Stacy Peterson’s sister: Stacy was found

I am Cassandra Cales and on October 28th, 2007 my life changed forever when I couldn’t get a hold of my sister, Stacy Peterson, and my gut instinct told me that Drew had murdered her. She would never abandon her children or me. I have yet to stop searching. Through the years I have met a handful of great people and on the other hand I have met way too many shady glory-seekers wanting to gain something.”

“That being said, I have fought this fight for my sister alone as I trust very few. Law Enforcement has never worked with me or kept me apprised of their so-called “ongoing” investigation. I have to find out my information through a back channel of contacts and my own personal investigating. In all these years I have yet to have a vacation. I use my vacation and sick days from work to conduct searches. When those days run out, I still carry on my search at a financial hinderance. All monies I earn after each pay period I pay my bills and the rest goes to my search efforts. Any additional income, whether it be bonuses, tax returns, or selling my personal stuff, all goes to bringing my sister home. I will sell everything I own, if I have to, even my soul if I could, for my sister’s remains to be recovered. In all of my research and investigating and figuring out Drew’s timeline, travel, and whereabouts; I know the truth. It has come time for me to share with the world what I know, as I will no longer bite my tongue and wait.

“Why am I coming forward with this now? What is the rush? It is because the Will County State’s Attorney and Illinois State Police are moving forward to charge Drew, in the near future and without her body, for the murder of my sister. That is not justice for me, not justice for her, and definitely not justice for her children. There are numerous people doing TV shows, documentaries, interviews, etc. and getting money, profiting off of my sister’s murder. It makes me sick and heartbroken that people would do this and it’s a story to everyone. It’s not a story to me; this is my life. So instead of all of these money-hungry people telling you, I feel like it should come from me as a victim, from my own heart and mouth.”

Drew Peterson disposed of my sister’s body on the evening of October 28th, 2007, in the Sanitary and Shipping Canal, after having dropped off his step-brother. I have sonar images of her lifeless body on the bottom of the riverbed, which I will never release. That is not how I want the world to remember my beautiful sister. These images have already made it into the wrong hands of some of my past “searchers” back when I trusted people and thought they were trying to help. Law Enforcement messed up in 2007 and never sent divers down to recover her body.


They spent all of their time pulling cars out of the shipping channel (at night, so the media didn’t know) and didn’t care about doing the one thing they were supposed to be doing which was to get my sister out. I made the calls to see what they were doing, and they claimed that her body “could be wedged against one of the vehicles” even though the cars were in completely different areas than her body was at the time. If law enforcement would have done their job, I would have had my sisters body home, in the flesh, 22 days after Drew murdered her. I would not be where I am at today spending everything I have to retrieve her skeletal remains. I have pulled all of the money out of my 401k, maxed out all of my credit cards, and have hired the best of the best people and top notch sonar equipment to continue to track her remains down. Just last week I hired a dive team to go down to check some Sonar Targets for me, which personally cost me thousands.”


“When I go out, I go out and get things done. I do not need television people or camera crews following me. Just because you don’t see me out there or on the news doesn’t mean that I’m not out there still fighting to bring Stacy home. Believe me, I will not give up and I will never stop my search. I will continue my search alone and keep sonaring and hiring professional teams to come in.”

Please share this post so that the world knows what happened and is still happening.

Cassandra and Stacy

Cassandra and Stacy

“I wish I could trade places with my sister. This was so unfair to her and her children. I lost my sister, who was a mother to me as I grew up, but also my best friend. I also lost her children, as I’m not allowed to see them. They continue to be kept away from me, for the stupidest reasons, and they continue to live in the murderer’s house with the murderer’s side of the family.”

Stacy was the most amazing person anyone could have met. My love for my sister and my cherished memories of her are what keep me moving forward. She did not run off; she was murdered by her evil husband.

“I already have future areas to dive on and the plans and permissions are in the works.”

“If you want to contact me personally, please email me at or visit my website where you will also find a button to donate via paypal if you want to help.”

Woodridge remains identified as Scott Arcaro, missing since 2007

Scott Arcaro

Scott Arcaro

The DuPage County coroner’s office has identified human remains found in a wooded area of Woodridge on March 30, as those of 37-year-old Scott Anthony Arcaro of Lisle, who had been missing since 2007.

Arcaro’s girlfriend, Nicole Goyette, said, “He was just an incredible person. An incredible person who, I think, trusted the wrong people.”

Goyette said she believes Arcaro was murdered, and she hopes that “whoever did this” can be found – and punished.

“When you lose someone in this way, you can’t help but think about them often. You wonder every day, where are they? Are they exposed? Are they cold? Are they alive? So many things go through your mind,” she said.

Arcaro’s remains were found with no wallet or identification. Authorities are still investigating a cause of death.

Source: Chicago Tribune
DuPage County Coroner’s Press Release
CBS Chicago

Human remains found in a wooded area in the Chicago suburbs

UPDATE April 23: The DuPage County coroner’s office has identified human remains found in a wooded area of Woodridge on March 30, as those of 37-year-old Scott Anthony Arcaro of Lisle, who had been missing since 2007.

UPDATE April 17: DuPage County Coroner, Richard Jorgensen, says, “We continue our investigation and do not have any further reports at this time. We have multiple experts evaluating the remains and will do our best to communicate the results when they are finalized.”

UPDATE April 10: DuPage County Coroner’s Office said new information about human remains found in Woodridge could be released later this week. DuPage County Corner Richard Jorgenson said the ongoing investigation has not yet determined whether the remains are male or female, or cause of death; only that they are human.
We are just beginning this process and can only confirm that we believe that we have recovered human remains,” Jorgenson said.

