Drew Peterson’s stars & stripes bandana up for auction on eBay

Drew Peterson's bandana is signed to " Ellie" Brodsky

Drew Peterson’s bandana is signed to ” Ellie” Brodsky, wife of his former attorney.

The last time it was his a motorcycle. Now convicted murderer Drew Peterson’s famous American flag bandana is being auctioned on eBay.

In a listing by new seller “relax-2000”, a plethora of Drew Peterson-related items is up for auction with a starting bid of 99 cents and no bids as of 10 o’clock Saturday night. The items are described as:

  • Drew Peterson Exposed book by Derek Armstrong. Inside cover signed by Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky
  • Original, signed letter by Joel A. Brodsky on his attorney’s office letterhead
  • American flag bandana signed by Drew Peterson. “To Ellie Love Drew”
  • Picture of Drew Peterson wearing the bandana filmed by numerous News Networks. Picture printed from one of the News internet websites.
  • Joel A. Brodsky’s business card

Although the item location is given as Bolingbrook, Illinois, it’s evident that the items were at one time all owned by Peterson’s former attorney, Joel Brodsky and his wife Elizabeth “Ellie” Brodsky.

Mrs. Brodsky tweeted earlier this evening that she believes in Drew Peterson’s guilt and hopes he does not get a new trial saying, he “creeped me out”.


According to the listing, 20% of the sale will go to the nonprofit Mutual Ground Inc. in Aurora, Illinois, which provides services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Is Mutual Ground even aware that they have been named as a recipient for this auction?


The letter, dated October 23, 2012, reads:

This letter certifies that the signature on the American Flag scarf is that of Drew Peterson, and he signed it in front of me. The signature is on the American flag scarf that Drew Peterson wore when he was video taped in late October, 2007.

Very truly yours,
Joel. A Brodsky

Could it be that Joel Brodsky is still interested in profiting from his relationship with Drew Peterson? If he really wants to do some good, why not donate 100% of the proceeds or better yet, just burn the bandana and make a donation?

Will this auction be allowed to run its course, or will it be pulled from eBay as the auction for Peterson’s motorcycle was?

UPDATE 1/27/2013: According to Elizabeth Brodsky, Drew Peterson signed his bandana and gave it to her thinking it was “cute”. Years ago she gave the bandana to an employee of the University Club because she didn’t want it in her house. According to her the man said that he lived near Drew Peterson so she replied, “Good, here, you can have souvenir” and bestowed it upon him. She hasn’t seen the man lately and wonders if he is now unemployed.

No explanation though as to how Joel Brodsky came to write a letter of authenticity for the item three months ago (right after he stopped representing Peterson), nor how the man also came to have the book signed by both Drew and Joel, and one of Joel’s business cards.

Budenz's bandana signed to "Uncle Dan"

Budenz’s bandana signed to “Uncle Dan”

Old friend of Drew Peterson’s, Dr. Dan Budenz, has chimed in to claim that he is also an owner of a Peterson-signed bandana, which was signed and given to him when Drew took his kids to spend Christmas of 2007 in Florida as his house guests. Budenz later went on to self-publish a bizarre book about the Peterson case. The bandana bears a personalized autograph to “Uncle Dan”. Budenz claims that his is the bandana Drew wore on camera in October 2007.

Budenz says that his bandana is not for sale.

UPDATE 1/31/13: The auction has ended with only one bid of 99 cents. The reserve was not met so the item went unsold.

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Drew Peterson’s motorcycle pulled from eBay…again

UPDATE MAY 17: WBBM reports that the second eBay auction was pulled due to complaints, just as the first one was. Also, Joel Brodsky says that the bike has now been sold  privately for a “good price”.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maybe Drew Peterson’s Harley-Davidson warrants a higher-than-normal asking price after all. It seems to be magical — at least it does a good disappearing act. With only three hours left until the end of the auction, and a single bid in the amount of $37,500 for “Drew Peterson’s HD Springer Softail”, the auction page was again replaced with a message reading, “This listing has been removed, or this item is not available.”

The bike was first listed last week with an opening bid price of $50,000. After receiving one bid in that amount the auction was ended when eBay cited a policy against “murderabilia“. Joel Brodsky appealed the decision, stating that his client was not a convicted murderer, only an accused one and after all, “we’re still in America, where you’re innocent until proven guilty

The motorcycle was soon relisted but within a day the opening bid price was lowered to $37,500 and by yesterday afternoon there was one bid for that amount. Yesterday evening the reserve price on the item was lowered and a second bid quickly followed for $37,600 but was soon retracted; the reason being given that the bidder had entered the wrong amount. That’s where the bidding stopped, until about 7:00 AM this morning when the auction was prematurely ended.

