Read: Full transcripts of covert recordings between Drew Peterson and prison snitch

smith-petersonReady for a little light reading after the holiday weekend’s activities?

Well, here’s some fodder for your e-reader.

Below are the complete transcripts of the conversations between Drew Peterson and fellow inmate Antonio “Beast” Smith recorded secretly between Nov. 13-29, 2014.

The state believes they contain enough evidence to add another 60 years onto Peterson’s sentence for solicitation of murder of State’s Attorney, James Glasgow and they were played last week in court to a jury that will begin its deliberations tomorrow after closing arguments.

kill him

November-13, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Randy, Capone

November-14, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Capone, T-Real, Correctional Officer

November-15, 2014 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Ali, Jesse

November-16, 2014 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Lorek, Jesse, Glenn Barrett

November-25, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith

November-28, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Lorek

November-29, 2014 – Part 1, Part 2
Heard: Peterson, Smith, T-real, Jesse, Capone, Ali, J-hood, Cecil


3 thoughts on “Read: Full transcripts of covert recordings between Drew Peterson and prison snitch

  1. The judge admonished the jurors to only rely on the recordings, not on the transcripts. It’s been stated numerous times that the recordings are difficult to hear. Like the old game of “telephone,” I could easily see twelve different people coming up with multiple different scenarios for what they heard on the recordings.

    So…..where do the transcripts come in? Each juror was given a copy. Are they allowed to use them at all?

    I’ll be out of town for the rest of the week. My internet use will be very limited. Hopefully, when I get back, Drew will have many more years added to his incarceration.

  2. I wan to know the exact same thing, Granny. Will the jurors have transcripts in the deliberation room or will they only be able to request that the audio be played back for them?

    I’ll try to find out.

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