Drew Peterson Appeal update: Prosecution files appellate brief. Arguments to be scheduled after review

Press Release from the State’s Attorney’s office:

State’s Attorney Glasgow files appellate brief in Drew Peterson case

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow announced today (Thursday, Nov. 6) that his office has filed its appellate brief with the Third District Appellate Court in the matter of People vs. Drew Peterson (09CF1048).

The 60-page appellate brief was filed on Thursday morning in Ottawa.

State’s Attorney Glasgow prosecuted Drew Peterson and secured a First Degree Murder conviction against him in September 2012. Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police officer, killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead inside a bathtub in her home in March of 2004.

Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison. Defense attorneys appealed his conviction. They filed their appellate brief in January.

The defense now has two weeks to file a reply brief. Once that is completed, a panel of justices from the Third District Appellate Court will review the case and its sizeable record before scheduling oral arguments.

At this rate, I’m guessing we won’t hear the arguments before 2015. Spring, maybe?

Also, a September Facebook update from Stacy’s sister stating that she still is not allowed to see her sister’s kids.



16 thoughts on “Drew Peterson Appeal update: Prosecution files appellate brief. Arguments to be scheduled after review

  1. I hardly knew the page when I stopped by. I think I like the other format better, but I’ll give it a chance. : – )
    While the traffic on these pages is often dictated by what is in the news, I doubt that words could even begin to describe the hole that is left in the hearts of those suffering from the loss of loved ones. May God wrap his loving arms around you all. Peace and love.

  2. The new pictures of Stacy are just priceless. I wonder how many other people might have pictures of her in old photos. Think about the birthday parties, the school events, sporting events, etc. that have the faces of other kids in them. What a beautiful gift to the family members to post the pictures.

  3. Who is surprised by Steve not allowing Stacy’s family to see the kids? There are many secrets Steven keeps, and I have a strong inkling that if the kids ever under went hypnosis upon becoming adults, their memories would reveal some additional tragic details to this story. Especially the youngest. Steven lost his wife and family, his job, and now has to live with the constant fear and knowledge that the truth will one day surface. As much as people in these circumstances attempt to carry on normal lives, the mind won’t let them. The events, the moments, the truth always finds its way to the consciousness of these guys.

    Grandparents usually will be granted some sort of visitation, but that does take money and the legal system. Even then, the two families would need to insure the bitterness between them would not be a burden to the emotional wellbeing of the kids. They’ve been through a lot. Several years ago, I saw something about Stacy’s son hearing something about the situation from a fellow classmate. At some point in their lives, they’ll begin to ask more questions.

  4. I was checking email and somehow ended up here today. One last comment before getting ready for 2015…
    I know many people don’t understand the full capabilities of the mind. Neither do I. How many people question the ability to send a picture, message, or video over the internet and across the world in virtually a few seconds? I’m not connected to any chords right now, but what I type will soon be delivered to this web address. If something like a computer can transmit waves, why do we question that something far more complex, as the human mind, doesn’t also transmit energy waves? If every event is like a pebble being tossed into the water, then its energy continues to radiate outward and be passed on. I truly believe this is also true of our actions. That’s what is picked up on by people. The energy. If it doesn’t come directly from the self, than it has to be interpreted by the receiver. It’s the same concept in modern technology. If there was nothing to this science, than the government would not have spent so much money and training of individuals to be remote viewers. The mind is a miraculous thing.
    I pray that Drew Peterson’s mind will not allow him peace until he finally comes forward with his wife’s location. A man that tracked her every move while she was alive, would also be quite sure of her location in death.
    Peace and love to all in 2015.

  5. I don’t know about mental energy but I still hold out hope that someone knows something and will eventually talk. (Nothing occurs in a vacuum) Or that someone comes across Stacy’s remains and they are positively ID’d and can finally be laid to rest and Peterson charged with her murder.
    My fear is that he will never talk unless he sees some personal advantage to it and what could that be?

    Did anyone else listen to the Serial podcast? The fact that a 15-year-old murder case could still incite so much interest is heartening.

    Wishing a happy and productive 2015 to everyone!

  6. Drew acted like such an arrogant ass in the media that people will never forget this case. If there is a plus side to his unbelievable actions, it’s that this case stayed in the media locally and nationally. When Stacy’s camp was able to respond with calmness, dignity, and restraint, it just made Drew look worse. (If that’s even possible.)

    Drew didn’t act alone even in the beginning. At some point, something has to give with this case. Too many players. It’s important to keep the story out there so and some point and time, someone begins to talk. Thanks for doing your part, Facs.

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