Who’s Who


Abood, Andrew P: Part of a team of lawyers retained by Drew Peterson in November 2007. He filed a motion to withdraw from Peterson’s defense in April, 2010, citing “irreconcilable differences with co-counsel Joel Brodsky”.

Aikin, Candace: Stacy Peterson’s aunt. Candace Aikin is Christie (toutges) Cales’ sister. Candace visited Stacy and stayed at the Peterson home in Bolingbrook for a week in the middle of October, 2007. She stated that there was a lot of tension in the home at the time of her visit. She said that she and Stacy sat in a parking lot for about an hour talking about Stacy’s marriage to Drew and that Stacy seemed very unhappy.

Alcox, Sheryl: Thomas Morphey’s girlfriend. Formerly employed by Bolingbrook Police Dept.

Alessio-Policandriotes, Carla: Second judge assigned to the murder case against Drew after SA Glasgow asked for a change of judge (he did not want Schoenstedt to preside). In 2002 she dismissed a Petition for 14 Day Emergency Order of Protection (Case No. 2002 OP 000460) filed by Kathleen Savio Peterson.

Allen, James Jeffrey: Listed as the judge for the March 11, 2002 Petition for 14 Day Emergency Order of Protection (Case No. 2002 OP 000460) filed by Kathleen Savio Peterson.

Allred, Gloria Rachel: Discrimination attorney and feminist lawyer representing Christina Raines as a spokesperson in the case of People v. Drew Peterson. She is also the mother of former Court TV hostess Lisa Bloom.

Armstrong, Derek: Founder of and publisher at Kunati books (now defunct). He was solicited by Peterson’s publicist, Glenn Selig, to write a book with Drew Peterson which was published by Kunati as Drew Peterson Exposed and released October 1, 2008. Armstrong paid $5000 to Joel Brodsky for access to Peterson and family photos to be included in the book. In November 2008 when he was asked to appear at Grand Jury, Armstrong invoked journalistic privilege to avoid testifying.

Badalamenti, Donna: Friend of Stacy Petersons’s who testified that Drew Peterson told her soon after marrying Stacy, “This marriage better work out or I’ll kill myself.” She remembered telling Peterson, “Don’t do that,” to which he replied, “Then I’ll just kill her.” She testified at hearsay hearings January 26, 2010.

Baden, Michael M., M.D.: Forensic Pathologist and Medical Examiner. He performed the 3rd autopsy on Kathleen Savio’s body 11/16/07 (three days after the autopsy by Dr. Larry Blum). He determined that the cause of death was drowning and that the manner of death was homicide.

Beck, Alexander H.: Alex Beck is listed as the attorney for Drew Peterson for the March 11, 2002 Petition for 14 Day Emergency Order of Protection (Case No. 2002 OP 000460) filed by Kathleen Savio Peterson. Beck represented Drew Peterson in their divorce, but was replaced by Joseph Mazzone.

Belcher, Bill, Jr.: A Will County morgue technician listed as a witness on autopsy report of Kathleen Savio, March 1, 2004.

Berg, Rich: Bolingbrook police officer. He testified before the GJ in May, 2008.

Blum, Larry, Dr.: Forensic Pathologist. He performed the 2nd autopsy on Kathleen Savio’s body 11/13/07 (the 1st autopsy after her body was exhumed).
His findings, released 2/21/08: “It is my opinion based on my education, training, experience and personal observations, and to a reasonable degree of medical and scientific certainty, compelling evidence exists to support the conclusions that the cause of death of Kathleen S. Savio was drowning and further, that the manner of death was homicide…”

Bolden, Raymond: Special Prosecutor during the time Drew Peterson was fired from the Bolingbrook Police Department in 1985.

Bosco, Pamela Kay: Pam Bosco is the spokeswoman for Stacy Peterson’s family. She was the legal guardian to Cassandra Cales (Stacy’s sister). She is the owner of PetKing Industries, which put up a $25,000 reward for information in the disappearance of Stacy.

Brenczewski, Bob: Will County, Illinois Chief Deputy Coroner.

Brodsky, Joel: Joel Brodsky was Drew Peterson’s defense attorney from 2007-2012. He was partners with Reem Odeh at Brodsky & Odeh law firm until they split in Spring 2010. Brodsky withdrew from Peterson’s defense in the Fall of 2012 after claims of ineffective counsel started to be made. Peterson’s new lead attorney, David Peilet, filed a post-verdict motion asking for a new trial for Peterson in part based on these claims. It was denied. Peterson’s appeal of his murder conviction also claims ineffective assistance of counsel by Joel Brodsky.

Brown, Carol L.: Carol Brown (nee Hamilton) was Drew Peterson’s first wife. She is currently married to David Brown. She is the mother of Stephen Paul Peterson and Eric Drew Peterson, Drew Peterson’s two oldest children.

Budenz, Daniel: Daniel T. Budenz, Ph.D. of Belleville WI, is a certified alcohol and drug counselor who knew Peterson as a young man and contacted him after seeing that Stacy Peterson was missing on the news.. Drew and his children spent time with Budenz and his family over Christmas break 2007-8 at their Florida home. He is guessed to be the counselor who told Drew it was fine to tell Stacy’s children she is on vacation.

Burek, Thomas: Sgt. Thomas J. Burek is an IL State Police investigator, spokesperson.

Bychowski, Sharon: Sharon Bychowski lives next door to the Peterson home. She stated, “The week before [Stacy Peterson] disappeared, she was crying out in the parkway. And her and Drew had had what she considered to be her last stand, where she packed 10 boxes of clothes for him and told him to get out. I don`t want you here. I want a divorce. He absolutely refused to go.”

Cales, Anthony MacKenzie: Stacy Peterson’s father. He was married to Christie Marie (nee Toutges) Cales who went missing 3/11/98. They married 5/26/79 and divorced ’90 or early ’91. He was also married to Linda June (Olson) Cales 1996 to 2002. His other children are Cassandra Cales, Yelton Cales, Jessica Cales (deceased), and Lacy Cales (deceased).

Cales, Cassandra: Cassandra Cales is Stacy Peterson’s sister. Cassandra reported Stacy missing in the early morning hours of October 29, 2007.

