New Drew Peterson documentary

For the last month or so CNN has been working on a new documentary about the Drew Peterson trial, his new conspiracy charges and the lives of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson.

For weeks they were doing research here on the blog and I was contacted by a producer named Max Newfield for help with source materials.

Sue Savio, sister of Peterson’s third wife, was interviewed for the special report and went to Facebook with her hope that her interview will help in her fight against domestic violence.


Pastor Neil Schori, who was the confidant of Stacy Peterson, had a positive experience with the production as well, stating that correspondent Jean Casarez was “great” and that she gave him “a chance to talk about how we can help victims” of domestic violence.


Even Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s controversial lawyer,  seemed to have enjoyed his involvement.


But not everyone was thrilled to see the cameras. When Drew’s son, Stephen, spotted them in front of his father’s Bolingbrook house, he referred to the crew from CNN as “F’ing vultures” and bemoaned that “it never ends.”


From the ad on CNN’s site, it looks as if Stacy’s Aunt Candace Aikin was interviewed as was Joe Hosey, author of the book Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson which was adapted for the Lifetime Movie, Drew Peterson:Untouchable.

CNN Special Report, Married to a murderer: The Drew Peterson Story, airs on Tuesday, June 30 at 9:00 Eastern and Pacific time. Check your local listings for channel.

UPDATE JULY 7: Peterson’s trial for the solicitation of murder (of State’s Attorney, James Glasgow) has been rescheduled for November 13. His lawyer wants to hire an expert witness and give them time to research, etc.

06/18/2015 Motion to Continue on file. Petition to Approve Expert Witnes Retention and Funding on file.

07/07/2015 Parties appear; motion hearings continued to 9-1-15, 9am; case set for jury trial selection on 11-13-15, 9am; jury trial set 11-16-15, 9am. Agreed Case Management Order on file. *copies given to all parties.


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  1. It’s too bad that every time someone puts together a show about the case, they go over the same happenings. There was so much bad and suspect behavior on the part of Drew in the years before his arrest yet they always cover the same stuff. I think everyone has heard about the “date with Drew” stunt. Why not cover his awful April Fools “confession”, selling the motorcycle on e-bay, the online flirtations and web cams that Drew exposed his kids to (not to mention the numbers of young women who stayed at their house), or Wings-gate? There is an endless bounty of interesting and grotesque situations that we all witnessed over the years. It’s like they watched the Lifetime movie and just decided to repackage it with actual photos and interviews with anyone who is willing to talk to them.

    Candace Aikin and Sue Savio did wonderfully. I always admire their resilience and bravery when they speak about Stacy and Kathleen. Joe Hosey and Neil Schori tell their stories well and of course, Greenberg and Brodsky aren’t going to say no to air time. But I can’t understand how any entity gives air time to that charlatan, Budenz. OK, so he flipped burgers with Drew when they were teenagers and attended a wedding. If they had vetted the guy in the least they would have discovered his fruitcake book and phony online addiction cure scam. That guy shouldn’t be allowed to say “boo” in front of a camera.

    Also. it frustrates me that none of these shows ever explains the hearsay situation accurately. I get that it’s complicated, but it’s not like there was some flagrant disregard for the hearsay rule just because everyone hates Drew – yet it always comes off like that.

  2. Peterson’s new trial has been rescheduled for November 13. His lawyer wants to hire an expert witness and give them time to research, etc.

    06/18/2015 Motion to Continue on file. Petition to Approve Expert Witnes Retention and Funding on file.

  3. “It’s too bad that every time someone puts together a show about the case, they go over the same happenings.”

    Agreed. I’m guessing you probably brought it up with the CNN folks…what was their response?

  4. Yes. I wonder what changed that made them need so much more time. Maybe Drew’s cockiness was playing a role at first, and it took him a while to realize that there was a good case against him?

    07/07/2015 Parties appear; motion hearings continued to 9-1-15, 9am; case set for jury trial selection on 11-13-15, 9am; jury trial set 11-16-15, 9am. Agreed Case Management Order on file. *copies given to all parties.

