“I did not kill Kathleen!” Read Drew Peterson’s full courtroom speech

Drew was transferred to the Pontiac Correctional center after a short visit to Stateville.

The court has released the transcript of the statement he made shortly before his 38-year sentence was handed down.

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152 thoughts on ““I did not kill Kathleen!” Read Drew Peterson’s full courtroom speech

  1. All I can say is that Drew is a lot more concerned about a thorough and above-the-board investigation now than he was when his ex-wife’s death inquest was taking place.

  2. The late Dr. Mitchell, forensic pathologist for the county at that time, looked at Kathy’s body when it was in its freshest state. He determined she died of an accident.

    What a bald-faced lie. Mitchell never determined such a thing. He left that decision up to the coroner’s jury at the death inquest and they only chose “accident” because they were not given the option of “undetermined”. They had all of 15 minutes to make their decision and since that time jury members have spoken out to say that they would have chosen “undetermined” if they had been given that option.

  3. From Brodsky’s FB page

    Joel A. Brodsky: The State had me under subpoena but because Greenberg didn’t make his case, not even close, they decided they didn’t need to call me. If it was up to me I would have loved to testify . There were no 74 motions. Actually there wasnt even one. Remember Greenberg had me on the stand and didn’t ask me one single question about Smith. That was because he kniew that it would all come out if he did and that would expose the lies.

    hmmm Didn’t he have to be drug in by his ear into the court room?

  4. In his achievements as a highly decorated officer, Drew forgot to mention that in 1985 he was sacked from the Police Department for failing to report a bribe and exchange information about the operation of his agency to drug dealers……

  5. OMG – he says he has a receipt to proof he paid for Kathleens funeral……..

    Funny considering he is so anal about getting receipts – he never got a receipt from the locksmith for opening the door the night he happen to find Kathleens body ……

  6. “The Will County Sheriff’s Office transported Mr. Peterson to the (Illinois) Department of Corrections facility at 9:22 this morning without incident,” Fink said.

    But Stateville apparently did not want Peterson around either, as the same day he arrived he was transferred to Pontiac Correctional Center, confirmed Department of Corrections spokeswoman Stacey Solano.

    Peterson was first taken to the Northern Reception and Classification Center on the Stateville grounds. The average stay for an inmate at a reception and classification center is three weeks to two months, according to the Department of Corrections, but Peterson was only around for a few hours.


  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Correctional_Center
    Protective Custody Unit
    The Pontiac Correctional Center is the states’ primary housing facility for protective custody inmates. Some of these inmates are former death row offenders. The unit houses between 550 – 600 inmates.
    South Mental Health Unit
    This unit provides psychiatric and psychological mental health services for offenders that are sentenced to be within the correctional system for a longer period of time with a segregated status. These offenders are diagnosed as chronically mentally ill with diagnoses including schizophrenia, psychotic, bipolar or major affective disorder.

  8. “Wow tiny cells at Pontiac. Wonder why he was taken there?”

    He’ll probably get two cells there then – one for himself and one for his ego !

  9. This unit provides psychiatric and psychological mental health services for offenders that are sentenced to be within the correctional system for a longer period of time with a segregated status. These offenders are diagnosed as chronically mentally ill with diagnoses including schizophrenia, psychotic, bipolar or major affective disorder.

    How lovely! He will fit right in! 🙂

  10. Oh yeah, Thanks for posting his “Speech” . I’ll read it another day! I’m sure I’ll have alot to say about it!

  11. I do wish he could just feel an inkling of the same terror he inflicted upon his wives. I don’t think the misery of being in a state prison can even compare to that though. I guess its the best that can be done

  12. Thanks for the links about Pontiac. I’ll be checking back to see when they get updated with his info.

    The kicker for me in Peterson’s tirade was when he addressed the judge and said he never wanted to “project any insensitivity” to anyone, immediately after trashing both Stacy and Kathy, their families, the state police, the states attorney’s office and the media.

  13. thanks everyone for all the info….the boys and I made popcorn and watched a movie last night….DP will never be able to do that ….go to the refrig to get a beer…walk out on the porch with a cup of coffee…there is justice….

  14. Stacy St. Clair ‏@StacyStClair
    #drewpeterson prosecutor Glasgow says Peterson denied killing Savio today, but never denied killing Stacy. “Interesting oversight,” he says.

  15. Wanted to bring this over from the previous thread, GRANDAM asked:


    — February 22, 2013 at 4:04 pm
    since crime was committed while a police officer, will his pension be stopped?

    I’d love to know the answer to this as well. Any idea how we can find out Facs?

  16. Noway406, you have a great point. It only would have worked against him. He’s been his own worst enemy throughout this.

    Justanotherhen, I was weirded out by the reference to the receipt too. It seemed very important to him to make others believe he’d paid for the funeral (even if it is true). To me that’s something an ex-husband, narcissist, and/or sociopath would do when they’re trying to look like a good guy.

  17. The only way Peterson will lose his pension is if it can be shown that he committed a felony while on duty.

    Since he wasn’t officially working during the time that it’s estimated Kathleen died, the murder alone would not do it.

    However, he did have her door opened and entered the house while in uniform so maybe they could stick him with some sort of obstruction of justice thing if they wanted to take the pension away.

    AFAIK, he’s still getting his pension.

  18. It’s been hard to catch up this last day. Great reporting, Facs, Lostacres and others who have dropped in some really good links. I haven’t had the time to read most of them, but know that I can do so at my leisure.

    One thing has struck me as very funny. Drew was almost immediately placed into a facility which houses people with severe mental problems. With his sociopathic tendencies,I can’t think of a better place for him to spend the rest of his life. (Most especially when it means he will be interacting with people even worse than he is.)

    Yes…..a perfect placement. I suspect he WILL get to experience some of the terror he inflicted on his wives.

    I hope the families see the beautiful irony in that. (fist pump)

  19. Nice blog post WildNinja. It really was just typical Drew, wasn’t it?

    Even if Drew did pay for the funeral, what does he want – a gold star? He took 100% of the assets that he shared with Kathy and by killing her, saved him self any kind of spousal support and a share of his pension.

