Three of Drew Peterson’s old attorneys return to his defense – Joel Brodsky calls them a pathological narcissist, an alcoholic, and a novice

The Chicago Tribune reports that attorneys Steve Greenberg, John Heiderscheidt and David Peilet have been rehired to try to overturn Drew Peterson’s murder conviction for the killing of his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio.

The three lawyers turned his appellate case over to the state defender’s office last March but Peterson has now decided he wants the help of his old team. attorney Steve Greenberg says,

After the case was over, he needed to think about what he wanted to do. We needed to let things calm down before making those decisions.

The appeal, which is expected to be filed within the next 90 days, will be based on the admission of hearsay, the admission of testimony by Stacy Peterson’s pastor, a jury pool left in limbo for over two years and the ineffective counsel of Peterson’s lead attorney, Joel Brodsky. Brodsky responded to the news last night in an acerbic Tweet:


The Tribune reports that Peterson is biding his time at Menard Correctional Center, in protective custody. He has no cellmate and no job there. He gets five hours of recreation time each week and is allowed to see visitors twice a month.

Since his sentencing, Peterson’s yearly police pension of almost $80k has been challenged by Bolingbrook Village officials. It may take months before the outside attorney hired by the pension board makes a recommendation.

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38 thoughts on “Three of Drew Peterson’s old attorneys return to his defense – Joel Brodsky calls them a pathological narcissist, an alcoholic, and a novice

  1. Well, Joel certainly keeps it interesting. LOL How bad is it that I laughed out loud when I read his Tweet?

  2. So Drew dismissed his team for the appeal process because he couldn’t pay them and now he can? Shouldn’t we ask for our money back for the work done by the state appointed attorney? Seems fair.

  3. Joel is just weeping over the loss of his book and movie deal. His days of rubbing elbows with the TV media personalities were short lived. He is not handling his descent to the bottom of the barrel very well.

    The question now is what’s in it for the three that have returned to the case?

    Why did Drew Peterson feel that the state appointed attorney was not acting in his best interest?

  4. I don’t know why any lawyer works for free but I think Greenberg posted a while back that his last three wins have all been on pro bono cases, so maybe lawyers like to take on pro bono cases that are particularly interesting to them – especially if they think they can win. I’m sure the wins attract more clients. So it ends up being an investment in their own careers to work for free, as long as they are successful.

    Springing a high profile client like Drew Peterson would be a nice feather in the cap for a defense attorney.

  5. Handling the case will certainly get Steve back on the media appearance rotation.

    Facs, everytime I read your headline, I feel like a punchline should be coming. Wait for it… wait for it…

  6. With all of the information coming out lately regarding the huge collection of personal phone records, computer data, etc., can’t we just request Drew Petersons data file? Illinois is strapped for cash. Save us some money and time, please. I don’t believe he was smart enough NOT to leave his dirty little digital footprint trail along the way.

  7. Bones Discovered in Bolingbrook Industrial Area; Police Investigating
    Posted by Steven Jack (Editor), July 24, 2013 at 02:40 pm

    Bolingbrook Police are investigating skeletal remains found in an industrial area off Veterans Parkway near the Bolingbrook/Romeoville border.

    A source said the bones were found Tuesday morning, and Bolingbrook Police Lt. Michael Rompa confirmed Wednesday that bones had been found in the area. Rompa said the bones are being examined to discover whether they are human.

    “Bones were located in the area and are being examined,” Rompa said. “If we cannot immediately determine what the remains are of, we have them evaluated by a pathologist for professional review. They have not been identified as human at this point.”

    A spokeswoman with the Will County Coroner’s office said the office has not been contacted regarding the remains.

  8. Skeletal remains found off Veterans Parkway in Bolingbrook
    Created: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 4:14 p.m. CDT

    BOLINGBROOK – Police are working to determine if skeletal remains found Tuesday near the Bolingbrook and Romeoville border are human.

    On Tuesday morning, the Bolingbrook Police Department was notified about bones found in an industrial area off Veterans Parkway in Bolingbrook, according to police.

    Currently, police are examining the remains, trying to determine if they are human, Bolingbrook Police Lt. Mike Rompa said.