Cales, Christie Marie (Toutges): Christie Marie (nee Toutges) Cales is Stacy Peterson’s mother. She went missing on March 11, 1998 from Blue Island, Illinois.
She is also the mother of Yelton Cales, Cassandra Cales, Christina Michelle (Toutges) Ryan (deceased 9/16/06), Jessica Cales (deceased 12/83), Lacy Cales (deceased 10/17/87).

Cales, Gary: Gary Cales is Stacy’s uncle. He lives in Hemet, CA. He is the brother of Anthony Cales.

Cales, Jessica: Stacy’s sister. She was the daughter of Christie Marie (Toutges) Cales and Anthony McKenzie Cales. She died in her bed at age 2, of burns and smoke inhalation from a house fire in December 1983. At the time of Jessica’s death, Christie Marie Cales was 8 months pregnant with Stacy.

Cales, Lacy Ann: Stacy’s sister. She was the daughter of Christie Marie (Toutges) Cales and Anthony McKenzie Cales. She died October 17, 1987 of SIDS in Downer’s Grove, Illinois.

Cales, Linda June (Olson): Linda June (Olson) Cales was Stacy’s step-mother. She was married to Anthony MacKenzie Cales.

Cales, Yelton: Yelton Cales is Stacy’s brother. He is the son of Christie Marie (Toutges) Cales and Anthony McKenzie Cales.

Carcerano, Margherita (aka Marge or Margie): Margherita (Margie) Carcerano is the wife of Steve Carcerano. She lived two doors away from Kathleen Savio’s home at the time of Kathleen’s death on March 1, 2004.

Carcerano, Steven: Drew Peterson’s friend and spokesperson. He is the husband of Margherita Carcerano. He found the body of Kathleen Savio on March 1, 2004. He lived two doors away from Kathleen’s home at that time.

Carroll, James B.: Drew Peterson’s uncle. He was named as executor of the estate on a 1997 will for Kathleen Savio and Drew Peterson which Peterson produced after Kathleen’s death. Carroll was removed as executor 4/17/08 by Judge Goodman.

Carroll, John Paul: John Paul Carroll is one of Drew Peterson’s attorneys. He is also a private investigator. In September 2009, Carroll got in trouble with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee for allegedly holding out on his clients in a murder case after prosecutors offered them a plea deal. Carroll was not involved in Peterson’s 2012 trial for murder but afterwards filed a motion (with Atty Michelle Gonzalez) on Peterson’s behalf claiming ineffective assistance by attorney Joel Brodsky.

Cesare, Steve: Stacy’s friend. Steve is a magician – stage named Chezaday. He received an email from Stacy on October 17, 2007, in which she described her marriage as “controlling, manipulative and somewhat abusive.” Steve Cesare had known, and worked with, Stacy’s sister, Christina Michelle (Toutges) Ryan for many years before her (Christina’s) death.

Charnisky, William: William Charnisky was the Bolingbrook Police Chief who recommended that Drew Peterson be fired in 1984.

Chira, Ralph: Stacy’s high school sweetheart for three years. He is a manager at Meijer’s grocery store. He last saw Stacy about 6 weeks before she disappeared.

Claar, Roger C.: Mayor of Bolingbrook. He is purported to be one of Drew’s close friends. At one of the vigils held for Stacy, Claar jumped out of his car, waving his arms and yelling in anger at the vigil attendants. He has not made any public appearances to comment about Stacy’s disappearance.

Collins, Pat: Sgt. Pat Collins, ISP, was appointed to investigate the Savio death (by the Grand Jury, which investigates cases brought to it by the State’s Attorney’s office). Appeared before the Grand Jury 3/3/2004 in connection with the Savio death investigation.
The coroner confirmed the involvement of the state’s attorney’s office, but Collins declined to comment. He did not appear for the inquest, H. Hardy took his place. Collins testified at hearsay hearings January 21 and 22, 2010.

Compton, Scott: IL State police Lt. Scott Compton declined to comment on why his agency’s technicians and investigators concluded KS’ death was not suspicious, noting that crime-scene technicians “make observations and document those observations as part of their investigation and processing of a crime scene.” He declined to comment further in a Chicago Tribune interview, 8/18/08.

Connolly, Vicki (Victoria L. Rutkiewicz): Drew Peterson’s second wife. They were married In October 1982 and divorced in February 1992. She lives in Paxton, IL at present. She testified before the GJ in April, 2008.

Connor, John: Will County Assistant State’s Attorney who handled the return of Drew’s firearms, arguing it would be inappropriate to relinquish the firearms in the middle of an investigation into “possibly two 1st degree murder charges.” He handles most of the Peterson-related court appearances.
He is the head of the Computer Crimes Unit.

Coughlin, James: Bolingbrook Police officer who testified at a hearing Janury 2010 that Peterson said about Kathleen, “She got all my money. Life would be a lot easier if she was dead or dying.”

DeBord, Gregory: Assistant States Attorney who moved to impose a gag order on those involved in the case, to prevent them from speaking to the media (denied), September 18, 2008.

Deel, Robert: ISP crime scene technician present at KS’ death investigation.
(See VanOver) VanOver said. “Bob Deel was asked by me if he thought there was anything hinky here, and stuff like that, and if we should be doing something different, and I was told no.” Deel could not be reached for comment, according to Chicago Tribune article dated 8/18/08.

DeVriendt, Judy: Glasgow’s (unsuccessful) challenger in the Nov. 4, 08 election. She claims the top prosecutor is obsessed with the dead woman’s former husband. “Glasgow seems to have a personal vendetta against Drew Peterson,” DeVriendt said, “and he’s focused on Drew Peterson,” to the point that he is neglecting the cases of other missing and murdered women.

Dobrich, Carl: Captain with the Illinois State Police. He is Commander of Investigations. He declared on November 14, 2007 that “Drew Peterson has gone from being a person of interest to clearly being a suspect,” in Stacy’s disappearance.

Doman, Anna Marie: Kathleen Savio’s sister. She was appointed co-executor of KS’ estate 4/17/08. Testified at GJ May, 2008.

Doman, Charles (Charlie) H.: Kathleen Savio’s nephew. Former DJ and maintenance man at Sud’s Pub, Montgomery, IL (bar owned by DP).

Doman, Melissa: Kathleen Savio’s niece. Testified at GJ May, 2008.

Doman, Susan M.: Sue Doman is Kathleen Savio’s sister. She testified before the GJ in May, 2008.

Dorencz, Mark: Illinois State Police Trooper, District 5.

