Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 6 – GUILTY

Update: 12:45
The jury has reached a verdict. Just waiting on Judge Brown to return to the courtroom.

And the Verdict is…GUILTY on both counts of solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire.

One count carries a mandatory sentence of at least 20 years. The other at least 15 so he’ll get an addition 35 years minimum.

Sentencing will take place July 26.


Today is the last day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow, while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

This morning the prosecution has presented their argument to the jury and now it is the turn of the defense.

Have you taken a look yet at the complete transcripts of the conversations between Drew Peterson and fellow inmate Antonio “Beast” Smith recorded secretly between Nov. 13-29, 2014?

I will update this blog post throughout the morning with information gathered via Twitter and various other sources. To see the latest updates, refresh your page often.

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10:43 a.m. Back in session. Defense attorney Lucas Liefer up next.

Liefer: “It would have been nice to be prosecutors in this case.”

Liefer begins argument by fantasizing that he would be Randolph County State’s Attorney if Jeremy Walker weren’t around

Liefer: “State is basing their case on the word ‘gone’ and nothing more. The only thing I’m missing is a lying snitch.”

Liefer using the same words as Peterson, but applying them to SA Jeremy Walker.

Liefer: Prosecution’s recordings “prove absolutely nothing.”

Liefer: James Glasgow’s testimony was “designed to get you to hate #DrewPeterson”

Liefer: “They don’t have any other evidence in this case.”

“The state has muddied the water so much in this case to distract you.” – Liefer to jury.

“What are we left with? The recordings of a snitch. A career snitch who wanted to be an informant with the FBI.” – Liefer.

Liefer pointing to James Glasgow’s signature to get an overhear order in Randolph County.

Liefer refers to Antonio Smith as prosecutors’ “trust snitch.”

Liefer talking about letters Smith sent to Gabriel and how Smith was told by FBI to keep his mouth shut.

LIefer: Smith handed recording device to another inmate while on the yard.

Liefer says it all compromised the investigation.

Liefer quoting Smith talking about Will County: “I lied to them bitches.”

defense focuses heavily on discrediting prosecution’s key witness: Antonio Smith. Calls him to a “career snitch.”

defense say “inaudible” and “incomprehensible” recordings prove nothing

Liefer plays audio of Smith promising prosecutors “I’ll get you your conviction. I’ll drag him to the courthouse myself.”

Liefer playing recorded conversation between Smith and IA.

Liefer: Smith had “golden plan” to get #DrewPeterson and make everyone look good, and “old Beast would get another chance at life.”

Liefer quoting Smith: “Once I tell you my plan, it’s golden.” Liefer: “This was his plan, he was running the show.”

Liefer says Smith wrote letters to Will County in Aug. 2014 because he was also snitching on correctional officers.

Liefer: Smith was a “rat caught in a trap.”

Defense on Antonio Smith: If he was really worried about Peterson killing Glasgow, why did he wait months and months to tell authorities?

Liefer points to “proof positive” that Antonio Smith was lying.

Liefer: Smith said Drew confessed to Stacy death. But “twice in the recorded conversations, #DrewPeterson says she’s still alive.”

“Not a single state witness had much of anything to add to the evidence of this case.” – Liefer

State relying on word of “a lying snitch, who is so unreliable that it’s embarrassing that the state paid him money,” Liefer said

defense calls murder for hire “a crime of words,” yet Peterson never said murder or kill in recordings

“How has state met their burden of proof on solicit. of murder the when the key words of ‘murder’ and ‘kill’ are not spoken by the def.?”

Liefer: “This is how these guys cope. This is how inmates stay sane. They talk. And it’s nonsense.”

Liefer: #DrewPeterson spent more time “talking about ripping Nancy Grace” and running drugs than killing Jim Glasgow

Liefer asks if the state believed Drew Peterson about anything, why hadn’t they charged him regarding the drug trafficking plan.

“Who has the motive and intent in this case? Everything (the state) has presented is questionable.”

#DrewPeterson defense: “This case is rotten with inconsistencies…the case revolves around the recordings and nothing else.”

Liefer again tells jury that #DrewPeterson “still sits there an innocent man.”

Liefer said state cannot point to one instance on recordings where #DrewPeterson asked Smith to “murder” or “kill” Glasgow.

Liefer: “This case is wrought with inconsistencies and incomplete evidence.”

“This entire case revolves around the recordings and nothing else.”

Liefer: “I want you to forget the name #DrewPeterson and everything that goes with it.”

“I am doing this because I believe in the law and care in the law.” – Liefer

Liefer closes with “enter a verdict of not guilty on both counts”

Liefer done.


Jeremy Walker up for rebuttal.

Walker: “Lucas and I are friends.” They go out to dinner and plan to get drinks tonight.

Walker shouts about claims Liefer made in closings. Then says, that’s what defense attorneys do. “I’m still gonna go have a drink with him.”

“I didn’t put him away in prison for 38 years!!! And as mad as I am right now, I’m still gonna go have a drink with him….

“For him to accuse me that I would charge him, accuse me of being under-the-table, that’s what defense attorneys do.”

Walker’s point: Liefer isn’t in prison for murder, and he doesn’t have another murder case pending against him.

Walker on Smith: “The Pope can’t buy dope. The Pope isn’t going to be contracted to kill somebody.”

Walker: #DrewPeterson had four motives: Pension, appeal, Stacy, his son.

Walker: “that man (Drew Peterson) wants James Glasgow dead”

Walker on Smith: “When did he ever get caught lying? Not one single time.”