    “If we cannot immediately determine what the remains are of, we will have them evaluated by a pathologist for professional review,” Rompa said.

  9. Although the site produced animal remains, these areas should not be overlooked IMO. There are so many people missing, and placing human remains where there are common animal remains would not be unheard of. For those families, who thought for a moment they might finally have closure, keep the faith.

    Facs, thank you for diligently posting updates and articles. Drew news can be a bit slow. Let’s hope there is a break in Stacy’s case soon. Every family member, relative, friend, etc. associated with Drew Peterson needs to search their conscience and help locate Stacy. Drew Peterson involved other individuals in his scheme right from the beginning. We all know someone is sitting there with additional information on this case. If that person reads here on occasion, do the right thing.

  10. Someone who corresponds with Drew Peterson in jail says that in his last letter he shared his “thoughts on helping other inmates”.

    Suddenly he’s Jodi Arias? Let us know how that recycling program goes…

  11. Drew Peterson Lawyer Too Conflicted For Appeal: Prosecutor
    The Will County State’s Attorney told the appellate court that one of Drew Peterson’s lawyers has an alleged conflict of interest.
    Joseph Hosey August 08, 2013 at 06:46 PM

    Drew Peterson needs to drop one of his lawyers or waive any claim the attorney has conflicted interests, according to court papers filed by prosecutors.

    Peterson, the former Bolingbrook cop found guilty of killing one of his four wives and suspected by police of having a hand in the disappearance of another, is appealing his murder conviction.

    Following his murder trial last year, two of his attorneys, Steve Greenberg and Joel Brodsky, blamed each other for losing the case.

    “After trial, Mr. Brodsky and Mr. Greenberg publicly accused each other of providing ineffective assistance to” Peterson, said the motion penned by Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow.

    “The result was that defendant dismissed Mr. Brodsky,” the motion said. “The other result was that Mr. Brodsky filed a libel and slander suit against Mr Greenberg” in Cook County.

    Greenberg remained on the case and was joined by attorneys David Peilet and John Heiderscheidt. In their bid to get Peterson a new trial earlier this year, they accused Brodsky of ineffective representation.

    Glasgow’s motion also noted that Will County Judge Edward Burmila pointed out the potential conflict of interest in February.

    “Judge Burmila referenced the libel suit filed by Mr. Brodsky against Mr. Greenberg, and informed (Peterson) that Mr. Greenberg could have reason to not ‘give a hundred percent because he’d be afraid that if he revisits these same issues that he would again be accused of libeling and slandering Mr. Brodsky,'” the motion said.

    Greenberg said Thursday he was staying on the case and questioned the sense of the filing.

    “It appears to be in hieroglyphics,” he said.

  12. Prosecutor files motion in Drew Peterson case

    By Joseph Ryan
    Tribune reporter
    3:11 p.m. CDT, August 9, 2013

    Prosecutors are taking issue with Drew Peterson’s defense team in the latest turn of the convicted murderer’s appeal.

    Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow filed a motion this week drawing attention to what he considers a conflict of interest for Peterson attorney Steven Greenberg. The attorney is facing a libel suit from former Peterson lawyer Joel Brodsky that centers on Brodsky’s handling of the trial – an issue central to Peterson’s appeal of his conviction for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    Greenberg called any allegations of a conflict of interest “absurd,” and added that Glasgow’s motion was “just an effort to kick off competent counsel.”

    A Glasgow spokesman denied that. The motion asks the court to direct Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, to waive the conflict of interest or replace Greenberg.

    Peterson’s trial judge had brought up a the issue before, saying Greenberg may not want to “give a hundred percent” and revisit certain issues with the trial because he might “again be accused of libeling and slandering Mr. Brodsky,” according the motion Glasgow filed.

    Peterson’s defense team criticized Brodsky for putting a witness on the stand whose testimony ended up hurting Peterson. They unsuccessfully argued Brodsky’s actions warranted a new trial for Peterson.