Falat, Bryan: ISP Master Sergeant who assisted in the initial investigation of Kathleen Savio’s death. He testified at a preliminary hearing that he interviewed Drew and Stacy Peterson on March 3, 2004 and that Drew “was not being truthful” and that Stacy’s answers appeared to be scripted.

Forgue, Debby (Kokas): Debby (Kokas) Forgue is a half-sister to Christina (Tina) Michelle Ryan (nee Toutges). Her father is Ron Kokas. Debby’s husband is Martin Forgue. Stacy considered Debby a step-sister.

Forgue, Martin: Martin Forgue is the husband of Debby (Kokas) Forgue. Stacy considered Martin her “brother-in-law.”

Fragale, Elizabeth: Assistant State’s Attorney who received a letter from Kathleen Savio begging for help from authorities. In that letter, KS said she feared for her life.

Garrison, Larry: Self-described publicist and spokesman for Sue Doman, sister of Kathleen Savio. Working with Sue on a book to be titled, “For the Love of My Sister”.

Gavlin, Chrystel: Chrystel Gavlin is appointed Guardian Ad Litem to the two teens Thomas and Kristopher Peterson, 2 of the 4 who inherited KS’ estate (Eric and Stephen Peterson are the other two). She is the court-appointed attorney who will work independently to protect the interest of the 2 teens in relation to the reopened probate case.

Glasgow, James W.: States Attorney for Will County, Illinois. He began practicing law in 1981.

Glick, Martin: Martin Glick is an attorney for the Savio family in the matter of contesting the estate (successful 4/17/08) and wrongful death lawsuit pending. Other attys: Lawrence Varsek and John Q. Kelly.

Gonzalez, Michelle: Gonzalez was rumored to be be joining the Peterson defense team as early as 2010. She shows up on Peterson’s visitors list at the Will County Adult Detention Facility and is shown to have visited him in February of 2011. In October 2012 she signed a motion, filed by Atty John Paul Carroll, asking for a new trial based on ineffective assistance by Atty Joel Brodsky.

Goodman, Carmen: Will County Judge Carmen Goodman made the decision to change executors in the Savio estate (4/08).

Grabiec, Edwin B.: Judge with the 12th Judicial Circuit for the State of Illinois. He ruled police and fire commissioners lacked sufficient evidence to find Peterson guilty of the charges in Peterson’s firing in 1985.

Grady, Scott: Scott Grady is listed as attorney for Kathleen Savio for the March 11, 2002 Petition for 14 Day Emergency Order of Protection (Case No. 2002 OP 000460) against Drew Peterson.

Grandel, Diana: A woman who in April, 2011 released jail house letters from Drew Peterson which contained content of a sexual nature as well as offers of Stacy Peterson’s clothing. Grandel had met Peterson as a teenager, when he responded as a police officer to domestic calls to her home. She claims to have initially believed in Peterson’s innocence but now doubts it after the offer of the clothing.

Greenberg, Steven A.: Criminal defense attorney who joined the defense team in April 2010 after Andrew Abood and George lenard left the team. Before joining the team he commented on local news shows about it, speaking critically of the way Joel brodsky was handling his client and criticising Peterson’s public statements: “we all want our clients to keep their mouths shut. Obviously in this case, his attorney hasn’t advised him of that. His absurd explanation that she had a crush on the pastor and she was sexing herself up when she was telling him these stories.” Greenberg withdrew from Peterson’s defense after Peterson was found guilty of murdering Kathleen Savio but then withdrew his withdrawal and engaged in a public feud with attorney Joel Brodsky, who then withdrew from Peterson’s defense.

Gutierrez, Luis: Master Sargeant with the Illinois State Police.

Hardy, Herbert B.: Herbert Hardy is a Special Agent with the Illinois State Police. He provided testimony to the coroner’s inquest in May 2004 as the jury was trying to determine the cause of death for Kathleen Savio. He was filling in for the ISP officer who had been to the scene and was “on vacation and unable to attend.”

Hof, Dennis:Bordello operator and star of HBO’s reality series, Cathouse. Hof offered to fly Drew Peterson to visit his Bunny ranch in Reno, Nevada and discuss the possibility of Peterson heading up security at the brothel. The day before Drew was scheduled to fly to Reno, he was arrested for the murder of Kathleen savio.

Holt, Jamie: Jamie Holt is Stacy’s friend.

Holt, Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn Holt is Stacy’s friend and was the babysitter for the Peterson children.

Hosey, Joseph: Reporter for Herald News and author of Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson, released September 1, 2008. Hosey was present at and reported on the coroner’s inquest of the death of Kathleen Savio in 2004. He also broke the stories of Savio’s death and Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

Huebl, Paul: Former Chicago police officer, private investigator, and conservative blogger with a female alter eg named Zelda McCorville. Formed an association with Joel Brodsky when Peterson was arrested on weapons charges. Has published case-related documents provided by Brodsky on his blog, as well as naming and contacting potential witnesses.

James, Walter Lee: Served on the Coroners Jury for KS’ death. Said (in an interview with Greta VS/Fox News 11/13/07) that Officer Dennis Pratl helped sway the opinion of jurors by saying he knew Drew was a charitable guy, a good neighbor. DP denies knowing Dennis Pratl.

Jentzen, Jeffrey M.: Professor and Director, Autopsy and Forensic Services, University of Michigan. He testified at the hearsay hearings about the 2004 medical examiner’s report related to Kathleen Savio’s death. Dr. Jentzen opined that Savio died from blunt head trauma, by slipping and falling in her bathtub. He said, “Homicides in a bathtub are very rare. In my opinion it’s an accidental death”.

Janota, Ronald: Ronald Janota is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the Illinois State Police. He was Drew Peterson’s boss at the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (MANS) in Joliet, Illinois. He claims that Peterson allegedly sabotaged one of the squad’s drug stings and gave the identity of an undercover narcotics agent to a convicted killer under investigation for dealing drugs. It was this action by Peterson that led to his firing from the police department in 1984.

Johnson, Gary V.: Gary Johnson was Drew Peterson’s first defense attorney. He accompanied Peterson to his November 7, 2007 Grand Jury appearance. Johnson dropped Peterson as a client after Peterson went on national TV appealing for legal assistance.

Karam,Issam: Former co-worker of Kathleen Savio’s who testified at a January 2010 hearing that Savio said Peterson grabbed her throat and had a knife, and that he told Savio he “could kill her there and then.”

