Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 3, Part 1

Antonio Smith  and Drew Peterson

Antonio Smith and Drew Peterson

Today is the third day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

Inmate Antonio Smith will continue his testimony from the witness stand and we will hear more of the covert recordings between himself and Drew Peterson.

Yesterday Smith was on the stand for the entire day while recordings were played. On them Peterson could be heard talking about not only his dislike of the States Attorney but also plans for moving to Jamaica and opening a restaurant or making money by working as a pilot for a drug cartel should his appeal be successful and he gain release.

He also spent a lot of the recordings bragging to young Smith about his success as a cop, a bullshitter and a lover – reminiscing about time spent in Vegas with prostitutes on the dime of a Russian Millionaire.

Peterson also made numerous complaints about his former attorney, Joel Brodsky who he called “incompetent” and a “buffoon”.

Anna Giles of WSIL and Mary J. Koester of the North County News will be live tweeting events from the courtroom today which I’ll be sharing here as well as any other interesting info I come across.

Make sure to refresh this page often for the latest updates. I’ll also share anything else interesting in the comments thread.


In day 3 of #DrewPeterson trial, Antonio Smith still on the stand. Court currently listening to audio recordings from the prison yard.

Recordings of #DrewPeterson allegedly talking with Antonio Smith about murder for hire plot are very hard to hear, lots of background noise

#DrewPeterson and Antonio Smith discuss health, life after prison while hanging out at the basketball courts at Menard CF in late 2014

In recordings, #DrewPeterson worried about Will Co States Attorney J. Glasgow filing charges against him for Stacy Peterson disappearance

In prison yard recordings, #DrewPeterson and Antonio Smith talked about epic media coverage that would follow the death of James Glasgow

Said the death of James Glasgow would be a “dog and pony show”

Smith said he communicated with his uncle by using code – because visits at Pontiac were recorded, messages were about killing Glasgow

Antonio Smith says #DrewPeterson told him if Glasgow was killed, others Will County has prosecuted would be blamed before him

Peterson on audio – the law’s in my favor

Lots of talk about cooking in prison between #DrewPeterson and Antonio Smith. Best ways to use Mozzarella cheese, boil water, make burritos

Audio – prison cooking techniques…argument about adding salt when boiling water and what watt light bulb to use…


Audio: more prison gossip and comparing (bags of) beans, as well as rice, at Pontiac to Menard…

now it’s prices and types of candy that are available at the prisons…
Kinda getting hungry…

And peanut butter cookies!
When is the Menard Prison Cookbook hitting the shelves? Total bestseller! 😉


Evidence in #DrewPeterson trial today so far has been all audio recordings, lots of gibberish about cooking mixed with talk about Glasgow

Smith told Peterson that he can’t wait to see the news – as in see Glasgow’s murder on the news.

Antonio Smith says Peterson at one point wanted to transfer to Illinois River Prison, but then wanted to stay at Menard after meeting Smith

Talking about what they’d say to investigators if they came down to talk to them about the murder of Glasgow

Smith told Peterson that he was glad for the day that Peterson came up to him and asked him to do it – aka kill Glasgow

Antonio Smith says he and #DrewPeterson discussed whether killing James Glasgow would be a federal or state crime in terms of jurisdiction

Smith told Peterson, Glasgow’s murder wouldn’t be a fed crime – just a state, even though he’s a public official

Finished with Nov. 16 audio!

Antonio Smith kept a diary of his discussions with #DrewPeterson about James Glasgow

Smith kept notes of his conversations with Peterson…
Now we break for lunch!


6 thoughts on “Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 3, Part 1

  1. The key witness in the Peterson trial, Antonio Smith, is currently serving a 30 year prison term for slashing a woman’s throat in Franklin County six years ago. In exchange for his testimony, Smith wants prosecutors to reduce his own time behind bars.

    In 2014, not long after Smith went to Menard Prison, he became a close friend to Peterson, only to turn on him.

    Smith provided audio recordings to the FBI that resulted in Peterson being charged with trying to hire a hitman.

    Randolph County States Attorney Jeremy Walker is one prosecutor on the case.

    “The tapes are the strongest piece of evidence that we have,” Walker said.

    For that reason, Smith thinks a judge should reduce his 30 year prison sentence. That decision ultimately lies with Franklin County States Attorney Evan Owens, who refused to discuss a possible sentence reduction with the Peterson case ongoing.

    “It’s my understanding that it’s possible, but it’s certainly my understanding that that’s not going to happen,” Walker said.

    Walker says he made no special deals with Smith in exchange for his cooperation. The FBI did agree to transfer Smith to a federal prison and provided him with roughly $2,000 to, quote “re-establish personal property.”


  2. “In a conversation from Nov. 16, 2014, Peterson talked about making authorities think Stacy Peterson was in Peoria and that she might show up to testify at his murder trial.

    “You know how many times me and my lawyer knew they were listening? And we were telling them like, ‘She’s in Peoria.'” Drew Peterson says on the recording played in court Wednesday.

    “The next week, they were there. They were tearing up (expletive) Peoria.”

    Peterson then says he “had them believing Stacy was going to come and testify” and claims Glasgow and the prosecution team were “on the edge waiting for this to happen.”

    Peterson, laughing, continued: “He’s like, ‘Phew!’ I mean, he thought she was coming and he really believed, because they were listening to our (expletive) phone. And it taught them a lesson.”


  3. Sue, we can’t hear the actual recordings, but there are a few people tweeting and of course, reporters will come out with their stories later.

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