    In the libel suit, Brodsky accuses Greenberg of writing a letter that claimed Brodsky was a liar and incompetent lawyer. Brodsky is also suing the Chicago Tribune’s parent company for publishing information from the letter, along with a Tribune reporter and another news organization, among others.

    Peterson, 59, is serving a 38-year sentence in a downstate prison. He remains the only suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, whose case prompted authorities to take another look at the Savio investigation.

    Peterson denies harming either woman.,0,1208918.story

  13. Drew Peterson Movie Screening Features Comedians Cracking Jokes

    Paul Biasco
    By Paul Biasco on August 14, 2013 7:08am

    LINCOLN PARK — If Rob Lowe’s ridiculous mustache in Lifetime’s “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” wasn’t enough, an upcoming screening of the film will have live commentary.

    Even a close friend of Drew Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since 2007, said the film made her crack up.

    “At some point we actually laughed because we got lost watching it,” said Pam Bosco, a close friend of Stacy Peterson who has acted as a family spokesperson since her disappearance. “We couldn’t tell who was who in the movie.”

    Four top comedians will provide off-the-cuff comments throughout the showing of the film Wednesday night at Lincoln Hall as part of a “Once in a Lifetime” event.

    Bosco said she isn’t offended that comedians will be making light of the movie because it was just so terrible…

    …”At this point it doesn’t really matter to us what people do,” Bosco said. “Drew, people have always made jokes about him because he’s such a strange person. There’s a lot to be said about making fun of Drew Peterson.”

  14. Update from today’s hearing on the wrongful death suit:

    An attorney representing the family of Drew Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, in a wrongful death lawsuit against Peterson argued Thursday that a Will County judge should rule in the Savios’ favor without a trial.

    Judge Michael Powers heard arguments Thursday morning regarding the Savios’ motion for a summary judgement.

    Powers said he would issue a decision in 30 days.

  15. Today’s events:


    CJ – Case called for Hearing
    Plaintiff Anna Doman present by Attorney, Martin Glink. Defendant Drew Peterson present by Attorney, John Heiderscheidt. Defendant James Carroll present by Attorney Edmund Boland.
    Case called for hearing on various motions.
    Defendant Peterson withdraws its motion to strike/dismiss fourth amended complaint.
    Matter taken under advisement on Plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment, Defendant Carroll’s motion for summary judgment and motion to strike Court IV.
    Matter continued for Court’s ruling.

  16. Exclusive Drew Peterson jailhouse letters: Prison is `nightmarish`

    CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) –
    One year ago today, a jury in Will County found Drew Peterson guilty of murdering his third wife Kathleen Savio. He is now serving a 38 year prison sentence.

    According to his former attorney Joel Brodsky, prison is proving to be even worse than Peterson expected.

    Brodsky showed FOX 32 News some of the letters from the convicted killer and also talked about Drew’s life as an inmate.

    Joel Brodsky says he’s gotten nine letters from Drew Peterson since the former Bolingbrook Police sergeant started serving his time at the Menard Correctional Center downstate on February 22.

    Brodsky read a portion of one letter dated March 7.

    “Prison is all the nighmarish things that one would think,” Peterson writes. “I’m in a cell the size of a broom closet, peeling paint, rusting fixtures, I have no TV or anything and I haven’t been out since I got here. The food is terrible and I’m again in solitary confinement.”

    Peterson is being housed in protective custody because he’s a former cop and Brodsky says because of his so-called “celebrity” status.

    “I know he’s writing a lot of letters, I mean he’s got a number of pen pals, he’s told me.” Brodsky says. “So he stays busy writing letters and corresponding with people and, thinking about his appeal and I know he writes his children often.”

    Brodsky would not discuss much about Peterson’s letters, citing attorney client privilege, but did share part of a second letter dated April 11, 2013.

    Peterson wrote: “Joel, did you ever feel that something was going to happen before it does? I feel I’m going to die in here. If the inmates don’t get me I’m gonna be killed by the cruel guards.”

    Brodsky describes the tone of Peterson’s letters as at times thoughtful, reflective or wisecracking. Even though he’s not representing Peterson in his appeal, Brodsky still writes back for several reasons.

