Nothing found in five-day search for Stacy Peterson’s remains at Shorewood park

Law Enforcement Officials also Utilize Investigative Resources for Training Purposes

Will County – Illinois State Police (ISP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed today that an ongoing investigation into the Stacy Peterson case has concluded after a weeklong search of the Hammel Woods Forest Preserve in Shorewood, Illinois.

State Police investigators and FBI agents have been at the scene since Monday, November 5. The 400 acre preserve is a vast area and search efforts were underway utilizing FBI investigative resources, including canines. Officials declined to confirm details of the investigation for security reasons.

“The Illinois State Police’s top priority is to preserve the integrity of an investigation and any comments or details released during the investigative process could potentially compromise our efforts,” said ISP Zone 3 Commander Michael Cooke.

Law enforcement officials confirmed no “tip” was provided and search efforts were part of the ongoing investigation of the Peterson case. Law enforcement officials also pointed to the unique opportunity to utilize FBI resources and for agency cross training at the scene.

“Anytime we have the ability to work with other law enforcement and public safety agencies on specialized investigations, we take full advantage of the available resources and expertise to strengthen our techniques and strategies,” Cooke added.

The Plainfield Fire Department was also on the scene and assisted with the search efforts.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that this search has concluded and nothing was found. The Peterson investigation remains on-going.

Illinois State Police press release

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Search for Stacy Peterson at Hammel Woods was planned last Spring

It’s being reported that the Shorewood search for the remains of Stacy Peterson was planned months ago and originally scheduled for the first week of September, but postponed when it coincided with the trial of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

The search of Hammel Woods is being conducted with the help of three specially trained cadaver dogs who have been brought over from the UK in an attempt to locate Stacy Peterson’s remains.

The FBI and ISP investigators are expected to wrap up the search today.

More video:

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Cadaver Detection Dogs
Eddie & Keela

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Stacy Peterson search going on in Hammel Woods

UPDATE 11/07/12:

The search is on its third day as FBI and ISP investigators continue their efforts in Shorewood.

Tweets started to fire up about four hours ago that FBI and ISP investigators were working in Shorewood today.

State police Capt. Michael Cooke has confirmed that a search related to the Stacy Peterson case was taking place in Hammel Woods, part of the Crumby Recreation Area. The Herald-News reported that Stacy’s sister, Cassandra Cales, was on the scene this afternoon.

ISP officials stated that nothing was found today but will resume at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Those following the case will remember that at the time of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance, Shorewood was the home of Stacy’s friend Scott Rossetto. Rossetto testified at a pre-trial hearing that he and Stacy had a flirtatious relationship and that she had confided in him that Peterson had killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and that she had given him a false alibi when questioned.

Peterson’s step-brother Thomas Morphey also testified at the same hearing that in late October 2007, Peterson had discussed with him leaving Stacy’s car near Rosetto’s home in order to frame him for Stacy’s murder. Records of cell phone calls from Stacy’s phone to Drew Peterson’s on the night that Stacy disappeared, placed her phone in the Shorewood area.

Morphey said that on the night of Stacy’s disappearance Drew Peterson dropped him off in Bolingbrook park, gave him a cell phone to hold and then drove away. Later, when the phone rang several times, the call was identified as “Stacy”.

For a number of years the Guardian Angels Community Service agency’s domestic violence program, Groundwork, has held a 5k walk against domestic violence in Hammel Woods. Strange to think that the Angels for Stacy Peterson may have walked in the very areas where evidence in her case may have been secreted.

I’ll update here if and when I hear more. Meanwhile feel free to comment.

Shorewood Patch
Herald News

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Why no one needs to apologize to Drew Peterson

Stacy Peterson

Recently, Drew Peterson’s lawyer sent out a press release demanding that the Illinois State Police apologize for stating that they think his missing wife, Stacy Peterson, is dead. His attorney cited a recent case in which a woman long thought missing resurfaced after seeing a playing card with her missing person’s profile on it. Eighteen years after having voluntarily left her family, she called authorities to clear the air and solve the mystery of her whereabouts. Apparently, Peterson’s defense believes that this astonishing and rare case provides absolute proof that Stacy Peterson is also alive and safe and all we need to do is wait 14 more years for her to phone home.

Peterson’s defense overlooked the fact that the same deck of Missing Persons playing cards has also led to the identification of suspects in three more missing persons cases. One man has been arrested and charged with murder, while another awaits his trial for rape.

Naturally, Peterson’s attorneys wish that the evidence that points to Drew having murdered Stacy Peterson would be ignored in favor of the idea that miracles do happen and that the wandering Stacy Peterson will simply one day come home. But it’s pretty hard to erase the testimony of a man who says that he was paid to help remove a large tub from the Peterson residence on the night that Stacy disappeared. Hard to put out of our minds that he says Drew Peterson told him he needed to deal with the Stacy “problem” and was driven to a storage facility where he attempted to rent a locker in his name for Peterson’s use. It’s also difficult to makes ourselves forget the many people who were told by Stacy Peterson that she was afraid of her husband and that if she were to disappear that he had killed her and to please look for her. Also pretty hard to push aside the fact that Stacy, shortly before she went missing, confided in three people that her husband had killed his third wife, Kathleen, and returned home to tell her he had committed “the perfect crime”.

Say that you can brush all of that aside and you still believe that Stacy Peterson just took a walk one day and has never come back, leaving behind her small children, family and friends. The case of her disappearance has been in the news now for four years. There is constant media attention brought to the case, not only by its own merits but through the direct and incessant actions of Peterson, his attorney and their press agent. Hardly a week goes by that there isn’t some item planted in the news by them about the case. There is a large reward still in place for the information leading to her whereabouts ($30,000 offered by her family as well as $25,000 offered by Peterson himself). Stacy Peterson is a face and story that has continually been part of public consciousness since October 2007. Should we just suffer from the delusion that she is alive and yet no one in all this time has laid eyes on her or should we believe that no one wants the money? Both are ridiculous ideas.

