Drew Peterson sentenced to 40 years for arranging hit on prosecutor

UPDATE 2:36: Drew Peterson was sentenced to 40 years.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times:

In a 20-minute address to the judge, Peterson continued his complaints against his attorney. Peterson contended he never truly intended to carry out a plot to kill Glasgow but rather was setting up a scam so his fellow inmate could rat out Peterson and get a reduced sentence. Peterson contended that his attorney failed to call up to 16 fellow inmates at trial who could have testified about the scam.

Peterson also said during his statement to the court that he has been suicidal while behind bars.

On Friday, closing his remarks, Peterson looked over toward Glasgow in the courtroom and said, “I never did try to have you killed. You can think what you want.”

Outside the courtroom, Glasgow said he was not persuaded by the words of a man he called “a patronizing con man.”
“He’s deluded,” Glasgow said.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

On Friday, Peterson said he knew he was being recorded the whole time and his words were all part of a scam to help Smith bring the evidence to authorities to get Smith a reduced sentence.

Clad in a ruffled white button-down shirt, black pants and white Nike basketball shoes, Peterson claimed several other inmates were aware of the plan as well. Peterson said at the time of the recordings, over several weeks during November 2014, he was suicidal and didn’t believe he would live to see the scam come to fruition.


Peterson showed no reaction as Brown handed down the sentence. As he left the courtroom, Peterson said something quietly to Cassandra Cales, the sister of Peterson’s missing fourth wife, Stacy.

Cales, who was seated in the gallery, responded to Peterson: “You killed Stacy.”

Reporter Andy Grimm heard the comment a little differently:

“Give up my sister then kill yourself.”

Judge Brown denied a motion for Peterson to get a new attorney, and also denied a motion for a new trial.

State’s Attorney Glasgow Statement on Drew Peterson Sentence

Drew Peterson was convicted in Randolph County earlier this year of the solicitation for hire of my murder. The sentence handed down today by Judge Richard Brown sends a clear message that convicted criminals will be punished severely if they attempt to take revenge on the prosecutors who have placed them behind bars for their crimes.

While I was the target in this case, it is important to note that this crime is not about me. It is about every State’s Attorney and every Assistant State’s Attorney who takes on the important role of prosecuting criminals and protecting our citizens. This was not merely a threat to one prosecutor. It was an attack on our entire criminal justice system by a notorious murderer who always felt he could act outside and above the law. Prosecutors across our state must have assurances that they are safe once these criminal enterprises are uncovered.

Once again I extend my heartfelt thanks to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for accepting this case for prosecution and to Assistant Attorneys General Steve Nate and Bill Elward who worked alongside Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker to secure a guilty verdict and significant sentence. The Illinois Department of Corrections was critical to the execution of the overhears, and the FBI provided the cutting-edge technology that made these recordings possible. Thank you all for protecting the integrity of our criminal justice system.


At 1:00 today Drew Peterson will be in court to be sentenced for his solicitation of murder conviction.

His intended target, State’s Attorney James Glasgow, will make a victim’s impact statement and Peterson may also speak.

Peterson is already serving a 38 year sentence for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, which would have kept him behind bars until the age of 92.

The new sentence could add at least 35 years to his earlier sentence which he has been serving at Menard Correctional Facility in Chester, Illinois.

Peterson recently wrote a letter to Judge Richard Brown, complaining about this representation by his court-appointed defender, Lucas Liefer.

Last week a motion for leave to withdraw was filed for Peterson’s case so it remains to see who will be sitting next to Peterson in court today.

I will update this post later today with news as I hear it. Randolph county does not allow cameras, lap tops or phones in the courtroom and today there is no overflow room available to reporters, so live tweets will not be available. Please check the comment thread for current updates.

In the meantime, Drew can look forward to a continued lifetime of writing letters to women from behind bars, offering signed photos of himself (but not of his kids or wives) and begging for bikini pics of them and their (female) friends.

Drew Peterson letter and photo


Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 6 – Prosecution closing arguments

Drew Peterson, James Glasgow and Antonio Smith.

Drew Peterson, James Glasgow and Antonio Smith.

Today is the last day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow, while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

Closing arguments will be presented by both the prosecution and the defense and then the jury will be given their instructions and left to their deliberations.

