Three of Drew Peterson’s old attorneys return to his defense – Joel Brodsky calls them a pathological narcissist, an alcoholic, and a novice

The Chicago Tribune reports that attorneys Steve Greenberg, John Heiderscheidt and David Peilet have been rehired to try to overturn Drew Peterson’s murder conviction for the killing of his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio.

The three lawyers turned his appellate case over to the state defender’s office last March but Peterson has now decided he wants the help of his old team. attorney Steve Greenberg says,

After the case was over, he needed to think about what he wanted to do. We needed to let things calm down before making those decisions.

The appeal, which is expected to be filed within the next 90 days, will be based on the admission of hearsay, the admission of testimony by Stacy Peterson’s pastor, a jury pool left in limbo for over two years and the ineffective counsel of Peterson’s lead attorney, Joel Brodsky. Brodsky responded to the news last night in an acerbic Tweet:


The Tribune reports that Peterson is biding his time at Menard Correctional Center, in protective custody. He has no cellmate and no job there. He gets five hours of recreation time each week and is allowed to see visitors twice a month.

Since his sentencing, Peterson’s yearly police pension of almost $80k has been challenged by Bolingbrook Village officials. It may take months before the outside attorney hired by the pension board makes a recommendation.

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Drew Peterson’s defense steps down from appellate process, ask for public defender

Attorneys Joe Lopez, David Peilet and Steven Greenberg

Attorneys Joe Lopez, David Peilet and Steven Greenberg

CBS Chicago reports that Drew Peterson’s lawyers have stepped down and asked the public appellate defender’s office to take over with the post-sentencing appeals.

This is something that Joel Brodsky had indicated was happening immediately after Peterson’s sentencing on February 22. At the time Attorney Steven Greenberg tweeted that he was staying on board for the appellate process.

“So the record is clear- We are continuing to represent Peterson on appeal-all counsel who finished the case, plus.”

Today on Facebook, Steve Greenberg writes:

“We expect that the appeal will ultimately be handled by either a law professor or a large firm, with our assistance.”

This change occurred in less than two weeks.

Steve Greenberg Tweeted on 9/20/12: "I promised if we lost I would come to a Glasgow fundraiser and I am a man of my word"

Steve Greenberg Tweeted on 9/20/12: “I promised if we lost I would come to a Glasgow fundraiser and I am a man of my word”

Joel Brodsky has written a response to the situation on Facebook:

“Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law
2 hours ago


For some reason it didn’t make the papers, but if you ask me the real big story from Tuesday’s (March 5, 2013) Court appearance in People v. Drew Peterson is that after the Judge rejected Peterson’s motion to reduce his sentence, the Court asked Steve Greenberg he and the other lawyers were going to represent Drew in his appeal. Greenberg’s answer was no, so the Judge appointed the State Appellate Defender (the public defender for appeals) to represent Drew in his appeal.

No wonder Drew was glum and looking at his shoes during Tuesday’s hearing. Like a one night stand, he was used by Greenberg for Greenberg’s own purposes, and then abandoned to the public defender. I bet Drew is sorry he listened to Greenberg’s lies about how making an false ineffective assistance argument would guarantee him a new trial.

Also, Will County States Attorney Jim Glasgow publically showed his disdain for Attorney Greenberg on Tuesday. When it was all over, and Drew was hauled off to his maximum security cell at Mendard Correctional Center (thanks to Greenberg’s incompetent post-trial motion), Steve Greenberg went up to Mr. Glasgow for the traditional handshake that opposing attorneys share after a trial is completed. However, Glasgow refused to shake Greenberg’s hand, turned his back on the backstabbing slanderer, and walked away. Way to go Mr. Glasgow.”


“That’s what you get when you have Steve Greenberg as your attorney – a dishonest and ineffective lawyer who throws you out like yesterday’s trash after he messes up your case. He lied to Drew so he could use the case to try to get at me, and then when it was over he abandoned Drew when he had no more use for him.”

Steve Greenberg has responded on Facebook as well to Brodsky’s statements:

“it is not unusual for the State Appellate Defender to be appointed at this stage. We expect that the appeal will ultimately be handled by either a law professor or a large firm, with our assistance. As far as Mr. Glasgow, he is an ungracious winner.”

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Former Drew Peterson Lawyer is off the hook

Attorney Walter Maksym (second from left) was kicked off the Peterson legal team in September 2011.

According to the official press agent of the Drew Peterson defense team, attorney Walter Maksym is off the hook:

Former Drew Peterson attorney inquiry dismissed
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered allegations against former Drew Peterson attorney Walter Maksym be ‘discharged without further action.’

After a lengthy inquiry, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has closed the book on a matter involving prominent attorney Walter Maksym in which he had represented clients regarding their claims of official misconduct and extortion against the Sheriff of McHenry County, Illinois. The matter was not associated with Drew Peterson who Mr. Maksym has represented regarding civil matters.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals had previously criticized a complaint and appeal filed by Mr. Maksym on behalf of his clients.

However, after conducting an inquiry into the facts surrounding its prior assessment, the Court issued an order stating that, because of Mr. Maksym’s “…long career of competent, ethical service to his clients, active involvement in the legal profession, and service to the community” and other reasons, the previously issued order directing him to show cause why he should not be sanctioned or disciplined was “discharged without further action.”

Mr. Maksym was pleased by the Court’s dismissal, stating:

“After more than four decades of dedicated service to the rule of law without ever having been sanctioned or disciplined, I am pleased by the court’s ruling, the fact that my record remains unblemished and that my reputation has been restored.”

