Drew Peterson asks to put wrongful death suit on hold

Kathleen Savio and sons / Henry Savio and Anna Doman

Katleen Savio and sons / Henry Savio and Anna Doman

UPDATE 6/13/2013:
Attorney Edmund Boland who is representing Peterson’s Uncle, James Carroll, was in court today. The hearing was rescheduled for August 15th.

The attorney representing Drew Peterson in the Savio’s wrongful death suit has filed a motion asking to delay the case “…pending the outcome of Mr. Peterson’s appellate case.” The filing also asks that a motion for summary judgment to be denied.

Henry Savio and Anna Doman filed the civil case against Drew Peterson in April 2009, but for the most part it has been in limbo since Peterson was arrested in May 2009 for the murder of Kathleen Savio.

During the long wait to trial, both of Kathleen Savio’s sons who were named in the law suit reached the age of eighteen and removed themselves from the complaint.

John Heiderscheidt’s filing takes some jabs at Peterson’s former lead counsel, Joel Brodsky, saying that the lawyer’s so-called White Noise strategy of media saturation “obliterat(ed) Peterson’s public image.” He cites an interview Joel Brodsky gave to WGN news, in which the lawyer agreed with Judge Burmila’s assertion that Brodsky was under-qualified to defend the high-profile murder defendant.

The filing also points out that the original investigation into Kathleen Savio’s death deemed her death an accident and alleges that the admission of hearsay into Peterson’s trial was unwarranted.

Fourth Amended Complaint – Wrongful Death of Kathleen Savio:

Tom Peterson’s release of Drew Peterson and James Carrol from civil suit:

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30 thoughts on “Drew Peterson asks to put wrongful death suit on hold

  1. Recent events in Wrongful death civil suit:




    Notice inaccurate per AO/Court Order/Local Rules


    Cause comes on to reflect telephonic communications with Plaintiff’s Attorney Martin Glink’s office, as to hearing scheduled for May 28, 2013. By agreement of the parties, hearing date of May 28, 2013 is vacated and rescheduled for June 13, 2013.

  2. Refresh my memory. This civil suit was brought about by Kathy’s siblings on behalf of her sons…..right? If so, what effect has it had on the case if both boys have now removed themselves.

    Civil suits are typically for financial judgments. Does the suit say that Drew mis-spent the proceeds of Kathleen’s insurance money or other assets of the estate?

    I hate getting old. What is the purpose of the suit? Who are the Plaintiffs? And, what effect did the boys’ removing themselves from the Plaintiff list have on the case?

    Thanks, Facs.

  3. Granny, you can read the suit. It’s embedded in the blog post up top.

    AFAIK, the purpose is to get monetary compensation for the way Drew and his Uncle, James Carrolll, took control of Kathleen’s estate and gave all of her assets to Drew even though they were divorced at the time of her death. Henry Savio and Anna Doman became guardians of her estate in 2008 (I think) and now want to punish those two and get restitution for their misdeed and reimbursement for the funds that were taken, as well as court costs, etc.

    I don’t know what the impact is of the boys removing themselves from the suit, but apparently it doesn’t make it null, since it is still being pursued.

  4. I’m for doing anything that rattles the bars at DP’s cell…anything that makes him angry…and anything that will make his next 55 yrs as unpleasant as possible…go for it…

  5. Bless her. I do so hope Stacy will be found one day. Wonder what goes through DP’s head these days. Wish he had it in him to come clean

  6. Via Facebook:

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  7. Well, let’s see what happens on the 13th. I would think that the conviction, and the boys withdrawing from the suit might take the wind out of it.

    Personally, I’d like to see Drew and his Uncle taken to task over the fiasco with Kathleen’s will. How any court could give him all of her assets when they were divorced at the time of her death is just insane. IMO her assets should have gone to a trust fund for the boys only and drew shouldn’t have been allowed to touch any of it. Now that he’s been convicted of her murder, it’s even more egregious.

    I mean, had Kathy not been murdered would she have happily paid for his motorcycle, ultra-lite plane and swimming pool? He got those things because he was given her estate.

    In essence he was rewarded for the murder, and that should be rectified.

  8. My heart stopped there, for a second:

    Fourth death in Menard max prison, three previous dubbed murders

    MENARD—The number of prisoner deaths inside the walls of Menard maximum-security prison in Chester continues to rise.

    According to an Illinois Department of Corrections spokesperson a 30-year-old man was found hanged in his cell today, Monday, May 27.

    The spokesperson said the inmate, who is said to have no indications of suicide or of threatening to harm himself, was serving a 40-year sentence for murder and was housed in a single-person cell.

    The man was found with a bed sheet around his neck.

    Officials say they will not release the name of the inmate until his family members have been notified.

    This makes the fourth inmate death in Menard this year with 35-year-old William Crowder found murdered by “manual strangulation” March 26.

