Former Drew Peterson Lawyer is off the hook

Attorney Walter Maksym (second from left) was kicked off the Peterson legal team in September 2011.

According to the official press agent of the Drew Peterson defense team, attorney Walter Maksym is off the hook:

Former Drew Peterson attorney inquiry dismissed
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered allegations against former Drew Peterson attorney Walter Maksym be ‘discharged without further action.’

After a lengthy inquiry, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has closed the book on a matter involving prominent attorney Walter Maksym in which he had represented clients regarding their claims of official misconduct and extortion against the Sheriff of McHenry County, Illinois. The matter was not associated with Drew Peterson who Mr. Maksym has represented regarding civil matters.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals had previously criticized a complaint and appeal filed by Mr. Maksym on behalf of his clients.

However, after conducting an inquiry into the facts surrounding its prior assessment, the Court issued an order stating that, because of Mr. Maksym’s “…long career of competent, ethical service to his clients, active involvement in the legal profession, and service to the community” and other reasons, the previously issued order directing him to show cause why he should not be sanctioned or disciplined was “discharged without further action.”

Mr. Maksym was pleased by the Court’s dismissal, stating:

“After more than four decades of dedicated service to the rule of law without ever having been sanctioned or disciplined, I am pleased by the court’s ruling, the fact that my record remains unblemished and that my reputation has been restored.”

You may not remember Walter Maksym. He was at one time Drew Peterson’s civil attorney who tried unsuccessfully to sue for Peterson’s access to a HELOC (and ended up with a judgment against Peterson); the guy who tried unsuccessfully to halt Lifetime from making the movie “Untouchable”; and the guy who tried unsuccessfully to auction off rental of Peterson’s house in advance of his murder trial.

Maksym was asked by Joel Brodsky to step down as Peterson’s legal representative in September 2011 after being reprimanded by a federal appeals court.

In a scathing ruling Maksym was called out after repeatedly submitting unintelligable appeals that “flagrantly disobeyed” court instructions, leaving defendants unaware of what charges were being leveled against them.

Source: PRNews


12 thoughts on “Former Drew Peterson Lawyer is off the hook

  1. Don’t forget there’s court tomorrow!

    Judge is expected to rule on whether or not Joel Brodsky has to turn over his documents detailing his financial agreement with Drew Peterson.

  2. Presently Stephen Peterson is living with Stacy’s children at Drew’s house in Bolingbrook, but in November of 2009 when Drew was trying to auction off rental of the house, it was vacant (as it had been for the 6 months prior).

    While Stephen and his wife were still together they were living in their own house and caring for the children.

    When Stephen and his wife split up he moved into the Bolingbrook house.

  3. Don’t know what happened in court today yet, but there’s a new event:

    02/01/2013 CF – Continue Generally

    and a new date for hearing:

    02/06/2013 9:30 am 403 Status

  4. Facs….who’s the arm candy sitting next to Brodsky…and I don’t mean Greenberg….it doesn’t look like Elizabeth..but then again hair color comes in a box…and I don’t know her….and those new hearing dates keep coming….cha ching…..

  5. LOL Anna, the attorney sitting next to and being leaned upon by Brodsky, her former law partner, is Reem Odeh. Ms. Odeh ‘jumped ship’ when the ‘captain’ drove the bus into the ditch, the train over the cliff, and shipwrecked the DP Titanic! Facs has the facts on the trouble in JB’s paradise of law.. 😉

  6. Love the metaphors, Judgin!

    Anna, attorney Reem Odeh disagreed with Joel’s handling of his high-profile client from the beginning of the case. She spoke to a reporter about how she felt that it would be better if Drew were to stop speaking to the media.

    It was rumored, and it seemed to many here as well, as if she was treated more like a paralegal than a partner in a legal firm. She rarely was allowed to speak on camera and had very little to do in court.

    Here’s my post from when she left the team.

  7. So looks like Joel decided to comply with the subpoena:

    Lawyer Blamed For Losing Drew Peterson Murder Trial Coughs Up Records
    Former Drew Peterson lawyer Joel Brodsky gave in and turned over his financial records, but attorneys for the convicted wife-killer want him to hand over even more.
    By Joseph Hosey

    The attorney accused by a former colleague of blowing the Drew Peterson murder trial has surrendered his financial records, but lawyers for the convicted wife-killer want even more.

    Attorney Joel Brodsky at first resisted a subpoena for his financial records but eventually complied, to an extent. Attorney Steve Greenberg—who still represents Peterson and is fighting to get him a new trial—wants additional documents from Brodsky

    “There’s still more records,” Greenberg said after a Friday morning hearing before Will County Judge Edward Burmila. “Hopefully we’ll get them and that will be that.”

    If Brodsky doesn’t cough up the records, Burmila will convene a hearing Wednesday. The judge ordered that Peterson—who has been locked up at the county jail since his May 2009 arrest—be present for the hearing.

    Brodsky failed to respond to a phone message left at his office…

  8. Former Peterson attorney hands over financial records
    By Janet Lundquist
    Updated: February 1, 2013 2:46PM

    Drew Peterson’s attorneys got what they wanted from former colleague Joel Brodsky.

    Brodsky has turned over finance records for his client account for Peterson at the request of Peterson’s current legal team, attorneys said Friday.

    Peterson’s lawyers — Steve Greenberg, Joseph Lopez and David Peilet — are preparing for a hearing on their motion for a new trial, and want the records to help prove their belief that Brodsky was motivated in part by personal financial gain when he represented Peterson.

    Peterson was convicted in September after a 24-day trial in the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    Peterson’s legal team had filed a subpoena for the records, which Brodsky claimed violated attorney-client privilege.

    Last week Peilet obtained a signed letter from Peterson authorizing Brodsky to release the documents.

    There are still a few records Peterson’s legal team wants, according to an order entered in Will County court Friday morning. If Brodsky doesn’t turn them over, a hearing could be scheduled on the issue.

    Last week Brodsky said he would turn everything over if they produced a signed letter from Peterson…

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