Drew Peterson transferred to maximum security facility downstate

Drew Peterson has been transferred to Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

The facility in downstate Illinois has the worst inmate-to-staff ratio of all Illinois’ maximum-security facilities, as well as that of several medium and high-minimum security facilities.

Menard Correctional Center

Menard Correctional Center

Over the last year and a half, Menard was on full or partial lockdown roughly half of the time.

Menard is currently on lockdown status and no visitors are allowed. According to a tweet by Stacy St. Clair the current lockdown is due to an attack on a staff member.

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107 thoughts on “Drew Peterson transferred to maximum security facility downstate

  1. I don’t know and he didn’t reply when I asked him what that meant. I’m sure we’ll learn more as the evening progresses.

    Craig Wall tweeted that Drew’s lawyers are not happy about the transfer.

  2. Drew Peterson transferred to maximum security prison downstate

    Posted: Feb 28, 2013 5:34 PM CST
    Updated: Feb 28, 2013 5:45 PM CST

    CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) – Just as Drew Peterson was settling into his new home at the Illinois Prison in Pontiac, the convicted murderer has been moved and his attorneys are crying foul.

    Peterson was transferred Thursday to the Menard Correctional Center downstate near St. Louis which is 350 miles from Chicago.

    Next Tuesday, Peterson’s case will be back before Judge Edward Burmilla in Will County, as attorneys ask him to reduce Peterson’s 38 year sentence on the grounds it is excessive.

    Peterson will not be brought to Joliet for the hearing. Experts say those motions are usually denied.


  3. Nice to see his smirk mostly gone from the new mugshots. and also his going a bit hairless Not too hot he is now, Ms Kris, right?

  4. forgive me if I don’t cry him a river….maybe he’ll offer Stacy to come back…I’ll give you Stacy if you let me be closer to home….otherwise he’s where he belongs…..

  5. It appears that it is cheaper to keep him at Menard:

    Facility Data

    Menard Correctional Center
    Opened: March 1878
    *Operational Capacity: 3,739
    Maximum Security Adult Male
    *Population Menard Correctional Center: 3,060
    *Population Menard Medium Security Unit: 423
    *Population Menard Reception & Classification Center: 91
    *Total Current Population: 3,574
    Average Age: 34
    FY2010 Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $19,492.00

    *As of 5/31/2012. Reflects bed space capacity analysis as outlined in the July 1, 2012 Quarterly Report to the Legislature.


  6. Inmate Programs
    •Meat Processing
    •Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies
    •Knit and Sewing
    •Waste Removal and Recycling

    Perhaps he can take up knitting! 🙂

  7. Read an article today that inmates at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Jail, are going to start having to pay for their food. They start charging inmates $1.25 per day for their food, starting next month. I think it is a wonderful idea, and all prisons/jails should follow suit. It’s going to save taxpayers a ton of money!

  8. Perhaps they are looking for a prison that best suits his personality (!!)

    This one is probably more suitable as it is closest to a rat hole and already saving the State $ 10.000.00 annually on the previous one (Pontiac) for the pleasure of keeping him there ………

  9. One of Peterson’s attorney, Joseph “Shark” Lopez, said he had no prior knowledge of the prison switch.

    “You can’t control IDOC,” Lopez said. “IDOC moved him because IDOC wanted to move him. IDOC marches to its own drum.”

    Lopez said Peterson’s new home is a tough place and that there are “more murderers in Menard than anyplace else in the state.” But he is confident that Peterson will get along with the other prisoners, who he said were “rooting” for him during his trial.

    “They were rooting for him because they think he got the shaft like they did,” Lopez said. “It doesn’t matter that he was a cop. They thought Drew got screwed.”


  10. Lopez said Peterson’s new home is a tough place and that there are “more murderers in Menard than anyplace else in the state.” But he is confident that Peterson will get along with the other prisoners, who he said were “rooting” for him during his trial.

    “They were rooting for him because they think he got the shaft like they did,” Lopez said. “It doesn’t matter that he was a cop. They thought Drew got screwed.”

    How does Joe Lopez profess to know all this and at such short notice.