  20. My guess is that is the second Savio relative was ejected from the Courtroom for calling out Drew was lying about paying for Kathleens funeral, I believe the Savio relative over any receipt Drew may be able to produce; also bearing in mind Drew partly cleaned out Kathleens house when the family was at her wake !

  21. I also wonder if it was in Drews job description to use the Bolingbrook Police Cruiser to spy on his wives
    (he did this to both Kathleen and Stacy).

    Didn’t he also use the Police Cruiser to give Jeffrey Pachter a lift, to discuss how to best murder Kathleen ??

  22. In his statement to the Court, Drew mentioned that friends and relatives left envelopes of money and other donations. I think he probably confiscated that money and then may have used it to pay for the funeral. That is the only way that he could possibly have a receipt for the payment. I do not for one minute believe that he spent any of HIS money to pay for Kathy’s funeral.

  23. A psychiatric unit is no use to DP. There’s no treatment yet for personality disorders.

    I read that Pontiac was used to house deathrow prisoners, too. Not executed there, just stockpiled.

    His transfer to Pontiac has spared you all a rather long post about Jeremy Bentham, the inventor of the “Panopticon” design of Stateville, published in 1798…….LOL

  24. why did statesville reject him….and so quickly…..I’m glad he was processed right away…but is that the normal procedure..please don’t tell me he is a celebrity …Karen Conti’s interview was very interesting…not living near Chicago..it amazes me how everyone is still in awe of heresay evidence…it comes up everyday in the trial of Jodi Arias…sometimes it’s allowed and sometimes not…2 yrs from now I’m hoping that DP’s appeal is ignored…maybe by that time he’ll be found guilty of Stacy’s murder…a lot can happen in 2 yrs….

  25. Anna, I would expect that this is a clear indication that the Illinois prison system already had him pegged and sorted out prior to the juge’s ruling. They knew exactly where he needed to be and simply expedited the normal drawn-out process.

    Bucket, I didn’t mean to imply that Drew would be helped by being in a psychiatric facility. Far from it. I believe that spending the rest of his life with men who are known to be unpredictable and quite dangerous will terrify Drew.

    Think of it this way — a person who was on death row tends to be on the extremely violent side of the criminal spectrum. Killing one more person isn’t going to add even one more day to their sentence. Add in there the psychotics and the schizophrenics and what-have-yous and Drew will be literally begging for solitary confinement for the rest of his years on this earth.

    I think it’s the perfect placement for a man who terrorized his wives and seems to have led a life where he used his badge as a means to terrorize others as he saw fit.

  26. Isn’t his pension over $6000.00 a month? That’s not counting his SSI income. Let him pay his own room and board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi atlgranny. You didn’t imply, I inferred. My bad. I know he’s scared for the reasons you cite. You’re absolutely right. He’s exactly where he should be. 😀

  28. Bucket…are you hinting ..there’s a fly on the wall..he doesn’t deserve his pension..even though he didn’t have the uniform on…he was still employed…remember he has all assets from Kathleen and Stacy…wasn’t that the reason they were killed ….money and greed….

  29. I have so many things to respond to, I don’t know where to start. First of all, Drew Peterson DID NOT pay for Kathleen’s funeral. One of the first things we were asked when sitting down with the funeral director for a family member was, “Did the deceased have a life insurance policy?” The director knew exactly what could be used from the policy to pay for funeral expenses. Drew and Kathleen, although divorced (biforacated because of Stacy’s pregnancy), still shared financial assets. With no legal division of marital assets prior to Kathleen’s death, Drew would legally be the person to sign off on payment of the funeral expenses. Drew did not pay for Kathleen’s funeral, Kathleen paid for her own funeral, and you can bet those “receipts” were all deducted in settling (or “stealing”) Kathleen’s portion of the marital assets when determining her estate. (for obvious tax reasons, as well)
    Yes, Drew Peterson, you are a liar.

  30. anna, I’m sorry. It’s that stupid turban again. LOL I don’t know, I just don’t see how anyone could justfy him keeping it. As noted earlier, he was on duty and in uniform when Kitty was discovered. Something will come of it, imo.

  31. Forgive me if I’m asking a repetive question, as I’ve not read through everything posted in the past week, but was Steven Peterson in the courtroom this week? I know there was speculation that he might speak on behalf of the family. If he was missing, do you think he’s being separated by association because of his link to Stacy’s case? (money tranfers and guns)

  32. Drew was really trying to paint Stacy as a liar, yet he wanted her alibi statement to be used to get him off the hook for Kathleen’s death. Wouldn’t you think he would plead for people to help him locate Stacy? Wouldn’t locating Stacy Peterson be his ticket to an appeal? Those missing pieces speak volumes about Drew Peterson’s guilt.
    We need to bring Stacy Peterson home to her family, so they can lay her to rest, and finally have some closure.

  33. Fox news had a panel of individuals commenting on Drew Peterson’s case last fall. Mark Furhman stated that taking away a officer’s pension was a very difficult thing to do, and he didn’t think Peterson would lose his.

    I guess the state will have to determne whether or not it’s worth the legal fees to go through the process.

  34. Refresh my memory. didn’t Drew Peterson create a new will signing over all of his property to Steven? This would leave out all of the other children in his estate.
    It seems to me that the “right” thing to do at this point is mediate the wrongful death suit and re-establish Kathleen’s estsate value. The “right” thing to do would be for Steven and Eric to sign off on any inheritance from Kathleen’s estate. A new trust could be established for Kathleen’s two sons.

  35. I have to think that the reason Drew is still getting his pension is because no one is seriously interested in getting it taken away.

    I kind of have to agree with that thinking.

    Drew did put in many years of service as a cop before 2004 so he’s certainly entitled to whatever might be his due before the crime he was convicted of.

    But more importantly, I assume that no one is interested in taking away the money from Stacy’s two children, Anthony and Lacy who are essentially orphaned at this point. AFAIK, Drew’s pension checks are going directly to his son Stephen who is caring for them. It’s not like Drew is using that pension money to take trips or buy girls drinks or anything like that. Stacy has not been declared dead so the kids are not getting any social security to help with their support.

  36. With Kris and Tom both now legal adults and signing off of the wrongful death suit, it’s going to be interesting to see if and how the Savio family goes forward with that.

