Woodridge remains identified as Scott Arcaro, missing since 2007

Scott Arcaro

Scott Arcaro

The DuPage County coroner’s office has identified human remains found in a wooded area of Woodridge on March 30, as those of 37-year-old Scott Anthony Arcaro of Lisle, who had been missing since 2007.

Arcaro’s girlfriend, Nicole Goyette, said, “He was just an incredible person. An incredible person who, I think, trusted the wrong people.”

Goyette said she believes Arcaro was murdered, and she hopes that “whoever did this” can be found – and punished.

“When you lose someone in this way, you can’t help but think about them often. You wonder every day, where are they? Are they exposed? Are they cold? Are they alive? So many things go through your mind,” she said.

Arcaro’s remains were found with no wallet or identification. Authorities are still investigating a cause of death.

Source: Chicago Tribune
DuPage County Coroner’s Press Release
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  1. From the Charley Project Site:

    Arcaro was last seen in Lisle, Illinois on February 22, 2007. He resided in a townhouse in the 2700 block of Weeping Willow Drive in the city, and was employed doing maintenance work for an apartment complex. He left his home with a friend in the friend’s pickup truck. The friend claims he dropped Arcaro off back at his home at approximately 5:00 p.m. He has never been heard from again. He was reported missing by his girlfriend the day after his disappearance, after he missed work and none of his friends could get in touch with him.

    It is uncharacteristic of Arcaro to leave without warning; he normally called his loved ones on the phone several times a day, but none of them have heard from him since he went missing. At the time of his disappearance, he was thinking of starting a pizza business with his friend and he and his girlfriend, a nursing student, were considering marriage. Although there is no evidence of foul play in Arcaro’s disappearance, his loved ones fear for his safety. His case remains unsolved.



    Skeletal Remains Identified

    On March 30, 2013 at approximately 1:30 p.m., the Woodridge Police Department responded to a wooded area in the 7900 block of Lemont Road after two youths out for a walk located what appeared to be skeletal human remains.

    Woodridge Police Department in cooperation with the DuPage County Coroner, the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Unit, and the Felony Investigative Assistance Team (FIAT), recovered evidence which was turned over to the DuPage County Coroner for further analysis.

    The skeletal remains have been identified as Anthony Scott Arcaro who was reported missing from Lisle Illinois in 2007. At the time of disappearance Arcaro was 37 years of age. The cause of death at this time has not been determined. The Woodridge Police Department and DuPage County Coroner’s Department continue to investigate this matter.

    Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Woodridge Police Department at (630) 719-4764 or via the internet at crimetips@vil.woodridge.il.us

  3. From facebook:

    Nicole Goyette
    I wanted to thank each any everyone of you for pulling together and praying and keeping Scott’s case alive. I am deeply saddened but thankful at this time that we are one of the very few you get to find our missing loved one. Scott was a GOOD man and I know he is in heaven and at peace. But, I vow that we who remain and love him will not let this end with his discovery. The people responsible for murdering Scott and dumping him in a hole, will be found and pay for their crimes. This is not over, but just the beginning. Please, all of you do your part to help the police solve this crime so we may honor Scott by our actions and devotion and not by words alone. Some of you know more than you want to say, now is the time to come forward and do the right thing. Scott did NOT deserve this! Please help us solve this crime! Thank you.

  4. Yikes!

    Man Convicted of Threatening SA Glasgow Unfit to Face New Charges
    Jason Chance already did time in prison for threatening Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow but was found unfit to answer new allegations of harassing officials.

    …Jason Chance, 40, was returned to jail after a Monday morning court hearing but will be transferred to a facility run by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

    Chance has already taken a two-year prison sentence for making threats against Glasgow in 2010. According to a criminal complaint, Chance made a Facebook post “containing a threat to rape and kill James Glasgow.” Chance was also charged with “cyberstalking” Glasgow.

    On top of the prison sentence, Chance was also hit with 30 months of probation with special conditions. Chance allegedly violated that probation by making threatening telephone calls to Will County Judge Matthew Bertani, Channahon Village Clerk Janet Schumacher and to Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox.

    Chance was arrested last month for the alleged violations.


  5. Joel Brodsky was thrown off a civil case (non Peterson-related) today.

    So…it’s not just us, right?

    A Cook County judge Wednesday threw attorney Joel Brodsky and opposing counsel Michael Meschino off a civil case for what he said was “deplorable behavior.”

    In the latest controversy involving Brodsky, former lead attorney for convicted murderer Drew Peterson, Judge Raymond Mitchell wrote in an opinion and order that the attorneys had “proved impervious to reason and to a show of force,” and that disqualifying them was necessary to ensure the parties’ right to a fair trial.

    The decision came after months of courtroom disturbances involving Brodsky and Meschino, including two instances in which a sheriff’s deputy had to escort Meschino out of the courtroom, records show.

    “Despite all of the admonitions and the repeated attempts to dissuade the attorneys from engaging in further misconduct, these attorneys have, to this day, continued to act wholly improperly,” Mitchell wrote.

    A copy of the order was sent to the state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, which regulates lawyers.

    Both Brodsky and Meschino said they were “relieved” to be free of each other in the case involving a failed business deal. But each blamed the other for the judge’s order.

    Several altercations between the lawyers were detailed in a motion Brodsky filed with the court Tuesday. Mitchell referred to the motion in his order.

    According to the document, Meschino insulted and threatened Brodsky after a court hearing. He called Brodsky “little man” and “fat, bald and short,” and threatened to “beat the crap out of” Brodsky.

    The animosity between the two got so bad that Mitchell took the rare step of allowing a deposition to take place on the neutral ground of the courtroom, under the watch of court security.

    Still, the lawyers ended up arguing. At one point during that meeting, Meschino criticized Brodsky for “constantly shaking his head, his bald head, so that the light is shining on me,” according to the transcript. Brodsky called Meschino a “liar” and a “moron.”

    In an interview after Wednesday’s hearing, Brodsky said Meschino is “obsessed” with Brodsky because of his role in the Peterson case. In his motion, Brodsky alleged that Meschino is “a very sick man” with “serious anger issues.” He asked the court to force Meschino to undergo a mental health examination.

    “I’m not obsessed with him at all,” Meschino said after the hearing. “I just think that when someone calls you names … it’s natural if you get a little bit upset.”


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