Have you taken a look yet at the complete transcripts of the conversations between Drew Peterson and fellow inmate Antonio “Beast” Smith recorded secretly between Nov. 13-29, 2014?

I will update this blog post throughout the morning with information gathered via Twitter and various other sources. To see the latest updates, refresh your page often.

Please check out the links to these hard working journalists at the bottom of this page.


Cassandra Cales, sister of Stacy Peterson, sitting in court awaiting closing arguments

Drew Peterson has entered the courtroom for closing arguments

Judge giving instructions to jury on closing arguments.

AAG Steve Nate to deliver closing statements for prosecution. RCSA Jeremy Walker to have rebuttal.

Nate: #DrewPeterson received a prison sentence in 2013 “that was basically a death sentence.”

Nate talking about Glasgow being the one person who changed #DrewPeterson’s life. Pauses for effect.

Glasgow responsible for that change

Nate now fiddling with his laptop that’s in the middle of the courtroom. “Best laid plans,” he jokes

Closings now paused to deal with technical difficulties

Nate playing recording of #DrewPeterson sentencing rant.

It was a recording of #DrewPeterson telling Glasgow he orchestrated the “largest railroad job that ever took place in this country.”

Nate: “Make no mistake about it. He hates James Glasgow”

Audio is when Peterson challenged Glasgow to “look him in the eye.” Nate asks jury to consider the hatred in Peterson’s voice.

Nate highlighting Nov. 15 recorded conversation between Peterson and CI Antonio Smith.

“It’s from that hate, from that anger, from that rage that (Peterson) came up with an idea that he thought would solve all his problems.”

Day #DrewPeterson sentenced in 2013 was “the day his life changed forever. He was 59 – it was basically a death sentence for him,” Nate said

Nate now arguing against the defense’s tactic of attacking Smith’s reputation

Nate: Smith didn’t ask for sentence reduction or money until after recordings of #DrewPeterson were made

Nate: You know Smith told the truth “because his testimony is corroborated by the defendant’s own words.”

Nate: #DrewPeterson “can’t get around the recordings, ladies and gentlemen. They can’t get around his own words.”

“Why did the def. spend so much time talking about Antonio Smith and attacking his reputation? Because they can’t get around the recordings”

Nate arguing that the attacks on Smith’s reputation were to distract jury from recordings.

“There was no mistake (Peterson) chose Antonio Smith. He thought he had someone he could manipulate.” – AAG Nate

Nate: #DrewPeterson is the one who picked Antonio Smith

Nate: “It was no mistake that he chose Antonio Smith. He thought he had somebody that he could manipulate.”

Nate talking about how Smith became a protector for Peterson by standing up for him at Menard.

“…despite all the attacks on the character of Mr. Smith, the defendant (is) the one that chose Mr. Smith as a witness…” AAG Nate said.

Nate: #DrewPeterson “kept talking about it. Kept wanting it done.”

Meanwhile, Smith had no intention of having Glasgow killed, Nate says.

“He thought he had this young gang banger who was in for a long sentence for attempted murder, and he thought this is a guy who could get the job done,

“..but he also thot he was a young guy and he thot he could charm him,” Nate said. “But he underestimated Antonio Smith.”

Nate: Will County took minimal role in investigation. It was FBI’s investigation, “not Will County’s.”

Nate: “The FBI and the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office were the only ones who knew about it.”

“You had the opportunity to hear James Glasgow testify. You saw his demeanor when he testified about Drew Peterson.” – AAG Nate

Nate on Glasgow: “Did he strike you as somebody that was obsessed with

Nate: “Who’s obsessed with who? I submit it’s the defendant who’s obsessed with James Glasgow, not the other way around.”

Nate: This case is about “those words that came out of his mouth, the defendant’s mouth.”

Prosecution says Will County States Attorney played minimal role in this murder for hire investigation

Nate: This case is about “those words that came out of his mouth, the defendant’s mouth.”

Nate: #DrewPeterson told Smith “the only way to link me to the whole thing is you.”

“Peterson was counting on Smith being the only one who knew about (the murder plot) and was hoping nobody would believe Antonio Smith.”

Nate: “He was counting on Smith being the only one who knew anything about this.” But #DrewPeterson didn’t know he was being recorded.

“His voice would get lower and more secretive when he talked about James Glasgow” – Prosecution says about #DrewPeterson

Nate acknowledges listening to recordings was “tedious.” Said he knows jury wanted to “throttle” him when he pulled one out.