    The next court date for the civil suit is in March and I’ve heard that Brodsky has been replaced by John W. Heiderscheidt as Drew’s lawyer in that case.

  37. I was wondering the same thing, why no one spoke up on Drews behalf. Couldn’t Tom or Chris have sent, at least, a letter for Drews attorney to read? I think, Steven should have said something, regarding the two little ones.

  38. From what I hear, none of Drew’s family was in the courtroom. It was probably at Drew’s request. He doesn’t want his kids to think anything bad or him or see him when he doesn’t have his swagger on.

    Daddy can’t come home because he’s helping the police!

  39. That’s what I think, too, Facs. Drew, the sociopath, has spent his life creating a self-image that puts him in the best light. He fights hard to make sure his own children (and his wives) see him in that light, too. Anyone who tries to muddle that image is immediately attacked with a smear campaign aimed at discrediting them in the eyes of his wives, children, etc. (When the wives revolt, he simply kills them.)

    This fits his M.O. perfectly. He didn’t want any of his children to hear the impact statements from the Savio family which might have altered their negative impression of them. He has persuaded the kids that the Savios never gave a damn about them. Why take a chance that any of them would hear otherwise??

    What I wonder is this — now that he has been sentenced for what would appear to be the rest of his natural life, do the Savio and Cales families have a stronger legal standing with which to persue visitation?? I SURE HOPE SO!

  40. Keep in mind that Kathleen’s boys are both adults and away at school. It’s up to them if they want to visit their relatives.

    As for Lacy and Anthony, we’ve gone over before that it’s very difficult for anyone other than a parent to get the legal right to visit a child. I don’t know if that changes once a parent has been convicted and is doing a prison sentence. I kind of don’t think it does, but if anyone digs up something showing otherwise, let us know!

  41. http://www2.illinois.gov/IDOC/OFFENDER/Pages/InmateSearch.aspx
    M35067 – PETERSON, DREW
    Admission Date: 02/22/2013
    Projected Parole Date: 05/07/2047
    Last Paroled Date:
    Projected Discharge Date: 05/07/2050

    MITTIMUS: 09CF1048
    CLASS: M
    COUNT: 1
    CUSTODY DATE: 05/07/2009
    SENTENCE: 38 Years 0 Months 0 Days

  42. Someone has to step forward and make someone outside the family responsible for the 2 little ones financially…if he continues to get the pension…the whereabouts of that money and a trust fund needs to be set up..I’m not saying Steven is using the money to benefit himself…it’s like a pre nup…the cards are on the table…everyone knows the score…both children are in school…there is no reason for Steven not to hold down a job of his own and allow the Cales family to help out….it’s time to by pass the hurt and move on to whats best for the children…thank you …I feel better….

  43. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with Drew’s pension going to whoever he wants. As long as it’s legally still being paid out, it’s his money.

    And although I believe him to be a murdering rat, I do also believe that he’s not going to do anything to take money away from his own children. It’s a bit fucked up, given how dispensable he seems to think their mothers are, but he does seem to see his children as extensions of himself and I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt them financially.

  44. as far as none of the family in the courtroom to support him….he knew he was going to make a scene..he blames the Savio family for all of this…he didn’t want his kids to hear it ….he misses the part where they can read and come to their own conclusion down the road…in 34 yrs. the youngest will be in her 40….my heart goes out to them….I so hope they can rise above this …the glass is half full….because he was only thinking of himself…..

  45. Stacy St. Clair has updated her story:

    Illinois Department of Corrections officials would not say what safety precautions would be taken in their facilities, but Solano said such issues are considered during an inmate’s initial evaluation.

    “IDOC will continue to ensure proper placement of all offenders as the health, safety and security of inmates and staff remain the department’s top priority,” she said.

    Peterson will be allowed visits in prison, with some facilities allowing up to five per month. He had similar privileges in jail, but few people had actually come to see him. A visitor’s list released shortly before his murder trial included his brother, sister and a small number of friends. Only two of his six children — his sons Thomas and Kris with Savio — went to see him in jail.

    His older son, Stephen, who is raising his father’s two youngest children, had not visited in the three years leading up to the trial. However, the two communicate frequently via collect phone calls from the jail. Illinois prisoners also have regular telephone contact — as long as it’s collect — with people on their approved contacts list, Solano said.

    Peterson’s attorneys informed him after court Thursday that he could be transferred to Stateville as early as Friday. Despite his rage-filled monologue in court, he seemed to take the prison transfer in stride.

    “He’s ready for it,” Lopez said. “He says he wants a change of scenery.”

    And that’s just fine with Savio’s family.

    “I think he should have gotten 60 (years) myself,” her brother Henry Savio Jr. said. “But he is going to spend the rest of his life in jail so I’m OK with it. He deserves to die there.”


  46. A nice comment from that story:

    Dan O’Day
    Drew Peterson has a point when he appears to claim that one set of rules existed when he decided to murder his wives and to concoct his defenses and when he claims that then a different set of rules was put in place to make it easier for the State to win its cases against him.

    Drew’s problem is that his knowledge of the law was pedestrian — that is, black, white, and non-nuanced. The law didn’t change. It was always out there, waiting to be found and used.

  47. Facs, I’m thinking that once a parent is convicted of killing the other parent, there is a whole different perspective about who can see the children. Yes, with Chris and Tom, they are fully able to make their own effort (or not) to see the Savios.

    But I would hope that with the case of Cassandra, she has much firmer ground to stand on with which to petition the court to see her niece and nephew. Maybe it would take the Prosecutor’s office filing a formal charge against Drew for the murder of Stacy. I don’t know. That alone would be sufficient reason in my mind to pursue murder charges.

    I was just wondering (and hoping) that this would be the turning point wherein Stacy’s family would be able to prevail upon the courts to allow them to see the little ones.

    Lacey was 1 1/2 when Stacy disappeared. How old was Anthony…..three? Both of them saw their Aunt frequently and she was in integral part of their lives. Drew ripped not only Stacy but Lacey and Anthony out of Cassandra’s arms.

