Drew Peterson Appeal update: Prosecution files appellate brief. Arguments to be scheduled after review

Press Release from the State’s Attorney’s office:

State’s Attorney Glasgow files appellate brief in Drew Peterson case

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow announced today (Thursday, Nov. 6) that his office has filed its appellate brief with the Third District Appellate Court in the matter of People vs. Drew Peterson (09CF1048).

The 60-page appellate brief was filed on Thursday morning in Ottawa.

State’s Attorney Glasgow prosecuted Drew Peterson and secured a First Degree Murder conviction against him in September 2012. Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police officer, killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead inside a bathtub in her home in March of 2004.

Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison. Defense attorneys appealed his conviction. They filed their appellate brief in January.

The defense now has two weeks to file a reply brief. Once that is completed, a panel of justices from the Third District Appellate Court will review the case and its sizeable record before scheduling oral arguments.

At this rate, I’m guessing we won’t hear the arguments before 2015. Spring, maybe?

Also, a September Facebook update from Stacy’s sister stating that she still is not allowed to see her sister’s kids.



Drew Peterson asks to put wrongful death suit on hold

Kathleen Savio and sons / Henry Savio and Anna Doman

Katleen Savio and sons / Henry Savio and Anna Doman

UPDATE 6/13/2013:
Attorney Edmund Boland who is representing Peterson’s Uncle, James Carroll, was in court today. The hearing was rescheduled for August 15th.

The attorney representing Drew Peterson in the Savio’s wrongful death suit has filed a motion asking to delay the case “…pending the outcome of Mr. Peterson’s appellate case.” The filing also asks that a motion for summary judgment to be denied.

Henry Savio and Anna Doman filed the civil case against Drew Peterson in April 2009, but for the most part it has been in limbo since Peterson was arrested in May 2009 for the murder of Kathleen Savio.

During the long wait to trial, both of Kathleen Savio’s sons who were named in the law suit reached the age of eighteen and removed themselves from the complaint.

John Heiderscheidt’s filing takes some jabs at Peterson’s former lead counsel, Joel Brodsky, saying that the lawyer’s so-called White Noise strategy of media saturation “obliterat(ed) Peterson’s public image.” He cites an interview Joel Brodsky gave to WGN news, in which the lawyer agreed with Judge Burmila’s assertion that Brodsky was under-qualified to defend the high-profile murder defendant.

The filing also points out that the original investigation into Kathleen Savio’s death deemed her death an accident and alleges that the admission of hearsay into Peterson’s trial was unwarranted.

Fourth Amended Complaint – Wrongful Death of Kathleen Savio:

Tom Peterson’s release of Drew Peterson and James Carrol from civil suit:

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Joel Brodsky sues Steve Greenberg, news media and reporters for defamation

Steve Greenberg and Joel Brodsky

Steve Greenberg and Joel Brodsky

Oh, the drama!

Former Drew Peterson lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, has filed a defamation law suit against former co-counsel Steve Greenberg, the Tribune company, AOL, Patch Media Corporation as well as reporters Stacy St. Clair and Joseph Hosey.

The law suit alleges that Greenberg suffers from pathological narcissism and because of this malady, he wrote and distributed a letter to the media which called out Joel Brodsky for lying to Drew Peterson, putting money ahead of his concerns for his client, and making a irreversible blunder by calling attorney Harry Smith to the witness stand during Peterson’s trial for murder.

Brodsky is suing the Tribune and AOL Patch, as well as reporters St. Clair and Hosey for publishing excerpts of the letter and knowingly spreading falsehoods about him which have resulted in a loss of revenue for his legal practice.

Read the filing:

Meanwhile, Mrs. Brodsky keeps it classy on Twitter…


…and attorney Greenberg has replied to Brodsky’s lawsuit in a press release”


Although we have not yet been served with a copy of the frivolous lawsuit filed by Joel Brodsky, we have learned enough information to appropriately comment. The items he complains of are two fold: a letter written that was released to the media and a filing made in court. With respect to the latter, it is protected by immunity. Furthermore, other members of Mr. Peterson’s defense team reviewed the statements made in all court filings. Each and every allegation made is true and thus not subject to this action. If Mr. Brodsky believes they are not, a court hearing has been set on these allegations for February 19 and 20. That Court will determine whether they are meritorious. With respect to the letter to Mr. Brodsky, to the extent there are statements of fact they are true and will be supported by evidence. To the extent it contains statements of opinion they are not actionable.

Mr. Brodsky has also chosen to sue two well-respected reporters, purely out of spite. Neither has done anything wrong. The allegations he has made against them, as they relate to myself, are false and I encourage each of them to file counter-suits.

Mr. Brodsky has demonstrated through his statements, actions, and legal work (sic), that he is willing to say or do anything, regardless of the truth or the consequences. This case is no different. He has no regard for the integrity of the legal system and little respect for others. It is a shame he has chosen to bring this action and he is urged to withdraw his claim, and just go back to wherever he came from.

Some background to the story:

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Will Drew Peterson walk because Joel Brodsky stinks?

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Steve Greenberg asks Joel Brodsky to retract statements. Brodsky calls the cops. Read the report

Steve Greenberg and Joel Brodsky

Steve Greenberg and Joel Brodsky

On Wednesday, attorney Joel Brodsky called the police and filed a report against former co-counsel Steve Greenberg, claiming that he had been threatened by him.

On Monday, Joel Brodsky had filed his notice to withdraw from Drew Peterson’s defense in a wrongful death suit. The filing also made claims of ineffective assistance against Steve Greenberg and asserted that Greenberg suffered from mental illness, specifically pathological narcissism.

Apparently, Steven Greenberg didn’t take it as a compliment and responded to Brodsky by e-mail that same day. Greenberg told the Chicago Sun-Times:

“In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I would charitably ask him to withdraw slanderous allegations against me and others before moving to have him heavily sanctioned.”

Here is the police report of “IUCR: 2826 – Other Offense – Harassment By Electronic Means”:

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Joel Brodsky’s filing to withdraw from Drew Peterson civil suit is mostly about Steve Greenberg. Read it here

On Monday, after being hit with a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel and withdrawing from Drew Peterson’s murder defense, Joel Brodsky also withdrew from Peterson’s defense in the wrongful death suit filed by the family of Kathleen Savio.

The motion reads rather like a petulant diary entry as it mainly attacks former co-counsel, Steven Greenberg, who joined the Peterson defense in April 2010.

In the filing, Brodsky claims that it was Greenberg, not he, who gave Drew Peterson ineffective assistance, and that Greenberg suffers from “pathological narcissism” and is “fixated and obsessed with Joel Brodsky”. Brodsky accuses Greenberg of leaking sealed documents to Chicago Tribune reporter, Stacy St. Clair, and of carrying on an intimate relationship with In Session reporter, Beth Karas, in exchange for face time with the camera during Drew Peterson’s murder trial.

You can read the motion, in its entirety, below. It’s a doozy.

Steven Greenberg’s 31-page memo

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