Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 2, Part 1

Would-be hit man, Antonio Smith, aka “Beast”, led away from the courthouse in Franklin County on February 25, 2011, after being sentenced for attempted murder and home invasion.

Would-be hit man, Antonio Smith, aka “Beast”, led away from the courthouse in Franklin County on February 25, 2011, after being sentenced for attempted murder and home invasion.

Today is the second day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

Yesterday opening arguments were presented and witnesses James Glasgow, former Bolingbrook Police Department deputy chief Kevin McCarthy, FBI Special Agent Hugh Williamson, FBI special agent Ron Bratcher were called as well as the would-be hit man, himself, Antonio “The Beast” Smith, aka “Individual A”.

Smith testified that not only did Peterson attempt to hire him to kill States Attorney James Glasgow for the sum of $10,000, but that he also made statement amounting to confession to killing his third wife, Stacy.

Mr. Smith will continue his testimony today. Surreptitious recordings between Drew Peterson and the witnesses are expected to be played.

Cameras are still not allowed in court in Randolph County, but reporters are tweeting updates and I will copy them here and in the comments thread throughout the day. Make sure to refresh to get the most current updates.

First, an exchange between former Peterson attorney, Joel Brodsky and reporter, Jon Seidel:


Following updates re from the twitter stream of Jon Siedel, Federal Courts reporter for the Chicago Sun Times.

#DrewPeterson is back in the courtroom — and the judge is taking his seat

Day 2 will apparently start with arguments about how much of the recordings to play.

#DrewPeterson atty Lucas Liefer said yesterday he wants the jury to hear an entire day, rather than just a snippet of a day

#DrewPeterson atty doesn’t want comments taken out of context. Prosecutors may not want jurors to fall asleep before they hear the good part

State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker says there is a 93-page transcript of one day of recordings.

Judge tells Liefer he can play all the tapes he wants on cross-examination.

#DrewPeterson attorney asks for mistrial over Stacy Peterson testimony

#DrewPeterson attorney complaining about media reports of Peterson’s alleged Stacy Peterson confession

Walker says case isn’t tried in the media.

Judge denies mistrial motion

Antonio Smith — “Beast” — is back on the witness stand.

#DrewPeterson is back in his black pants and white t-shirt today. And he appears to be wearing glasses.

Smith received the recording device he wore on #DrewPeterson on Nov. 13, 2014.

Prosecutors admitting recordings from Nov. 13, 2014-Nov. 17, 2014.

Prosecutors now admitting transcripts of the recordings.

Pros seeks to publish Nov. 13, 2014 recording.

They will start 17:30 minutes into recording.

REALLY hard to make out what is being said on #DrewPeterson recordings

Can barely make out a word of this. Lots of laughing. Sounds like inmates goofing around.

Getting better, though.

Ok. So that started out pretty inaudible at first. But #DrewPeterson could later be heard pretty clearly.

#DrewPeterson talked about Bolingbrook. “It’s where I live.”

#DrewPeterson also said he can’t go to Stateville b/c it’s too close to Bolingbrook

Also sounded like #DrewPeterson talked to Smith about “trying to set some stuff up.” Said all of his mail is gone through.

Recordings continuing now.

Sounds like Smith asked #DrewPeterson if he wanted Glasgow gone. Peterson said “yes.”

Then #DrewPeterson made his comment about Glasgow going golfing with all the judges. “With that happening, how can you fight that?”

Recording ends with Antonio Smith saying, “Got it! Day one down … Hope you guys got that.”


Smith testifying about kites between him and #DrewPeterson

Smith wrote a kite to #DrewPeterson asking if Drew “still needed Glasgow dead” and asking for green light.

#DrewPeterson wrote back, “let’s put a green light on all of our projects.”

#DrewPeterson said his “appeal is blowing the state’s case out of the water,” but it was almost impossible to fight corrupt politics

#DrewPeterson also said he was working on “a couple of business deals”

Smith testifies he had a couple of business deals going with #DrewPeterson, “but the first one was to kill James Glasgow.”

Prosecutors preparing to play another recording from Nov. 14, 2014

Looks like we’re taking a break instead.

Audio is off in the courtroom. They might have taken the jury out to argue.

Attorneys clearly arguing, but nothing can be heard.

Audio back. Sounds like they were arguing about the jury’s use of transcripts. Judge will let jurors use them.

Jury is back in.

Another recording about to be played.

Recording will start 9:42 in.


#DrewPeterson believed he’d be charged in Stacy’s death if he wins his appeal, per recording

On latest recording, #DrewPeterson can be heard talking about landing a plane on someone’s property “on the other side of Mexico.”

#DrewPeterson and Smith talked about getting involved with drug cartels

#DrewPeterson also told Smith to “wait until we get a chance to talk” — an alleged reference to Glasgow plot

Smith thought #DrewPeterson was already locked up for Stacy Peterson’s murder

#DrewPeterson trial takes a break


#DrewPeterson trial is back, and another recording is about to be played


18 thoughts on “Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 2, Part 1

  1. Crickets…….where is everybody?

    It will be interesting to see what the next step in the Stacy disclosure will be. Appears Drew admitted killing her and now tells Smith she is out running around. I wonder if he suspected Smith was an informant at that point.

  2. On Monday, Peterson’s buddy “Beast” Smith testified that Peterson had told him twice before that he had killed Stacy. He took umbrage to Peterson later claiming his much younger fourth wife was actually still alive and “running around” somewhere, and he told the jury about his hurt feelings.

    “It was an insult to me at the time because previously he had told me he killed Stacy,” Smith explained.

    Peterson’s attorney, Lucas Liefer, had asked for a mistrial due to Smith’s unsubstantiated testimony about Peterson supposedly talking about how he had killed Stacy. Judge Richard Brown denied the request.

    During his recorded talks with Smith, Peterson also cried the blues about a woman named Nicole who had been visiting him at Menard Correctional Center but stopped coming by. He blamed the end of the affair on a prison guard who was friends with Nicole’s ex-husband.

    While Peterson has yet to be heard ordering Glasgow’s murder, Smith did float the the idea of the state’s attorney dying and the possible benefits that might accompany his death.

    “If Glasgow’s dead by Christmas, when will that put you out?” he asked Peterson.

    “Approximately,” Smith said, “like, what do you think? Are you worried about his (assistant state’s attorneys)?”

    “No, they’re idiots,” Peterson said.

    Banking, apparently, on those “idiots” failing to keep him behind bars, Peterson had big plans for himself and Smith on the outside.

    “I been hustling the guys, just trying to set stuff up,” he said, telling of a friend with “property on the other side of Mexico.”
    Peterson mentioned that he holds a pilot’s license and could transport drugs in a plane. Smith expressed concerns, saying, “Won’t you crash?” Peterson assured him he would not, the bragged about a guy he knows with “cartel connections.”

    “They can get us into dope,” he said.


  3. It’s been reported on FoxNews.com, so it’s out there in the national spotlight. Good to see you are still keeping up with this sociopath. Thanks!

    Glad to see Seidl still on the case. Don’t know the others. Brodsky is still Brodsky, not that I expected anything less from him.

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