Drew Peterson lawyer suspended for 3 months: Read the complaint

David Peilet (left) and Steve Greenberg during Peterson's trial

David Peilet (left) and Steve Greenberg during Peterson’s trial

Drew Peterson attorney, David Peilet, has agreed to have his law license suspended for three months to settle state disciplinary charges of failing to return almost $4,000 in client money.

Read story at the Chicago Tribune and the ARDC decision below:


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  1. Nah, it sounds like he settled this with the ARDC by agreeing to take the suspension.
    In any case, it wasn’t related to any of his work for Drew.

    It’s funny, I thought he was the one level-headed, ethical lawyer on Drew’s team. Shows how little I know!

  2. And while we’re talking about lawyers, most of you will remember Reem Odeh who used to be Joel Brodsky’s law partner and who represented Drew way back in the day before differences with Joel drove her off the case and away from the law firm.

    She was on Fox Chicago today talking about being Muslim today, especially in light of the Boston Marathon bombings.

    It’s interesting to see her again, but I can’t help but notice that she still does not exude confidence on camera. She had her arms crossed, her hair was in her face and she rambled while talking. It’s too bad.


  3. WOW! When I saw the headline on the Trib site, I thought for sure it was Brodsky. I was surprised to see it wasn’t.

    I suppose there is still plenty of time for Brodsky to be next. 🙂

  4. Peilet “agreed to two years of disciplinary probation along with a two-year suspension of his law license with all but three months stayed, records show.”

    I wonder how that works. It’s not like he was in jail and it’s time served. The time just gets magically reduced?

  5. Six Years Ago, Lisa Stebic Left For A Run And Never Returned
    April 30, 2013 8:43 AM

    WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger reports she hasn’t been seen since.

    “It’s six years today, and we are still waiting,” said her cousin Melanie Greenberg.

    Another grim anniversary is passing for those who loved Lisa Stebic.

    Stebic’s body has never been found, and the family presumes that she is dead.

    Her estranged husband, Craig, has been a person of interest in the case.

    Stebic’s children were 10 and 12 at the time she disappeared.

    “She was a great mom and gave them a great foundation,” said Greenberg.

    Stebic’s disappearance was the first of two high-profile missing mom cases in 2007.

    The other was Stacy Peterson, who has never been found.


  6. Well, this is interesting. Drew’s old friend, Bindy Rock, in the news again:

    Tenant’s van burned, landlord attacked
    By Brian Stanley bstanley@stmedianetwork.com
    April 29, 2013 11:07PM
    Updated: April 30, 2013 11:53AM

    LOCKPORT TOWNSHIP — Police say a landlord/tenant dispute escalated into arson and battery incidents over the weekend.

    At 10:50 p.m. Saturday, Will County sheriff’s police were called to the 400 block of Connors Avenue where a Dodge van had been set on fire in a carport, apparently intentionally, according to police. Firefighters extinguished the fire, and no one was injured.

    Deputy Police Chief Ken Kaupas said the van belongs to Keith Krentkowski, 47, who’s renting the home from the man who lives next door, Anthony “Bindi” Rock, 73.

    Krentkowski told police that since he and his family moved in in the middle of March, they’ve been harassed and threatened by Rock.

    On April 15, Krentkowski was questioned after Rock reported tools had been stolen from his garage, Kaupas said. He said police investigated and “found no indications the tenant had been involved or that a burglary had occurred.”

    Krentkowski accused Rock of setting his van afire because Rock was upset that the rent payment was late, according to police.

    At 10:52 p.m. Sunday, police returned to the scene after several people were involved in a loud disturbance outside, Kaupas said. Police entered Krentkowski’s home to find Rock in the kitchen with a swollen eye and cuts on his head.

    Before being taken to Silver Cross Hospital, Rock told sheriff’s police that he saw the rear sliding-glass door had been shattered at the rental home and went inside to ask Krentkowski about it when he was “sucker punched,” Kaupas said.

    Krentkowski told police Rock came in carrying a pry bar and made threats, and he punched Rock because he felt threatened.


  7. Ancient history, Granny!

    In 1975 Rock was convicted of causing the death of a police officer. The officer was shot by his own men during a response to a robbery being carried out by Rock and another man. The conviction was overturned.

    In 1985 Drew Peterson (who was working for MANS at the time) took it upon himself to pull off a one-man sting operation on Rock, who was believed to be dealing in cocaine. During Drew’s negotiations with Rock, he revealed the identity of an undercover officer who was already working (legitimately) on the case.

    Peterson was fired that year for endangering that undercover cop, but was reinstated in 1986 after convincing the board that he was just over-enthusiastic and had not actually revealed the name of the other officer.