    Did Joe Lopez specifically go to Menard with a questionaire anytime during or after the trial what the inmates there think of Drew just in case he was going to end up there ??

    Doesn’t say much for his skills as a Defense attorney then, does it – LOL !

  11. Two guards and a chaplain were injured Tuesday in an Illinois prison attack that union officials said involved up to 15 inmates, the latest in a series of violent incidents at the lockup and others in the state.

    The violence over the past month led to one death last week at Menard Correctional Center, where the most recent assaults also happened. Union officials say the disturbances stem from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s decision to close several prisons around the state to save money, a move they claim has put staffers at overcrowded prisons at greater risk.

    The assaults Tuesday occurred as about 200 union members marched outside the prison over what they say are growing threats to their safety. Menard is in the southern Illinois town of Chester, on the Mississippi River and about 70 miles south of St. Louis.

    One inmate appeared to lure a guard into the attack inside the prison chapel, said Kevin Hirsch, a sergeant at the prison and president of Local 1175 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. He said a chaplain and another guard who tried to help were hurt, too, and that 10 to 15 inmates were put in segregation after the incident.

    “It was a very violent assault,” Hirsch said. “A wave of inmates attacked them. … These inmates planned to do some damage. They stomped these staff pretty bad.”

    The prison was locked down and the injured staff members were treated at a local hospital and released, Illinois Department of Corrections spokeswoman Stacey Solano said in an emailed statement. Solano didn’t provide further details about the assault.


  12. Good to know that Lopez believes the inmates were “rooting” for DP … because all those prisoners were “given the shaft” and certainly were not guilty … maybe all were victims of bad lawyering. 🙄

    As a lawyer, if you aren’t successful in getting your client aquitted, do you call it one for the Win column if your client at least gets along with the prison population? Wonder if Drew feels the same way?

    This Defense Team has got to learn to just go with ‘no comment’ instead of outdoing one another for the Foot In Mouth award.


  13. “Lopez said Peterson’s new home is a tough place and that there are “more murderers in Menard than anyplace else in the state.”

    Great call from Lopez as with Drew being moved to Menard there is one more – LOL !

  14. Drew is where he belongs…the act of killing deserves no special privileges and especially from an ex cop…his performance in the courtroom may have been his end…the fat lady has sung…now he will get a taste of what happens when justice is served….

  15. Lopez said Peterson’s new home is a tough place and that there are “more murderers in Menard than anyplace else in the state.” But he is confident that Peterson will get along with the other prisoners, who he said were “rooting” for him during his trial.

    “They were rooting for him because they think he got the shaft like they did,” Lopez said. “It doesn’t matter that he was a cop. They thought Drew got screwed.”

    He should feel right at home, with his kind.

    The rest of that = 🙄

  16. Well, looks like Drew has moved to the low rent district. Glad the tax payers will save a little on his upkeep. He made his bed, and now he has to lie in it – and sit in it, and read in it, and knit in it… Still, it’s luxury compared to the fate of Kathleen and Stacy.

  17. Silly story from the National Enquirer. Not vouching for this nonsense:

    AFTER being sen­tenced to 38 years in prison for the murder of his third wife, a once-cocky DREW PETERSON is so devastated that alarmed authorities have put him on a suicide watch, say insiders.

    “Drew has broken down into an emotional heap,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “He realizes he’s going to be in prison until he’s in his late 90s – and he cries like a baby. He got what amounts to a death sentence, and it’s shattered his cocky self-image. He’s even been talk­ing about killing himself.”

    All of this has apparently wiped the smirk off Peterson’s face. “Drew had been arrogant be­yond belief and never, ever believed there was any chance he would be convicted for Kathleen’s murder,” the source told The ENQUIRER. “He even planned to get married for a fifth time. But when he heard the judge hand down his sentence, it hit him like a sledgehammer and he fell into a dark de­pression. He felt the reality of the prison cell doors clanging shut behind him forever.”