    Crowder was the third murder since January 31.

    Two other inmate deaths, 25-year-old Jason Hall and 64-year-old Yusuf Abzir, have also been ruled homicidse.

    The Department of Corrections is not releasing many details surrounding the deaths.


  9. Looks like some prison inmates are attempting to send a message out to the other inmates. Prison turf wars??? Drew likes being in the middle of the action. Careful what you wish for, Drew.

  10. So one of Steve Greenberg’s latest clients is a man accused of molesting a 12-year old boy who he met through the Big Brothers organization. Two witnesses took the stand to to testify that they had also been abused by the man when they were children.

    In closing arguments, Puccini’s defense attorney, Steve Greenberg, tried to poke holes in the testimony of the boy and his mother, saying it was an elaborate ruse made up for the mother’s financial gain. Greenberg said she “had a plan” and called her testimony a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

    Putting aside for a moment any disgust you might feel about the nature of the case, doesn’t the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” sound familiar?

    “Dr. Baden goes there and he decides ahead of time what he thinks happens in this case and then he goes there and confirms his own findings. Now he’s not gonna look very good if he goes on TV and says I was wrong before and this was an accident, so it’s a self fulfilling prophecy,” said Steven Greenberg, one of Peterson’s lawyers.

    Look I know that lawyers will often rely on the revisions of older filings when writing (the first draft of my divorce papers made mention of who would get the boat – and we didn’t own one) but you would think that the actual defense of a client would be customized to the case.

    Not exactly the Gettysburg Address…

  11. From Facebook:

    Sue Savio
    Wednesday June 12,, 2013 I will be having a Mass at 7.00am for my sister Kathleen Savio it will be at St Bridgeget Church in Loves park. It will be the day before her Birthday at 7.00am Please keep Kathleen in your prayers on this day and always
    Sue Savio

  12. Lately, I came across some obviously paid marketing for Joel Brodsky on a site called Laws.com. It’s called “Joel Brodsky: A Star Courtroom Fighter”

    Well, OK. Everyone has a right to try to advertise themselves (especially when business ain’t good). But the sad thing is that on his Facebook page, Joel links to it and represents it as if the content is some kind of legitimate news story by a journalist who just happens to sing his praises.

    It’s the same thing he did after buying his membership on the “Top 100” lawyers site. He announced it as if he had received some sort of award.

    He must believe that the public are morons if he thinks that anyone would buy that he’s actually being praised or awarded for his unprofessional behavior and high-profile losses.

    It’s like deceit is such an ingrained part of his daily operations that he can’t make a move without it.

    Utterly laughable.

  13. BTW, if there was any doubt, this is how Law.com describes what they do:

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    Laws.com does not recommend any specific tests,

  14. Wrongful Death Suit Event – 06/13/2013

    CJ – Case called for Hearing

    Plaintiff not present. Defendant Carroll present by Attorney Edmund Boland. Case called for hearing on Defendant Carroll’s motion for summary judgment, Plaintiff’s motion to strike Defendant Carroll’s motion for summary judgment, Plaintiff’s motion to strike Defendant Peterson’s motion for summary judgment and Defendant Peterson’s motion to dismiss Count IV of Plaintiff’s Fourth Amended Complaint.
    Revised briefing schedule entered. Hearing rescheduled for August
    15, 2013.

  15. “One of the lessons I’ve learned is that the media has to be managed from the get-go,” he says. “You really need someone who can handle the media, such as a public relations expert—someone who is able to say ‘no’ to a Nancy Grace and ‘yes’ to the Wall Street Journal.”

    Joel and Drew hired Glenn Selig as their public relations expert back at the end of 2007, IIRC.

    So…seeing as they had the expertise of a public relations expert, why was Joel appearing on Nancy Grace on August 6, 2012?

  16. Drew Peterson Has Unclaimed Money Waiting With State Treasurer
    The Illinois State Treasurer’s office has an unclaimed cashier’s check for Drew Peterson and the wife he murdered.

    Posted by Joseph Hosey, July 1, 2013 at 05:16 pm

    Drew Peterson killed his third wife before she could get her share in their divorce, and now he’s in the clear to collect a check made out to the two of them and waiting to be claimed from the state treasurer’s office.

    The cashier’s check for Peterson and his third wife, Kathleen Savio, is listed on the Illinois State Treasurer’s I-Cash program database. The check is from West Suburban Bank and is for between $10 and $100.

    Savio is listed as the co-owner of the funds but won’t be able to claim any of them as she was found drowned in a dry bathtub in March 2004…

    Melissa Hahn, the spokeswoman for Treasurer Dan Rutherford’s office, said when two names are listed on unclaimed property and one of the individuals is dead, the other can make a claim. The survivor must provide proof of identity and proof the other owner is deceased…


  17. Thanks, Lorie! Here’s the story:

    Drew Peterson Lawyers Returning to Murder Case For Appeal
    Three private attorneys, including one from his murder trial, have taken up Drew Peterson’s appeal.