Walker: “Snitch does not mean liar.”

Walker: Smith “crossed one of the biggest lines … He wore a wire on a fellow inmate in a maximum security facility.”

“My desk is piling up. I’ve got another jury trial in two weeks on burglary. I care more about that than that man (Peterson) right there.”

Walker: #DrewPeterson got quiet on recordings when talking about Glasgow murder. “What happens when your kids get quiet?”

“Yeah, Antonio’s asked for a time cut, but he earned his trust by asking what he could prove to you.”

Walker brings up media question regarding why Peterson was suspicious of staged photo if he wasn’t involved.

Walker: Best line of #DrewPeterson trial came when Liefer asked Smith if you can believe a snitch. “You can with evidence,” Smith said.

On Antonio Smith: “People deserve the benefit of the doubt when they can back up what they are saying.”

Walker: Smith will have to sleep with “one eye open.”

Walker: “A prosecutor deserves to go home at night and not worry about getting shot in the head because I did my job.”

Walker then finishes closing by pointing at #DrewPeterson “Find this man guilty.”

Walker is done. Jury getting instructions now.

11:35 a.m. jury is now deliberating

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13 thoughts on “Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 6 – GUILTY

  1. It seemed pretty cut and dried to me, but I was still a bit scared. Very grateful that this jury looked at the evidence and knew what they had to do!


    The following statement may be attributed to Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow:

    Four years ago, I successfully prosecuted Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He is now serving a 38-year prison sentence for a brutal act of violence that claimed the life of an innocent woman. Rather than accepting responsibility for his crime and serving his sentence, he has continued his illegal activities behind bars by plotting my murder, a crime which his recorded conversations show he would have been all too happy to take care of himself. Today a jury once again has held him accountable for his unlawful actions.

    I extend my heartfelt thanks to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for accepting this case for prosecution. Her assignment of Assistant Attorneys General Steve Nate and Bill Elward to work alongside Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker established the first-rate prosecution team that secured today’s guilty verdict. On the investigative side, the Illinois Department of Corrections was critical to the execution of the overhears, and the FBI provided the cutting-edge technology that made these recordings possible. I would like to thank them all for protecting the integrity of our criminal justice system.

  3. Facs, I’ve been reading here all along, and thank you so much for all your hard work. This snake got what he so deserved. I only wish the Cales family could get closure.

  4. Great news!

    Now, is it at all possible that this worm’s 35+ year sentence for these crimes MIGHT be reduced if he gives up the location of Stacy’s remains?? He’s a low-life and that kind of bargaining chip may be the only thing that entices him to give up the information of Stacy’s whereabouts.

  5. A little after the fact but the case was updated today so I’m sharing it:

    modification 05/20/2016 Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum issued. Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum issued. Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum issued. Atty Walker, Atty Nate, Atty Elward appears for State; Def appears with Atty Liefer; jury selection commences; jury picked at 3:50 p.m. ordered to report for trial 5-23-16, at 9 a.m. RAB

    addition 05/23/2016 Court resumes with jury trial; Atty Walker; Atty Nate; Atty Elward appears for State; Def appears with Atty Liefer; jury trial held; court recessed 4:30 p.m. IPI Criminal 4th No. 3.20 read to jury by Judge Brown. RAB

    addition 05/24/2016 Court resumes with jury trial; Atty Walker; Atty Nate, Atty Elward present for State; Def appears with Atty Liefer; jury trial resumes; Court recesses until 4-25-16. Order on file. Transcript Invoice Voucher on file. RAB

    addition 05/25/2016 Court resumes with jury trial; Atty Walker; Atty Nate; Atty Elward present for State; Def appears with Atty Liefer; jury trial resumes; Court resecess until 5-26-16. RAB

    addition 05/25/2016 Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum issued. Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum issued. Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum issued. GG

    addition 05/26/2016 Court resumes; Atty Walker; Atty Nate; Atty Elward appears for State; Def appears with Atty Liefer; jury trial resumes; State’s oral motion to bar inmate Shelly McCree granted; Stipulation on file (group Ex 14); Stipultation on file (Pl Ex #’s 20,24,31,33 & top of 34); Court recesses until 5-27-16. Court resumes; Atty Walker; Atty Nate; Atty Elward for State; Def present with Atty Liefer; jury trial resumes; State’s oral Motion for Direceted Verdict denied; Def made an offer of proof of what inmate Shelly McCree would say; Def oral motion to bar Warden Butler’s testimony on rebuttal granted; State rested; parties stipulate that ppl group ex 14 will be published to the jury; Def rests. RAB

    addition 05/27/2016 Stipulation on file. Stipulation on file. RAB

    addition 05/31/2016 Jury Trial resumes; Atty Walker, Atty Nate; Atty Elward
    present for State; Def present with Atty Liefer; case given to jury at 11:45 a.m.; jury returns a guilty verdict at 12:58 p.m.; sentencing set 7-26-16 at 1 p.m. RAB

    addition 05/31/2016 Jury Instructions on file. Guilty verdict forms on file for each charge. UNASSIGNED

    addition 06/02/2016 Docket Minutes on file.

  6. Wow! I honestly thought the pension issue would be delayed until the kids were 18. I hope Stephen was working on another career option. If Stacey is officially declared dead, the Social Security will kick in for the kids. Life insurance??? Praying for those kids.

  7. Hah, SL2 I had exactly the same thought and posted it on the most recent thread.

    AFAIK Drew told Smith that someone owed him $10,000 and if that prson paid him back he would pay Smith.

    I’m going to close this thread now so there’s only one open.

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