  18. I hope his kids learn to forget him…he will never be a part of their lives….the healing has to begin..his choices were not there’s…the sadness he has brought on that family..the lives he has harmed…he has 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the next 34 yrs. to think of the life he lived…I hope he feels more than depression…

  19. I think Lopez may have misunderstood the reports from Menard. They were rooting for him to be transferred to them. 😉

    I don’t think he’ll find many admirers among the Menard population. Lots of murderers take a dim view of mommykillers. Someone to look down on. Nevermind his status as a disgraced cop. No one’s going to be interested in his lame, self-aggrandising stories.

    Will there be any fans there for a perpetual betrayer?

  20. That article in the Enquirer sounds like a lot of piffle.

    Who exactly was the “close source” to dream that one up ??

  21. I sent a message on Neil Schori’s f/b page this am…Brodsky answered…he said that there is no IDOC at Pontiac so Peterson was taken to Menard for the IDOC..it’s a 30 day period and at the end of the 30 day period….the IDOC can send him to any of the prisons in Illinois or chose to keep him there..I asked him if it was the standard…but I haven’t heard back….I live in Va…how many prisons does Illinois have that could take a mother killer..

  22. Drew’s current attorneys have all stated that they don’t know why Drew was transferred and that once the IDOC is in control of an inmate they can put him wherever they want.

    I’m more inclined to believe that than whatever Joel is saying. AFAIK Joel hasn’t talked to Drew in months and he hasn’t represented him since October so I doubt that he would have more info than the current attorneys.

    I do thank you though for sharing what he said. I’m curious to know what any of these guys has to say.

  23. OMG…29 facilities…that’s a lot…of course I haven’t checked to see how many are in VA,,,I’ll save that for another day…I’ve never been in the market for one either…thanks facs….

  24. These are the maximum security facilities:

    Dixon Psychiatric Unit 1 – Maximum
    Dwight Correctional Center 1 – Maximum
    Menard Correctional Center 1 – Maximum
    Pontiac Correctional Center 1 – Maximum
    Stateville Correctional Center 1 – Maximum
    Tamms Correctional Center 1 – Maximum

  25. “‘Drew has broken down into an emotional heap,’ a close source told The ENQUIRER. ‘He realizes he’s going to be in prison until he’s in his late 90s – and he cries like a baby. He got what amounts to a death sentence, and it’s shattered his cocky self-image. He’s even been talk­ing about killing himself.’”

    Sounds like something Brodsky would say. Hell hath no fury like a confidant scorned…..

  26. If he does commit suicide it will show the coward that he is …a padded cell is in order….he needs to live and think everyday about what he has done…he may have 34 yrs….his children have a life sentence….what’s fair about that Mr. Peterson…

  27. Interesting segment on Geraldo with Brodsky and Glasgow. Glasgow pretty much echoed what he has been saying about Drew’s behavior before sentencing and the likelihood of bringing an indictment for Stacy and Joel continued his new anti-Drew line in which he thought that Drew might have revealed a side that he had not seen previously. He did say that he would encourage Drew to allow Stacy’s kids to visit with Cassandra and their new cousin. Of course Brodsky also took some jabs at Steve Greenberg.

  28. I think I heard about it in December. It’s a boy.

    Joel also said that he had encouraged Drew for two years to let Stacy’s family see the kids. Well, that’s easy to say now…

  29. Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law shared a link.
    about an hour ago

    To Joe “The Shark” Lopez: The prosecutor in the Rainone case used the same tag line as the prosecutor in the Peterson case: “use your common sense”.

    This is prosecutorial misconduct. The standard of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt” not “common sense”. That should have been argued in the Peterson post-trial motion (but was not – not your fault Joe – you remained silent during the post-trial motion in Peterson because you knew it was based on Greenberg’s lies, which was the ethical thing to do) , but I hope you argue it in the Rainone post-trial motion.

    To tell jurors over and over to use their common sense demeans the burden of proof and implies to the jury that even if there is not sufficient evidence to prove the defendants guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they can convict if their common sense tells them the defendant is guilty.

    We need a federal case saying it is a violation of a defendants constitutional rights to argue that the defendant can be convicted if the jurors common sense tells them he is guilty, even absent proof.

    My response to this is that a lawyer can say whatever they want. It’s the judge who gives the jury their instructions.

    Just shows how out of his depth Brodsky is when it comes to a murder trial.

