Seven Years Later: Where is Stacy Peterson?

Stacy Peterson with her children

Stacy Peterson with her children and those of Kathleen Savio.

Stacy Peterson was last heard from seven years ago, today. At 10:15 on a lazy Sunday morning she texted a friend that she wasn’t ready to get out of bed to go help with some painting and then…silence. No more texts, no phone calls, no email, no sightings of her since that moment.

Her sister, Cassandra Cales, hung out with her the night before and was already nervous about Stacy’s well-being. She knew that Stacy wanted to divorce her police officer husband, Drew, but also that she was afraid he wouldn’t let her go. Stacy  warned her sister that night that if something were to happen to her “he did it.” Her neighbor, Sharon Bychowski, saw her sitting on the curb and crying in the days prior to her disappearance and Stacy told her then that she had lost hope of making it out of the marriage alive.

Stacy had confided a terrible secret to at least three people in the weeks prior to her disappearance – her husband had killed his third wife and had staged her death to look like an accident. She hoped that this dangerous information might buy her and her children an escape from Drew, but it probably cost her her life instead.

The night of October 28, 2007, Drew Peterson’s step-brother visited a friend and told him that he needed to unburden himself. He thought that he had just helped move a plastic container that held the body of Stacy Peterson from her house to Drew’s SUV. He had been given some money and he wanted to give some of it to his friend. The next day he attempted to take his own life with an overdose of Paxil, Xanax and alcohol.

Drew Peterson was eventually charged, tried and convicted for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, but he has maintained to this day that Stacy Peterson simply left him and her children on that Sunday, seven years ago. Numerous land and water searches have failed to turn up any evidence of her remains. Her sister, Cassandra, still searches for her with the assistance of volunteers.

If you have any information that can help this ongoing investigation, please contact the Illinois State Police who released a statement today:

“The Peterson case has always remained active and continues to be very active. While agents may not always be in contact with the family with every lead, they are still actively investigating the case. In fact, we have been following up on several leads – which we are not at liberty to make public or discuss at this time.”

Reporter Craig Wall tweeted this photo of his notes from Drew Peterson's 2012 trial ready for recycling.

Reporter Craig Wall tweeted this photo of his notes from Drew Peterson’s 2012 trial ready for recycling.

Some anniversary updates:

“I’m not going to stop until she’s found. I will leave no stone unturned until I bring my sister home.”

Stacy’s Aunt Candace wrote a poem to commemorate the anniversary of the disappearance (used with her permission).


Seven Years and so many tears,
And still no answer to our fears!
Stacy Ann I love and miss you so much,
And your special endearing touch!
You left a big hole upon my heart,
Its hard to know where to pick up and restart!
It feels like life is empty space,
because not one can take your place!
It’s still so hard without you here,
You were so precious and so dear!
I miss you running all around,
And your voice I love the sound!
I still have your # in my cell,
How many times I call you, I never tell!
It feels like you’ll call me again someday,
But then, it’s only your message I can play!
You’re in my heart forever, you know,
And to your house, I love to go!
But for now I keep you here,
In my heart, you’re always near!
I know I’ll see your face again,
Although I don’t know exactly when!
I just know it will be a wonderful day,
Because God has ordained it that way!!!!
I love and miss you Stacy Ann!!!

Aunt candy

3 thoughts on “Seven Years Later: Where is Stacy Peterson?

  1. Thank you so much for keeping this case in the public eye along with others. It still horrifies me that her children, and those of Kathleen, are being raised by Drew’s oldest son, who many believe was an accomplice to the murder.

    I strongly encourage everyone to visit It was out of Stacy’s case that the website was born. Learn about the EAA, the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit, and read Susan Murphy Milano’s book Time’s Up. Share these materials with everyone you know.

  2. Thank you so much for the recap of events. I’m so sorry Walter Martinek is gone. I’m sort of surprised that DP would be able to claim insurance. That’s like the chap who murdered his parents and asked the court for leniency because he’s an orphan.

    I wonder if Cass has been in touch with Alison Dubois. I know you’re not impressed, Facs, but law enforcement agencies seem to have respect for her ability. I saw her on Housewives of Beverly Hills and I quite liked her. Despite behaving a little badly (in response to tactless, rude questions and demands, it must be said-.aka they asked for it) it was very amusing and she was still refreshingly normal compared to aforementioned RHOB.
    Funny- this reminds me of Mrs Brodsky’s ambition to star in imaginary RHOChicago. Wonder how that’s working out for her.

    Gods willing there will be news before another year has passed. There’s a bunch of us would reallyreallyreallyreally love to see that POS prosecuted for Stacy’s murder.
    Sending best wishes to all here! Especially Facs. Great stuff. 😀

  3. Hi Bucket. Thanks to you and WildNinja for the comments! I was thinking about the insurance situation and it could be that Peterson stands to collect because Stacy’s manner of death isn’t known (and being a convicted murderer of someone else doesn’t factor in?). I don’t know but it could end up being another long legal battle that the Cales/Toutges family aren’t eager to get involved in. The way it is now with Drew still receiving his monthly pension Stacy’s kids are provided for so I imagine the SS benefits aren’t a priority. Also, with Stacy declared dead, her estate would need to be settled and can you just imagine how that might go with no murder conviction? Gah!

    As for the psychic, you know I don’t believe in it and I fear that most who claim to have a gift are going to take advantage of a family’s desire for answers. That said, I’d never look down on a family member for pursuing every avenue in search for a missing loved one. I don’t know what I would do in their situation, especially if my loved one had voiced fears that something bad was going to happen and expressly asked me to look for them if they went missing. I would probably take up any offer of help.

    I get excited whenever I hear about missing persons/homicide cases being resolved after years have passed. It does happen. As long as Drew is alive there’s a possibility that he will have a change of heart and realize that the truth needs to be told. Stacy’s children are going to grow up and they are going to read about what happened and they are going to realize that their father is a murderer, despite the lies they are being fed now. He only has two choices: to be the man who murdered their mother and lied about it until his death and be despised for it forever; or to be the man who murdered their mother and and then loved her children enough to accept responsibility, tell all, and let her remains be laid to rest. I’m not sure anything could redeem him in their eyes, but by doing so he might gain forgiveness and even possibly their love.

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