Subpoenas issued, lawyer assigned in the Drew Peterson murder-for-hire case

Drew Peterson has been charged with attempting to arrange the murder of James Glasgow

Drew Peterson has been charged with attempting to arrange the murder of James Glasgow

UPDATE 3/3/15: It looks as if Chris Straub and Brian Clark may be the names of two FBI agents who participated in the undercover investigation.

UPDATE 2/25/15: I’m aware of the letters that Joel Brodsky received from disgruntled inmate, Adrian Gabriel, implicating himself and Antonio Smith in a plot that he says he hatched to entrap Drew Peterson. I’ll post something a bit later – probably once Brodsky leaks the letters…stay tuned.

UPDATE 2/22/15: Peterson’s court-appointed attorney filed a “speedy trial demand” which courthouse officials say is not unusual and should not pose a problem. This means his trial will take place within 160 days. Randolph county has jury availability only five times during the year and officials are aiming for a July trial. The courthouse is small so there will probably be a lottery for media passes.

Subpoenas have been issued for a Chris Straub and Brian Clark in Drew Peterson’s solicitation of murder case.

There are a Brian Clark and a Chris Straub in the Illinois Department of Corrections system but both men are/were incarcerated in Winnebago county prisons, over 300 miles north of Menard Correctional Center, where Drew Peterson is housed. If either of these men are involved in Drew Peterson’s new charges for solicitation of murder, which are said to involve a prison inmate, it will be interesting to learn how they came into contact with him.

There is a Brian Clark residing in the town of Chester, where Menard CC is located, also both a Brian Clark and a Chris Straub who once lived in Bolingbrook and are Drew’s age, but no idea if any of that is significant or merely coincidental.

I’ll try not to speculate any further at this point, and please don’t post any photos or personal information about any individual with those names in the comment section. As the case proceeds, we will all learn the facts.

Drew has a new court-appointed attorney, Lucas Liefer, who filed a motion for discovery on Wednesday. Here is his bio, courtesy of the Red Bud Chamber of Commerce.

Lucas graduated from Red Bud High School in 2003. He attended Southwestern Illinois College for two years before transferring to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Lucas graduated magna cum laude in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a minor in History. He then attended Southern Illinois University School of law and graduated cum laude in May of 2011. Lucas is now licensed to practice law [in] Illinois and Missouri.

Lucas worked as an associate attorney with Arbeiter & Walker from October 2011 until November 2012. Currently, he is a partner at the law firm of Cooper & Liefer.

He’s a young one!


9 thoughts on “Subpoenas issued, lawyer assigned in the Drew Peterson murder-for-hire case

  1. Joel Brodsky via Michael Sneed, as usual:

    Is Peterson, who is serving a 38-year prison sentence for murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio…the victim of a setup on recent charges that he plotted to have his prosecutor, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, murdered?

    Sneed has learned that Joel Brodsky, who was Peterson’s lead attorney in the Savio murder trial, has sent a letter to Randolph County Public Defender James W. Kelley, claiming he recently received two letters from an Illinois Department of Corrections inmate “that would indicate that Mr. Peterson was the victim of a setup, and was entrapped into committing the offense of solicitation of murder.”

    The letter claims Brodsky sent Kelley the letters “for your use in defending Mr. Peterson.”

    “Because of my former representation of Mr. Peterson I am sometimes contacted by people regarding Mr. Peterson,” the letter stated. Brodsky also claims he received the letters “just a few days ago.”

    “As you may be aware, I was the lead attorney for Mr. Drew Peterson in the trial of the charge that he murdered his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio. However, I do not represent him in his appeal of those charges.”

    Although cases like Peterson’s often involve the cooperation of a jailhouse snitch, Brodsky claims the letters indicate there were two prisoners who may have been involved in the alleged entrapment plot. It also indicates one of the prisoners wore a wire. One letter also referenced Stacy Peterson…

    A spokesman for the Illinois Department of Corrections said Peterson has been moved to an area of the Menard prison, where Illinois houses some of its most violent criminals, with additional security but greater restrictions on inmates.

  2. It’s interesting Carol.I heard an interview with Steve Greenberg, I think it was, and he was asked why Drew didn’t ask any of his current or past team to represent him against these charges. Steve’s answer was that Drew probably didn’t want to muddle up various cases. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

    Maybe he feels that

    a.) his former team botched his murder case so he doesn’t want them or
    b.) the case is very weak and he won’t need a private attorney or
    c.) he can’t pay a private attorney or
    d.) his financial agreement with Brodsky and the pro bono work he received in his murder defense caused problems for him and he wants to avoid that again at any cost or
    e.) at the time he was brought to court his phone privileges were restricted so he knew he couldn’t contact any of his old team. It could just be a stop-gap decision that he will change later or?

  3. As for the charges against Drew being bogus or a set-up, I can’t imagine why the authorities would bother to entrap someone who is already incarcerated and serving a 38-year sentence.

    Greenberg and Brodsky say that it doesn’t make sense for Drew to try to do a hit on the man who put him in prison, but at least a motive for that is conceivable.

    The FBI is involved in these current charges. I doubt they’d get involved with this unless without evidence that indicated seriously prosecutable charges.

  4. From CBS:

    The allegation Peterson was set up by two inmates at Menard Correctional Center came in two letters another inmate sent to his former attorney, Joel Brodsky.

    While Brodsky was not commenting, and WBBM has not seen the letters; but according to information received by WBBM, the inmate claimed there was a plot to entrap Peterson, and the other inmates were not acting on their own.

    According to the letters, two inmates involved in the alleged plot were acting at the direction of someone else, and one was placed at the prison specifically to set up Peterson.

  5. I wonder how he was supposed to pay this hit man – was he once again going to set up his son to get in trouble again by providing the funds? But, hey, he’s a loving Dad, he’d never put a son in jeopardy (again).

  6. I certainly hope he wasn’t planning to “borrow” any money from either of Kathleen’s sons who each received a $500,000 payout from her insurance as they turned 18.

  7. I don’t know how public defenders office works in IL, but here it is a rota…next one up gets the case. Public defenders can be excused from the rota due to case load, some cases do not require as much attention as others and some have private practices.

    As for what Brodsky is putting out, sounds to me like he is doing a favor for a friend, muddy the jury water before it ever gets to trial. Wonder if one of the letters he received didn’t come from Drew himself. After all, why would anyone send to Brodsky? He is the atty they are blaming for incompetence is the previous trial.

    To be considered murder for hire it doesn’t have to be for cash, it can be for items jewelry, cars, planes, motorcycles, etc.

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