  30. Apparently it’s pretty common for a prosecutor to ask a jury to use their common sense.

    Here’s one example from July 2012 in which a judge denied a complaint on the same grounds that Joel is making above:

    Although Doublin’s specific argument is difficult to discern, it appears that he complains about the State’s references to “innuendo and subterfuge” and the State’s mention of “community standards” in its closing argument. (Appellant Br. pp. 23, 26). The State emphasized to the jury that Lewis’ testimony was uncontroverted and recommended that they follow their common sense. We conclude that these actions did not amount to prosecutorial misconduct nor did it place Doublin in a position of peril because it was not improper for the prosecutor to ask the jurors to use common sense in deciding their verdict.


    I sure hope Joe Lopez doesn’t feel that he needs to take Joel’s advice when arguing his cases…

  31. And one more time, if there was something that Joel Brodsky didn’t like during the trial, he was free to object or file a motion asking for a mistrial.

  32. Although I do not want all you haters to know I ever check this site, and I am only now doing so because I wanted to see if anyone posted Geraldo from last night, and while I wish he would just fade away, and my better judgment tells me not to get into a debate with him, the fact is he is, not surprisingly, wrong yet again. If they can’t use common sense what are they suppose to use-nonsense?

    This is from December 2012:

    “Although a prosecutor cannot argue assumptions or facts that are not contained in the record (Glasper, 234 Ill.2d at 204, 334 Ill.Dec. 575, 917 N.E.2d 401), she may discuss subjects of common sense or common experience (Runge, 234 Ill.2d at 146, 334 Ill.Dec. 865, 917 N.E.2d 940). Our supreme court has acknowledged that because jurors do not forgo their common sense when they serve on the jury, it seems proper for prosecutors to present arguments in such terms and make appeals thereto. Runge, 234 Ill.2d at 146, 334 Ill.Dec. 865, 917 N.E.2d 940.”

    People v. Butler, 2012 IL App (1st) 101823-U

  33. WHOA…..haters please Mr. Greenberg…at no time have we ever expressed hatred…dislike…stupidity…idiocy…media whores…but never hatred…going back memory lane and watching the dream team make jokes of 2 very special mothers …one dead and another conveniently missing…4 children to go through life never to see or hug their mothers again…it’s one thing to defend a killer and we all understand that part of the picture..the jokes and laughing was a little over the top…you and Mr.Brodsky can continue on your emotional roller coaster…it really means nothing…Drew Peterson is in jail and will die there…that’s justice….

  34. In all fairness, I’ve called Joel Brodsky a “boob” many times. However, I don’t think I’ll get any disagreement from Steve on that one.

    As for Drew Peterson, the worst I’ve ever said about him is that I think he killed two women. The state has proven me at least half right.

    I’m just waiting on that second half.

  35. Can’t wait for Lopez to continue to run his mouth on twitter as to how he would be defending Jodi Arias, now that he is off the DP case.

  36. Steve, you’ve got to understand that most of us feel deep resentment towards the Defense team because of the childish way they behaved. It’s not that we dislike you, per se, but all of you contributed juvenile antics which demeaned the process.

  37. Okay, so why did you guys do it? Did you think it would make you look good….or smart…..or clever? I still don’t get it.

  38. Gives Steve a bump and a shove – in an endearing light hearted way hah!

    I second what atlgranny said because I’m one of those who do feel a deep resentment towards the defense team and for the very reasons she pointed out so pay attention Steve and you might, just might learn a thing or two about how your antics and those of your co-counsel come across in the eyes of public opinion. And if you’re smart you’ll take what you learn here and use it to better position yourself in your profession.

    I think the reason the defense team talked and acted as they did was simply because after having been around Drew for so long he kinda rubbed off on them to the point where they lost sight of their own moral compasses and perhaps unconsciously adopted the arrogance and bluster, the false sense of infallability – they, like Drew, never ever believed he would actually be convicted! Keep in mind that while the jury was deliberating, Joel Brodsky made arrangements for an off duty cop to be ready to “protect” Drew from the public when he was acquitted….and when word came down that the jury had reached a verdict, it was reported that Drew had a big smile on his face and Pork Chop Lopez danced a lil jig in the hallway….