Nate: #DrewPeterson only talked to Smith on recordings about Glasgow plot. “There’s a reason for that. Because this was real.”

“This was real, this wasn’t just prison talk. He wanted Glasgow dead and because of that, he’s going to limit who he’s going to talk to.”

“If all inmates talk about killing the prosecutor, why is (Peterson) only talking to Antonio Smith about it?” – AAG Nate

Nate playing another recording.

Nate: “There is no doubt about his guilt.”

Nate says recordings confirm that Peterson and Smith talked about hit man plot in 2013.

Nate says jailhouse “kites” — or letters — also confirm that #DrewPeterson and Smith had previous discussions about killing Glasgow

Nate playing conversation when Smith asks Peterson what would happen if Glasgow is gone by Christmas.

(Audio on Nate’s microphone goes out)

Pros play recording where Smith tells #DrewPeterson there “ain’t no turning back.” Then Peterson says they’ll get some booze to celebrate.

Prosecution: Even though Peterson never said “murder” or “kill” in recordings, there is no doubt that’s what he’s talking about.

Nate: “Is there any doubt in your mind what the defendant was talking about?”

Nate: #DrewPeterson believed he would be charged with murder of Stacy Peterson. “This is a real fear that he has.”

Nate talking about how Peterson thought Glasgow would charge him with Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

Now moving on to Nov. 16 conversations.

Nate: #DrewPeterson talked about getting charged in Will County because that’s where he thought Glasgow’s murder would happen

“it would just be his word against Smith,” Nate sed. “But he was wrong, b/c he was linking himself to the whole thing on the recordings…”

…He was linking himself to the whole thing with his own words.” AAG Nate said

Nate: “You heard the defendant talking about how he’s going to watch the news after Glasgow’s dead.”

Nate: “All these conversations he had about Glasgow being dead prove he’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“There is no doubt that he requested Antonio Smith to find someone to kill James Glasgow.” “He said it, he meant it and he’s guilty.”

Nate: #DrewPeterson “assumed the old role of a cop interrogating a suspect” when he became suspicious of Smith.

Nate now playing conversation that includes “Spidey senses” statement.

“Why is he concerned with all that if this was a joke? Why does he care? Because this is real. He wanted James Glasgow killed.”

Prosecution: Peterson’s tone and mannerisms during recordings prove the murder for hire plot wasn’t just a joke, he took it seriously

Nate now beginning to go over the elements of the crimes.

Nate talking about tools jurors will have during deliberations – including common sense, exhibits and juror instructions.

Nate tells jurors it also doesn’t matter that Smith never intended to arrange the hit. The key intent belongs to Peterson

“The law recog. that the intent is (Peterson’s) intent, not Smith’s intent….this crime was complete when the words came out of his mouth.”

Nate to jurors: “No steps had to be taken to kill James Glasgow,” in order for #DrewPeterson to be guilty

“There’s no doubt, ladies and gentlemen, that his intent was to have Glasgow murdered.” – AAG Nate

#DrewPeterson’s arms are crossed as Nate continues his closing — and begins to tell jurors about circumstantial evidence.

Nate comparing a rainstorm to circumstantial evidence.

Nate: #DrewPeterson “has a deep hatred for James Glasgow” and showed it at his February 2013 sentencing

“Why all this paranoia if all of this is a joke?” – AAG Nate

Nate asking jurors to rely on common sense. “There’s no other way to interpret those recordings. He said it, he meant it and he’s guilty.”

Nate is done and jury takes 15-minute mid-morning break.

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Read: Full transcripts of covert recordings between Drew Peterson and prison snitch

smith-petersonReady for a little light reading after the holiday weekend’s activities?

Well, here’s some fodder for your e-reader.

Below are the complete transcripts of the conversations between Drew Peterson and fellow inmate Antonio “Beast” Smith recorded secretly between Nov. 13-29, 2014.

The state believes they contain enough evidence to add another 60 years onto Peterson’s sentence for solicitation of murder of State’s Attorney, James Glasgow and they were played last week in court to a jury that will begin its deliberations tomorrow after closing arguments.

kill him

November-13, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Randy, Capone

November-14, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Capone, T-Real, Correctional Officer

November-15, 2014 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Ali, Jesse

November-16, 2014 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Lorek, Jesse, Glenn Barrett

November-25, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith

November-28, 2014
Heard: Peterson, Smith, Lorek

November-29, 2014 – Part 1, Part 2
Heard: Peterson, Smith, T-real, Jesse, Capone, Ali, J-hood, Cecil

Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Days 4/5

Illinois Assistant AG Steve Nate addresses the courtroom with  Antonio Smith on the stand.