    The longer this goes on, the more they will be poisoned by those in Drew’s circle who want them to believe that Stacy’s family is evil — just like this same group chose to persuade Tom and Chris that Kathy’s family is evil.

  48. More Brodsly blather. Wah wah wah!

    Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law shared a link.
    3 hours ago

    Watch and listen to the attached video. At 3:05 into the interview Will County States Attorney Jim Glasgow states that the motion filed by STEVE GREENBERG was the most ridiculous motion in the history of legal profession.
    This is particularly telling because ATTORNEY STEVE GREENBERG used to brag that States Attorney Glasgow was his friend and respected him. This is what ATTORNEY STEVE GREENBERG’S lawyer friends think and publically state about his legal abilities? I would hate to see what his enemies say!

  49. Steve Greenberg
    3 hours ago
    While I and most of the others intend to continue to represent Drew Peterson, I am so done with my former lead counsel, who needs to stop talking and move on!

  50. Reem Odeh
    Back in the days when I told you about him you called me a drama queen! So now I’m telling you to suck it up drama queen! Lol. He will never shut up but the media that reports his crap needs to stop reporting such junk. Too bad he has his better half doing the dirty work online and and in other ways. Funny though everyone knows the truth.
    3 hours ago via mobile

  51. Someone commented on Joel’s page that he turned on Drew. This was his response:

    Joel A. Brodsky
    The only person that turned on Drew was Steve Greenberg by pursuing a post-trial motion based on a lie. Worse, based on a lie that he couldn’t support with evidence, and a lie that was easily disproved. The post-trial motions should have been based on hearsay and privilege violations and allowing “prior consistent statements”, and undisclosed “other bad acts”. There should have been legal experts called on hearsay and clergy privileges, not experts on supposed ethical violations from 5 years ago (experts who, by the way, hadn’t even read the documents they were testifying to – somthing Greenberg repeatedly did – failed to prepare for witnesses). The post-trial motion, as prepared by Greenberg, in Drew’s case was poorly conceived, inadequately prepared, and badly executed. All I have done is tell the truth, and waited until the post-trial motions were over so as not to prejudice Drew’s chances to do so, about why Harry Smith was really called.
    4 hours ago

  52. I’m baffled as to Joel’s assertion that he waited until the sentencing was over to explain why he called Harry Smith.

    IIRC, Joel was trying to justify that move on the same day that it all went down and Glasgow was calling it a “Gift from God”.

    I clearly recall Joel saying that he had to call Smith because Drew said he’d take the stand if he didn’t. etc.

  53. From Joel Brodsky’s facebook:

    I didn’t disclose this earlier because Drew’s post-trial motions were pending, and as much as I knew the argument being made was wrong, Drew was still my former client, and I didn’t want to take any action that would prejudice his chances for a new trial. Now that the motion for new trial is denied, I can let the truth about this subject be known.


    In this clip Joel says that Drew wanted Smith to testify and it is from November, well before the sentencing.

  54. An Open Letter to #DrewPeterson


    Before I met you and Stacy, I worked at a fitness center, where I met a man who was a prison guard in Dwight. That isn’t very far from where you are right now. He told me that he felt like he should ask me to speak to the women on his cell block. He warned me that they were a tough crowd and that they were very difficult to ‘reach.’

    He told me that almost all of the women were convicted murderers and that all were all convicted of violent crimes. At the time, I was only 24 or 25, and while I was intimidated, I knew that I needed to go.

    I shared my story with them about how I came to know Jesus, as a senior in college. I watched the hardened looks on their faces wash away as I told them about freedom in Christ. The Apostle Paul said in Galatians 5:1 that “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free…”

    I told them that it must sound like a cruel joke to some of them to even be told about freedom, since most of them would never be physically free again. I reminded them that so many ‘free’ people aren’t really that ‘free’ anyway. Most people seem like they’re the walking dead; longing for freedom, but searching in all of the places that only delivery lives of slavery to addiction and self.

    I told them that they still had purpose as long as they had breath in their lungs. And I told them that they could still be free.

    Drew, you can be, too. No, it is unlikely that you will ever be released from prison. And I don’t believe that you should. What you have done is reprehensible, and you’ve taken no responsibility for your actions. But, you can do it. And I pray that you will. Stand up for the first time and admit what you’ve done, and then ask God for the forgiveness that only he can offer.

    The moment you do that, you’ll be more free than you’ve been in your entire life.


    Neil Schori


  55. Great site you have here. I wish I would of known you were here a couple yrs ago. So will you continue this site now that he is FINALLY LOCKED UP? Stacey still needs justice.
    I wonder why no one ever talks about the second wife when drew (“allegedly”) cut the wife’s breaks when they were going through a divorce. Funny every time Drew went through a divorce he tormented the first one, almost killed the second, killed the third and now the fourth one is missing/presumed dead. What a sick man.

  56. Hi, CVB, Vicki Connolly actually did have testimony to share (she appeared at the hearsay hearings in 2010) but it was deemed not admissible at the trial because it was too remote in time from when Kathleen died.

    She and her daughter at one point were working on a book with an author named Michelle LaForte, but Joel Brodsky came after them with a non-disclosure agreement because the author had at one point signed on to write a book with Brodsky and Drew.

    I don’t know if they are ever going to go forward with that project or not.

  57. Those are very powerful words from Neil Schori. He’s a real hero in this case…….he came forward once he felt sure that Stacy was deceased and spoke for her.

    When it comes to Drew’s pension, I don’t have an objection to him getting that pension as long as it goes to support his family. He worked all those years to support his family, and this is no different – a deferred income now being used to support his children.

    I wonder about his son, Stephen, and if he’s changed his mind over the past few years about his father’s guilt? Evidently he hasn’t visited his father in the past three years, but has talked on the phone with him. Since Stephen is custodian of the children, I’m sure Drew used these telephone calls to exercise some control over Stephen and the children.

    But at this point, with Drew in prison for the next 34 years and only collect calls allowed, Stephen is really in charge when it comes to day to day issues with the children. Now that the trial is over there’s no reason for him to maintain a position that his father is innocent of the charges. At some point, I would expect Stephen to use his own judgement when it comes to the children. It might be best if Cassandra appeals directly to Stephen to be allowed to visit Stacy’s children. If her request is rejected than she could go through the family court.