    Posted by Joseph Hosey (Editor), July 1, 2013 at 07:56 pm

    Three lawyers who defended wife-killer Drew Peterson at one point or another against charges he drowned his third wife have filed to try to appeal his murder conviction.

    “It’s an outstanding case and an unjust result and we want to see this thing through,” said Steve Greenberg, the longest-serving of the three attorneys requesting leave to file an appearance in the case.

    Greenberg, who represented Peterson during his murder trial in the summer of 2012, was joined by David Peilet and John Heiderscheidt. Peilet was part of Peterson’s defense team during the post-conviction push to win a new trial. Heiderscheidt represents Peterson in a civil wrongful death case brought against him by relatives of his slain third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    After the bid to convince Will County Judge Edward Burmila to give Peterson a new trial came up short, Peterson’s case was taken by the state appellate defender’s office. The three attorneys have filed to replace the appellate defender’s office.

  18. Drew Peterson hires several previous attorneys for appeal
    By Stacy St. Clair, Chicago Tribune reporter
    July 5, 2013

    Drew Peterson has tapped some of his previous attorneys to help appeal his murder conviction while he remains in protective custody at one of the state’s toughest prisons.

    In documents filed this week, Peterson notified the court that defense attorneys Steve Greenberg, John Heiderscheidt and David Peilet would handle his appeal. Greenberg was among the former Bolingbrook police sergeant’s six trial lawyers, while Heiderscheidt and Peilet joined the defense team before sentencing.

    Peterson, 59, initially had obtained the service of an appellate defender provided by the state. He recalled some of his previous attorneys after having time to contemplate his situation while serving his sentence at Menard Correctional Center near Chester in southern Illinois.

    “After the case was over, he needed to think about what he wanted to do,” Greenberg said. “We needed to let things calm down before making those decisions.”

    Peterson intends to appeal his conviction based on several factors, including the admissibility of hearsay statements used against him during the trial and whether the judge erred when he allowed Stacy’s pastor to testify about conversations she had with him, Greenberg said. He also will challenge the court’s decision to keep the jury pool intact for two years in light of the intense publicity surrounding the trial and made-for-TV movie about the case.

    The appeal is expected to accuse former lead defense attorney Joel Brodsky of ineffective counsel as well. The trial judge dismissed that claim before sentencing, saying that Peterson received adequate representation.

    Peterson’s team is expected to file the appeal within the next 90 days.

    Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has repeatedly said the conviction will withstand any appeals.

    In the meantime, Peterson remains incarcerated at Menard, a maximum-security prison that had been on lockdown for much of the spring because of an assault on staff. He is in protective custody there, meaning he does not mix with the general population.

    “He’s keeping a low profile,” Greenberg said.

    Peterson does not have a cellmate or job inside the prison, Illinois Department of Corrections spokesman Tom Shaer said. He receives five hours of recreation time outside his cell each week and also leaves to shower.

    He receives his breakfast at 3:30 a.m. and his lunch at 10 a.m. each day. Both are eaten inside his cell because other inmates are outside their cells for those times, and protective custody can’t be maintained using normal security procedures, Shaer said.

    Peterson leaves his cell at 2 p.m. each day for his evening meal.

    He can see visitors twice every month, but prison officials would not comment on whether anyone had taken that opportunity. He had similar privileges in the Will County jail, but few people had visited. A visitor’s list released shortly before his murder trial included his brother, sister and a small number of friends. Only two of his six children — his sons Thomas and Kris with Savio — went to see him in jail.

    His older son, Stephen, who is raising his father’s two youngest children, had not visited in the three years leading up to the trial. Peterson, however, remains in frequent contact with his son, Greenberg said.

    “Drew has always said if his kids are OK, he’ll be OK,” Greenberg said. “That’s what matters to him.”

    Stephen Peterson also maintains control of his father’s finances, including his $79,000-a-year pension from the Bolingbrook Police Department. Village officials have hired an outside attorney to help decide whether they should strip Peterson of his retirement pay following his murder conviction.

    Under state law, the board could revoke Peterson’s pension if it finds he used his law enforcement powers or skills to drown Savio in 2004. The outside attorney is reviewing transcripts, and it could be months before he makes a recommendation, Bolingbrook Police Pension Board lawyer Richard Reimer said.

    Experts have said proving a direct connection between Savio’s death and Peterson’s municipal employment would be difficult to do.

    And Peterson, for one, does not appear overly concerned with the prospect of losing his retirement checks.

    “Nothing’s going to happen to his pension,” Greenberg said. “He’s not worried about that.”



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