Illinois Asst Atty General Steve Nate addresses the courtroom with Antonio Smith on the stand.

This afternoon, after calling three inmate witnesses to the stand the defense rested its case in the murder-for-hire trial of Drew Peterson.

Drew Peterson waived his right to testify and closing arguments will take place on Tuesday, the 31st. Jury deliberations should begin at about noon that day.

Drew Peterson’s attorney Lucas Leifer first called Jesus Padilla who testified in general about prison scams and snitching and said that he kept his distance from Antonio Smith after he learned that he was involved in some kind of scheme.


Albert Chavez was called next. He testified that he knew both Peterson and Smith and that he would “chow” with them but that he didn’t hang out with them when he realized they were “running a scam”.


Third called was Jacob Bohannon, who was Smith’s accomplice in the attempted murder and robbery that put them both in prison.


Bohannon testified that Smith was not truthful. “Sometimes he tells the truth, most of the time he wouldn’t.”

The prosecution had no questions for the three witnesses and after Peterson opted not to take the stand the defense rested.



On Thursday, the defense cross-examined the star witness, Antonio Smith.murder

Smith was questioned about his role as prison snitch at both Menard and Pontiac prisons. He admitted that he had referred to the the FBI and investigators as “bitches” and spoke about playing them in prison “kites” sent to former cellmate, Adrian Gabriel.adrian-gabriel

Smith also admitted that he had tried to negotiate for a reduced sentence and had promised the feds that he would do “anything” to get them a conviction (of Peterson).

When Smith reiterated that Peterson had told him he killed his fourth wife, Stacy, Peterson shook his head “no”.


Smith admitted that Peterson had never used the words “kill” or “murder” in regards to James Glasgow and that they had not talked about an exchange of money.

FBI Special Agent Brian Clark then testified about Smith’s involvement in the operation. He said that Smith was willing to wear recording device, and he understood the risks.

Prosecutor Steve Nate asked Clark, “Can someone ask someone to commit murder without using the word ‘murder’?” Smith answered, “Yes.”

More investigators were called to testify about how the investigation took place and then Court reporter Karen Moser was called to the stand.

Moser had been court reporter during Drew Peterson’s sentencing. A tape was played of Peterson’s rant from that day.


“Never forget my face. Never forget what you’ve done here.” Peterson said to States Attorney James Glasgow.

Read More:
Randolph County Herald
Chicago Tribune

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Matt Walberg – @mattwalberg1
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North County News – @NCNews_RedBud
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Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 3, Part 2


UPDATE 5/26/2016: yesterday’s storms knocked out my internet so I will be unable to update the blog for a couple of days. I will be checking Twitter from time to time, though. See you there!


Today is the third day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

Inmate Antonio Smith will continue his testimony from the witness stand and we will hear more of the covert recordings between himself and Drew Peterson.

This morning, Smith was the sole witness while recordings were played back in court. The conversations were hard to make out, often made unintelligible due to the sounds of an exercise yard full of inmates.

There was much discussion about the prison commissary and the preparation of behind bars food, such as “apple pie” using peanut butter cookies for the crust, the best way to boil water and uses for mozzarella cheese.

Just after the topic of conversation had switched to porn, mentions of James Glasgow were heard.

There was discussion about whether his murder would constitute a federal or state crime, how huge of a story it would be in the media, and what they would say when they were questioned about the murder. Then the proceedings broke for lunch.

Peterson also bragged to Antonio Smith about making misleading phone calls with his lawyer about the whereabouts of his wife, Stacy.

“You know how many times me and my lawyer knew they were listening? And we were telling them like, ‘She’s in Peoria.'” Drew Peterson says on the recording played in court Wednesday.

“The next week, they were there. They were tearing up (expletive) Peoria.”

Meanwhile, former Drew Peterson attorney Joel Brodsky took to Twitter and reacted to the criticisms of his work on the overhears.

Brodsky also had some advice for the prosecution.