    “One is to help keep his spirits up,” Brodsky believes. “Two: to give him my opinion about certain things going on and Three just to reminisce a little bit about things that occurred over the last five years of our lives that were pretty extraordinary.”

    When asked if there have been any confessions in the letters, Brodsky responded, “None that I could tell you about, but no that wouldn’t even be something I would ask him about.”

  17. Hi again! Wow. It’s so good to be back. I saw the Fox story this morning, and immediately thought of our little blog heard ’round the world. 🙂
    What? Drewpy thought it was going to be a bed of roses? I’m sure he can get Brodsky bunches of referrals to keep him busy the rest of his life. If he’ll work for free, of course. Maybe that’s why Drew’s so scared of his fellow inmates. I’m sure they’re jealous of him and his state of the art attorney. *Snort*

  18. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Drew was locked away for life.

    Cry me a river, Drew! I hope you live every day in fear for your life as this would only be a tiny bit of payback for the fear you lorded over your wives.

    It seems Joel is still Joel. He is obviously l trying to use Drew’s notoriety to keep himself in the spotlight. Without Drew, Joel would be nothing. He’s still nothing even with Drew, but won’t ever give up his only chance at getting in front of the cameras to promote himself.

    I bet his next step is taking these letters and writing a book about Drew or hawking them as a movie deal.

    Publicity whore.

  19. Probably right about eBay, Facs.

    Joel is an idiot IMO. … No confessions he could tell us about?

    Shouldn’t the right response (from someone who once wanted the world to believe in Drew’s innocence) have been that there was nothing for Drew to confess?

    Maybe now that he isn’t Drew’s lawyer he doesn’t feel any need to perpetuate the lie. 🙂

  20. Joseph Lopez
    its no secret that Joel and Drew communicate on a regular basis, they are friends and Drew really likes joel and Joel really likes Drew. I thank Joel for asking me to join the team and hope Drew wins his appeal which has some really great issues like hearsay statements allowed in during the trial. Those are the real issues Americans should be concerned about as they could apply in numerous cases. In our case it was she told me this and that which was allowed in and it was unreliable and jury wanted to convict him no matter what the evidence showed.
    Yesterday at 7:45am

    Steve Greenberg
    Communications r fine. But keep em private. Don’t read them to a reporter
    Yesterday at 7:54am via mobile

    Reem Odeh
    It’s all about integrity and the best interest of your client, respect for the law, justice system and integrity of your practice.
    Yesterday at 11:08am via mobile

  21. As for Joe’s comments about the hearsay statements: All hearsay evidence went through the wringer before any of it was introduced in court. First it was struck down by the trial judge, and his decision was upheld by the appellate court. Finally the Illinois supreme court decided that certain evidence could be introduced to trial “on its own merits”. The defense was told to present any arguments and case law that they could against it. If it was unreliable they had every opportunity to argue against it and get it stricken (which happened to some of Neil Schori’s and all of Rossetto’s testimony).

    The hearsay testimony which convinced the jury of Drew’s guilt was introduced by none other than Joel Brodsky when he called Harry Smith to the stand.

    What possible argument could be raised against the hearsay testimony now, after it was so thoroughly picked through and fought over for a year prior to trial?

    As for the jury wanting to convict him, Drew’s defense claimed that they had picked a stellar jury and that Drew himself had assisted in the jury selection, because as a cop he had excellent skills in reading people.

    They only decided that the jury sucked after Drew’s conviction.

    By the way, the jurors also said that they felt insulted by Joe Lopez’s use of cartoon characters in his closing argument PowerPoint.

    But the issue at hand is Drew’s letters to his former attorney. Of course he shouldn’t be sharing the contents. No lawyer with an ounce of integrity would.

  22. Fox story has added this:

    FOX 32’s Craig Wall spoke to Kathleen Savio’s sister Sue Doman, who did not even realize it was the anniversary of Peterson’s conviction. When told about his letters, she said she has no sympathy for Peterson whatsoever, adding that she just wishes he would die.

    Another story adds:

    “I hope she is haunting him in his dreams,” Savio’s brother, Henry Jr., said. “I hope she is watching his descent into hell.”

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