Illinois missing persons event to take place tomorrow

Rachel Mellon Skemp

Rachel Mellon Skemp

Rachel Mellon was thirteen years old when she disappeared from her Bolingbrook home. She would be 33 years old now.

Family and friends agree that Rachel was home sick on January 31, 1996. Her stepdad, Vince Mellon, was also home that day. He told police he went out to walk their dog and left Rachel sleeping in her room. Her mother Amy noticed her missing later. She hasn’t been seen since.

Tomorrow will mark the 20th anniversary of her disappearance and the date will be marked by a public memorial and balloon release in honor of not only Rachel, but all of Illinois’ missing persons.


Rachel’s father, Jeff Skemp, will be speaking at the event; along with Casssandra Cales, sister of Stacy Peterson; Sue Olsen, mother of Bradley Olsen, missing from DeKalb since 2007; Sheila Bradley-Smith, whose two nieces, Diamond and Tionda, have been missing from Chicago since 2001, and others who are still looking for answers about their loved ones.

In all, the names of 213 will be read and 200 balloons will be released – each containing a note with information about a missing person.

Please come out and show your support for these families and friends!

When: January 31 at 2:00
Where: Bernard J. Ward Elementary School, 200 Recreation Drive, Bolingbrook, IL


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  1. “Cassandra Cales holds a photo of her sister, Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since 2007. Cales was one of several people who participated in the event marking the 20th anniversary of the disappearance of Rachel Mellon Sunday in Bolingbrook. Participants in the event read the names of more than 200 people missing from Illinois.Alicia Fabbre / Naperville Sun.”

  2. “UPDATE 1/27/16: Despite having denied a motion to delay the beginning of the trial just last week, after a conference call between Judge Brown and attorneys Walker and Liefer, the judge agreed to continue Drew Peterson’s upcoming murder-for-hire trial in order to give both sides more time to prepare. The trial was originally set to begin the end of next month. The new trial date is May 6.”

  3. Further update: “addition 02/08/2016 Def appears with Atty Liefer, Atty Jeremy Walker present for State; Witness List filed under seal; Stipulations filed under seal; defendant agrees to stipulations when questioned by the Judge; Case Management Order on file; CMC 2-29-16, 1pm; jury selection May 20, 2016; JT 5-23-16; Order on file listing all documents to be sealed.”

  4. Peterson trial pushed back to May

    By Pete Spitler
    Staff Writer

    Posted Feb. 8, 2016 at 3:30 PM

    After seemingly shutting the door last month on any more continuances in the Drew Peterson case, Randolph County Circuit Judge Richard A. Brown granted another one on Monday.

    The new dates are May 20 for jury selection and May 23 for proceedings to begin. The trial was previously scheduled to begin with jury selection on Feb. 26 and proceedings beginning the following Monday.

    “Certainly, I can speak on behalf of the State of Illinois that this would be the last one,” said Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker, who is co-prosecuting Peterson’s murder-for-hire case with the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

    During last month’s case management hearing, Brown denied a defense motion to continue the case – citing a special jury selection session that had been scheduled and advised defense attorney Lucas Liefer to set cases aside, if needed, to prepare for the trial.

    Walker noted in Monday’s case management conference that subsequent conversations between himself, Liefer and Brown required a continuance in the case as additional discovery has been tendered.

    Brown did approve two stipulations Monday that were signed by Walker, Liefer and Peterson.

    One waives Peterson’s constitutional right to confront accusers regarding specific documents, and the second is a stipulation of evidence regarding the authenticity of the original maker of those documents.

    It was stated during the hearing that those documents, which are under seal, deal with “Individual A” and Peterson.

    “This specific stipulation has to deal with certain specific documents that would not be subject to cross-examination and tendered to the court,” Walker said during media availability after the hearing.

    Also announced Monday was that both sides have filed their witness lists, which will remain under seal, with the court.

    During the January meeting, it was stated that Liefer’s list contained at least 46 witnesses – lettered A through double-T – and Brown advised the Red Bud attorney to narrow that down.

    “We’re not going to hear from 10 people about the same issue,” Brown told Liefer at the time.

    Almost a year to the day after Peterson’s initial court appearance on February 9, 2015, Walker was asked if this continuance is indeed the final one.

    “I don’t think either party wanted a continuance, but there’s things that happen in this business,” Walker said. “Nobody wants to get this trial over with more than Jeremy Walker.”

    The next case management hearing for Peterson has been scheduled for Feb. 29 at 1 p.m. at Randolph County Courthouse.



    llinois Supreme Court agrees to hear Drew Peterson appeal

    POSTED 3:10 PM, MARCH 30, 2016, BY WGN WEB DESK

    The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to hear Drew Peterson’s appeal of his murder conviction.

    Peterson is serving a 38 year prison sentence for the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio. But his lawyers argue he didn’t get a fair trial because prosecutors relied on so called “hearsay” arguments.

    Savio’s death was initially ruled an accident in 2004. But years later her body was exhumed and Peterson was convicted.

    An appeals court rejected Peterson’s arguments and affirmed his conviction just last year.

    According to Steve Greenberg, Peterson’s attorney the case most likely will not be heard until the fall.

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