Thomas Morphey and  Lenny Wawczak take a break from testifying.

Thomas Morphey and Lenny Wawczak take a break from testifying.

From NBC 5 News…


Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Thu, May 14, 2009

The former friends of Drew Peterson who allegedly wore wire taps to record potentially incriminating conversations with him are before a Will County grand jury today.

The grand jury is in its final two weeks of work toward a possible indictment in the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy.

landpAlso in front of the grand jury is Thomas Morphey, Drew’s stepbrother, who claims he helped carry a blue plastic barrel out of the Peterson home, which he now believes contained Stacy’s dead body.

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BTW, Steve Carcerano also appeared before Grand Jury today.

MAY 15 UPDATE: Mike Robinson also testified at yesterday’s Grand Jury.

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Drew Peterson on trial: Who will be called to testify?

courtroom-dpJoel Brodsky is back in town and one can only assume that Monday he will be getting around to dealing with his client, Drew Peterson, who currently sits in isolation in the medical unit of the Will County Adult Detention Facility.

Peterson is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on May 18, for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

It’s anyone’s guess when the case will actually go to trial, but when it does who do you think will be called up as witnesses? The following is a list I put together but maybe you can think of more…or reasons why some of these people might not be called.

  1. Michael Baden, M. M.D.
    Forensic Pathologist
    He analyzed Kathleen Savio’s remains November 16, 2007 at the request of her relatives. He concluded she died after a struggle, and her body was placed in the bathtub where she was found.
  2. Bill Belcher Jr.
    A witness for Kathleen’s first autopsy, March 1, 2004
  3. Dr. Larry W. Blum
    Forensic pathologist who performed autopsy of Kathleen on November 13, 2007. Concluded in his report that the actual cause of Kathleen Savio’s death was drowning and that the legal manner of death was homicide. “Dr. Blum’s forensic report renders his expert opinion that this is a homicide,”
  4. Bob Brenczewski
    Will County Chief Deputy Coroner
  5. Mike Calcagno
    BBPD Chief in 2004 said he felt for Kathleen and gave her his personal cell number
  6. Steven Carcerano
    A friend and former neighbor of Drew and Kathleen. Discovered Kathleen’s body.
  7. James B. Carrol
    Drew Peterson’s Uncle and executor of the estate of Kathleen Savio
  8. Victoria L. Connolly
    Drew Peterson’s 2nd Wife
    Said that during their marriage an increasingly controlling Peterson told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident.
  9. Charlie Dastych
    DuPage County’s Chief Deputy Coroner
    Reviewed Kathleen’s autopsy report at CBS 2’s request. “The injuries that are noted in the autopsy report definitely indicate there is evidence of suspicion that could be looked at at a different level,” Dastych said. “Evidence of a possible struggle.”
  10. Bob Deel
    ISP crime scene technician.
    Deputy Coroner Mike VanOver: “Bob Deel was asked by me if he thought there was anything hinky here, and stuff like that, and if we should be doing something different, and I was told no.”
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Fatal Vows – Update on Susan Murphy Milano’s New Show

Fatal Vows by Joe Hosey

Fatal Vows by Joe Hosey

Yesterday, Susan Murphy Milano debuted her new blogttalk radio show. Rescueapet and I were invited to ask some questions about the Drew Peterson cases of her guest, Joe Hosey as was Delilah from Peace4theMissing.  We tried to ask the questions that people posted here, so I hope you heard yours answered.

Not everyone was able to hear the show or to download the MP3, and have asked us for a synopsis, and I started to write one but I just sort of ended up transcribing the Q & A portion of the show plus a little more.

Here you go:

Intro by Susan MM: Lies women tell themselves as they endure daily abuse, the secrets they hold close to their hearts for fear their true identity as battered women will be revealed and the life they lead until one day we all read about them with our morning coffee, suddenly vanished without a trace, their lifeless bodies discovered.

Q: What is the status of the Grand Jury?

JOE: After the eighteen-month term is over they’re going to have to have to let them go, by law. They’d have to empanel a whole new Grand Jury and bring them up to speed and I think that would take an awful lot of time after eighteen months of testimony to bring an entirely new Grand Jury up to speed. I would hope that, you know you hear from State’s Attorney’s office that there’s going to be an imminent resolution. He didn’t say ‘imminent’, he said pending resolution. I would hope that’s coming soon but I hope it’s before this Grand Jury term expires.

Q: So it’s still going on?

JOE: Yes, I believe until the first week of May. If my memory serves me, I believe Drew was at the first session of the Grand Jury and that was the first Wednesday after Stacy was reported missing or the second Wednesday. That would have been the first week in November and that would make eighteen weeks the first week in May.

Q: When Joe was last on your radio show he mentioned that he was surprised that Drew hasn’t been arrested yet and it seems like Joe does know some things that we don’t. Why is Joe wondering why Drew has not been arrested?

SUSAN: What happens is you can’t dilute the importance of a case. Sometimes you can allude to things, you want to say things. You want to keep the integrity of the case. You want to keep the integrity of you as a journalist. Am I wrong Joe?

JOE: No, you’re absolutely right. I’m doing the best I can to get the things that I know in the paper. Maybe if I did a better job they’d be in there by now, but I’m doing the best I can. Also, things that I hear and I don’t know if they’re true I’m still working on trying to find out if some of the things that I’m told, if I can prove them. I can’t just repeat things that I hear.

SUSAN: Joe is part of a list of very credible reporters who will only report the facts because if he doesn’t it’s really going to hurt because he’ll be brought in for questioning himself. He could be subpoenaed to the Grand Jury for articles he’s written or things that he has said, and that’s why everybody has been so careful.
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“It’s Too Bad They Already Have a Show Called ‘Survivor'”

Viva las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

Reality show for Peterson and fiancee?
Drew reportedly in talks
February 13, 2009

BOLINGBROOK — It’s too bad they already have a reality show called “Survivor,” because there might not be a better title for a series starring Drew Peterson and the woman hoping to become his fifth wife, considering what became of spouses three and four.

A source said the recently engaged Peterson; his attorney Joel Brodsky; and neighbor-cum-flunky Steve Carcerano all are wheeling and dealing their way into a reality show with the help of a Las Vegas-based representative.

Peterson repeatedly refused to comment on whether he had a reality show in the works, but did say Friday during a “Today” show appearance with fiancee Christina Raines that he has interest in pursuing such a venture.

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