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Justice Café is the only web site dedicated solely to the cases of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, the deceased and missing wives of former Police Sergeant, Drew Peterson. The blog is kept current with news and discussion pertaining to the investigations, searches, and legal proceedings.

Since 2007 we have followed the story–from the first searches for Stacy Peterson, through the media hi-jinks of Drew Peterson and his attorney, to the arrest of Peterson and the long process leading up to his trial for murder of Kathleen Savio, his 2012 conviction and the 2016 trial and conviction for attempting to have State’s Attorney Jim Gasgow killed. We’ve been aided by various legal professionals, domestic violence experts and reporters in our quest to compile and examine the facts.

The discussion threads following each blog post include not only opinion and insights from a very loyal and informed group of people (some of them involved with the cases), but also hundreds of news articles, most of them no longer available elsewhere online. You can use the WordPress search function to search the comment threads.

Besides posts and discussion, this site also contains pages of compiled information and documentation pertaining to the Peterson cases.

Peterson FAQ
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Drew Peterson cases.

Who’s Who
A detailed cast of characters: family, friends, attorneys, witnesses, authors, hangers-on, etc.

An archive of hundreds of documents pertaining to the cases: Indictments, motions, divorce decree, will, death inquest and autopsy report, death scene photo, warrants, and appeals as well as transcripts from interviews and letters written to and from Peterson, his wives and children etc.

A complete list of the witnesses who testified in Drew Peterson’s trial for murder during the summer of 2012 and the pretrial hearings in February 2009. It is broken down by day and linked to our coverage on the blog.

A complete timeline of events from 1974 up to the present, linked to blog posts covering events.

Youtube Channel
A compilation of over 300 videos.

Scribd Collection
A collection of over 100 downloadable Peterson-related documents.

This blog (originally titled The Search for Stacy) was set up in November 2007 by the reporters and editors of Suburban Life Publications. In February 2009, Suburban Life discontinued coverage of the Peterson case and ended their involvement with the blog. The site was renamed Justice Café and for the last few years Facsmiley has been authoring the posts.

Justice Café is a privately run volunteer effort and is not affiliated with any news agency or publication. If you are using the site in order to research a commercial project (TV show, film, book, play etc.) we ask that you contact us for permission and give proper credit for the intellectual property contained herein.

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Kathleen and her sons

Stacy and her children