Meanwhile a status update by Cassandra Cales on the Stacy Peterson Facebook page, would seem to indicate that the remains are not those of Stacy Peterson:

not her


On Saturday, March 30, while walking in a wooded area in the Chicago suburbs, two young people discovered what appear to be skeletal human remains. Although the area has been identified as the 7900 block of Lemont Road in Woodridge, Illinois, a search on Google maps identifies the town as Downer’s Grove. In any case, the area is about a 25 minute drive from Bolingbrook, where Stacy Peterson was last seen alive.

Route from the Peterson home in Bolingbrook to the Woodridge location where the remains were found

Route from the Peterson home in Bolingbrook to the Woodridge location where the remains were found

Numerous Illinois locations have been searched for the remains of Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, including the Sanitary Shipping Canal at Lockport; Shorewood, where Stacy’s cell phone pinged on the night of her disappearance; and even Peoria, reportedly searched after the ISP received what they believed to be a credible tip. Nothing was found in those searches.

Shortly after Drew Peterson was arrested in May 2009, human remains were found on the banks of the Des Plaines River and highly speculated to be those of Stacy Peterson. However, they were eventually identified as those of a young man from Woodridge named Scott Dudko.

remains-woodridge-aprilFrom photos and videos of the scene the body appears to have been removed from a shallow grave.

There has been no indication yet about the gender, but it’s being reported that a dental examination is taking place today in an attempt to determine the identity of the remains. The Woodridge Police Department is handling the investigation. The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Unit and the Felony Investigative Assistance Team are also involved.

Entry to the wooded area off Dunham Road would seem to show walking trail access. (Google maps)

Entry to the wooded area off Lemont Road would seem to show walking trail access. (Google maps)

Families and friends of missing area people, including Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic, John Spira and others are no doubt anxiously awaiting the identification.

Read More at:
Chicago Tribune
Huffington Post

All quiet in Peoria

Search for Stacy Peterson goes quiet
Authorities have yet to resume search at Jubilee College park
Posted Jun 15, 2010 @ 08:24 PM

DUNLAP — After a flurry of activity in a tract of Peoria County forest briefly intensified the investigation into the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, the case has turned, publicly, all but silent once more.

Authorities have not returned to a secluded site off West Grange Hall Road near Jubilee College State Park since police and an anthropologist carefully sifted soil where an informant tipped them the woman’s body might be buried.

The search quietly began the morning of June 4 but gained national media exposure the next day, when it was abruptly halted with little explanation. Illinois State Police have said a search of the property would resume, though no timetable for a return to the land has been revealed.

Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy said Tuesday his department still is awaiting word from the lead investigators on the case.

“The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office and Illinois State Police District 3 said that when they return, they would contact us before they came,” he said. “At this time, we’re protecting the site, waiting to assist them when they return.”

Read the entire story at the PJStar

A couple of new docs were filed by Peterson/Maksym on Monday concerning the Chase HELOC suit:

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Search for Stacy Peterson expected to resume…but not today

UPDATE (1:09 CST):  Fox Chicago reports that forensic anthropologist, Alan Harn, says only opossum bones were turned up Saturday after digging in three locations where cadaver dogs had indicated.

However, he stated today that investigators have a “really good” lead and that he recommended they return to the area with ground penetrating radar.

Illinois State Police have stated that they have no plans for any activity in the Peoria area today, but that they will continue to follow up on a lead that sent them there Friday to dig for the remains of Stacy Peterson.

Spokeperson, Sgt. Tom Burek told the press last night that the tip received was, “credible enough that we’re here. There’s investigators from the Chicago Metropolitan Area, and part of that team that are here.”

We’ll continue to update the blog with any news we hear. Check out the comment thread for discussion and the latest updates.

Read about the search at CBS2 Chicago.

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Law enforcement receives tip – Stacy Peterson’s remains located?

Stacy Peterson

UPDATE: ISP and the property owner hold press conference 5:30 CST: Nothing found today. Anthropologist has been digging in a 10 x 10 foot area. Search may go on for a week. Anthropologist is done for the day. Search is done for the day as of 6 PM.

TMZ reported this morning that based on a tip from fellow inmate of Drew Peterson, they are searching an area near Peoria for the remains of Stacy Peterson. Illinois State Police have disputed the source of the tip but they are indeed digging near the town of Metamora, Illinois. It’s been reported that dogs hit on a certain area where excavation is now taking place. Stacy’s family is at the scene this morning. 

There is a search underway for human remains, however no human remains have been located at this point,” Peoria County Coroner Johanna Ingersoll said as of 10 a.m. 

Pam Bosco, the Cales family spokesperson has told the press: 

“We’re hopeful that it is Stacy. It sounds like a good lead, but we don’t want to get our hopes up too high because we’ve been down this path before.” 

We will stay on the story and add updates throughout the day. Check out the comment thread for the latest developments!

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Decomposed body found on the banks of the Des Plaines River

Could these be the remains of Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson?

This is what we know so far:

  • The body is female
  • Lower half of the body only
  • Clad only in panties
  • The Stacy Peterson water searchers say the body was found south of where they had previously seen a sonar image of a body in the water
  • Apparently, the body moved to the location where it been discovered.
  • Cales family has been contacted by ISP
  • Task forces that were working on both Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic cases are on the scene.
  • Drew Peterson is being monitored as this news is breaking. He can watch TV but cannot listen to radio
  • Remains reported found in some sort of tub
  • Autopsy to take place tomorrow morning
  • Joel Brodsky reportedly said drew is “unconcerned” about the remains being found

We will update as we learn more.

Story at ABC
Story at CBS
Story at Tribune

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