You may not remember Walter Maksym. He was at one time Drew Peterson’s civil attorney who tried unsuccessfully to sue for Peterson’s access to a HELOC (and ended up with a judgment against Peterson); the guy who tried unsuccessfully to halt Lifetime from making the movie “Untouchable”; and the guy who tried unsuccessfully to auction off rental of Peterson’s house in advance of his murder trial.

Maksym was asked by Joel Brodsky to step down as Peterson’s legal representative in September 2011 after being reprimanded by a federal appeals court.

In a scathing ruling Maksym was called out after repeatedly submitting unintelligable appeals that “flagrantly disobeyed” court instructions, leaving defendants unaware of what charges were being leveled against them.

Source: PRNews

Drew Peterson murder trial: The defense team

Drew Peterson’s public relations firm, The Publicity Agency, has announced a page for news related to the Peterson defense. The page contains bios of the most current defense team line-up.

Missing are attorneys Reem Odeh, Andrew Abood and George Lenard, who defended Peterson during 18 days of hearings 2009-2010. They left the team after citing irreconcilable differences with Joel Brodsky. Also missing is attorney Walter Maksym, who was asked to leave the team after being disciplined for poorly written legal briefs. What follows is an abbreviated version of the bios as presented by the Publicity Agency:

Joel A. Brodsky

Joel Brodsky was admitted to the practice of law in the State of Illinois in November, 1982, and is in his 30th year of the practice of law. Mr. Brodsky has been admitted to practice in all Illinois State Courts, the Federal Courts for the Northern District of Illinois, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. He is also a member of the Federal Trial Bar.

Mr. Brodsky has tried numerous felony and misdemeanor criminal cases before both juries and bench. In addition to his criminal practice, Mr. Brodsky takes civil cases in areas that interest him. He has represented clients in child custody and visitation matters where issues such as religion, junk science evaluations, and visitation interference have been at issue. He has also represented clients in both Illinois State Court and Federal Court in commercial matters such as legal malpractice and trade secrets cases. He has also handled a number of appeals to the Illinois Court of Appeals and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Steven A. Greenberg

For more than 25 years, attorney Steven A. Greenberg has defended people accused of serious crimes in Illinois. He has handled dozens of challenging federal cases involving drug crimes and white collar crimes, more than 100 murder cases, and countless narcotics cases. His record of accomplishment includes hundreds of other state and federal felonies. Mr. Greenberg appears frequently on national and local news shows, including Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, providing commentary on high-profile criminal cases and important legal issues. He is a Chicago attorney with a national reputation and has repeatedly been selected to appear in Illinois Super Lawyers and in Illinois Leading Lawyers.

Ralph E. Meczyk

Ralph E. Meczyk has tried over one hundred and fifty jury trials to verdict in both State and Federal District Courts throughout the United States. He has also tried hundreds of bench/judge trials, motions to suppress evidence, and motions to quash arrests in those same venues.

Mr. Meczyk has also had the rare privilege of arguing a case before the United States Supreme Court. In 2004 he briefed and argued a landmark search and seizure case (Illinois v. Caballes) before Chief Justice Rhenquist and the other eight justices of that court.

Joseph R. Lopez

Joseph R. Lopez, has been a criminal defense attorney for 25 years. He graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1983. From 1985 to the 1990s, he was dubbed the in-house counsel for the notorious “Cali Drug Cartel” from Cali, Colombia. From the 1990s to the present, Joseph has also defended some of the Chicago Outfit’s most ruthless hit men including Anthony “The Hatchet” Chiramonti, Tony “Tough Tony” Calabrese, and Frankie “The German” Shwiess. Most recently in the biggest mob prosecution since Al Capone, he represented Frankie “The Breeze” Calabrese in Operation Family Secrets in which a jury returned a verdict on 7 of the 13 mob hits charged against The Breeze. In addition, Mr. Lopez has been known to represent members and leaders of many of Chicago’s most ruthless street gangs including the Satan Disciples, Latin Kings and 26ers and has appeared in Federal Courts from coast to coast representing members of different Mexican Drug Cartels. Joseph has been awarded the “”Super Lawyers” certificate for multiple years. He has been named the Marquis “Who’s Who In America” for outstanding achievement. Mr. Lopez was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to serve on the Capital Litigation Committee, which screens applicants for certification in death penalty cases.

Darryl A. Goldberg

As a criminal defense lawyer, Darryl A. Goldberg takes an aggressive and proactive approach in defending his clients’ rights and freedom. He believes in building the strongest and most effective defense possible and vigorously seeks either a dismissal of the charges or victory at trial. Darryl Goldberg is a trial lawyer who is not afraid to go to trial. Based in Chicago, Illinois, he defends clients throughout Illinois and across the country in both state and federal courts. Whether your enemy is your local states attorney or the United States government, Mr. Goldberg is experienced and ready to fight for you. He provides zealous representation for all major felonies, including federal drug and conspiracy charges, white collar crimes, murder, weapons possession, sex crimes, racketeering (RICO) charges and numerous others.

Lisa M. Lopez

Lisa Lopez was licensed to practice law in Illinois in 2010. While attending the John Marshall Law School, she earned the rare distinction of winning both Best Brief and Best Oralist in the Dean Fred F. Herzog Moot Court Competition. She later served as an Associate Justice on the Mott Court Honors Board and Technical Director of the Horizon Program. Ms. Lopez gained experience into her first high-profile trial in the momentous Family Secrets trial.

Ms. Lopez is a trial lawyer in the making having participated in numerous federal and state trials. She is admitted to practice in the Northern District of Illinois as well as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and will soon apply for admission to the federal trial bar having earned the necessary credentials. She is also the Second Vice President of the Women’s Criminal Defense Bar Association.

SOURCE: Peterson Defense Team PR page

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