Katro, Jamie: Jamie was interviewed by ISP while she was an inmate at Dwight (drug and obstruction charges), because of what she may know as hearsay. She is a friend of Bindy Rock, and is quoted saying this about the case: “Like, she’s not at the bottom of a lake. I heard they ran her through a funeral home and cremated her, her ashes.”

Kaupas, Kenneth: Captain with the Illinois State Police and is the District Commander for District 5, which serves Grundy, Kendall and Will Counties.

Kavanagh, Richard J.: Dick Kavanagh, Public Administrator of Will County, administered the final estate of Kathleen Savio after her death.

Kaye, Jen: Jen Kaye is Stacy’s friend.

Kelly, John Q.: John Q. Kelly of NY is one of the attorneys representing the Savio family and successful in reopening the Savio estate and filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Drew Peterson April 21, 2009.

Kokas, Ron: Ron Kokas is the father of Christina (Tina) Michelle Toutges Ryan (deceased). He is also the father of Debby (Kokas) Forgue and Kerry (Kokas) Simmons.

Kurdenok, Michael: A classmate of Stacy Peteron’s at Joliet Junior College. According to an affidavit by the state investigator, Kurdenok told the investigator that he had drinks with Stacy Peterson on Oct. 27, the day before she disappeared. Kurdenok suggested to Stacy that if she left her husband she should take cash and not use her credit cards. He also stated that she said if she were to leave, she would leave in the morning when Drew was asleep.

Laatz, Anthony: Anthony Laatz is a friend of Cassandra Cales. He was administrator the FindStacyPeterson.com website. The site was closed at the end of October, 2008.

Lamantia, John: John Lamantia is a social worker. He met Stacy in a coffee shop parking lot when Stacy struck his car and was concerned her husband would be upset. He said that Stacy was distraught about her marriage and revealed her husband had physically threatened her that day.

LeFort, Michelle: Author co-writing a book with the Vicki Connolly and her daughter Lisa Ward, detailing the years of alleged abuse and bullying under Drew Peterson. Was originally contacted by Glenn Selig to collaborate on a book with Drew Peterson.

Lenard, George D.: Defense attorney who joined the Peterson defense team in December, 2009. Lenard also represents Craig Stebic and Christopher Vaughn. Filed a motion to withdraw from Peterson’s murder case April 14, 2010 citing “irreconcilable differences with co-counsel Joel Brodsky”.

Lopez, Joseph “the Shark”: Criminal defense attorney who joined Peterson’s team when Andrew Abood and George Lenard withdrew from the case in April 2010. Lopez commented that the departing attorneys “have absolutely no concept about how to defend this case.”

Maksym, Walter P.: Co-author of “Perfect Pleasure: Beyond the One Hour Orgasm“, Maksym holds several Law degrees and represented Drew Peterson in his lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase Bank (filed October 26, 2009). Maksym also sent cease & desist letters to the makers of a Lifetime movie based on Joe Hosey’s book, Fatal Vows. In September 2011, Peterson removed Maksym from his legal team when Maksym was criticized by a federal appeals court for filing unintelligible papers that disobeyed court orders “making it impossible for the defendants to know what wrongs they were accused of committing”. In 2013, Maksym represented Joel Brodsky in a defamation lawsuit against Steve Greenberg, the Tribune Company and AOL/Patch.

Maniaci, Steve: Steve Maniaci is listed in Kathleen Savio’s obituary as “dear friend”, her boyfriend at the time of her death. Maniaci was reportedly the last person to speak to Savio before her death. They spoke at about midnight two days before she was found drowned in her dry bathtub in March 2004, according to his testimony at the coroner’s inquest into her death .

Marcolina, Gary L.:Gary L. Marcolina is a real estate developer based in Crest Hill, Illinois. He is listed as a witness on the purported Will that Drew Peterson presented to Probate Court in which Kathleen Savio’s property and assets were to be distributed to Peterson’s 4 children at the time (Stephen, Eric, Thomas and Kristopher), and in which James B. Carroll (Peterson’s uncle) is listed as Executor of the Estate.

Martinek, Walter, Jr.: Neighbor and good friend to Thomas Morphey, Drew Peterson’s step-brother. Martinek notified police after Morphey came to his house on the night of October 28th, 2007 to tell Martinek that he (Morphey) thought he had helped Peterson dispose of Stacy’s body earlier in the evening. Martinek testified before the Grand Jury in April, 2008 and also during the hearsay hearings. Martinek died in a car crash on April 9, 2014.

Matuska, Kim: Kim Matuska is an employee at a tanning salon and was 22 yrs old as of May, 2008. It is reported that she told investigators that Peterson professed his love to her, told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and provided her with a cell phone equipped with GPS technology. Peterson received a speeding ticket while on his way to provide her with a ride after her boyfriend was arrest for DUI.

Maves, James: James Maves is a close friend of the Cales family and was Stacy’s guardian while she was in high school, and before she legally declared her emancipation at age 17.

Mazzone, Joseph: Replaced Alex Beck as Drew’s divorce attorney.

McCants, Kevin: Attorney for Cassandra Cales. He is licensed to practice in Federal Court and possesses extensive trial experience in most categories in Illinois and District of Columbia including murders, mental health cases, and petty crimes.

McCarthy, Kevin: Chief of Police for the Village of Bolingbrook beginning September 9, 2008. He was second in command until McGury stepped down as Chief. McCarthy joined BPD in 1984.

McCarthy, Timothy H.: A senior clerk at the Abood Law Firm. Granted daily, face-to-face access to Peterson while he is in jail.

McCord, Lee: Lee McCord, of McCord & Assoc, administered a series of polygraph tests to Drew Peterson in the summer of 2008 at the request of and in the offices of Joel Brodsky. The results were published in Derek Armstrong’s book, Drew Peterson Exposed.

McGury, Raymond: Former Chief of Police for the Village of Bolingbrook. He became chief in 2005, and resigned as of September 15, 2008 to become Executive Director of Naperville Park District, amid speculation that he’d had a falling out with the mayor of Bbk. He was formerly second in command at Naperville Police Dept, and had a 20-year career in that department.

Mims, Richard (Ric): Long-time friend of Drew Peterson. Mims stayed at the Peterson home during the first few days after Stacy disappeared but soon came to doubt his friend and cooperated with the ISP in their investigation, even going up in a plane with an aerial photographer to aid in search efforts.