    It was all fun and games…..untill somebody got convicted.

  39. Latest event

    02/28/2013 Writ of Habeas Corpus – Order for Drew Peterson

    (A writ of habeas corpus, also known as the “great writ”, is a summons with the force of a court order; it is addressed to the custodian (a prison official for example) and demands that a prisoner be taken before the court, and that the custodian present proof of authority, allowing the court to determine whether the custodian has lawful authority to detain the prisoner. If the custodian is acting beyond his authority, then the prisoner must be released. )

  40. So what does this mean? They are trying to determine whether his current prison has the right to detain him? And if not, he can be released? Is this common procedure?

  41. I think it’s just being filed as a technicality, as part of building the case that Drew shouldn’t be in prison at all.

    Just guessing here.

    One ground for the complaint is ” To secure relief from prison conditions constituting cruel and unusual punishment even though detention of the prisoner itself is legal.” So, again I think that it’s just part of throwing everything and the kitchen sink at his conviction and sentence.

  42. It’s extremely cruel, unusual and inhuman punishment for M35067 to continue to detain and hide the Mother of his two youngest children from them.

  43. Well said Judgin.
    A mother is missing and precious time and energy is being spent to see if there’s some procedural loophole for M35067 to escape his punishment.
    Where is Stacy?

  44. I have followed your incredible coverage of the events of this case. In my opinion, it was more detailed and available than any of the big guns.

    Although I take no glee in the suffering of any human being, including Drew Peterson, I am relieved that he will not be able to harm another woman.

    Thanks again for the great job you’ve done here.

  45. Let me see if I’m understanding this…M35067’s lawyers want him taken out of Menard and brought back to Joliet by a prison custodian to stand before a judge who will determine whether or not M35067 belongs in prison?!?!?

    Will somebody please explain to me WHY M35067 always seems to be getting preferential treatment, even after having been convicted?!?!?

    And HOW MUCH LONGER till Stacy gets her Justice???

    This is F****’d up!

  46. No, Kat, I don’t think it has anything to do with preferential treatment.

    I think it’s just one of those standard filings a defense attorney does after sentencing to lay the foundation for later appeals.

    No one who has been sentenced to what is essentially life in prison is going to just accept it and take up knitting. There are years of appeals ahead.

    It’s the American way! 🙂

    But maybe once his appeals are exhausted Peterson will remember some details about his missing fourth wife…

  47. Facs, I will second Aimee’s comment. You have done a fantastic job of keeping everything organized on this case. News commentators should hire you to be their background person before attempting to do a broadcast. I just hate hearing national / local coverage on this case with misinformation.

  48. Facs, thanks for putting it into a better perspective.

    As long as he stays locked up, I’m satisfied. I could care less about whatever cruel and unusual punishment he suffers in prison because it wont be anywhere near what he did to Kathy and Stacy. So he’s got years of appeals ahead of him, good! Years in which to try to win his freedom back…a freedom that he’ll never see, breathe nor experience again..

    It took nearly 9 years for Kathleen to get her justice….5 and still counting for Stacy. I had hoped that once he was convicted for murdering Kathleen he would’ve cut a deal with the State in regards to Stacy…or, at sentencing served with an indictment. Neither happened and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. However, I’m gratified to know that Glasgow isn’t giving up – and thrilled to learn that they’re also going to be looking back 25 years. When I heard THAT, I literally jumped for joy! Finally…finally, its nice to learn that I’m not the only one who has long suspected that he’s killed more than just his last two wives.

  49. Where did you hear that LE is looking back 25 years? I missed that news but I always believed he is a serial murderer.

  50. That 25-years thing was from the NE story. I wouldn’t put any stock in what the National Enquirer writes. C’mon, they said that Kathleen’s death scene was staged as a suicide 🙄

    And trying to connect Drew Peterson to Lisa Stebic? Please, people. There was only one person with a motive to kill Lisa Stebic and it was not Drew Peterson.

    The National Enquirer is in the business of selling tabloid papers to people as they check out at the supermarket, not reporting the facts.

    Thanks for your kind words, StillLearning. Of course, the blog wouldn’t be much without everyone’s participation and I’m always grateful to see people posting comments and sending emails. It would be a lonely endeavor otherwise.