  5. So I am confused…Drew is getting a new trial for the murder of Kathleen? I have vision problems, and can’t read everything. Have I missed something?

  6. RF, the upcoming trial is for Drew’s attempt to have someone kill James Glasgow.

    The murder conviction for killing Kathleen was appealed and oral arguments were heard in May. A decision on that is now pending.

  7. Thankyou so much, Facs! You had me worried there for a few! I forgot about the Glasgow bit! You’re the best!

  8. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said “new” trial. It sounded as if he had won the appeal and is getting a new trial for murder. Too many trials!

  9. Sorry, Daisy. I just saw your comment. I don’t think CNN is interested in my creative input. They’ve got producers and writers they pay for that.

  10. “Sorry, Daisy. I just saw your comment. I don’t think CNN is interested in my creative input. They’ve got producers and writers they pay for that.”

    That’s too bad. They really need to do a deeper dive on this story.

  11. The Reelz “Murder made me famous” series begins tonight. There will be a Drew Peterson episode on at some point.

    REELZ announced new original series MURDER MADE ME FAMOUS premieres tonight, August 15 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT examining killers who gained public notoriety when their crimes whipped up a media frenzy. The unnerving psychology behind murder has long been source material for television, books and movies – celebrities like Rob Lowe, Mark Harmon and Dean Cain have all portrayed criminals discussed in this series – but why do certain killers capture the attention of millions? Each one-hour episode of MURDER MADE ME FAMOUS presents dramatic recreations of well-known crimes using archival material and insightful commentary from those connected to the case to help unravel the twisted personalities that were thrust into the spotlight. MURDER MADE ME FAMOUS is produced by AMS Pictures. New episodes will air Saturdays at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT…

    The MURDER MADE ME FAMOUS premiere on August 15 spotlights convicted killer Jodi Arias whose case triggered a flood of public involvement and social media activity. This past April Arias was sentenced to life in prison without parole having been found guilty of shooting and stabbing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, to death in the shower. The premiere episode dives into Arias’ transgressions and includes interviews with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and veteran AP journalist Brian Skoloff whose book Killer Girlfriend: The Jodi Arias Story presents a comprehensive account of the investigation and events leading up to this dramatic trial…

    Drew Peterson- The trial that sparked creation of an Illinois law dubbed “Drew’s Law” allowing hearsay evidence to be used in court, in 2007 the former police sergeant became a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, leading police to re-open the case surrounding the death of Kathleen Savio, Peterson’s third wife who was murdered three years earlier.

  12. Case updates from yesterday
    modification 08/18/2015 Subpoena Duces Tecum issued. People’s Response to the Defendant’s Supplemental Motion for Discovery on file

    addition 08/18/2015 Motions argued.

  13. Entered Under: PETERSON, DREW M35067

    addition 08/21/2015 Order Granting State’s Motion for Buccal Swab and Fingerprints on file.

    addition 08/24/2015 Motion to Suppress on file. Motion to Suppress Evidence on file. Petition for Expert Fees on file. Notice of Hearing on file. (Hearing on petition for expert fees 9-29-15, 11am) Proof of Service on file,

    addition 08/24/2015 Order Granting Defense Request to File Exhibits Under Seal on file. Exhibits filed under seal. (Filed in locked exhibit cabinet 1A)

  14. Drew Peterson defense argues wiretaps should be tossed

    By Stacy St. Clair
    Chicago Tribune

    Drew Peterson wants wiretaps tossed, according to court filing

    Several irregularities surrounding wiretaps in Drew Peterson’s murder-for-hire case — including a key eavesdropping consent form listing the wrong defendant’s name — could put the recordings in jeopardy, according to newly filed court documents from Peterson’s attorney.

    In a motion filed this week, Peterson’s attorney alleged that prosecutors made mistakes in how they got the recordings and questioned why a Will County judge met with a jailhouse informant nearly three weeks before authorities asked him for permission to record conversations between the informant and Peterson. The filing also claims that the investigation was tainted by a conflict of interest because of the involvement of prosecutors who work for Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, the target of the alleged plot.

    “The state’s actions of impropriety on almost every level in pursuing the eavesdropping order offends society’s sense of fair play and decency,” the motion states.