    According to Bindy Rock, Drew Peterson was actually trying to shake him down for cash or make a deal with him to sell cocaine that had been confiscated during drug raids.

    Rock was subpoenaed in 2008 and received immunity in exchange for his testimony before a grand jury.

    In 2009, low-level crook, Jamie Katro, was questioned after receiving a Christmas card from Rock. In the card Rock said that his daughter was mad at him because she thought he had ties to the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. Katro who said that Rock was like an Uncle to her, said that she knew of no connection between Rock and Stacy’s disappearance, though she’d heard rumors that Stacy had been cremated at a funeral home.


  8. Ahh….very interesting. I knew that Drew had been fired for divulging the name of an undercover cop to a felon. Now I know the guys’s name.

  9. I believe wholeheartedly that Stacy was cremated. ALWAYS thought so based on the comments drew made early on…’she took her bikini — i’m sure she’s somewhere hot’ ‘don’t bother looking under any bushes…’ or something to that effect.

  10. You may be right sure….being an ex cop he had ways of doing outrageous acts that any joe wouldn’t think of…but he has 60 yrs to think about it and all his other mistakes in life..watching his back is a full time job for him today…a little bit of karma…since that’s what Kathleen and Stacy did…they are the heros and he is the venom snake…

  11. Sneed has this to say:

    The Peterson case . . .

    It’s over: Sneed is told the search for Stacy Peterson, the missing fourth wife of convicted killer Drew Peterson, is basically over, according to a Illinois State Police source.

    ◆ To wit: “Investigators believe Peterson killed Stacy, but now that he has basically been given a life sentence for killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio — and will probably die in jail — there is no plan afoot to put a lot of effort into the search for Stacy,” the source said. “The trail went cold a while ago and no new information has come forth.”

    Peterson is serving time in a maximum-security facility at the Menard Correctional facility. Shortly after the Peterson verdict, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said he was revisiting the investigation into Stacy’s disappearance and the $100,000 reward for information about her whereabouts would still be offered


  12. Of course if they were to receive a credible tip, the ISP would follow up on it. I don’t think they’ve ever been in constant search mode. Every effort has been a result of information.

  13. This is suppose to be hot gossip, Sneed? Guess things are slowing down for the gossip columnist. Anyone could have written this. Poor reporting on Sneed’s part. Sometimes the most unexpected circumstances lead investigators to a missing person. It’s not over until the Big Guy up there has the last word. Continued prayers for the families and loved ones of the missing.

  14. Exactly! Does anyone believe that if the ISP were to get a credible tip that they wouldn’t follow up on it? Of course they would!

    Next we’ll be treated to yet another “poor me” letter from Drew Peterson complaining that his new digs aggravate his allergies.

  15. That is music to my ears…poor me allergies…and Sneed can take the column and use it to start a fire..believe me …Glasgow will pursue DP and get another 60 yrs…Stacy will be found and even if she isn’t…they do have winning trials without the body…DP has a reputation and it follows him….

  16. Sneed’s latest mindless Peterson post is an indication that she’s having more difficulty landing those jailhouse “exclusives” since Brodsky’s departure. With newspaper readership down over all, is Sneed hoping the Peterson name will still bring readers to the column? …or at least get viewers to click? Shame on Sneed! Yes, Facs, you’re right. ISP will follow leads on this case, just as they always have. Just because the public is not aware of all of their activites, doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Sneed could better serve the families of the missing by posting the reward reminders for information on a weekly basis. $100,000 might get someone talking. (…or would that damage the possibility of another jailhouse rump rash update?)

  17. I missed the annual May 7th “Drew Peterson Arrested!” tribute. As I recall, a certain blogger ran the story first.
    Keep up the good work, Facs!
    Your work isn’t finished yet.

  18. Oh thanks for the reminder!

    What a day that was, and it was just the beginning of the 3-year ordeal of legal finagling. I had never followed a case like this before and had no idea of all that was going to be attempted before Drew ever went to trial.

    People wonder how the families of victims are able to sit through a trial, but now that I’ve seen all that comes before getting to that point, they’ve already had to endure so much that the trial must be something of a relief. In this case Drew’s unquenchable thirst for the media spotlight made it even worse. And when a judge put a stop to his interviews he started the letter-writing, and then came the non-stop “leaks” to Michael Sneed.

    The relative silence these days must be a blessing for the Savio family, but meanwhile the Cales still wait for justice. Sneed can plant her ugly little seeds of hopelessness, but hardly a month goes by when some human remains aren’t discovered in Illinois. They wash up, or are stumbled across or dug up inadvertently. A $100k reward has got to be an incentive for people to keep looking as well.

    Since Drew was convicted, I wasn’t even thinking about the annual “since Drew was arrested” post, but maybe I’ll do one anyway. It’s a nice milestone to observe.

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