    It does seem like the more remote we get from the facts of the case, the weirder the reporting gets. Especially the national coverage. They seem the most erroneous and/or the most confused.

  51. I see judgin found the link to what I was referring to – thank you, judgin, much appreciated! 🙂

    I haven’t read the NE, never buy trash so I can’t comment on whatever it’s claiming.

    I think what Charles Pelkie means is…going back 25 years they need to take another look at all the missing persons cases – and rule out by process of elimination, something like that. Additionally, we don’t know what all evidence LE does have on all the cases but it’s a damn sure bet they have evidence and information known only to them at this point in time. I’m going to venture my opinion that they wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t already have some very strong reasons for doing so.

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it turns out DP is a serial killer. I remember back when Ric Mims said it seems that people end up dead or missing around Drew. When Drew was married to 1st wife Carol Brown, he was having an affair with a 17 yr old girl who lived down the street from him – and her brother didn’t like it, threatened to tell…next thing anyone knew, the brother was found dead, an apparent suicide by hanging in his garage and of course, Drew was the first responder to the scene as he later bragged….

    And John Spira aka Chicago Johnny?….Drew and Ric Mims worked side jobs for John’s company…and it’s also where Drew and Ric bought 3 blue barrels from. After John went missing, John’s family erected a billboard across the street from his company with his picture, asking if anyone has seen him or any info to contact authorities…the billboard was mysteriously taken down in the dead of night…the family re-erected it and again, same thing…and finally, a 3rd time with the same results, all in the stealth of night…kinda reminds me of how DP in the stealth of the night took down the ribbons for Stacy. I should add that John’s sister also had the very same problem with LE as Kathleen’s family did when she was killed in that they stonewalled her, unwlling to investigate, etc….just too many similiarities and I don’t believe in coincidences.

    /MOD EDIT/ Sorry, had to delete the inaccurate info. Plase make sure to check your facts before posting.

  52. I thought DP and Mims worked for a different cable company, not Spira’s. Sorry I don’t know where to look for that. Spira was in a band that played regularly at DP’s bar, but I think that’s as far as that association went, but I agree the elements you point out are Petersonesque. Glasgow certainly has hinted at more by comparing him to a very naughty cop character played by Richard Gere in Internal Affairs.

    I believe it’s entirely possible (mmmm. imo very likely) that DP is a much more accomplished criminal than has come to light, and now he’s locked up more informants may (have already) appear(ed). LE has had years to investgate DP, so if they found cause to widen the investigation, we’ll know about it eventually. Perhaps not lately, but I have voiced my opinion on this many times before. I wouldn’t put anything past him. $20million bail.

  53. On the ABC link above, I read it as a general review of 25yrs’ worth of missing persons, not that they were looking at them all with DP in mind, but it is a bit ambiguous.

  54. JG put it perfectly….he’s a bully…a thug….he used his badge…the statement made too many times…I could kill you …how many did DP kill..we’ll probably never know..the fact that he could bully and put so much fear in so many people…we can only hope he lives the next 34 yrs..fearing the unknown..lonely and forgotten..I do believe his defense attorneys will move on and lose interest…

  55. Folks, discussion is open to all who follow the rules, so please take the time to reread the rules for discussion.

    We ask that you confine discussion to the facts of the case and that you back up any statements with links to the facts.

    Please don’t indulge in speculation or post comments based on memory of stories that have been misproven or are based on rumor. Your comment may be edited or removed if it is found to be non-factual.

    We can only have a meeting of the minds if we have the facts in common.


  56. BeautifulKat, the rumors that cast suspicion on Drew in regards to the death of Steve Rhea (or Ray) were never backed up with anything factual. They originated with a story told by Ric Mims.

    We also have comments posted by a friend of Rhea/Ray who said that he did leave a suicide note when he died and that he hung himself in his closet, not in the garage, as Mims had said and that Mims was not close enough to their circle to know what had actually transpired.

    So we just don’t know the facts of that situation.


