Drew Peterson case status: Spring Update

Drew Peterson arrested May 7, 2009

We thought it might be time for an update while we await the decision from the Appellate Court reconsidering Judge White’s choices regarding certain hearsay statements, so here you go.

Also, we’re following an interesting report about some skeletal remains discovered along I-55 yesterday, only 20 minutes from the house shared by Drew Peterson and Stacy Peterson. Please, check the comments page for updates as we learn more.


• The many airings of the Lifetime movie “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” renewed interest in the missing person case of Stacy Peterson. An influx of tips and offers of assistance brought on new searches.

• Rumors surfaced of a biography of Kathleen Savio being written by a distant relative.

The Illinois Supreme Court approved four counties to take part in testing out the use of cameras in trial court rooms. The four counties are Henry, Mercer, Rock Island and Whiteside (the 14th district). Will County (the 12th district) is also considering applying to take part.


• The Raven Theatre in Chicago premiered a play called “Dating Walter Dante“. The play is loosely based on the private life of Drew Peterson, or more specifically the idea of dating a man suspected of killing two wives.

• Stephen Peterson’s next court date in his appeal to get his job back on the Oak Brook police force was continued to June.

• The bathtub drowning death of Whitney Houston reawakened media scrutiny of the manner of death of Kathleen Savio. It was pointed out once again that only an unconscious person could drown in the tub and that the coroner’s opinion in Savio’s second autopsy was that the gash on her head was not severe enough to result in loss of consciousness.


Kankakee County (The 21st Circuit Court) approved the use of cameras in trial cases.

• Gossip columnist Michael Sneed reported that Peterson has about a dozen pen-pals and that four of them routinely put money in his commissary account.


• Faithful Drew Peterson friend, Steven Carcerano, was arrested and charged with domestic battery after an altercation in which he forced his brother from his car.

A routine “flipping” of Peterson’s jail cell turned up a few too many plastic spoons and an extra cereal bowl.

• Partially clothed skeletal remains were found by a utility worker in a grassy area south of the I-55 expressway just north of La Grange Road. Waiting on identification.

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10 thoughts on “Drew Peterson case status: Spring Update

  1. Thanks for the updates. I can’t believe how long this is taking but then that might be a good thing. I anxiously await the findings on those skeletal remains.

  2. Sherry, I know that it’s our hope that the remains found yesterday are one of the local missing people we know of, but I have to say, in all honesty, the location of this discovery is very close in proximity to the Peterson household. Of course, these remains could be any number of missing people, but Peterson could also have just drove north a few miles from his home on I-55 to this location. That’s why it has my interest.

    But, as always, time will tell. Those remains are someone’s loved one, and it will end another family’s search.

  3. Looks like more ‘hurry up and wait’.

    …”They are human [remains], but that’s all I can tell you,” said Tony Brucci, a spokesman for the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. “We don’t know the sex yet.”

    According to Brucci, an autopsy today was inconclusive and the remains will need to be studied further by a forensic anthropologist. Brucci said it would likely take a few weeks for more information to become available.


  4. The thing is, almost always, no matter how long and hard a missing person is searched for, the remains wind up being discovered accidently. Once again, that’s the case here. Whoever dumped this particular person’s body could have pulled off the expressway via the ramp, quickly pulled into the grassy area, and got back on their way. Since the body was near the expressway, I wouldn’t think someone would pick this particular location on purpose. It’s more like it was a convenient, quick pull-off.

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