  58. I can not believe that Stephen is not going to do whatever his father says, or act according to his fathers wishes. He will raise those kids, but on his fathers terms. I am sorry, unless he opens up and lets Stacy’s family have visits or interaction with those kids, I will not change my mind about him. He is an apple that did not fall far from the tree

  59. Stephen is up to his eye-balls into his own legal problems, so it’s hard to know what the future will bring for this family.

    My guess is that none of the Peterson men are going to have much say anymore in future what will happen with the two younger children ……..

  60. Stephen’s life has fallen apart as a result of his father, too. He lost his job…..his wife….his house. Granted, he seems to have some of the same personality flaws as his father, but you have to consider that Drew groomed him from childhood to see things the way Drew wanted him to.

    He has no job and has become a full-time daddy to his own siblings. You’ve got to imagine there are times he lies in bed and wonders how the hell this all came to be.

    Stephen might very well feel abandoned by his father right now. He seemed just as shocked by the outcome of the trial as Drew did, unable to believe that Drew would be convicted.

    Somehow I believe that Stephen is having his own meltdown right about now. How old is he? What does his future look like? How much has his father’s misbehavior affected his life and his future?

    I wonder if he needs a good shoulder to cry on right about now.

  61. grandam
    February 23, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Isn’t his pension over $6000.00 a month? That’s not counting his SSI income. Let him pay his own room and board!!

    The chances are that something like that will be the case very shortly.

    I’m sure the State will look at his income and assets and act accordingly.

    They just need to make sure they put a receipt
    under his cell door ………

  62. grandam – On page 11 of his Courtroom Speech, Drew is even bragging to the Court about his financial status – how successful he has been in business etc.

    I’m sure that will all be taken into consideration when they are going to charge him for room and board at the big house – LOL !

  63. Pontiac has a nickname, THUNDERDOME. It’s the noisiest of all prisons, However, the food is suppose to be better than other prisons, in Illinois.

  64. Yes I agree he earned the pension but he also used the badge and his knowledge of the law….he killed not a person who had robbed or killed….quite the contrary ….he killed the mother of his children..an ex-wife…someone who did nothing wrong…for greed…money…because he wasn’t going to support a women he didn’t live with…to me that is the worst of all killings..another mother…wife is missing….yes he’s in jail for 34 more years…the source of the murder was money…greed…that needs to be taken away….

  65. “THE DEFENDANT: I must have been woozy.” wow, just wow.
    As someone whose selfishness let drugs get myself on the wrong side of the gavel, I have some experience here. Taking full responsibility, apologizing to the cops and the victims, and looking the judge in the eye was the advice my excellent attorney gave me. Following it, I was treated VERY fairly by the court, the prosecution, and even the D.O.C. That’s what a decent defense attorney does. He (or she) represents you. If you did it, they can minimize the fallout and workout a sentence that the judge, family, and cops can live with. If you didn’t commit the things you are accused off, they fight as if it was them on the line. That’s around 5% of the total, an informal estimate based on my time. Luckily the Almighty had me cross paths with one from that category. The other 95%? Well, you see them on TV all the time, usually smearing the victim’s character or generally being a “Josie Baez”. Most from that category end up bitter, career public defenders.

    OK, on to what’s ahead for Drew. Never mind the stuff you read from so called experts. I do have to point out, all my time was within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections. Snitches, folks who owe out for gambling debts, etc. losers in a love triangle, and the like sign into “PC” aka “Protective Custody” to get out of any internal justice that may be waiting in the rec yard. As a trustee, I saw PC once a week. Basically it is solitary or “the hole” but they can buy commissary. “AC” aka “Administrative Custody” is when the powers that be assign you to PC without your approval. This is done, mainly, for fallen cops with too much pride and folks in high profile cases. Folks get infuriated that “Bubba” can’t get to them but that is life. While establishing my place on that dangerous and unpleasant ladder, I ended up with a relatively short stay in the hole. Later on as a trustee I got to see PC when I swapped out their linen. I can say, without reservation, they might be allegedly “safe” but that is a heck of a way to do your sentence. Drew is going to be on AC or sign PC. He will be in his cell 23 hours a day.

    Appearing to be a narcissistic sociopath, he will try to befriend the guards, try to convince the trustees he doesn’t want to be with the snitches and molestors, and generally consider himself above those around him. That man, for lack of a better term, has a long road ahead. I hope some take comfort in that. Thanks for reading and/or posting this.

  66. Finally got around to reading his “speech”. He may as well have just stood there saying Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. That is all I read out of it.

    My hope for all of his kids, is that they can have some sort of a normal life going forward. I really believe that Stephen and Eric know the truth. Tom and Kris, I think it will take some time for them to come to terms with what has happened. The little ones, hopefully won’t remember much of him at all. I also hope that Stephen is nowhere near the person Drew is. It might be healthy for him to let the kids see Cass. He can’t do it all on his own, and should accept help from their family. It’s time to put the kids first, and quit carrying all of the animosity.

    Over time, I think the phone calls to Drew will be less and less. Until one day when everyone has simply forgotten him, as he rots away in prison. At least that is my hope.

  67. I don’t care if he still gets his pension either, as long as the kids are being taken care of. In the grand scheme of things, $6000.00 per month is not that much money, in comparison to what it has cost Stephen.

  68. I can not believe that Stephen is not going to do whatever his father says, or act according to his fathers wishes. He will raise those kids, but on his fathers terms. I am sorry, unless he opens up and lets Stacy’s family have visits or interaction with those kids, I will not change my mind about him. He is an apple that did not fall far from the tree

    I get what you are saying, LA, but I really hope with Drew gone, that is not the case.

  69. As for Lacy and Anthony, we’ve gone over before that it’s very difficult for anyone other than a parent to get the legal right to visit a child. I don’t know if that changes once a parent has been convicted and is doing a prison sentence. I kind of don’t think it does, but if anyone digs up something showing otherwise, let us know!

    Do we know if Stephen is just a legal guardian for them, or did Drew turn over his parental rights to him? Either way, if he is legal guardian, I would think he would have a say about who the kids can see.