Mitchell, Bryan, M.D.: Bryan Mitchell is listed as the examining physician on the autopsy report for Kathleen Savio, dated March 1, 2004. March 20, 2004. Report of the Coroner’s Physician to the Coroner of Will County, Illinois

Mitchem, James: Peterson’s neighbor and principal of Bolingbrook High School (Thomas’ school). Thomas stayed at his home in Nov. Testified at GJ May 2008.

Mitchem, Kevin: Teen son of James. Testified at GJ May, 2008.

Mordente, Lisa: Kathleen Savio’s former boss at Parkway Imaging in Romeoville, Illinois. She testified in a January 2010 hearing that Peterson would park outside the business in his squad car while Kathleen was inside in order to intimidate her.

Morelli, Alex J.: Alex J. Morelli is a Bolingbrook Police Officer, was a partner with Drew Peterson while Peterson was still on the force, and is reported to be a close friend of Peterson. Morelli is listed as a witness on the purported Will that Drew Peterson presented to Probate Court in which Kathleen Savio’s property and assets were to be distributed to Peterson’s 4 children at the time (Stephen, Eric, Thomas and Kristopher), and in which James B. Carroll (Peterson’s uncle) is listed as Executor of the Estate.

Morelli, Fred: Drew Peterson’s first attorney of record. He accompanied Peterson to the Grand Jury on November 7th. After Peterson appeared on national TV on the Today show with Matt Lauer, Morelli withdrew as Peterson’s attorney.

Morphey, Albert: DP’s Step-father. Testified at GJ in March, 2008

Morphey, Betty: Drew Peterson’s mother. She is married to Albert Morphey. She was 79 years old at the time of SP’ disappearance. Testified at GJ March, 2008.

Morphey, James: Testified before GJ in April, 2008.

Morphey, John: Brother of Tom Morphey.

Morphey, Thomas C.: Thomas Morphey is Drew Peterson’s step-brother through his father Albert Morphey’s marriage to Drew’s mother, Betty. Morphey has stated that he held on to a cell phone for Drew Peterson on the night of October 28, 2007 and later helped Peterson carry a “rectangular, 4 foot long container that was sealed and warm to the touch” from the master bedroom to the back of one of the Peterson vehicles. Later that night Morphey called a friend and told him  that he thought he “had helped Drew dispose of Stacy’s body.” The next night  Morphey attempted to commit suicide.Tom Morphey has revealed that on October 27 Peterson asked him to rent a storage unit for him and asked if he loved Peterson enough to kill for him. Morphey appeared before the Grand Jury 5/14/2009 and was given immunity for his testimony. Morphey testified at a hearsay hearing January 21, 2010.

Mucha, Randy: Randy Mucha is a friend of Stephen Peterson. He is a former Oak Brook police officer who was fired under a cloud of suspicion for behavior unbecoming to an officer, using police computers to do illegal background searches, and for lying under oath. He has repeatedly denied these allegations. He is currently suing the Village of Oak Brook and the Chief of Police (Sheahan) in order to get his job back, claiming that he was wrongly dismissed and that Sheahan has a grudge against him for some unknown reason.

Muller, Erich “Mancow”: Chicago-based radio personality who hosted Peterson and fiancee Chrissy Raines on his morning radio talk show. After Peterson called in to the show from jail and joked on-air about his life behind bars, Judge Stephen White issued a limit on Peterson’s calls from jail.

Novelle, Robert: Petersons’ sons Thomas, and Kristopher, are being represented by Chicago attorney Robert Novelle. His filing prevented them from testifying to the Grand Jury March 6, 2008.

Odeh, Reem: One of Drew Peterson’s attorneys. She was a partner at the law firm, Brodsky & Odeh, but split from Brodsky after numerous public clashes in Spring of 2010. In February of 2008, Odeh discussed her partner’s media approach with the Chicago Tribune: ” I think it is in the client’s best interest to keep it quiet and focus on the case. But he just says the case is going to make us famous and we’re all going to get book deals.” Filed a motion to withdraw from Peterson’s murder case September 27, 2010 citing “irreconcilable differences with co-counsel Joel Brodsky

O’Neil, Patrick K.: Will County, Illinois Coroner. O’Neil called for a coroner’s inquest in the matter of Kathleen Savio’s death. The inquest was held on May 15, 2004.

Ortinau, Jeffery: Attorney given power of attorney by Kathleen Savio in order to facilitate Drew Peterson’s closing on the house at 6 Pheasant Chase Ct, Bolingbrook on April 25, 2002. Drew notarized the POA document. “I retired from the Bolingbrook Police Department after 27 years of service at the rank of Sergeant. At the present time, I am MAPs legal advisor and attorney, licensed to practice law in Illinois since 1991.”

Osterberger, Domenica: Will County Assistant State’s Attorney, asked a judge (6/13/08) to quash DP’s subpoena regarding the Colt Sporter Lightweight 223 Remington with an attached EOTech electronic sight that is alleged too short.

Pachter, Jeffrey: A one time co-worker of Peterson’s. Pachter’s estranged wife claims he told her that in 2003 Drew Peterson offered him $25,000 to kill Kathleen Savio. Pachter testified at Drew’s hearsay hearing january 28, 2010.

Patterson, Marcus: Marcus Patterson is currently a Harvey, Illinois police officer. He was employed with the Bolingbrook Police Department from 1999-2002. He previously worked with Drew Peterson on the Gang Suppression Unit, which was headed by Peterson.

Pelkie, Charles B.: Spokesman for the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office, under the direction of James B. Glasgow.

Penning, Carol: Community Service Council of Northern Will County Board President, is also Bolingbrook’s village clerk. Carol was mentor and friend to Stacy when she was employed at BPD as a clerk 6 years ago at age 17 and remained in touch until Stacy’s disappearance. Stacy visited Penning one week before her disappearance, and was a constant source of comfort and friendship, Penning said.

Peterson, Anthony: Anthony Peterson is the son of Stacy and Drew Peterson. He was 4 years old at the time of SP’s disappearance.