    The incriminating wiretaps, made late last year, are believed to be the prosecution’s strongest evidence against Peterson, who has pleaded not guilty to solicitation for murder charges. Without the recordings, prosecutors likely would be forced to rely largely upon an informant with a felony record to try to convict the retired Bolingbrook police sergeant.

    Authorities charged Peterson in February with trying to hire someone to kill Glasgow, who successfully prosecuted Peterson for killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Glasgow also has named Peterson as the sole suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy.

    Peterson is scheduled to stand trial for the murder-for-hire plot later this year in Randolph County, which is home to the maximum-security Menard Correctional Center, where Peterson has been held since he was sentenced more than two years ago.

    The nine-page defense motion suggests Will County prosecutors played a significant role in the solicitation investigation from its early stages as they interviewed witnesses, made prison visits and sought the legal documents needed to secretly record Peterson. Glasgow’s participation was not mentioned when Peterson was charged.

    The defense argues that Glasgow’s office should have asked a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation because it had a conflict of interest. Legal experts said that neither Glasgow nor anyone who works for him should have been involved in the investigation.

    “The victim should not be involved in any judicial authorization,” said Leonard Cavise, a professor emeritus at DePaul University College of Law. “Glasgow should have been hands-off.”

    Glasgow spokesman Charles Pelkie referred questions to the Illinois attorney general’s office, which is prosecuting the case with Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker.

    A spokeswoman for Attorney General Lisa Madigan declined to comment.

    Walker acknowledged that his office was not involved in securing the wiretaps.

    “The defense is free to make any argument it wants,” he said. “We’ll argue it in court.”

    Peterson’s attorney, Lucas Liefer, declined to comment. A hearing will be held on the motion Tuesday.

    The defense motion includes an allegation that the informant never signed the necessary consent form to record conversations between himself and Peterson. Instead, the consent form authorizes eavesdropping on conversations between Peterson and a man named Stephen Nardi, the filing states.

    Nardi, a former Grant Park police lieutenant, was charged last year in Will County with criminal sexual assault. He has been out on bond since August 2014, records show, and has never been imprisoned. His attorney, Eugene Fimbianti, said Wednesday that his client was not involved in the Peterson case. He said he assumed a clerical error led to Nardi’s name appearing on the consent form.

    Will County Chief Judge Richard Schoenstedt met with the informant on Oct. 3, 2014, at Stateville Correctional Center near Joliet, according to the filing. Schoenstedt authorized the eavesdropping application on Oct. 23 and then extended the court order on Nov. 20. The defense argues that the judge took on an investigative role when he interviewed the informant and, because of that, could not maintain the necessary neutrality in the case.

    Schoenstedt could not be reached for comment.

    The Tribune could not confirm the validity of the defense claims because the consent form and wiretap authorization are filed under seal to protect the informant’s identity. Sources previously have confirmed that the informant was a fellow inmate of Peterson’s at Menard.

    Legal experts say that while Peterson’s motion has raised important questions about how the case was investigated, they doubt his motion will be successful.

    “I’m not saying the procedure was the best, but I’m not sure it was bad enough to get the wiretaps tossed,” Cavise said.

    Peterson, 61, has a tentative trial date of Nov. 13. If convicted of the solicitation, he could face 60 years in prison in addition to his 38-year sentence for killing Savio.

    The solicitation charges came nearly two years after Peterson railed against Glasgow moments before his sentencing. In that 40-minute rant, Peterson accused the longtime prosecutor of spearheading the “most extensive, expensive and obsessive investigation probably known in the United States.”

    Peterson is appealing his murder conviction.

    Twitter @stacystclair

  15. Court today to argue motions. These are the most recent case updates.

    08/28/2015 Reply to Defendant’s Motion to Suppress Evidence on file.

    08/31/2015 Reply to People’s Motion in Limine to Admit Evidence of Other Crimes on file. Reply to People’s Motion to Admit Relevant Evidence of Defendant’s Conduct and Other Acts Evidence on file.

    09/01/2015 Order on file. (Rulings on motion for discovery filed 7-23-15)

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