Anna Giles of WSIL and Mary J. Koester of the North County News will be live tweeting events from the courtroom today which I’ll be sharing here as well as any other interesting info I come across.

Make sure to refresh this page often for the latest updates. I’ll also share anything else interesting in the comments thread.


Back in session…

Nov. 18, 2014 convo according to Smith (no recording): Peterson to Smith – it doesn’t have to be execution style (Glasgow’s murder)

Smith reading several “kites” between he and Peterson – mostly food references/plans, but also question about a confidential informant

A. Smith says for weeks he led #DrewPeterson to believe there was progress on the murder for hire plot, so as not to raise his suspicions

Nov. 25, 2014 – Smith given pic of Glasgow he would claim was from his uncle to make Peterson believe progress was being made

Smith thought the pic looked staged and wrote “this shit was obvious” on the back after Peterson returned the pic to him


Nov. 28 recording – Talking about celebrities/movies…

Audio: Peterson told Smith there were “red flags” about the pic, but did not explain at the time

Nov. 29 audio – Smith said #DrewPeterson seemed suspicious and was interrogating him

After Antonio Smith sent #DrewPeterson a pic of Glasgow, Smith says Peterson became suspicious of him, saying the photo looked staged

Recording of the 11/29/14 is probably the hardest one to decipher so far. Jurors have prosec’tn transcript to aid them, over Def. object’n

Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 3, Part 1

Antonio Smith  and Drew Peterson

Antonio Smith and Drew Peterson

Today is the third day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

Inmate Antonio Smith will continue his testimony from the witness stand and we will hear more of the covert recordings between himself and Drew Peterson.

Yesterday Smith was on the stand for the entire day while recordings were played. On them Peterson could be heard talking about not only his dislike of the States Attorney but also plans for moving to Jamaica and opening a restaurant or making money by working as a pilot for a drug cartel should his appeal be successful and he gain release.

He also spent a lot of the recordings bragging to young Smith about his success as a cop, a bullshitter and a lover – reminiscing about time spent in Vegas with prostitutes on the dime of a Russian Millionaire.

Peterson also made numerous complaints about his former attorney, Joel Brodsky who he called “incompetent” and a “buffoon”.

Anna Giles of WSIL and Mary J. Koester of the North County News will be live tweeting events from the courtroom today which I’ll be sharing here as well as any other interesting info I come across.

Make sure to refresh this page often for the latest updates. I’ll also share anything else interesting in the comments thread.


In day 3 of #DrewPeterson trial, Antonio Smith still on the stand. Court currently listening to audio recordings from the prison yard.

Recordings of #DrewPeterson allegedly talking with Antonio Smith about murder for hire plot are very hard to hear, lots of background noise

#DrewPeterson and Antonio Smith discuss health, life after prison while hanging out at the basketball courts at Menard CF in late 2014

In recordings, #DrewPeterson worried about Will Co States Attorney J. Glasgow filing charges against him for Stacy Peterson disappearance

In prison yard recordings, #DrewPeterson and Antonio Smith talked about epic media coverage that would follow the death of James Glasgow

Said the death of James Glasgow would be a “dog and pony show”

Smith said he communicated with his uncle by using code – because visits at Pontiac were recorded, messages were about killing Glasgow

Antonio Smith says #DrewPeterson told him if Glasgow was killed, others Will County has prosecuted would be blamed before him

Peterson on audio – the law’s in my favor

Lots of talk about cooking in prison between #DrewPeterson and Antonio Smith. Best ways to use Mozzarella cheese, boil water, make burritos

Audio – prison cooking techniques…argument about adding salt when boiling water and what watt light bulb to use…


Audio: more prison gossip and comparing (bags of) beans, as well as rice, at Pontiac to Menard…

now it’s prices and types of candy that are available at the prisons…
Kinda getting hungry…

And peanut butter cookies!
When is the Menard Prison Cookbook hitting the shelves? Total bestseller! 😉


Evidence in #DrewPeterson trial today so far has been all audio recordings, lots of gibberish about cooking mixed with talk about Glasgow

Smith told Peterson that he can’t wait to see the news – as in see Glasgow’s murder on the news.