  70. He’s got a black belt in karate. He knows how to defend himself,” Lopez said. “He’s a gregarious type of guy. I’m sure the inmates will love him once they get to know him.”

    taken from
    drew-peterson-bolingbrook-police-officer-kathleen-savio |By Stacy St. Clair, Chicago Tribune reporter]

    lol, only against women, imo

  71. lol …only against women…..truer words were never spoken…he’s a coward…and I hope he has to defend hisself many times…maybe then he’ll get how Kathleen and Stacy felt…there is nothing like living the experience…yes…Joe…I hope they love him there too….

  72. What a great post from ThommyMac. I missed it earlier. So heartening to hear a success story, and about a good lawyer that can actually help his client through honesty and sincere concern! Good luck and thanks Thommy. I’m so glad you are in a better place now and doing so much to help others. It’s sad to know Drew will never face the truth – he can’t see he has been his own worst enemy. It could have averted so much tragedy.

  73. Up till now murder has been very lucrative and financially rewarding for Drew, but my guess is that his real worries are only just beginning and most likely starting with the wrongful death suit.

    Then there are lots of other financial matters to get straightened out, e.g Insurance Companies are going to have to re evaluate their payouts; estate matters will have to be adjusted etc etc.

    With the complexity of it all, it will probably take 38 years to sort it all out…….

  74. Well, he is in the perfect place to sit and watch it all play out. Not much else to do the 23 out of 24hrs he has to ponder. Have been going back to some old Videos of him. And Gosh I am so happy with the outcome.

  75. you are so right JAH….I guess he didn’t put that in the financial sheet he made up before killing Kathleen…OOPS sorry…he can kill and no one will ever find the body…

  76. Oh, I see the average cell at Pontiac is 8′ x 5′ x 8′, just marginally bigger than a blue barrel ……….

  77. LA- there is certainly grounds for Kathleen’s estate to be revisted. I’m not sure how that works, if the will is still found to be valid. (Drew’s will) As far as life insurance, Kathleen removed Drew from the policy, so that went to the boys, so wouldn’t the pay-out from that policy remain the same? Hopefully it can be “untangled” with minimal attorney fees. I would hate to see money the kids will need in the future, stuffing the pockets of lawyers.

  78. In Drew’s court ramblings, he states that Stacy was lying when she said Tom knew he killed Kathleen. Who is Drew talking about? Did Stacy say this to Drew, or to another individual? I must have missed this or forgotten the connection.

  79. SL2, it was part of Harry Smith’s testimony on August 29. He said that Stacy told him Drew was angry with her because he thought she had told Tom that Drew had killed Kathy.

    The sidebar ends, and prosecutor Connor begins his cross. “Did she [Stacy] tell you that Drew was pissed at her because he thought that she told Tom that Drew killed Kathy?” “Yes . . . she told me that she had too much shit on him for him to do anything to her.” “She specifically used the word ‘how’ he killed Kathy, not just that he killed Kathy, but ‘how’ he killed Kathy?” “Yes.’ Objection. The parties go to a sidebar.

    The sidebar ends. “When Stacy referred to ‘Tom,’ did you know who she was referring to?” Yes, Drew’s son.” “Did you hear anyone speak to her during this conversation?” “Yes.” “Who was that?” “Drew . . . he called to her, and asked her what she was doing and who she was talking to.” “Did he call her a second time?’ “To rush her off the phone and tell her to get ready.”

  80. Kathleen’s father and sister were made co-executors of Kathleen’s estate back in 2009 or so. Drew and his uncle appealed it but they were not successful.

    You’re right, the beneficiaries of Kathleen’s million dollar life insurance policy were Tom and Kris and I’ve heard from a family source that they alone have gotten that money. Drew has not been able to touch any of it so nothing should change there.

    All that said, the wrongful death suit is still pending and the Savios could sue Drew for damages…

  81. Thanks, Facs! I remember now. Odd, Drew would bring that up in his pleading speech to the judge. Just a simple statement about the boys supporting him would have been beter, but he was determined to make Stacy out as a liar and also one of the reasons he was in this mess.
    Time to turn the page and move forward on Stacy’s case.

  82. The finances may not be that simple.

    The Insurance policy with the Savio boys as beneficiaries was paid out on the claim of accidental death.

    Since it is no longer an accidental death and the murderer sentenced and behind bars, the claim will have to be reviewed.

    It may even be that the boys are entitled to more money as a result (I don’t know the terms of the policy), but the Insurance Company most likely want to go after the murderers assets to recoup some of that money.

    Since the murderer is the beneficiaries own father (!!), this could get interesting (probably very messy too).

  83. If we stand back and look at the big picture, it seems that Drew’s family situation may be more precarious than he would lead others to believe.

    Stephen, Tom and Chris are all aware of the opposing argument — Drew killed Kathy and Stacy is missing. If we are to believe the messengers, all three are fiercly loyal to Drew.

    Yet, wouldn’t you think that at least one of them — all legally adults — would have made an effort to be present at the sentencing hearing for their father? Even if Drew didn’t want them there? How many times have you seen the convicted person’s family given the opportunity to hug the convict before they are taken away?

    That may have been their last opportunity to physically hug their father for the rest of his life… and they passed? I find that rather telling.

    Perhaps all three are coming to understand their father a little better and making their own decisions as to his guilt or innocence.

    Perhaps someone has been able to begin putting the puzzle pieces together.

    I pray that this is the case.

  84. you are right….atlgranny…it’s time to piece the puzzle together….and I so hope that’s what they are doing…this is a man who has destroyed anyone in his path…his final words were….it’s all about me and no one else…I agree with Vinnie from in session…this man is not a good father…if that be the case he would have put his children’s best interest over money and greed….and their best interest is having their mothers alive…

  85. JAH, I was intrigued about the size of the typical cell at Pontiac is 5’x8′. I tried to visualize just what that would look like and found that my powder room is 4’10” x 7′. Pretty darn close!

    You have to consider that within that cell there needs to be a bed, a sink and a crapper.

    While it’s quite possible that solitaray confinement cells are a little bigger, just thinking that he’s living in a cell not much bigger than my powder room is a very comforting thought.