Drew Peterson’s defense likes to trot out the fact that Stacy Peterson’s own mother went missing as evidence that Stacy Peterson left her family willingly. Christie Cales did leave the house one day and was never seen again. But, where are the facts to show that she abandoned her family and was not a victim of foul play, herself? We’ve never seen a shred of evidence that Cales is on prolonged and voluntary vacation.

Peterson’s attorneys would have us believe that random and strange news stories are a good basis for drawing parallels and making conclusions about the case of Stacy Peterson. Well, OK. I found one and if you follow the logic of Joel Brodky’s argument here is proof that Drew Peterson murdered Stacy Peterson.

DNA confirms body in freezer is that of woman missing for 28 years
The Associated Press

LEWISTON – Human remains that were found in a freezer in a storage unit this fall were those of a former girlfriend of the man who rented the unit for nearly 20 years, law enforcement officials said Friday.

Because of decomposition, tissue samples from the body had to be sent to a Pennsylvania laboratory, which used DNA from the remains and a relative’s DNA sample to confirm the identity of Kitty Wardwell, said Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

The state Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Wardwell’s death was a homicide, but the cause of her death was being withheld Friday.

“We’re in the initial stages of this investigation. At this point, withholding the cause of death is appropriate as we try to get further answers,” McCausland said.

The storage unit was rented by Wardwell’s former boyfriend Frank Julian, who died Oct. 1 at the age of 80. Wardwell had been missing for 28 years.

Dwight Collins, Wardwell’s older brother, said the family believed from the beginning that Julian had something to do with her disappearance.

“We’re relieved that we finally have closure on it,” Collins said from his home in Bucksport. “We know it’s her. We can put her to rest now.”

I demand an apology!

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Search for Stacy Peterson evidence near Galesburg

UPDATE 8/14: Jailhouse correspondence from Drew Peterson. On Saturday gossip columnist Michael Sneed printed in her column excerpts from a 10-page letter that was given to her. In typical self-immolating Peterson style, Drew mocks and scoffs at the ISP, jail conditions and his jailers, affirming to anyone reading it that he is truly where he belongs.

ISP Master Sgt. Thomas Burek has confirmed that a search took place near Galesburg, IL (about an hour’s drive Northwest of Peoria) on August 3rd for evidence related to the Stacy Peterson missing person case.

The search was prompted by the same source that led investigators to the Peoria area two months ago and lasted most of the day.

The Galesburg Police Department, the state Department of Natural Resources and the state Department of Agriculture assisted Illinois State Police in their search efforts.

Burek has stated that nothing was found during this latest search.

It would seem that the “Peoria Source” must be credible since the Illinois State Police are continuing to explore his or her leads.

Check out the comment thread for updates and discussion.

Read more at:
Galesburg Register-Mail

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Decomposed body found on the banks of the Des Plaines River

Could these be the remains of Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson?

This is what we know so far:

  • The body is female
  • Lower half of the body only
  • Clad only in panties
  • The Stacy Peterson water searchers say the body was found south of where they had previously seen a sonar image of a body in the water
  • Apparently, the body moved to the location where it been discovered.
  • Cales family has been contacted by ISP
  • Task forces that were working on both Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic cases are on the scene.
  • Drew Peterson is being monitored as this news is breaking. He can watch TV but cannot listen to radio
  • Remains reported found in some sort of tub
  • Autopsy to take place tomorrow morning
  • Joel Brodsky reportedly said drew is “unconcerned” about the remains being found

We will update as we learn more.

Story at ABC
Story at CBS
Story at Tribune

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Where was Drew Peterson at 10:59 am on October 28, 2007?

drew-docsThat’s the question that Fox reporter Jeff Goldblatt says we should be asking Drew Peterson.

Drew’s answer? “Refer that question to my attorney.”

Since last night Fox news has been saying that they have a “bombshell” regarding the Peterson case and that it relates to Stacy Peterson. Both Peterson and Goldblatt appeared on the Mancow & Cassidy WLS radio show this morning, Goldblatt to promote the rport on tonight’s 9 o’clock news hour and Drew to promote…Drew?

Mancow of course, dangled the story and tittilated the listening audience with nonsense for the majority of his show but I’ll spare you the fluff and cut to the meat of the conversation.

MULLER: “”You know how uncomfortable we are? We’ve got Drew Peterson looking at us. He’s about two feet away standing in the studio.”

GOLDBLATT: “The point of this is not to “destroy” him as you said, Mancow. You’re just embellishing on things. The point of this is not to make him uncomfortable. That’s what you do. The point of this is two things.

First of all there’s some key investigative documents, confidential authoritative documents that we got a hold of. They got out into the public.

The other thing is, Mancow, as we both use each other here, because we certainly have worked together in the past, is that a lot of this evidence, or these documents points squarely at Drew Peterson. So that’s what I’m out to do. I’m not out to destroy him. I’m out to present what we’ve gotten and then just let people think what they want. I don’t have anything against Drew Peterson. I don’t know where he was on this day or that day. A lot of people have a personal vendetta against him. That’s fine. Let people do that.

There’s a time line, for starters, surrounding Stacy Peterson’s death — her disappearance — and it points squarely at Drew. It documents where he was in the time leading up to that day, October 28th. Ask DP where he was 10:59 am October 28th. It’s not a question he’ll answer.

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