Stephen Peterson loses his $10 million federal lawsuit

Today marks another court loss for the Drew Peterson family. The wrongful termination suit filed in July 2011 by Drew Peterson’s son, Stephen Peterson, was thrown out of court when a federal judge sided with the Village of Oak Brook who fired him for interfering with an investigation.

Stephen Peterson was fired from the force in February of 2011, after his testimony at Grand Jury revealed that he had voluntarily accepted guns from his father in order to avoid their being confiscated during the investigation of the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

Both Stephen and his father Drew Peterson have claimed that the officer was unfairly targeted because of his relationship to the murder defendant (now convicted of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio), although the younger Peterson’s complaint stated that Sheahan’s animosity towards Peterson began even before Stacy’s disappearance. No explanation is offered for the alleged dislike.

Here’s the Judge’s opinion:

Peterson’s complaint:

The charges against Stephen Peterson that ultimately led to his firing:

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24 thoughts on “Stephen Peterson loses his $10 million federal lawsuit

  1. Intelligence Report: Drew Peterson son loses wrongful termination lawsuit against Oak Brook Police Department
    Wednesday, November 07, 2012
    Chuck Goudie

    November 7, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Another legal loss for the Drew Peterson family. The I-Team has learned that this courtroom blow involves Peterson’s son Stephen.

    Stephen Peterson went looking for justice in federal court. He filed a $10 million lawsuit claiming wrongful termination. And, like his father, he has lost in court.


    Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan has thrown out the suit.

    In the federal court opinion obtained by the I-Team, Judge Der-Yeghiayan sides with Oak Brook and the village employees who fired Peterson, suggesting that the lawsuit was based on speculation.

    A lawyer for Stephen Peterson had no comment on the suit being dismissed, telling the I-Team that he hasn’t seen the opinion.

  2. Justice is served up again to the Peterson’s. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Father and Son duo. So glad to hear it.

  3. it’s ironic and I don’t wish any bad thoughts to Stephen…but he had to know what he was doing was wrong….just out of school and on the force in uniform…now we have drew in jail for 60 or more years….Stephen in his home raising his 2 children…spending all that money that he killed 2 mothers to keep….there is justice….this time around……

  4. CHICAGO (CBS) — A search for the remains of Drew Peterson’s missing fourth wife resumes today.

    This is day four in the latest search for the grave of Stacy Peterson.

    The FBI and State Police, aided by a cadaver dog, have been searching Hammel Woods in Shorewood.

    State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond would not confirm any details of the investigation, adding police are “taking advantage of the law enforcement resources for training purposes.”

  5. I added a PDF of the Judge’s decision to the main post up top.

    It’s a lot of legalese, but to me it looks to me as if Peterson’s claim was denied mostly because his firing was an administrative measure, not a criminal prosecution and he can’t claim constitutional due process violations over something like that.

  6. and the walls keep tumbling down…I bet drew is angry….not only for being found guilty…Stephen has no job…and soon Stacy will be found….I hope he has a mirror of sorts in his cell…to have to look at that face everyday…between that and his memories is all he has left in life….it’s a good day..

  7. Thrilled to hear that the search for Stacy is ongoing….just a thought: does anyone know if there are also divers searching the river in Hammel Woods?

    Not surprised Stephen lost his federal court case. Oak Brook PD did the right thing and nipped him in the bud, something that sadly, Bolingbrook PD should have done to his father Drew long long ago…..IMO

  8. BK1, on Monday there was a boat on the scene but I don’t know about divers. If the boat was equipped with sonar and they saw something I don’t doubt that they’d send a diver down to investigate. I don’t know about the depth of the river though. Apparently you can canoe and kayak down it.

  9. I’m glad Stephen Peterson is no longer allowed to ‘protect and serve’ the people of Oakbrook.

    His blatant disregard for rules and regulations show that he is certainly a chip off the old block.

    I hope Lacey and Anthony turn out OK, given the influence he is going to have on their lives!

  10. They updated the article on the search for Stacy:

    “Illinois State Police have said there is the possibility investigators may resume a search at Hammel Woods near Shorewood for a brief time on Friday morning.”

    Wonder why?

    The FBI and the Illinois State Police will be back in Shorewood, Illinois’ Hammel Woods Friday in search of leads in the Stacy Peterson missing persons case.

    Officials claim new tips have sent them to the 400 acre park for four straight days.

    The FBI says the search is part of an ongoing investigation. That is all they will say.

    A mobile command center was stationed along the DuPage River near Black and Bailey Roads. Investigators used daylight and dogs to see if there is a trace of the missing mother of two who disappeared from Bolingbrook in October 2007.

    Why now? Why here? Agencies will not share those details with the public at this time.,0,4774048.story

  12. Good morning everybody 🙂

    Facsmiley, thank you very much for the water data link! I was surprised to learn the DuPage river is soooo shallow so I did a little more research on the data page, going back to October 2007 to see what the depth was when Stacy went missing and found it to be pretty much the same as it is now (although it has fluctuated over the intervening years going as deep as 9 feet)….rethinking my theory as I doubt Drew was dumb enough to dump Stacy in such shallow water. Then again, Drew was desperate and had to get rid of her fast…desperate people do desperate things…

    I’m all excited this morning at the ongoing search and the fact that LE has finally admitted it was new clues :D…just as I”ve been suspecting all week.

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