  57. Thanks gatekeep and facs…after my last post I went off to do some research and did discover I was incorrect and on the cable company issue – it was Americable that Drew and Mims worked part time at and not Spira’s cable company (Universal Cable Construction). Then I came back here to correct myself only to see it already done, thanks!

    It was from acandyrose that I remembered about Monica and her brother Steve whose names I had forgotten untill I went back to research….and yes I’m aware of the conflicting reports, but simply stating my opinion and pointing out an obvious pattern as is shown on acandyrose. Oh, and allow me to correct one more incorrection – it was during his marriage to wife #2 when he had the affair with Monica, not #1 as I previously stated. I’d provide the link to the site if I could but I’m on a very old laptop and the right click for copy and paste doesn’t work.

    Thanks for the “constructive” criticisim! 😉

  58. Peterson judge says he’s ‘shocked’ by former attorney’s comments
    By Jon Seidel and Janet Lundquist
    March 5, 2013 12:14PM

    The Will County judge who presided over Drew Peterson’s murder trial said Tuesday he’s “shocked” by some of the comments the ex-Bolingbrook cop’s lead trial attorney has made in public, and he’s planning to tell the state agency that investigates lawyers in Illinois.

    Judge Edward Burmila dismissed Peterson’s request to have the court muzzle his former attorney, Joel Brodsky. But, in doing so, Burmila said he was going to send a transcript of Tuesday’s hearing — in which he criticized Brodsky — and the written motion that prompted it to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.

    Attorney Steve Greenberg argued that since Peterson’s sentencing, Brodsky had allegedly broke attorney-client privilege in trying to deflect blame for losing the case. Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    “Mr. Brodsky has, since Mr. Peterson’s sentencing, conducted a campaign to vindicate his actions at the expense of Peterson’s best interests, and without regard to attorney-client privilege,” the motion filed on Peterson’s behalf stated.

    Greenberg also cited a Brodsky’s public comment that had Peterson testified during his trial it would have been, “an unmitigated disaster … there is no way we would have won,” among other things. Greenberg said the motion was not personal and he filed it with “extraordinary reluctance,” after his direct request was ignored, in case there are any subsequent trials or retrials.

    Burmila criticized Brodsky’s commentary, but declined to order him to stop talking about the case.

    “I wish I could think of a word beyond, ‘shocked,’ that I could apply to Mr. Brodsky’s appearance on television,” Burmila said from the bench.

    Peterson, who was moved late last week to the Menard Correctional Center downstate, appeared in court Tuesday morning. Wearing a black jumpsuit, and shackled at the waist, Peterson mostly kept his head down during the hearing.

    Burmila also rejected Peterson’s motion to reconsider his sentence. Unless he wins an appeal, Peterson won’t be released from prison until he is 93 years old. He is considered the main suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy.

    Brodsky said in a telephone interview that the rules of professional conduct allow him to defend himself against comments that Greenberg has made about him.

    “I do not have to sit there silent,” Brodsky said.


  59. elizabethbrodsky @inhiheels

    @facsmiley according to joel & his ARDC attorney & ARDC rules, a lawyer can defend himself against such allegations.guy used to wrk 4 ARDC

  60. Drew Peterson Judge Beefs Joel Brodsky to Disciplinary Commission
    Judge Edward Burmila called lawyer Joel Brodsky’s conduct “shocking” and is having information forwarded to the state’s Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.
    By Joseph Hosey

    The judge in the Drew Peterson murder case said he was “shocked” by the behavior of attorney Joel Brodsky in the aftermath of the convicted wife-killer’s sentencing last month.

    “I’ve never seen an attorney comport himself the way Mr. Brodsky did,” Judge Edward Burmila said during a Tuesday morning hearing at the Will County Courthouse.

    And Brodsky’s law license may be in jeopardy now that Judge Burmila is alerting the state’s Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission to Brodsky’s antics.

    After Peterson was hit with a 38-year prison sentence for murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, his former attorney, Joel Brodsky, did a WGN Morning News interview and blamed Peterson for moves he made at the trial.

    Judge Burmila first said he was shocked when he watched the interview, then later said, “I wish I could think of a word beyond ‘shocked’ to apply to Mr. Brodsky’s appearance on television.”

