23, which is just after Brodsky was forced off the defense team.

    At that point in time, I can’t imagine why Joel would voluntarily doing anything that would help Drew or bolster the claim that he had a conflict of interest in representing him.

    But for some reason he did? Maybe he is that stupid.

  35. I keep going around and around with this and to me, in my humble opinion, I think it all comes back to Joel Brodsky thinking that he could make some money off the items, not caring about the claims of ineffective counsel (even we don’t think they’ll stick) and just creating the auction himself and doing it through eBay’s “giving works” as some way to justify the auction.

    Once he left the defense team, he might have decided it was time to get rid of these souvenirs of a relationship gone sour, and hopefully cash in at the same time.

    I don’t have any proof of it, but it makes the most sense to me.

    (…and I just don’t believe in Mrs. Brodsky’s claims that she gave away the bandana years ago to some nameless gent who lives in Bolingbrook. Sorry, Ellie.)

  36. How does Joel feel now that his authenticated bandana is not the authenticated bandana anymore.

    Why isn’t he jumping up and down wanting to sue someone ?

    Isn’t that telling ??

  37. As it is – there are 5 items for auction but since three items are now completely valueless (the bandana, Joels letter and the photo) that only leaves the book and Joels business card.

    Why there would be any value in someones business card, which one gives out for free, is beyond me, so good luck to the sucker with the highest bid – LOL !

  38. I forgot to check my email all day!

    I got an email from someone who noticed that the business card read “Brodsky & Odeh”, but it’s hard to know what to make of that since the letter is dated October 2012 and the letterhead seems to be up to date.

    Just a surplus of old cards?

  39. Also this eBay message exchange:

    Sent Date: Jan-28-13 15:30:16 PST

    Dear relax-2000,

    There is another person who claims that they own the bandana that Drew Peterson wore on camera in October 2007. They posted a picture of it and it is also autographed by Drew Peterson to them. How can we take your word for it that this one is legit?

    Sent Date: 29-Jan-2013 19:33:41 IST

    Dear XXXX,

    We are offering a letter from the his attorney “Joel Brodsky” that states the bandana is legit. It is signed in front of him with the same signiture as the book we are offering in the sale. I am sure the other person does not have anything like that.

    Sent Date: Jan-29-13 22:54:21 PST

    Dear relax-2000,

    Are you the original owner of these items and can vouch for them?

    Sent Date: 30-Jan-2013 19:40:06 IST

    Dear XXXX,

    Yes, I can vouch for it. I am not the original owner. It was given to me as a gift which was oringially given to the person it was autographed to. This is the only one of its kind, there are not additional banadas.

    Sent Date: 30-Jan-2013 01:07:07 PST

    Dear relax-2000,

    I’m sorry but the other person with a signed bandana has a photograph of it published in a book so it obviously exists. Since there are two of them I don’t think you can prove that the one you are offering is legitimate. If I were you I would be a little concerned about offering this item when you have no proof of its authenticity. Even if Joel Brodsky thought that the bandana was the only one, it’s obvious that he was mistaken and Drew Peterson signed at least one other. It’s not like you have anything notarized, just the word of a lawyer who has a reputation for being somewhat unethical.

  40. Winsome earns herself Post of The Day!

    I like the countdown thing, too. WordPress is good about coming up with these little widgets from time to time.

    It would have been good to have during all our long waits for trial dates.

  41. I was wondering today why there weren’t any bids from his few adoring lady fans, and then I realized that they probably already all have a signed bandana! You know, the original, authentic, legitimate one. 😉

  42. Walter Maksym is off the hook.

    Former Drew Peterson attorney inquiry dismissed
    The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered allegations against former Drew Peterson attorney Walter Maksym be ‘discharged without further action.’
    January 31, 2013 / CHICAGO

    After a lengthy inquiry, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has closed the book on a matter involving prominent attorney Walter Maksym in which he had represented clients regarding their claims of official misconduct and extortion against the Sheriff of McHenry County, Illinois. The matter was not associated with Drew Peterson who Mr. Maksym has represented regarding civil matters.

    The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals had previously criticized a complaint and appeal filed by Mr. Maksym on behalf of his clients.

    However, after conducting an inquiry into the facts surrounding its prior assessment, the Court issued an order stating that, because of Mr. Maksym’s “…long career of competent, ethical service to his clients, active involvement in the legal profession, and service to the community” and other reasons, the previously issued order directing him to show cause why he should not be sanctioned or disciplined was “discharged without further action.”

    Mr. Maksym was pleased by the Court’s dismissal, stating:

    “After more than four decades of dedicated service to the rule of law without ever having been sanctioned or disciplined, I am pleased by the court’s ruling, the fact that my record remains unblemished and that my reputation has been restored.”


  43. I can only guess but I assume it was certified mail sent from the court to Joel since they received the receipt card. Probably subpoena?

    He didn’t show at the last court date, but I think he’ll have to be there tomorrow.

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