Drew Peterson: Where is the Love?

Drew Peterson cutting down ribbons honoring his missing wife on Sunday.

Drew Peterson cutting down ribbons honoring his missing wife on Sunday.

Recently, I came across a Facebook comment from Tom Morphey’s sister, Sue Cathcart. She wrote, “The entire Morphey family is anxiously awaiting SOMETHING to put this murderer away! It is incomprehensible that Drew is walking around a free man, destroying the lives of his innocent children and mocking the justice system. I pray for some closure for Kathleen & Stacy’s families, and normalcy for the Morphey family. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported my brother, Tommy, during this difficult time for him.”

Sue isn’t the only person to come forward in support of Tom Morphey, the man who claims to have helped his brother move a blue container from Drew Peterson’s house the night that Stacy Peterson went missing. Tom’s brother, John Morphey, has also spoken publicly in defense of his brother. He’s described Tom as a man with a past of drug and alcohol abuse, but also as a man who has worked hard to clean up. He describes his brother as trusting and loyal saying “He’s loyal to a fault. Put it this way: His sophomore year of high school, he was playing football [at Hinsdale South High School] and one of the guys on his team picked up the ball and ran the wrong way. Tom blocked for him.”

Tom’s friend Walter Martinek says, “He’s a down-to-earth person. He’ll give you the shirt off his back. I can’t say nothing bad about him. His past is his past. From when I moved into the neighborhood six years ago, I’ve never seen no problems whatsoever.”

These people have all come forward in support of a man who Drew Peterson’s defense is trying to paint as someone with “severe mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction“; someone who lies and hallucinates; a man who thirsts so much for approval that he’ll admit to knowing about and being involved in the murder of his sister-in-law. Yet, there are people who will stand up to vouch for and defend Tom Morphey.

So, where are Drew Peterson’s supporters?

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Christina Raines to Drew Peterson: “Are you Going to Drown Me in the Bathtub Too?”

I'm just playing!

I'm just playing!

Yes, Christina Raines and Drew Peterson appeared together on the Mancow and Cassidy show this morning and as I imagined might happen, the shenanigans made me despair for humanity.

Did Glenn Selig book this  horror show of callousness and idiocy?

As one of Drew’s youngsters injured itself and wailed in the hallway, Drew and Chrissy cuddled and answered questions in the WLS studio. Chrissy seemed clueless and infantile–barely audible. Was she refusing to approach the mic, or just too intimidated to speak up?

With all the composure of an insecure adolescent, this mother of two and fiancée of a double-murder suspect, gained confidence as she flirted with the show’s hosts and then blurted out tasteless jokey replies to questions, only to immediately retract her answers.

MULLER: When he first asked you out, what did you think? Were you nervous at first?
RAINES: I thought he was weird. I thought he was trying to molest me.. Just joking!


As for Drew himself, he gave credence to the reality show rumors (remember Drew spoke to a Las Vegas boxing rep) by challenging Geraldo Rivera to a fight in Las Vegas.

PETERSON: Geraldo, quit messing with her dad. Quit messing with her family. I think if you’ve got something to say you should come say it to my face and I think if you really have it in for me like you say, I think me and you should go out back and take the gloves off and go at it a little bit. Geraldo Rivera, I’m challenging you to a fight.
MULLER: You’re challenging Geraldo Rivera to a fight.
MULLER: Where would this take place?
PETERSON: Let’s put it on TV. Let’s do it for some charity event.
MULLER: Would you do it in Chicago or do it in New York?
PETERSON: Let’s do it in Vegas.

Meanwhile the bromance between Drew and Mancow continues to blossom.

CASSIDY: You went to church together a couple of times—Mancow’s church in the West Loop and what was that like for you, Drew?
PETERSON: I’m heartfelt that Mancow’s the only person on the planet that’s taken any interest in my soul and I appreciate him as a person, for that.
CASSIDY: …I know he was on the phone with you talking about your soul.
CASSIDY: And it’s like he really cares. It’s not a bunch of hooey.
PETERSON: It’s true. If you sit in church with him it’s very real and heartfelt.

I think there are plenty of the people on the planet concerned for Drew Peterson’s soul. But by all indications, he’s knocking on the wrong doors and speed dialing the wrong names on his cellphone. I’d advise him to stop turning to the people who are going to make a buck from getting close to him. Maybe reach out to some actual clergy, rather than a washed up shock-jock who makes Drew his plus-one to comped shows at the House of Blues.

Download an MP3 of the Show at the WLS web site.

Read a rush transcript (unproofread).

BTW, don’t forget that Drew has a status hearing for the Savio Estate case at the River Valley Justice Center tomorrow morning, at 9 am.

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Drew Peterson’s Publicist: “It’s gone better than I ever could have imagined”

Since neither of his high-profile clients has gone to trial yet, I imagine Glenn must be referring only to the money he has made when he says how well things have gone for him.

Glenn Selig Loves a Challenge

Glenn Selig Loves a Challenge

Tampa publicist Glenn Selig helps Blagojevich, Drew Peterson battle image problems
By Eric Deggans, Times TV/Media Critic
In Print: Monday, February 16, 2009


…The call that changed Selig’s life came while he was on a Disney cruise with his wife, Charyn, and young children, daughter Drew and son Joshua, at the end of 2007. It was Peterson’s attorney with an intriguing proposal.

How would he like to represent the most controversial husband in America?

Peterson already had an awful public image, behaving oddly during interviews about his missing 23-year-old wife and attempting to participate in a dating contest overseen by a Chicago shock jock. Selig met with the retired officer in Orlando, weighing whether his potential client was misunderstood or someone looking to bamboozle the world.

“Do I know whether he did it or not? No, because I wasn’t there,” said Selig, who eventually brokered interviews with NBC’s Today show and the Associated Press emphasizing Peterson’s parenting skills. “Do I believe he did it? No. And because no one else knows, either, he needs to be presumed innocent. … It’s a noble cause to defend someone’s image in the court of public opinion.”
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