Antonio Smith says Peterson at one point wanted to transfer to Illinois River Prison, but then wanted to stay at Menard after meeting Smith

Talking about what they’d say to investigators if they came down to talk to them about the murder of Glasgow

Smith told Peterson that he was glad for the day that Peterson came up to him and asked him to do it – aka kill Glasgow

Antonio Smith says he and #DrewPeterson discussed whether killing James Glasgow would be a federal or state crime in terms of jurisdiction

Smith told Peterson, Glasgow’s murder wouldn’t be a fed crime – just a state, even though he’s a public official

Finished with Nov. 16 audio!

Antonio Smith kept a diary of his discussions with #DrewPeterson about James Glasgow

Smith kept notes of his conversations with Peterson…
Now we break for lunch!

Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial: Day 2, Part 2

Drew Peterson, James Glasgow and Antonio Smith.

Drew Peterson, James Glasgow and Antonio Smith.

Today is the second day of Peterson’s trial for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow while incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

This morning, inmate Antonio Smith continued his testimony from the witness stand and the first of the covert recordings were played in court.

Although at times hard to hear, there are numerous mentions of the States Attorney, James Glasgow (no explicit offer from Peterson to kill him for a fee yet) and “projects” between Peterson and Smith that included an idea for Peterson using his pilots license to move drugs between the US and Mexico are discussed.

On the tapes Peterson made reference to Stacy Peterson being alive, which rankled Smith because he insists that Peterson had confessed earlier to having killed her.

Peterson complained that Glasgow would never leave him alone and even if he won his appeal, he’d be charged with killing Stacy. He thought that if Glasgow was out of the picture, he could no longer cozy up to the Will County judges and influence their decisions.

Peterson also bemoaned that a woman named Nicole had stopped visiting him in prison.

Pete Spitler of the Randolph Herald Tribune has been tweeting updates, which I’ll continue to share throughout the afternoon.

Make sure to refresh this page often for the latest updates. I’ll also share anything else interesting in the comments thread.


Combined with yesterday and today, Antonio Smith has testified for 4 hours and 56 minutes thus far.

That is total time on the stand, including time spent listening to recordings

At this point, we’ve heard conversations from Nov. 13-14, still on Nov. 15

1:28 p.m. and we begin afternoon session

Smith talking about how his uncle got involved in the plot. Tried to set it up that Glasgow was getting killed for Smith, not Peterson

Peterson telling a story about helping family members

Peterson boasting a bit about his power at Bolingbrook PD and going on TV shows and becoming a celebrity

“He was able to get me with an unprosecutable case.” – Peterson on Glasgow. “Because of the corruption.”

Peterson talking about his time in Narcotics now

“I told my lawyers ‘How much would you give me if I jumped up and bit that (expletive) nose off?’” Peterson

Peterson still talking about 2012 case “The preacher got up there and lied.”

Peterson talking about drug trafficking down south again

“If I get out of here, that’s my goal to set that up.” – Peterson

Peterson talking about his health issues in prison, including a hernia and how he’s unable to lift weights

Back again to Mexico: “With all this homeland security and shit going on, they’re looking at everything.” – Peterson

Peterson says “I used to be the best in Illinois.” adds he “had a gift for bullshit.”

Peterson talking about going to Vegas and girls being all excited to meet him

Peterson talking about how much for a woman to achieve an orgasm. #NotMakingThisUp

Wolf of Wall Street movie reference


More than an hour into this recording now. Wondering how this is helping the prosecution?

Smith clarifies that he wanted his uncle to know the Glasgow hit was for him, not Peterson.

Just as an FYI, this is the longest recording of the case thus far. Started at 1:28 p.m. and still going (at 2:44)

Smith states that he would call his uncle from a prison yard phone. States Peterson warned him conversation would be recorded

Inmates gossiping now


Proceedings taking afternoon break. Will recess at 4:30 p.m.

(make sure to follow Pete Spitler for live case updates.)

Back from break. Finish recording of conversation. Smith asks to point out where the conversation with Padilla took place.


More inmate gossiping

Another recorded conversation coming. At this point, Antonio Smith has been on the stand for more than 7 hours during the first two days

Peterson and Smith talking about women’s magazines

Now we’re up to Nov. 16

Another conversation in the yard

Hard to hear the conversation, some low murmuring going on


Attorneys meeting with judge

Attorneys suggest tomorrow’s proceedings to begin at 8:45 a.m.

Judge Brown advising jurors again to avoid media coverage of case. “Have a good evening and we’ll try and get started at 8:45 a.m.”