Read: Drew Peterson’s petition to get his pension returned

On August 2, Drew Peterson’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, filed a petition for an administrative review of the revocation of his police pension which was revoked in June, after his conviction for the solicitation of the murder of States Attorney James Glasgow.

The petition claims that Peterson’s annual $79k was unlawfully revoked because his 2012 murder conviction was not related to and did not arise out of his “service as a police officer”.

In November 2007, after the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson, the Bolingbrook Chief of Police wanted to fire him but Mayor Claar overruled the decision and let Peterson retire with full pension, which has been being used to raise Stacy Peterson’s two children, Anthony and Lacy.

Recently released covert tapes of Peterson’s conversations with a prison snitch revealed Peterson stating that Bolingbrook Mayor, Roger Claar, “Saved my pension.”


The matter of Peterson’s pension has been under review by the Bolingbrook Police Police Pension Fund board since his 2012 conviction for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. I find it interesting that only after the tapes and transcripts were made public was Peterson’s pension finally revoked.

Exhibit “A” to the petition is the board’s decision and order to strip Peterson of his pension and it outlines the legal reasons and arguments for doing so.

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  1. Facs, didn’t you mean his $79K annual salary. If it’s truly a monthly salary, then we’re ALL in the wrong business!

  2. “Will County Take Back the Night committee members recall 20 years of rallying against abuse
    Annual grass-roots event affecting views on domestic violence

    Lora McGuire abruptly stopped one of her students from entering a patient’s room.

    McGuire was a nursing professor at Joliet Junior College. Her students were performing their clinicals at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet. The student had a black eye.

    When McGuire learned the student’s husband inflicted the injury, she told the student, “You have to go to the police.” The student’s reply stunned McGuire: “He is the police.”

    The student was Kathleen Savio. Her husband was Drew Peterson. That encounter convinced McGuire to join the Will County Take Back the Night committee.”

  3. Via Facebook

    Cassandra Cales

    Because I Know In My Heart My Sister Stacy Peterson WILL BE FOUND. I Plan To Sue For Custody Of Her Remains. She Was Murdered By Her Husband Drew Peterson Because She Planned To Divorce Him. He Is Still Technically Her Husband I Believe He Should Have No Marital Rights Or Say So To What Happens To Her Remains After They Leave Police Custody. Drew’s Family Should Have No Say in My Sister’s Final Resting Place. It Still Sickens Me That Stephen Peterson Whom Tried To Help Drew Deceive Police In There Investigation Of My Sister By Trying To Hide Evidence. Has Been Awarded Custody Of Anthony And Lacy. That Being Said The Family That Killed My Sister Is Raising My Nephew And Niece. Their Needs To Be Aunt Law’s For This Because They Will Not Allow Me To Visit Or See Them.

  4. Via Facebook.

    Candace Aikin

    Dearest Stacy Ann, it’s so hard to believe, that it’s been nine years, and there’s no way to count the tears! I miss you so much, how I long for your tender touch. I remember our last hug,
    I didn’t know it would be our last, and can’t believe you were gone so fast! Doesn’t seem fair, at times it would seem easier if I didn’t care. That can’t be because I loved you so much, and your missed more and more as the days go by! I can’t explain it and I don’t know why! It breaks my heart that your life was cut short, and prematurely taken! I only hope someday I will awaken, and someone will tell me this is all a dream.. You are an amazing mother, niece, friend, a daughter and a sister! Nothing has ever changed for your legacy lives on!!! I will see you again, we will reunite in heaven one day! Your a joy to know, our memories can never be taken away! I love you Stacy and ALWAYS and FOREVER, Aunt Candy

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