  86. And Mrs. Brodsky has this to say, although I’m a little baffled. Joel said in a recent interview that he hadn’t spoken to Drew in a couple of months, so I’m not sure how he’d know.

    (Sorry – I forgot her tweets are protected. She said that Drew’s pension would end 30 days after sentencing.)

  87. Back in September Joel had this to say about the pension:

    Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky said he believes Peterson’s pension is safe, pointing out that prosecutors hinted that Peterson had special training as a crime scene investigator but never offered evidence that he tampered with a crime scene.

    “His pension is safe. … That money goes to his kids now anyway, even though I’m sure (State’s Attorney) Jim Glasgow would like to see them thrown out in the street,” Brodsky said. “It’s not like the trial. You would have to present actual evidence to the pension board, and they don’t have that.”


  88. When I commented earlier about D’s pension, this automatically-upon-conviction idea is the kind of thing I had in mind. I assumed there would be clear channels for it to take, as I believe it works here. Not much discretion; cut and dried.

    Of course, I would not have the children suffer in any respect. I just didn’t think there was an option.

    I appreciate that D contributed to his pension, and ‘earned’ the rest, but I think the distinction between having been on duty or not and between having been in uniform or not seem bizarre when when you consider he was soliciting hit men, stalking, breaking in, and murder(s)…..

  89. Isn’t Greenberg still his lawyer and not Joel. Why say ask Joel?

    I’m referring to Greenberg’s tweet about the pension. 🙄

  90. I know I am repeating myself…but please forgive me…I feel the state has paid and will continue to pay until his death…his appeals and his lodging is quite a sum…if he lives the next 34 years and if he’s not convicted of Stacy’s killing…which I hope will soon to be put to rest and her body found…yes he did put his time in but let’s go back to his 29 yrs. on the force…his rap sheet is not all that clean….bucket is right …does showing up for work and punching a time card…forgive him for soliciting a hit man to kill the mother of his children…stalking…threatening…bullying….and murder….I think again his finances should be audited….I think they will find more than they think…..

  91. Peterson’s police pension may be challenged
    Ex-officer convicted of killing 3rd wife could lose $79,000 a year in retirement benefits
    September 07, 2012|By Andy Grimm, Chicago Tribune reporter

    Drew Peterson could lose his $79,000 annual pension from the Bolingbrook Police Department as a result of the guilty verdict in his murder trial.

    Under state law governing public employee pensions, a local pension board could revoke Peterson’s pension if it determines he used his police powers or even his skills as a veteran officer in the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Peterson retired as a sergeant in 2007, just a month shy of serving 30 years with the department, said Detective Henry Cunningham, the pension board chairman.

    (From the article quoted in Fac’s comment)

  92. thank you sureyouwill…that kind of puts it where it belongs….they should be able to see the full picture…does Drew get to have one of his infamous attorneys to plead his case…such as it is…what a selfish…self centered individual…he really thought he could walk on water…every nickel should be taken from him…and I hope this is a wake up call to any….I can kill and get away with it….the minor children are innocent as are the 4 others….I feel they will take all that in consideration and do the best thing…

  93. Will County prosecutor Glasgow still searching for Stacy Peterson

    Ka-ching! The case is still alive and the money is in the bank. Translation: Sneed has learned that Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has not given up his pursuit of convicted murderer Drew Peterson’s missing fourth wife, Stacy. Sneed hears Glasgow plans to convene a summit of his legal eagles to revisit Stacy’s case in hopes of charging Peterson with her murder — and is preparing to announce that the $100,000 reward for information leading to Stacy’s whereabouts is still available.


  94. Here’s the whole article:

    The Peterson case . . .

    Ka-ching! The case is still alive and the money is in the bank.

    ◆ Translation: Sneed has learned that Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has not given up his pursuit of convicted murderer Drew Peterson’s missing fourth wife, Stacy.

    Sneed hears Glasgow plans to convene a summit of his legal eagles to revisit Stacy’s case in hopes of charging Peterson with her murder — and is preparing to announce that the $100,000 reward for information leading to Stacy’s whereabouts is still available.

    ◆ Set shot: “Now that Peterson is serving a 38-year sentence at the Pontiac Correctional Center for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, perhaps someone who has evidence — but was afraid to come forward because they feared Peterson would get off — will now contact us,” Glasgow told Sneed.

    ◆ Penalty shot: “I have been in touch with Jeff Ruby, the restaurateur from Cincinnati who offered the $100,000 reward before the Peterson trial, and he is willing to keep the reward going until we find Stacy,” he said.

    ◆ Back shot: Sneed is told the search for Stacy has gone cold. “There has not been a tip leading to her whereabouts for some time,” said an Illinois State Police source.

    ◆ Long shot: “I’ve ordered a sit-down with six of our attorneys to go over every significant detail in Stacy’s disappearance,” Glasgow said. “We’ve already got significant evidence. We just need to see if we can bolster what we’ve already got.”

    Stay tuned.

  95. Mrs. Brodsky said last night she would check with Joel. This morning she says Stephen does have Power of Attorney but that Drew will lose the pension in a process that takes 6-8 weeks.

  96. If Drew’s pension is going bye-bye, maybe Stephen will need the help of Stacy’s family……even for simple things like babysitting… so he can get a break.

    I sure hope he considers that Drew poisioned his recollection of both Stacy and Kathy’s families and allows them to be a larger part of the children’s lives.

  97. “This crime happened by stealth.” “It had to have been planned in advance.”

    This is what Judge Burmila had to say about Drew the Police Sergeant murdering his 3rd wife.

    It doesn’t matter if Drew killed his wife when he was not on duty or whatever.

    As a Police Officer he used his training, knowledge, skills, to stalk and kill his ex-wife and that is what does matter……

  98. It is truly disgusting what this man got away with and for so long.

    He seemed to always have the law on his side or manipulated everything to get the law on his side; that has been the advantage he always had over everyone else.

    With his conviction this has come to an end and will finally lead the way for authorities to reclaim everything he has taken that was not rightfully his to take.

  99. I can’t tell you how great it feels knowing this man will never experience life again…even at 59 each day will be a day to think…and I do want him to think…no friends….no family….no freedom to walk down a street…pick up the phone…everyday to wake up to bars and fear….yes JAH everything he has taken will be taken back and he will be left with nothing….

