Drew Peterson sentenced to 40 years for arranging hit on prosecutor

UPDATE 2:36: Drew Peterson was sentenced to 40 years.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times:

In a 20-minute address to the judge, Peterson continued his complaints against his attorney. Peterson contended he never truly intended to carry out a plot to kill Glasgow but rather was setting up a scam so his fellow inmate could rat out Peterson and get a reduced sentence. Peterson contended that his attorney failed to call up to 16 fellow inmates at trial who could have testified about the scam.

Peterson also said during his statement to the court that he has been suicidal while behind bars.

On Friday, closing his remarks, Peterson looked over toward Glasgow in the courtroom and said, “I never did try to have you killed. You can think what you want.”

Outside the courtroom, Glasgow said he was not persuaded by the words of a man he called “a patronizing con man.”
“He’s deluded,” Glasgow said.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

On Friday, Peterson said he knew he was being recorded the whole time and his words were all part of a scam to help Smith bring the evidence to authorities to get Smith a reduced sentence.

Clad in a ruffled white button-down shirt, black pants and white Nike basketball shoes, Peterson claimed several other inmates were aware of the plan as well. Peterson said at the time of the recordings, over several weeks during November 2014, he was suicidal and didn’t believe he would live to see the scam come to fruition.


Peterson showed no reaction as Brown handed down the sentence. As he left the courtroom, Peterson said something quietly to Cassandra Cales, the sister of Peterson’s missing fourth wife, Stacy.

Cales, who was seated in the gallery, responded to Peterson: “You killed Stacy.”

Reporter Andy Grimm heard the comment a little differently:

“Give up my sister then kill yourself.”

Judge Brown denied a motion for Peterson to get a new attorney, and also denied a motion for a new trial.

State’s Attorney Glasgow Statement on Drew Peterson Sentence

Drew Peterson was convicted in Randolph County earlier this year of the solicitation for hire of my murder. The sentence handed down today by Judge Richard Brown sends a clear message that convicted criminals will be punished severely if they attempt to take revenge on the prosecutors who have placed them behind bars for their crimes.

While I was the target in this case, it is important to note that this crime is not about me. It is about every State’s Attorney and every Assistant State’s Attorney who takes on the important role of prosecuting criminals and protecting our citizens. This was not merely a threat to one prosecutor. It was an attack on our entire criminal justice system by a notorious murderer who always felt he could act outside and above the law. Prosecutors across our state must have assurances that they are safe once these criminal enterprises are uncovered.

Once again I extend my heartfelt thanks to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for accepting this case for prosecution and to Assistant Attorneys General Steve Nate and Bill Elward who worked alongside Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker to secure a guilty verdict and significant sentence. The Illinois Department of Corrections was critical to the execution of the overhears, and the FBI provided the cutting-edge technology that made these recordings possible. Thank you all for protecting the integrity of our criminal justice system.


At 1:00 today Drew Peterson will be in court to be sentenced for his solicitation of murder conviction.

His intended target, State’s Attorney James Glasgow, will make a victim’s impact statement and Peterson may also speak.

Peterson is already serving a 38 year sentence for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, which would have kept him behind bars until the age of 92.

The new sentence could add at least 35 years to his earlier sentence which he has been serving at Menard Correctional Facility in Chester, Illinois.

Peterson recently wrote a letter to Judge Richard Brown, complaining about this representation by his court-appointed defender, Lucas Liefer.

Last week a motion for leave to withdraw was filed for Peterson’s case so it remains to see who will be sitting next to Peterson in court today.

I will update this post later today with news as I hear it. Randolph county does not allow cameras, lap tops or phones in the courtroom and today there is no overflow room available to reporters, so live tweets will not be available. Please check the comment thread for current updates.

In the meantime, Drew can look forward to a continued lifetime of writing letters to women from behind bars, offering signed photos of himself (but not of his kids or wives) and begging for bikini pics of them and their (female) friends.

Drew Peterson letter and photo

20 thoughts on “Drew Peterson sentenced to 40 years for arranging hit on prosecutor

  1. How old is Tom now, Facs? Not sure if that comment has to do with his dad. (Could be a girlfriend or something.) Pretty sad statement nonetheless.

  2. Poor, Poor Drew. He feels suicidal? Does he expect sympathy? Coward would probably take his life rather than come clean and alleviate the suffering that Stacy’s family has felt all these years.

  3. Entered Under: PETERSON, DREW M35067
    addition 07/29/2016
    Defendant appears from DOC with counsel Lucas Liefer. Defendant makes a Motion for a new Attorney and that is Denied. Attorney Liefer makes a Motion to Withdraw and that is Denied. Attorney Liefer makes a Motion for New Trial and that is Denied and all rulings will stand. New Judgment Motion is Denied. PSI is admitted for Sentencing Hearing. Mr. Glasgow makes a Victim Impact Statement. Defendant is sentenced to DOC for 40 years, 3 years of Supervision upon his release and Court Costs are waived. Attorney Liefer requests that the Circuit Clerks Office file a Notice of Appeal with the Appellate Court and the Appellate Defender be appointed.

  4. You know, it’s funny, but if there wasn’t the one remaining issue of Stacy’s whereabouts, I’d be happy to never hear a thing about him again. I think he deserves to die alone and forgotten in that awful prison. He’s so pathetic and powerless at this point and it suits him well.

  5. Drew is trying to get his pension back. Greenberg filed the petition for administrative review on Tuesday.

    The pension board determined Peterson “used his specialized police training, skills and abilities to plan and commit the murder” of Savio, according to the petition for administrative review.

    “The pension board’s legal conclusion concerning (Peterson’s) eligibility to receive benefits is incorrect and against the manifest weight of the evidence,” the petition said. “The mere conviction of a felony is insufficient to justify forfeiture of pension benefits; rather, there must be a ‘clear and specific connection between the felony committed and the participant’s employment’ to justify such a forfeiture.”


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