2015: New Year – new Drew Peterson mug shot

The Illinois Department of Corrections has updated their mug shot of Drew Peterson for 2015.

Meanwhile, his attorneys have filed an appeal of his murder conviction and we are awaiting a date for the hearing of oral arguments – most likely sometime this Spring.

A couple of nice photos of a young Stacy Peterson (Cales) have been posted by friends to Stacy Peterson’s Facebook recently. This one is from 1998, when Stacy was fourteen.


This picture shows Stacy at age thirteen with her brother Yelton and sister Cassandra in 1997.


All the best to you in the coming year and here’s hoping the conviction sticks and that Stacy Peterson is found and brought back home to her family.


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  1. Oral arguments for his appeal filed last year will not be heard until at least April…the case was not included in the next appeals calendar and the judges will not hold another session for three months, a court spokeswoman said Tuesday.


  2. Ralph Chira: “Stacy could make anyone next to her look beautiful. One of the reasons she means so much to the people she knew. She had the gift of being able to make people around her better. If you knew her you loved to be around her. My last memories of her are us laughing together. A great way to remember such a wonderful person. Miss you Stacy Peterson”

  3. Every once in a while I like to listen to this post-verdict interview with James Glasgow. Great prep as we anticipate Peterson’s conviction appeal arguments in April or so.

  4. Thanks for having this forum to keep interested parties up to date. I went through most of this blog a couple weeks back and the only question I had was, if Drew’s cousin helped him with the blue barrel and got paid for it. How come that cousin can’t lead investigators to Stacy?

  5. Hi Clyde’sDad. It was actually Drew’s step-brother, Thomas Morphey, who testified to helping Peterson on the night that Stacy disappeared. He says that he first helped by waiting at a park and holding on to a cell phone while it received a number of calls from Stacy’s phone. He says that later he was driven to Peterson’s house, where he helped Drew move a blue container from the upstairs bedroom to the family’s SUV. At that point, Drew drove Morphey back to his own home and left him there. If you take a look at the timeline on this site, there is a breakdown of Morphey’s involvement on that day (10/28/07).

  6. Was the blue barrel in the truck when Drew dropped him off? Shouldn’t this guy be charged as accessory to her disappearance or at least obstructing justice or moving a body?

  7. I don’t know if Tom was driven home in the Denali or if Drew used Stacy’s car.

    After attempting suicide the next day and ending up in the hospital, he received a call and visit from Drew Peterson. The ISP then talked to Morphey and offered him immunity for his help. They were able to record a phone call from Drew to Tom telling him not to talk to the press or the police, and warning him about discussing things on the phone. In May of 2009 he testified before a Grand Jury and again at a hearing in January 2010. At this point no one has been charged with anything related to Stacy (not even Drew) but if the state ever does bring a murder charge, I assume that Morphey’s immunity will still be in place and that he’ll be a very important witness for the prosecution.

  8. Thanks for the quick reply. After I read your first reply, I read the timeline and determined what happened with Morphey. I just don’t get how the police don’t have enough to charge Drew with Stacy’s disappearance, especially after the Savio murder conviction showing a pattern of killing.

  9. Yeah, it’s hard to know why they haven’t charged him. Maybe they feel that they might still find Stacy’s remains and if they do they will have a much stronger case. Meanwhile, he’s in prison and not going anywhere soon. I understand your feelings about Morphey. It’s hard to forgive his involvement but I am glad that he decided to tell all to the authorities and cooperate.

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