  100. I’ve always hoped that it was a matter of someone knowing something and too afraid to come forward for fear that Drew Peterson would take revenge for that person telling what he or she knew.

    We know that Tom Morphey suffered tremendous fear and even attempted suicide because he was afraid of Drew. He disappeared for a long time and I suspect he was somewhere that he felt safe and hidden from Drew. Perhaps he was given police protection. We also know that Tom Morphey’s testimony about the night of October 28, 2007 is crucial to what happened to Stacy.

    I’ve always thought that what happened to Stacy was unplanned. Had it been planned, Drew wouldn’t have killed Stacy in her own home on a Sunday, with four children in the house. If planned, it would likely have been a week day with the older children in school, the younger children with a sitter, and it would have happened away from home.

    With an unplanned murder, Drew would have had to do a lot of improvising and quickly covering his crime. I think he must have had some help. Not in the murder, but in the cover-up. That’s what makes me think there’s someone who knows something.

    Drew Peterson had some shady friends. One that comes to mind (I can’t remember his name at the moment), is the man who came to the Peterson home within those first few days and gave Drew a cell phone to use. That person was evidently helping Drew by giving him a cell phone that couldn’t be traced to him. That person has to know something.

    I think there’s someone who knows what happened to Stacy. That $100,000 reward might be the leverage needed to get that person to talk.

  101. Hi Molly, it was Mike Robinson who Ric Mims said brought a cell phone to Drew Peterson a day or two after Stacy disappeared. He also said that they exchanged notes rather than talking and put them in a paper shredder after reading.

    Robinson had some trouble with the law afterwards, involving a fight with two women in an elevator. At that time we were hoping that if he knew something he would perhaps make a deal with prosecutors, but I think the case has been resolved…and we still don’t know where Stacy is. So hard to say what was going on there.

    As for whether or not the killing of Stacy was planned, it’s difficult to say. If you believe Tom Morphey, Drew seemed to have an idea what he wanted to do the day before since he drove Morphey to a storage facility in order to rent a unit and discussed how a body could be kept there for a while and then moved later if needed. Although they were unable to get the storage unit rented that day, he was contacted the next day to help Drew move the container out of the house and into the Denali, so perhaps Drew hadn’t planned to kill Stacy quite that soon, but he certainly seemed to have it in his mind at least a day in advance.

    My fear is that things went down without the preparation Drew had wanted to have in place and in a rush he dumped her in the shipping canal with no help, and if that’s the case there are no accomplices and no one to come forward and claim that reward and unless Drew gets to the point where he wants to talk, we’re just SOOL.

    My guess is that Drew will only confess to the whereabouts of Stacy as a last resort once he’s exhausted all appeals in his conviction for Kathleen.

  102. Morphey was under police protection for a while, but got tired of it:

    Morphey said he spent about five months away from his family for his own protection. The state police first put him and Alcox up in a motel about two hours from his home. Alcox returned after a long weekend.

    “I was put at various locations,” he said. “I didn’t know where I’d be staying from one night to the other.” In December, the state police found a permanent location for Morphey out of state, but by “February or March, I just decided enough was enough,” he said.

    Police, he said, reluctantly agreed to let him return home.


  103. Thanks Facsmiley for jogging my memory! It’s been a long time. Yes, I remember now that it was Mike Robinson, and Rick Mims saw Mike bring the cell phone and observed Drew and Mike exchanging notes and then destroying them……..very strange actions for someone proclaiming his innocence! If I remember right, Rick Mims got very uncomfortable at what he witnessed and left the Peterson home very soon after that.

    I remember too that Drew initially asked Tom Morphey to rent a self storage unit the day before, and asked Tom if he would kill for him. I’m sure that when Tom helped Drew move that container out of the house and into the Denali, that conversation was fresh in his mind. When coupled with Drew’s mysterious actions earlier in the evening – leaving Tom at a coffee shop and giving him his cell phone and telling him if it rings don’t answer it………..Tom pretty much knew what had happen and was really scared.

    I do think Drew was actively planning to murder Stacy, but hadn’t fully formulated a plan. But, killing her that Sunday, in their home with the four children in the house, wasn’t planned. I think he learned she had an appointment with Harry Smith the next day and just went ahead and killed her.

  104. M35067 also knew Stacy was meeting with Pastor Schori. He even tried to intimidate him. DP knew how he got rid of the Kathleen problem and got away with it… This was his way out of this problem.

  105. Menard Correctional Center
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Coordinates: 37°54′43″N 89°50′31″W

    Menard Correctional Center, known prior to 1970 as Southern Illinois Penitentiary, is located in the town of Chester in Randolph County, Illinois. It is a state prison housing maximum-security and high medium-security adult males.The average daily population as of 2007 is 3,410.[1] Menard Correctional Center opened in March 1878, and is the second oldest prison in Illinois. It also stands as Illinois’s largest maximum-security prison. Menard once housed death row; however, on January 10, 2003 the Condemned Unit closed when former Governor George Ryan granted clemency to all Illinois death row inmates.[2]

    Menard Correctional Center’s average prisoner age is 34 years old. Each inmate’s average annual cost totals $19,190.00.


  106. Menard Correctional Center:
    Key Observations

    In the past year, Menard has had an alarming number of reported staff and inmate assaults.
    Menard has the worst inmate-to-staff ratio of all Illinois’ maximum-security facilities, as well as that of several medium and high-minimum security facilities.
    Over the last year and a half, Menard was on full or partial lockdown roughly half of the time.
    The average inmate at Menard spend roughly 21 to 22 hours a day locked in cells idle, with little or no activity or opportunity for normal social and human interaction.
    The racial makeup of Menard’s population is roughly 63 percent African American, 25 percent White, 12 percent Hispanic, .02 percent Asian, and .01 percent other.

  107. Justice Café ‏@facsmiley
    Hi @josharrk. Do you know why Drew was transferred to a different prison today?

    Joseph R. Lopez ‏@josharrk
    @facsmiley drew exception
    3:32 PM – Feb 28, 2013

    I have no idea what this means.

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