Peterson, Drew Walter: Was born January 5, 1954. Drew Peterson is a former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant. He retired from the Bolingbrook Police Department in November 2007 after he was named the prime suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy (Cales). Peterson graduated from Willowbrook High school in Villa Park, Illinois, in 1972. After high school, he joined the Army and attended military police training in Virginia. He worked as an auxiliary officer for the Will County, IL Sheriff’s Office. Peterson has been married four times, to:

  • Carol (Hamilton) Peterson Brown: 1974-1980 (two children, Eric and Stephen)
  • Victoria (Rutkiewicz) Peterson Connolly: 1982-1992
  • Kathleen (Savio) Peterson: 1992-2003 (two children, Thomas and Kristopher)
  • Stacy (Cales) Peterson: October 18, 2003 to present. (two children, Anthony and Lacy)

Drew Peterson appeared before the Grand Jury on November 7, 2007, at which time he pleaded the 5th Amendment. He was arrested for felony unlawful use of a firearm in May 2008 and was released on $75,000 bond. The weapons charge was ultimately dropped. On May 7, 2009, Peterson was arrested for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He waas convicted of her murder and sentenced to 38 years in prison in February, 2013.

Peterson, Eric Drew: Drew Peterson’s eldest son. He is the son of Carol Brown, Drew Peterson’s first wife. He has stopped all contact with Drew Peterson, since the death of Kathleen Savio, and has refused any public comment. Eric testified for the State at a hearsay hearing January 21, 2010

Peterson, Kristopher: Kristopher Peterson is the youngest son of Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio. He was adopted by Stacy after Kathleen Savio’s death. He reportedly has stated that he heard Stacy and Drew Peterson fighting on the morning of October 28th, 2007. He testified July 10, 2008 before the Grand Jury and appeared with his father and brother, Tom, on television in a message of support for their father.

Peterson, Lacy: Lacy Peterson is the daughter of Stacy and Drew Peterson. She was 2 years old at the time of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

Peterson, Norma: Norma Peterson is Drew Peterson’s sister-in-law. She is married to Peterson’s brother, Paul.

Peterson, Paul: Drew Peterson’s brother. He is married to Norma Peterson.

Peterson, Stacy Ann (Cales): Born January 20, 1984, she is the fourth wife of Drew Peterson, who has been named the prime suspect in her disappearance. She is the mother of Lacy and Anthony Peterson, and is the adoptive mother of Kathleen Savio’s sons, Thomas and Kristopher. She is the sister of Cassandra cales, Yelton Cales, Jessica Cales (deceased), and Lacy Cales (deceased), and half-sister (same mother) to Christina (Toutges) Ryan (deceased).
Stacy is the daughter of Anthony Cales and Christie Toutges Cales (missing since 3/11/1998).
Stacy disappeared the morning October 28, 2007.

Peterson, Stephen Paul: Stephen Peterson is the son of Drew Peterson and Carol Brown, Peterson’s first wife. He was a Police Officer for Oak Brook, Illinois. In August 2010, Stephen was suspended from his job at Oak Brook PD after testifying that he had received three of his father’s “favorite” firearms shortly after Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. He was fired from his job in February, 2011, for obstructing an investigation and despite numerous appeals to that decision was unable to regain his position. Stephen Peterson has been living at his father’s house and caring for his half-siblings since his father’s arrest.

Peterson, Teresa: Teresa Peterson was the daughter-in-law of Drew Peterson. She married Stephen Peterson in August, 2007. The couple divorced in 2010. She is a Federal Agent of the Inspector General’s Office for the U.S. Housing Department.

Peterson, Thomas: Eldest son of Kathleen Savio and Drew Peterson. He was adopted by Stacy after Kathleen’s death. He has publicly maintained his stance that his father did not kill his mother and testified for the defense in Peterson’s murder trial.

Phelps, Matt: Crime writer who said during a radio interview at the end of June, 2008, that Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky had a conversation with him and his agent (Peter Miller) about writing a book. Phelps contended that DP/JB suggested that the proposed book might imply Stacy had something to do with the death of Kathleen.

Piry, Kyle: Drew Peterson’s ex-fiancee. She was engaged to Peterson in 1981. She has stated that Peterson was controlling and manipulative, and that he stalked and harassed her. Testfied befor the GJ in April, 2008.

Pontarelli, Mary: Kathleen Savio’s next door neighbor and best friend. She reportedly was the first person to find Kathleen’s body, though this account has been disputed by Steve Carcerano. She is married to Thomas Pontarelli, and is the mother of Nick Pontarelli. GJ testimony January 3, 2008.

Pontarelli, Nick: Nick Pontarelli is the son of Mary and Thomas Pontarelli. At the time of Kathleen Savio’s death, he lived next door to the Savio home with his parents. He is a high school student. GJ testimony January 3, 2008.

Pontarelli, Thomas: Thomas Pontarelli is the husband of Mary Pontarelli and the father of Nick Pontarelli. At the time of Kathleen Savio’s death, Pontarelli lived next door to the Savio home. He reportedly was one of the first people to enter the Savio home at which time Kathleen’s body was found.

Powers, Michael: Will County, Illnois Judge. On April 8, 2005, Will County Judge Michael Powers entered a judgment in the financial aspects of the divorce case. It awarded Drew Peterson the Blue Lightning Corp. and all the proceeds from the sale of the couple’s home, according to the court documents filed by Kavanagh. The judgment also mentions what seems to be a fourth life insurance policy. “(It) provided that Drew Peterson would not be obligated to fund any college expenses for the minor children of the parties due to the fact that life insurance on the life of Kathleen in the amount of $1 million had been payable to the children,” according to the document.

Pratl, Dennis: Police Officer. Member of the KS 2004 Coroners Jury. He told fellow jurors that DP was a charitable person, a good neighbor according to Walter Lee James, also a jury member. Drew denied knowing Officer Pratl in a Fox News interview 11/19/07.

Pretto, Jim: Jim Pretto is a member of the 2004 Coroners Jury investigating the Kathleen Savio’s death. In an interview 2/29/08, he said it took 45 minutes to decide herd eath was accidental, and he regrets the ruling, saying hindsight is 20/20. He said some members suspected the death was not accidental, but the decision had to be made on facts presented. Pictures showed bruising and the cut on Savio’s head, but there were no reports of domestic abuse or documentation of such presented.

Raines, Christina: On-again, off-again girlfriend and fiancee who moved into Peterson’s house December 2008, with her two small children. Both she and Drew admit that they knew one another since Christina was a teen. Her engagement to Peterson was reported in January 2009. Soon afterwards she broke off the relationship and on national TV described the engagement as a “stunt”. Within weeks she was back with Drew once more, discussing marriage plans during radio appearances. Chrissy appeared before the GJ on February 5, 2009. Raines also visited Peterson in jail May 13, 2009. In January 2010, Raines stated that she had met a new man and was in love, “I think i just about gave up on drew with all his lies i dont even really visit him anymore.”