    Peterson attorney Steve Greenberg, who proclaimed Peterson’s innocence after the sentencing, asked Burmila during the Tuesday morning hearing to silence Brodsky. Greenberg pointed out that Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has already said he is considering bringing charges against Peterson with regard to Stacy’s disappearance. Greenberg said he made the request with “extraordinary reluctance,” and only after reaching out to Brodsky and being ignored.

    Burmila said the Brodsky sitiuation—and the entire Peterson case—is now outside his jurisdiction and in the hands of the appellate court. But the judge did not dismiss Greenberg’s concerns. He told his clerk to forward Greenberg’s motion and a transcript of Tuesday’s hearing to the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.

    Greenberg’s motion claims Brodsky “conducted a campaign to vindicate his actions at the expense of Peterson’s best interests, and without regard to attorney-client privilege.” It accuses Brodsky of saying Peterson “had no empathy for anyone else and that his screaming in court was perhaps reflective of his true character.”

    The filing also says Brodsky revealed “what he claimed were privileged conversations that he had with his client.”

    Greenberg raised his motion during a hearing to ask Burmila to reconsider Peterson’s 38-year prison sentence. Peterson was transported from downstate Menard Correctional Center for the hearing. Greenberg said it took six hours to make the 300 mile trip.

    Greenberg requested that the judge sentence Peterson to the minimum 20 years, but Burmila didn’t budge.

    Brodsky failed to respond to requests for comments on Burmila’s decision to report him to the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission, which will not be Brodsky’s first run-in with the board. In 2004, the commission suspended Brodsky’s law license for three months after determining he forged a dead man’s signature on “bank documents needed to release the funds.”


  61. Also from Hosey’s article:

    “Burmila denied last month’s motion for a new trial but conceded that it was ‘clear to the court from the very beginning that Mr. Brodsky was out of his depth,’ and that he ‘did not have the lawyerly skills’ to handle the case.’

    Brodsky said he felt vindicated by these comments.”

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. Burmilla basically calls him a buffoon and he thinks that this is his “vindication”? Add the term “idiot” behind sociopathic.

  62. I think Joel’s comment was taken out of context in that story. This is how that statement was originally reported on 2/22.

    Moments after his former client Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison, Joel Brodsky’s reaction was that his reputation as an attorney had been restored.

    You know, I guess I feel vindicated,” Brodsky said with a shrug Thursday outside the courtroom where Peterson was sentenced for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. “The judge said there was a strategy.”

    I mean, Joel did say he felt vindicated but IIRC it was because Judge Burmila had ruled that Drew would not get a new trial based on a conflict of interest or ineptness on Joel’s part. The Judge conceded that Joel’s decisions were based on strategy rather than an error.

    Still, Burmila did not exactly shower Joel with praise! He may not have been so horrible that he could be blamed for Drew being convicted, but no one is saying that he did a good job. Far from it!

  63. “Peterson was transported from downstate Menard Correctional Center for the hearing. Greenberg said it took six hours to make the 300 mile trip”

    Another six hours back to prison, then another six hours back here 3/28 court appearance, then another six hours back to prison, and on and on and on! Sure wish Kathleen and Stacy got to do all that traveling!

  64. I dunno…..it may not be the BEST use of taxpayer money, but I bet that Drew is quite distraught as he goes past that beautiful part of the country shackled like the dog that he is.

    Freedom is never so precious as when you lose it. Right Drew?

  65. M35067 hasn’t been in solitary at Menard long enough. He’s still getting out and not feeling the pain of hopelessness… like Kathleen and Stacy suffered.

  66. Hypothetically speaking of course (!!):

    How can one maintain a really bad lawyer for five years; then complain to have a really bad lawyer whilst not once taking responsibility for maintaining a really bad lawyer for five years ?

  67. When asked, during the same interview, if he believed Peterson was innocent, Brodsky stammered, laughed and said, “They’re clients. Drew is a client. I have lots of clients. My personal belief really has nothing to do with it. You defend everybody zealously. You defend the 10 guilty people so that the one innocent person isn’t wrongfully convicted.”

    Yes, you win some, you lose some…….

    Since Joel claims to have lots of clients, how many murder trials has he won ??

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