Listen: secretly recorded Drew Peterson prison conversations

Yesterday the secretly recorded conversations between Drew Peterson and prison snitch Antonio Smith were made public.

The hours of recordings were played in court last month during Peterson’s trial for solicitation of murder and helped the jurors decide to convict Peterson of attempting to put out a hit on State’s Attorney James Glasgow.

Glasgow was the lead prosecutor in Drew Peterson’s 2012 trial for the murder of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Here are some clips.

6 thoughts on “Listen: secretly recorded Drew Peterson prison conversations

  1. Drew Peterson sentencing set for Friday in murder-for-hire case

    July 28, 2016

    … Peterson faces sentencing all over again Friday in downstate Randolph County. That’s where a jury found Peterson guilty two months ago of hatching a plot from Menard Correctional Center to have Glasgow killed. Prosecutors used the words Peterson uttered during his 2012 sentencing hearing against him in the latest trial.

    A hearing is scheduled for Friday at which Peterson may get a chance to speak again.

    Meanwhile, a source familiar with the matter said Peterson has been complaining to the judge about his Randolph County defense lawyer — after famously blaming his former lead counsel in 2012 for his murder conviction…

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