Reimer, Richard: Attorney Richard Reimer represents the Bolingbrook Pension Board which issued Drew’s $6,068 monthly pension, beginning in November.

Rice, Ross: Ross Rice is a Spokesman for the FBI.

Robinson, Michael James: Michael James Robinson is a close friend of Drew Peterson. He has refused to take a polygraph. He is reported to have supplied Drew Peterson with a cell phone and to have exchanged notes with him during a silent conversation at Peterson’s house the day after Stacy disappeared.

Robinson, Paul: Paul Robinson is the brother of Michael J. Robinson, and is a friend of Drew Peterson. He reportedly has a history of drug related arrests.

Robison, Suzan: Stacy’s Aunt (sister of Anthony Cales). She has stated that Peterson “was a very jealous, very controlling person,” and that “He followed her. He tracked her with GPS on her cell phone, called her constantly.”

Rock, Anthony “Bindy”: “Bindy” Rock, 68, was a central figure in an unsanctioned undercover investigation Drew Peterson undertook while he was on loan from the Bolingbrook Police Department to the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad in 1985. That investigation led to Peterson’s indictment on charges of official misconduct and failure to report a bribe.
Peterson was fired following his indictment when the Bolingbrook Police and Fire Commission found him guilty of those charges, as well as disobedience and conducting a self-assigned investigation. DP was reinstated.
Rock testified before the Grand Jury in February, 2008 and received immunity for his testimony.

Rosetto, Keith: Keith Rosetto is a former boyfriend of Stacy Peterson. They dated for about 2 months, six years ago (Stacy, 16, and Keith, 29) and broke up when Rosetto left for the Army.

Rosetto, Scott: Scott Rosetto is the twin brother of Keith Rosetto, and is a friend of Stacy Peterson. He is a registered nurse and lives in Shorewood, Illinois. Stacy reportedly called him three weeks prior to her disappearance. They exchanged what Rosetto has described as “racy, perverted text messages.”
Rosetto has stated that on October 19th, 2007 Stacy met up with him and other friends at a Denny’s Restaurant. Drew Peterson showed up at the restaurant, sat down at the table, and “He asked me how I would feel if my wife went off with another guy.”

Rozak, Daniel J.: Daniel Rozak is a Will County, Illinois Judge who signed the State’s Attorney’s Petition for Exhumation on the body of Kathleen Savio. Rozak also heard Brodsky’s request for the return of Peterson’s items that were seized during the search warrants (served on Peterson during the month of November 2007). He granted the request for the return of the IPods and several music CDs, but rejected the motion to return the guns, computers and vehicles.
5/7/09: Judge Daniel Rozak issued the warrant on first degree murder charge with $20 million bond as Glasgow requested.

Ryan, Christina Michelle (Toutges): Christina (“Tina”) (nee Toutges) Ryan was Stacy Peterson’s half-sister. Tina was married to James (Jamie) Ryan. She had two sons. Tina joked that she was an only child with 9 siblings (5 Cales children and 4 Kokas children)
Tina died 9/17/06 of colon cancer. Tina was cremated and her ashes were kept at the Peterson home until the time of Stacy’s disappearance, at which time Kerry and her husband Matthew retrieved them.

Savio, Henry J.: Henry J. Savio is Kathleen’s father. He was appointed co-executor of KS’ estate 4/17/08.

Savio, Henry M.: Henry M. Savio is Kathleen Savio’s older brother.

Savio, Kathleen: Born June 13, 1963, she was Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife. She is the mother of Thomas Peterson and Kristopher Peterson who were adopted by Stacy Peterson after Kathleen’s death. She was the daughter of Henry Savio and Mary Savio (deceased). She was found dead in her home on March 1, 2004, in a dry bathtub.
Her death was originally ruled an accidental drowning by a coroner’s jury. In November, 2007, her body was exhumed and new autopsies were performed–the first by Dr. Larry Blum, 11/13/07, acting for the state, and the second by Dr. Michael Baden, 11/16/07, acting for the family.
Blum’s findings were made public 2/21/08, manner of death homicide, cause of death drowning.
Immediately after his autopsy, Baden ruled Kathleen’s death was a homicide, with cause of death as drowning.
She had numerous abrasions and bruises on her body, as well as a 1-inch laceration on the back of her head.
Kathleen’s obituary:

Kathleen Savio
Age 40, passed away suddenly March 1, 2004 at her residence of eleven years in Bolingbrook, formerly of Glendale Heights.
She is survived by her loving children Thomas and Kristopher Peterson. Devoted daughter of Henry (Marcia) Savio. Sister of Anna Marie Savio-Doman, Susan M. Savio, Henry M. (Mary) Savio, and Nicholas Savio. Aunt of Charles H. Doman, Melissa (Tom) Moore, Michael E. Lisak, Angela M. Lisak, Elizabeth Savio, Robert Savio, And Noelle Savio. Niece of Mike Szpak. Dear friend of Steve Maniaci.
She is preceded in death by her Mother, Mary Savio.
Visitation Friday 3-9 p.m. at the Anderson Memorial Chapel, 606 Townhall Dr. in Romeoville. Funeral Saturday, March 6, 2004, 9:30 a.m. from the funeral home chapel to St. Andrew Catholic Church for a 10 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial. Interment to follow at Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery in Hillside.

Savio, Nick: Nick Savio is Kathleen Savio’s brother. He stated that Kathleen told him “He’ll [Peterson] kill me and make it look like an accident.”

Schoenstedt, Richard: On Feb. 27, 08, Will County Judge Schoenstedt granted Peterson’s request for the return of his cars and computers, as well as the firearms—provided he had a valid firearm owner’s identification card. Later that day, state police revoked his card at the request of Will County State’s Atty. James Glasgow. Ruled 5/22/08 that most of the guns could be returned to Drew via his son Stephen Peterson, who will maintain possession since DP’s FOID card was revoked by ISP.
Judge Schoenstedt was presiding when DP appeared in court for the arrainment 5/8/09, which was postponed.