At this point, eBay’s official reason is unknown. Undoubtedly, people have continued to complain about the nature of the auction, since Peterson was so blatantly attempting to profit from his notoriety with no regard for the families of his missing and dead wives. The item photo that showed Drew astride the bike, the title of the auction including his name, and the opportunity to have a Peterson-autographed decal affixed to the bike attempted to justify the highly inflated asking price (the “Buy it now” price was $50,100).

EBay’s offensive material policy states:

Out of respect for the families of victims, we don’t allow the sale of items closely associated with notorious murderers within the last 100 years.
We’ll remove your listing and suspend your account if you’ve been convicted of a violent felony and are attempting to use eBay (directly or through another person) to benefit financially from your criminal notoriety.

Although their murderabilia policy mentions conviction, eBay has previously removed listings that attempted to raise money for a person who was not convicted, but only accused at the time of the listing.

It has also been noted that the listing offered additional accessories to be sold as a package, to the winner of the auction. This is against eBay’s policy and is considered an attempt to circumvent their fees.

The thing that’s clear to me is that if eBay doesn’t want your business they can find a way to make a listing disappear. Abracadabra!

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Drew Peterson and attorney auction their bikes on eBay

Drew Peterson has got a court date on Thursday. It’s his legal team’s last stab at getting him access to the $220,000 line of credit on his home equity — a complaint that has already been dismissed once. Peterson claims he needs that money for legal fees and trial expenses but odds are that the case will be dismissed again.

So what’s a psuedo-celebrity murder defendant to do when he needs cash and needs it quick? Auction off the Harley on eBay! If you are in the market for a 2007 Harley-Davidson Softail, bidding starts at $50,000. Blue book value would normally be $11,000-$18,000 but  this is Drew Peterson’s bike! The item photo even shows him astride it so you know you’re getting not just any motorcycle, but a bike just oozing with high-profile murder defendant-y goodness.

The item description reads in part, “This is the actual bike owned by Drew Peterson and is now being sold in “as is” condition. Accessories to the bike may be available and will be offered as a package deal to the buyer. Signatures on available accessories possible. This motorcycle is 100% authentic and is being stored in the Chicago area. Serious inquiries only.”

Joel Brodsky’s bike for sale as well
How about if you’re Drew Peterson’s lawyer and not only has your riding-pal been side-lined for the last year, but the gravy train of media exposure dried up with your client’s incarceration? Not to fret. There’s an auction for you too, Joel Brodsky! The starting bid for Brodsky’s bike is a much more realistic $8,500.

So if you have a hankering to wrap your face in a star-spangled bandana and skulk around your neighborhood on Drew Peterson’s bike, here’s your chance. Hurry though, bidding ends on May 13th.

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Cap signed by Peterson back on eBay

A “Today Show” cap signed by Drew Peterson is back on eBay but the auction is having even less success then the first attempt to sell the item.

The cap originally went on the auction block May 14 but was taken down several days later. At the time, one person had bid the minimum $1,000.

A description of the cap says it came from Peterson’s appearance on the “Today Show” earlier this year to discuss the Oct. 28 disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy and the March 2004 drowning of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Peterson is a suspect in his wife’s disappearance. Authorities recently reclassified Savio’s death as a homicide but have not named a suspect. Peterson has denied any involvement in the mysterious fates of his wives and has not been charged with a crime in either case.
Peterson has said he signed the cap for a friend who later gave it to her mother, who apparently is behind the auction. The listed seller goes by “arkhyn” and is the same eBay member who put the cap up for sale originally.

The seller did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment Monday night.

The latest auction went live on Friday, again with a starting bid of $1,000. As of Monday night, no one had placed a bid.

News of the May posting created a stir as national television pundits derided the listing.

The latest entry contains this disclaimer: “This auction in NO way seeks to promote or glorify hatred or violence. This item is sold ONLY as a piece of TV memorabilia as this particular signature was made at a historical TV appearance event for those who are interested in such memorabilia. Again, I do not condone acts of violence and wish to remind everyone that Drew Peterson is still innocent until proven guilty by the American Legal System and assumptions of guilt of any non-proven crime are not my fault. Stacy Peterson’s disappearance has not been confirmed to be involuntary at this time and so she cannot be labeled a victim of “human tragedy” at this time, despite the fact that this auction has nothing to do with her other than her disappearance was the topic of discussion on Drew Peterson’s Today Show appearance. eBay listing policies have been carefully reviewed to make certain that this listing is not in violation of the prohibited items policy.”

To see the listing CLICK HERE

Peterson’s old windows on sale to highest bidder

By Danya Hooker

Windows that Drew Peterson and his third wife Kathleen Savio once gazed out of are being sold to the highest bidder on eBay.

Seller Brian Lajewski, 34, who now owns Peterson’s former Bolingbrook home on the 1000 block of Walden Court, put the items up for sale Thursday night. The move is the latest in a series of bizarre events and publicity stunts surrounding the case.

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