Schoon, Jennifer: Ex-girlfriend of Steven Peterson. Lived with Steven at the Peterson home at the time of Kathleen’s death. Appeared at GJ 7/31/08. Represented by Atty Tom Glasgow.

Schori, Neil: At the time of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance, Schori was a Pastor of Community Care at Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook. During an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Schori stated that he met Stacy at a coffee shop for counseling on August 31, 2007 and at that time she told him that Drew Peterson had killed Kathleen.

Selig, Glenn: Drew’s Publicist and founder of the Publicity Agency PR firm. Selig died on January 20, 2018 in an attack on a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed over twenty people.

Simmons, Kerry (Kokas): Kerry (Kokas) Simmons is Christina Toutges Ryan’s half-sister. She is the daughter of Ron Kokas. Stacy considered Kerry her “step-sister.”

Simmons, Matthew: Matthew Simmons is Kerry (Kokas) Simmons’ husband. Stacy considered Matthew her “brother-in-law.”

Simpson, Kenneth Bolingbrook police detective who testified at the January 19, 2010 hearsay hearing.

Smith, Antonio: Inmate (first known as “Individual A”, nicknamed “Beast”)who testified in May 2016 trial that Drew Peterson offered him $10,000 to kill Illinois State’s Attorney, James Glasgow.

Smith, Harry: Harry Smith is the attorney who handled Kathleen Savio’s divorce case, and was to handle Stacy’s as well. He broke his silence March 6, 2008 on the Roe Conn radio talk show, revealing that KS told him she had no will. He said Stacy contacted him 10/24 and 10/26/07, asked about dissolution. Appeared at GJ 6/12/08.

Springhill Suites Hotel: Stacy met Drew Peterson when she was working at the Springhill Suites Hotel in Bolingbrook as a hotel clerk.

Stark, Paula: Friend of Drew Peterson and wife of Leonard Wawczak. Stark went public as an ISP informant who wore a wire in order to record conversations with DP.

Stevenson, Kevin: Kevin Stevenson is a Deputy Coroner and is listed as a witness on the autopsy for Kathleen Savio, dated March 1, 2004.

Taylor, Roy: Roy Taylor is the son of Sharon Bychowski, a friend of Stacy’s. Taylor has helped lead numerous water searches for Stacy.

Teppel, Ken: Lt. Ken Teppel is the Bolingbrook Police Department Spokesperson.

Tieber, Kristoffer: Attorney for Drew Peterson. Present May 5/22/08 for the decision hearing to return DP’s guns. Kris recently graduated with honors from Michigan State University College of Law, and works for his father’s law firm.

Tomczak, Jeffrey: Jeffrey Tomczak is a former Illinois State’s Attorney for Will County, and held this office at the time of Kathleen Savio’s death. According to Patrick O’Neil, in November 2007, “if a recent state law allowing coroners to bypass the jury process were in place in 2004, the ruling would have been different.” O’Neil said he had “every confidence the police agency [Illinois State Police] that investigated the case would present its reports to the Will County state’s attorney’s office for review.” Jeff Tomczak was state’s attorney at that time, and O’Neil said that any criminal charges would have been his responsibility, and that criminal charges could be lodged regardless of a coroner’s jury ruling.”

Torrez, Jaqueline: Testified at hearsay hearing January 26, 2010 that she and her husband were walking near Drew’s house October 28, 2007 about 6:30 when they saw a man who looked like Drew leaving a car that looked like Stacy’s.

Torrez, Hector: Testified at hearsay hearing January 26, 2010 that he and his wife were walking near Drew’s house October 28, 2007 about 6:30 when they saw a man who looked like Drew acting in a suspicious manner. He called the police to report a suspicious person.

Tortorici, Dave: Former Manager of TGI Friday’s in Bolingbrook IL. Was subpoenaed to appear at a January 2010 hearing.

Toutges, Bob: Stacy’s maternal grandfather, who lives in an assisted living facility.

Toutges, Kyle J.: Stacy’s uncle, the brother of Christie Marie (Toutges) Cales, Stacy’s mother.

Van Nocker, Clinton Charles: Assistant for the Abood Law Firm. Granted daily, face-to-face access to Peterson while he is in jail.

VanOver, Mike: Mike VanOver, a Will County deputy coroner, was present at KS’ death investigation.
VanOver asked ISP detectives and CSI tech Robert Deel if there was any reason to believe the death was suspicious. They said “no”.
VanOver wrote in his report that he had notified his superiors that “the protocol was not being followed . . . because it was felt at that time by all parties that there were not signs of foul play or trauma for this death investigation.”

Varsek, Lawrence: Lawrence Varsek is one of the attorneys working for the Savios in the matter of Kathleen Savio’s estate and the wrongful death case against Drew Peterson.

Ward, Lisa: Lisa Ward is the daughter of Victoria Connolly, and formerly the step-daughter of Drew Peterson. She has reported that when Peterson was her step-father, he tapped their home phones and was a strict disciplinarian, often utilizing a belt on her if she misbehaved.

Watts, Steph: Formerly of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren and now a freelance reporter, Steph Watts was present when Dr. Michael Baden performed his autopsy of Kathleen Savio. Later Watts described to Fox News Chicago, how Joel Brodsky approached him with an offer: $200,000 to do a story about Drew Peterson and Christina Raines with the opportunity to videotape the two of them at home.

Wawczak, Lenny: In July of 2008 Len Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark, went public with the news that they aided police investigators for seven months by wearing wires to secretly record conversations with Drew Peterson. Wawczak later created an online female persona named “Ashley” and tricked Peterson into making amorous overtures. The Yahoo Messenger conversations were posted on a public blog. Wawczak confronted Drew in a parking lot July 25, 2008 and was arrested for battery. He claimed the confrontation resulted from Drew attempting to intimidate his son while they were getting haircuts at the same barbershop.

White, Stephen D.: Will County Circuit Judge Stephen White was assigned to the case of the People vs. Drew Peterson on June 1, 2009. He also signed the warrant for Drew’s arrest on gun charges, May 21, 2008.

Zidarich, Bruce: Bruce Zidarich is a friend of Cassandra Cales. He is reportedly the last person known to have spoken to Stacy before her disappearance. Zidarich states that he and Stacy were on the phone discussing plans to paint a house in Yorkville the day she was last seen, October, 28, 2007. He has stated that Stacy was depressed and was still in bed during their conversation. The phone call ended at 10:28am.c